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Tipurile de date definesc comportamentul afirmațiilor și felurile de date pe care le pot primi. Diferite feluri de afirmații folosesc diferite feluri de proprietăți și diferite tipuri de date. În procesul de creare a proprietăților, o decizie este alegerea tipului de date, care rămâne fixat proprietății. Acest fapt are consecințe în modul de utilizare și este necesar un proces de planificare înainte ca o proprietate utilă să fie definită.

Coordonarea lucrului pe proprietăți are loc la Wikidata:Property proposal.

Proprietăți după tip

For a list of the properties that currently require each type of data type, see either:

Tipuri de date suportate

Commons media

type: commonsMedia (Commons media file)
list of properties: Category:Properties with commonsMedia-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/commonsMedia

References to files on Wikimedia Commons. During entry in the textfield the "File" namespace on Commons will be searched for matching entries. These files can be used both to illustrate the concepts in Wikidata and as an actual property value for inclusion on Wikipedia.

  • Wikidata-logo.svg

Globe coordinate

type: globe-coordinate (Geographic coordinates)
list of properties: Category:Properties with globe-coordinate-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/globe-coordinate

A geographical position given as a latitude-longitude pair (in gms or decimal degrees) for a given "globe" (any stellar body). Globe defaults to "Earth" (globe: A "precision" parameter describes the resolution of the source of the coordinate. Note that the coordinate system is assumed to be "WGS84" (World Geodetic System 1984 (Q11902211)), which may not be suitable for less Earth-like bodies, and this is not configurable.

Currently, the Web UI of Wikidata doesn't expose all parameters of this data type. The value is visualized only as the coordinate, plus an embedded map if the globe is Earth (Q2). The precision can be modified in the edit mode. The globe is not visible, nor editable, in the item view. The full configuration is however visible in the history diff view (example).

It is possible to edit the data in full via API. The CLI tool is one way to access the API. In this example Olympus Mons (Q520) is given a coordinate on Mars (Q111) using the globe parameter (used in coordinate location (P625)):

wd ac Q520 P625 '{ "latitude": 18.4, "longitude": 226, "precision": 0.016666666666667, "globe": "" }'

The globe.js script adds a UI to set the globe parameter of coordinate location (P625).

Bots such as LocatorBot may detect when the globe parameter of coordinate location (P625) is not set according to located on astronomical body (P376). Adding located on astronomical body (P376) and waiting for a bot to update the coordinate globe is an accepted workaround.


type: wikibase-item (Item)
list of properties: Category:Properties with wikibase-item-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/wikibase-item

Internal link to another item. Item is further described here:


type: wikibase-property (Property)
list of properties: Category:Properties with wikibase-property-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/wikibase-property

Internal link to a property.


type: string (String)
list of properties: Category:Properties with string-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/string

Chain of characters, numbers and symbols that don't need to be translated into different languages or number formats. A string is not used for calculations.

  • B123
  • 90928390-XLE
  • u29238

Monolingual text

type: monolingualtext (Monolingual text)
list of properties: Category:Properties with monolingualtext-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/monolingualtext

A string that is not translated into other languages. This type of string is defined once and reused in all languages. Typical use is a geographically localized entity name written in the local language, an identifier of some kind, a chemical formula or a latin scientific name. See Help:Monolingual text languages for information about the language codes available for monolingual text values and how to request support for additional language codes. (Note that monolingual text also implies a single script system, which can make the string somewhat problematic.)

External identifier

type: external-id (External identifier)
list of properties: Category:Properties with external-id-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/external-id

String that represents an identifier used in an external system. Will display as external link if a formatter URL (P1630) is defined. See: External identifiers.


type: quantity (Quantity)
list of properties: Category:Properties with quantity-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/quantity

A Quantity value represents a decimal number, together with information about the uncertainty interval of this number, and a unit of measurement. The attributes are:

  • cantitate: valoarea principală a cantității
  • limită inferioară: limita inferioară a cantității (opțional)
  • limită superioară: limita superioară a cantității (opțional)
  • unitate: itemul unitate de măsură (gol pentru valori adimensionale)

Intern, cantitatea, limitele inferioară și superioară sunt șiruri de caractere; numerele pozitive sunt stocate cu un semn plus, deși acesta nu va fi afișat. Reprezentarea cantității nu poate fi mai lungă de 127 de caractere. Așadar, valoarea maximă a unei cantități este 10^126-1.

Conversia între unitățile de măsură este implementată conform conversion to SI unit (P2370). Cele mai multe unități cu această proprietate sunt normalizate în procesul de exportare RDF pentru serviciul de interogare (octombrie 2019).

