• P31 (instance of)
  • P279 (subclass of)
  • P10241 (individual of taxon)
  • P361 (part of)
  • P16 (transport network)
  • P3450 (sports season of league or competition)
  • P5138 (season of club or team)
  • P289 (vessel class)
  • P452 (industry)
  • P571 (inception)
  • P366 (has use)
  • P1269 (facet of)

Images (1)

  • P154 (logo image)
  • P3383 (film poster)
  • P117 (chemical structure)
  • P18 (image)
  • P8224 (image of molecular model or crystal lattice model)
  • P7420 (image with frame)
  • P5775 (image of interior)
  • P10 (video)
  • P109 (signature)

People (1)

  • P21 (sex or gender)
  • P27 (country of citizenship)
  • P1532 (country for sport)
  • P945 (allegiance)

Names and titles

  • P1559 (name in native language)
  • P1477 (birth name)
  • P2562 (married name)
  • P735 (given name)
  • P8500 (Vietnamese middle name)
  • P12330 (Philippine middle name)
  • P6978 (Scandinavian middle family name)
  • P9139 (first family name in Portuguese name)
  • P734 (family name)
  • P1950 (second family name in Spanish name)
  • P5056 (patronym or matronym for this person)
  • P97 (noble title)
  • P2358 (Roman praenomen)
  • P2359 (Roman nomen gentilicium)
  • P2365 (Roman cognomen)
  • P2366 (Roman agnomen)
  • P1635 (religious name)
  • P1787 (art name)
  • P1782 (courtesy name)
  • P2838 (professional name)
  • P1785 (temple name)
  • P1786 (posthumous name)
  • P742 (pseudonym)
  • P835 (author citation (zoology))
  • P2561 (name)
  • P7407 (name (image))
  • P1448 (official name)
  • P1705 (native label)
  • P1449 (nickname)
  • P1813 (short name)
  • P7383 (name in hiero markup)
  • P1814 (name in kana)
  • P4239 (vocalized name)
  • P1476 (title)
  • P1680 (subtitle)
  • P1638 (working title)
  • P2441 (literal translation)



  • P2440 (transliteration or transcription)
  • P8991 (ALA-LC romanization)


  • P2183 (ISO 9:1995)
  • P5412 (romanization of Belarusian (2007 system))
  • P9373 (Ukrainian national romanization)
  • P9453 (ALA-LC romanization for Ukrainian)


  • P1721 (pinyin transliteration)
  • P9311 (Jyutping transliteration)
  • P9313 (Yale romanization)
  • P9317 (Cantonese Pinyin)
  • P9323 (Cantonese Transliteration Scheme transliteration)


  • P2125 (Revised Hepburn romanization)


  • P1942 (McCune-Reischauer romanization)
  • P2001 (revised romanization)


  • P5139 (Möllendorff transliteration)


  • P4187 (Wylie transliteration)
  • P4188 (Tibetan pinyin)
  • P4189 (THL Simplified Phonetic Transcription)


  • P10694 (Royal Thai General System of Transcription)


  • P5825 (ISO 15919 transliteration)
  • P7581 (IAST transliteration)
  • P7605 (Hunterian transliteration)
  • P8881 (ITRANS)
  • P8963 (National Library at Kolkata romanization)
  • P9021 (Bharati Braille)


  • P2126 (Georgian national system of romanization)
  • P2719 (Hungarian-style transcription)
  • P8046 (Latvian transcription)


  • P443 (pronunciation audio)
  • P7243 (pronunciation)
  • P898 (IPA transcription)
  • P5276 (Slavistic Phonetic Alphabet transcription)
  • P6798 (UPA transcription)
  • P2859 (X-SAMPA code)
  • P4325 (APA phoneme code)
  • P5279 (hyphenation)

People (2)

  • P569 (date of birth)
  • P3150 (birthday)
  • P19 (place of birth)
  • P1636 (date of baptism)
  • P746 (date of disappearance)
  • P570 (date of death)
  • P20 (place of death)
  • P1196 (manner of death)
  • P509 (cause of death)
  • P157 (killed by)
  • P4602 (date of burial or cremation)
  • P119 (place of burial)
  • P1442 (image of grave)
  • P22 (father)
  • P25 (mother)
  • P3448 (stepparent)
  • P3373 (sibling)
  • P26 (spouse)
  • P451 (unmarried partner)
  • P40 (child)
  • P1971 (number of children)
  • P1038 (relative)
  • P53 (family)
  • P5025 (gens)
  • P1290 (godparent)
  • P3342 (significant person)
  • P3701 (incarnation of)
  • P103 (native language)
  • P1412 (languages spoken, written or signed)
  • P6886 (writing language)
  • P1321 (place of origin (Switzerland))
  • P66 (ancestral home)
  • P2842 (place of marriage)
  • P2632 (place of detention)
  • P1399 (convicted of)
  • P7781 (exonerated of)
  • P1596 (penalty)
  • P106 (occupation)
  • P101 (field of work)
  • P108 (employer)
  • P39 (position held)
  • P2715 (elected in)
  • P768 (electoral district)
  • P413 (position played on team / speciality)
  • P2962 (title of chess person)
  • P8195 (ex-libris)

