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none of constraint (Q52558054) specifies that certain values are not allowed for a property. It is the opposite of one-of constraint (Q21510859).

For example, an instance of (P31) statement should never use the values woman (Q467), female (Q6581072), man (Q8441), or male (Q6581097): all humans on Wikidata have the statement instance of (P31) human (Q5), and genders are differentiated via the separate property sex or gender (P21).

The constraint when used on main values is equivalent to a "conflicts-with constraint" with the same property.

If no constraint scope (P4680) is specified, this constraint is checked everywhere.

Possible actionsEdit

There are several possible ways to address a violation of this constraint:

  • It is possible that the value is erroneous, and another value should be used instead, e. g. human (Q5) plus a separate sex or gender (P21) female (Q6581072) statement instead of woman (Q467).
  • It is possible that the statement is incorrect and should be removed.
  • It is possible that the item is a rare, but legitimate exception to the constraint, and nothing should be done.


This constraint has one mandatory parameter:

item of property constraint (P2305)
Contains the disallowed values. no value Help and unknown value Help are interpreted literally, like any normal value (statements with no value Help or unknown value Help are not allowed if these special values are given in the disallowed values).