The normalisation table is readable as a JSON file in the WMF Mediawiki repository.

  • 762 (dimensionless)
  • 2500 km (upper and lower bounds are not set, with unit)
  • 1.03 ± 0.02 g (enter as nominal value +/- tolerance, representing a lower and upper bound, with unit). The tolerance is in some cases not shown at Wikipedia, only the nominal value, for example in Wikidata lists produced by the listeria bot.


type: time (Point in time)
list of properties: Category:Properties with time-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/time

This data type stores a date in Gregorian or Julian calendar. See detailed structure.

  • 2012
  • 1780-05 (=May 1780)
  • 1833-11-01 (=1st November 1833)


type: url (URL)
list of properties: Category:Properties with url-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/url

A generalized "URL" that identifies some kind of external resource, perhaps a link to an external site of some kind, or an identifier used for lookup in some kind of specialized resource.

Mathematical expression

type: math (Mathematical expression)
list of properties: Category:Properties with math-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/math

Șir de caractere formatat care este afișat ca formulă.


\sqrt{1-e^2} produce:  

Vezi w:Help:Displaying a formula pentru formatul aplicabil.

Geographic shape

type: geo-shape (Geographic shape)
list of properties: Category:Properties with geo-shape-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/geo-shape

Reference to map data file on Wikimedia Commons. During entry in the textfield the "Data" namespace on Wikimedia Commons will be searched for matching entries.

Musical Notation

type: musical-notation (Musical Notation)
list of properties: Category:Properties with musical-notation-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/musical-notation

Generated image in .png format that displays a musical score. Values for that data type are strings describing music following LilyPond syntax.


Șirul de caractere \relative c' { c d e f | g2 g | a4 a a a | g1 |} produce

Tabular data

type: tabular-data (Tabular data)
list of properties: Category:Properties with tabular-data-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/tabular-data

Reference to tabular data file on Wikimedia Commons. During entry in the textfield the "Data" namespace on Commons will be searched for matching entries.


type: wikibase-lexeme (Lexeme)
list of properties: Category:Properties with wikibase-lexeme-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/wikibase-lexeme

Pentru afirmații ale lexemelor care fac referire la alte lexeme. Vezi Wikidata:Lexicographical data.


type: wikibase-form (Form)
list of properties: Category:Properties with wikibase-form-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/wikibase-form

Pentru afirmații ale lexemelor care fac referire la forme ale altor lexeme pentru a indica relația dintre acestea. Vezi Wikidata:Lexicographical data.


type: wikibase-sense (Sense)
list of properties: Category:Properties with wikibase-sense-datatype -- Special:ListProperties/wikibase-sense

Pentru afirmații ale lexemelor care fac referire la sensuri ale altor lexeme. Vezi Wikidata:Lexicographical data.

Pending data types

For none of the following dates of implementation are likely to be available. Existing datatypes may solve it in the meantime.

See: Wikidata:Development plan

De făcut


Utilizat pentru a construi item și fișier media Commons.


timp în format HH:MM:SS.

De planificat

Proprietate calculată

O proprietate calculată de Wikibase și adăugată direct la itemi. Nu se află în planul de dezvoltare.

Posibile utilizări: număr de afirmații ale unui item.

Celestial coordinates

A coordinate format for specifying positions of celestial objects. Not in development plan.

Integer datatype

A quantity datatype for positive integer numbers.

Monostring item

A datatype allowing descriptions in any language, but a single label. Not in development plan.

Text multilingv

A string that must be translated into other languages. Use might be an entity name on non-local form, that is translated into various languages and script systems. (Note that multilingual text also imply a lot of manual work during translation.). Actual purpose to be determined.

Remote property

Properties in remote repositories are likely to be identified through a special field on existing entities, not a separate datatype.

Value series

A simplified way to store series of values for different points in time. Not in development plan.


Display strings in FEN notation as in position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation (P6648) directly as chessboards.


Strings for display with WikiHiero. Strings in WikiHiero syntax are embedded in <hiero></hiero> to display. Samples on Talk:Q68101340 and Property_talk:P7383.

Phab request to do.

Tipuri de date care nu vor fi implementate niciodată


Respins. Alternativă sugerată: item-datatype.

Changing datatype

A property in "string" datatype may be converted to "external identifier" datatype by a system administrator. To propose such a change, you may start a discussion at the talk page of the property or Project chat. After a consensus, a request may be made in Contact the development team. You should read previous discussion if you want to convert a property created before 2016.

Other changes of data type requires creating a new property and deleting the old one. You should use Properties for deletion for such requests.

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