Personal details

  • P69 (educated at)
  • P803 (professorship)
  • P512 (academic degree)
  • P812 (academic major)
  • P811 (academic minor)
  • P1026 (academic thesis)
  • P184 (doctoral advisor)
  • P185 (doctoral student)
  • P802 (student)
  • P1066 (student of)
  • P10449 (trained by)
  • P511 (honorific prefix)
  • P1035 (honorific suffix)
  • P263 (official residence)
  • P551 (residence)
  • P937 (work location)
  • P3618 (base salary)
  • P1317 (floruit)
  • P2031 (work period (start))
  • P2032 (work period (end))
  • P1416 (affiliation)
  • P6424 (affiliation string)
  • P450 (astronaut mission)
  • P102 (member of political party)
  • P4100 (parliamentary group)
  • P3602 (candidacy in election)
  • P54 (member of sports team)
  • P6087 (coach of sports team)
  • P470 (Eight Banner register)
  • P3205 (patient of)
  • P748 (appointed by)
  • P1576 (lifestyle)
  • P172 (ethnic group)
  • P3716 (social classification)
  • P140 (religion or worldview)
  • P611 (religious order)
  • P1598 (consecrator)
  • P411 (canonization status)
  • P841 (feast day)
  • P4185 (iconographic symbol)
  • P4675 (appears in the form of)
  • P550 (chivalric order)
  • P1049 (worshipped by)
  • P2925 (domain of saint or deity)
  • P1543 (monogram)
  • P3828 (wears)
  • P3438 (vehicle normally used)
  • P1340 (eye color)
  • P1884 (hair color)
  • P2067 (mass)
  • P1853 (blood type)
  • P1050 (medical condition)
  • P4425 (mtDNA haplogroup)
  • P4426 (Y-DNA Haplogroup)
  • P91 (sexual orientation)
  • P1429 (has pet)
  • P1345 (number of victims of killer)
  • P3461 (designated as terrorist by)
  • P3909 (last words)
  • P3902 (had as last meal)
  • P859 (sponsor)
  • P8324 (funder)
  • P2094 (competition class)
  • P641 (sport)
  • P2416 (sports discipline competed in)
  • P1000 (record held)
  • P2415 (personal best)
  • P1352 (ranking)
  • P1087 (Elo rating)
  • P4105 (EGF rating)
  • P564 (singles record)
  • P555 (doubles record)
  • P2443 (stage reached)
  • P552 (handedness)
  • P741 (playing hand)
  • P423 (shooting handedness)
  • P8006 (footedness)
  • P2545 (bowling style)
  • P2095 (co-driver)
  • P1327 (partner in business or sport)
  • P647 (drafted by)
  • P1836 (draft pick number)
  • P1618 (sport number)
  • P1642 (acquisition transaction)
  • P1643 (departure transaction)
  • P1344 (participant in)
  • P2873 (time in space)
  • P410 (military rank)
  • P598 (commander of (DEPRECATED))
  • P607 (conflict)
  • P241 (military branch)
  • P7779 (military unit)
  • P5096 (member of the crew of)
  • P412 (voice type)
  • P1731 (Fach vocal classification)
  • P1897 (highest note)
  • P1898 (lowest note)
  • P1303 (instrument)
  • P3919 (contributed to creative work)
  • P1455 (list of works)
  • P358 (discography)
  • P1283 (filmography)
  • P800 (notable work)
  • P485 (archives at)


  • P4552 (mountain range)
  • P2660 (topographic prominence)
  • P3137 (parent peak)
  • P2659 (topographic isolation)
  • P7479 (key col)

