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Format of the property in Wikidata

Code of département and direction (3 digits)Edit

  • Paris: 754, 755, 756, 757, 758
  • Bouches-du-Rhône: 131, 132
  • Nord: 591, 592
  • Hauts-de-Seine: 921, 922
Exemple for Meuse (Q12631) department: 55+0 → 550
  • Guadeloupe: 971
  • Martinique: 972
  • Guyane: 973
  • La Réunion: 974
  • Mayotte: 976

Municipality code (3 digits)Edit

INSEE municipality code (P374) (or of an arrondissement in Paris, Lyon and Marseille) strictly speaking (only the last three digits of the Wikidata property, without the code of the department).

RIVOLI code (4 characters)Edit

The RIVOLI code strictly speaking consist in only 4 characters.

  • First character:
    • normal way (public domain): 1 digit
    • way in a building complexe (joint ownership property and housing estate, etc.) : A
    • place called: B-W
    • pseudo ways (canal, ZAC, hospital and metro station, etc.): X
    • temporary way: Y, Z
  • + 3 digits

Check letterEdit

One letter (except I, O and Q).


  • The code FANTOIR in Wikidata is not the same as the key ref:FR:FANTOIR=* in OpenStreetMap (only 10 characters: INSEE municipality code (5 digits) + RIVOLI code (4 characters) + check letter of the original FANTOIR code).
  • A way that crosses x different communes or arrondissements (in Paris, Lyon and Marseille) has x different FANTOIR codes. Normally, the RIVOLI code is the same.
Example: rue Beaubourg (Q14629229) in Paris: 7541030759S for the 3rd arrondissement (INSEE code: 103) and 7541040759M for the 4th arrondissement (INSEE code: 104).