Внешний вид страницы Викиданных, показывающий местонахождение синонимов и других описанных частей страницы

Синонимы, или Алиасы, — это зависящие от языка варианты названий элементов, свойств и запросов, которые могут использоваться для поиска страницы точно так же, как и их метки (названия). Подобно меткам, синонимы пишутся на любых языках, но в отличие от метки, которая у страницы может быть только одна, синонимов можно задать столько угодно. Несколько элементов могут иметь один и тот же алиас при условии, что их описания различны. В отличие от меток и описаний, запись может считаться полной в отсутствие синонимов, так как некоторые вещи известны лишь под одним именем.



The label on a Wikidata entry is the most common name that the entity would be known by to readers. All of the other common names that an entry might go by, including: alternative names; acronyms and abbreviations; and alternative translations and transliterations, should be recorded as aliases. Just because something is a redirect on Wikipedia does not necessarily mean that it is appropriate for a Wikidata alias.

You should always include:

  • Full names for people commonly known by a nickname or by a fraction of their full name (for example, many association football players are known almost exclusively by an abbreviation of their full name)
  • Scientific (binomial nomenclature) names for species, unless the species has no common name and so the scientific name is the label
  • Alternative spelling for foreign words when there are multiple translation systems (for example, both Pinyin and Wade–Giles are used to translate Chinese characters into English letters), but only if the transliteration system is in use for the specific language
  • Unicode free versions of items where the label contains unicode (accent marks are all done by unicode, and chemistry formulas that have subscript are doing so by using unicode)

You should not include:

  • Alternative capitalization (the term search engine doesn't use capitalization, so it won't matter)
  • Common spelling mistakes (later on fuzzy searching will be available, which will handle spelling mistakes)
  • Section headers
  • People or objects that are not individually notable, but are redirected to an article (for example, band members that redirect to the band or products that redirect to the company that produces them)


Label: Xavi
Description: association football player from Spain
Alias(es): Xavier Hernández i Creus
The association football player Xavi's full name is Xavier Hernández i Creus, but he is popularly known only as Xavi. On Wikidata, Xavi is the label while the full name is an alias.

Label: American lion
Description: extinct species of lion
Alias(es): North American lion, Naegele’s giant jaguar, American cave lion, Panthera leo atrox, P. atrox
The first three aliases are alternative common names for the American lion. The fourth alias is the scientific name for the species, and the fifth alias is a common abbreviation of the scientific name.


Aliases should use the same capitalization rules that labels do, so long as they apply. This means that most terms should not begin with a capital letter, but proper nouns should begin with a capital letter. If an alias is not a proper noun but the label is a proper noun the capitalization can differ. As with labels, in the rare case that something intentionally breaks capitalization rules, the capitalization on Wikidata should reflect this, and not try and correct it.

Элементы не-статьиEdit

В Википедии есть несколько типов страниц, помимо статей, которые также могут иметь интервики. Это порталы, шаблоны, страницы из пространства имён Википедия и Специальные страницы. Для элементов Викиданных не из основного пространства (то есть для не-статей) название пространства имён указывается как часть метки. Если элемент относится к пространствам MediaWiki, Шаблон, Справка или Википедия, необходимо указать его заголовок без названия порстранства в качестве синонима.


Метка: Википедия:Блокировки
Описание: внутренние правила Википедии
Синоним (поле «Также известен как»): Блокировки

If you input "Wikipedia:Blocking policy" into the search bar in the upper right, it will take you directly to the page "Blocking policy" on Wikipedia. In other words, not only would you be unable to find the item on Wikidata, but it would take you directly to the URL "" (which isn't a functioning page). For this reason, we use the alias without the "Wikipedia:" piece for ease of searching.

Метка: Справка:Список наблюдения
Описание: справочная страница Википедии, объясняющая функционирование списка наблюдения
Синоним (поле «Также известен как»): Список наблюдения

"Help:Watching pages" is a page on Wikipedia, however the Help namespace is also used on Wikidata. If Wikidata were ever to create a help page called "Help:Watching pages", you would not be able to use the search bar in the top right corner to find the page with the interwiki links because the search bar would take you directly to the Wikidata help page. For this reason, we use the alias without the "Help:" piece for ease of searching.

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