Bodies of water

  • P885 (origin of the watercourse)
  • P403 (mouth of the watercourse)
  • P3871 (tributary orientation)
  • P974 (tributary)
  • P469 (lake on watercourse)
  • P4792 (dam)
  • P200 (inflows)
  • P201 (outflows)
  • P4614 (drainage basin)
  • P205 (basin country)
  • P2225 (discharge)
  • P4661 (reservoir created)
  • P2053 (watershed area)
  • P3020 (residence time of water)
  • P1548 (maximum Strahler number)
  • P4350 (salinity)


  • P225 (taxon name)
  • P105 (taxon rank)
  • P171 (parent taxon)
  • P1843 (taxon common name)
  • P1420 (taxon synonym)
  • P1403 (original combination)
  • P694 (replaced synonym (for nom. nov.))
  • P566 (basionym)
  • P1353 (original spelling)
  • P1135 (nomenclatural status)
  • P2743 (this zoological name is coordinate with)
  • P427 (taxonomic type)
  • P405 (taxon author)
  • P697 (ex taxon author)
  • P2433 (gender of a scientific name of a genus)
  • P574 (year of publication of scientific name for taxon)
  • P1531 (hybrid of)
  • P183 (endemic to)
  • P524 (temporal range end)
  • P523 (temporal range start)
  • P2827 (flower color)
  • P3739 (inflorescence)
  • P4000 (has fruit type)
  • P3741 (seed dispersal)
  • P783 (hymenium type)
  • P784 (mushroom cap shape)
  • P785 (hymenium attachment)
  • P786 (stipe character)
  • P787 (spore print color)
  • P788 (mushroom ecological type)
  • P789 (edibility)
  • P2250 (life expectancy)
  • P4214 (longest observed lifespan)
  • P3063 (gestation period)
  • P3253 (optimum viable temperature)
  • P3251 (minimum viable temperature)
  • P3252 (maximum viable temperature)
  • P3387 (minimum frequency of audible sound)
  • P3465 (maximum frequency of audible sound)
  • P3485 (bite force quotient)
  • P3486 (normal respiratory rate)
  • P3395 (heart rate)
  • P3512 (means of locomotion)
  • P1703 (is pollinated by)
  • P1704 (is pollinator of)
  • P1672 (this taxon is source of)
  • P3036 (precipitation height)
  • P3643 (significant environmental impact)
  • P141 (IUCN conservation status)
  • P814 (IUCN protected areas category)
  • P1425 (ecoregion (WWF))
  • P3648 (NatureServe conservation status)
  • P4002 (WFD Ecological status)
  • P4202 (WFD Chemical status)

Non-person entities

  • P138 (named after)
  • P1549 (demonym)
  • P6427 (trading name)
  • P112 (founded by)
  • P2388 (office held by head of the organization)
  • P169 (chief executive officer)
  • P1789 (chief operating officer)
  • P488 (chairperson)
  • P3975 (general secretary)
  • P1037 (director / manager)
  • P3300 (musical conductor)
  • P2828 (corporate officer)
  • P505 (general manager)
  • P1075 (rector)
  • P3320 (board member)
  • P2813 (house publication)
  • P1308 (officeholder)
  • P4353 (nominated by)
  • P2389 (organization directed by the office or position)
  • P3938 (named by)
  • P37 (official language)
  • P135 (movement)
  • P85 (anthem)
  • P2596 (culture)
  • P1546 (motto)
  • P1451 (motto text)
  • P30 (continent)
  • P17 (country)
  • P1376 (capital of)
  • P36 (capital)
  • P2341 (indigenous to)
  • P131 (located in the administrative territorial entity)
  • P3842 (located in the present-day administrative territorial entity)
  • P421 (located in time zone)
  • P3018 (located in protected area)
  • P8138 (located in statistical territorial entity)
  • P669 (located on street)
  • P7938 (associated electoral district)
  • P6885 (historical region)
  • P7959 (historic county)
  • P276 (location)
  • P206 (located in or next to body of water)
  • P376 (located on astronomical body)
  • P706 (located in/on physical feature)
  • P708 (diocese)
  • P5607 (located in the ecclesiastical territorial entity)
  • P8289 (parish church)
  • P12476 (filial church)
  • P1885 (cathedral)
  • P3501 (Christian liturgical rite)
  • P1336 (territory claimed by)
  • P3179 (territory overlaps)
  • P501 (enclave within)
  • P500 (exclave of)
  • P625 (coordinate location)
  • P5140 (coordinates of geographic center)
  • P1334 (coordinates of easternmost point)
  • P1332 (coordinates of northernmost point)
  • P1333 (coordinates of southernmost point)
  • P1335 (coordinates of westernmost point)
  • P3896 (geoshape)
  • P1259 (coordinates of the point of view)
  • P2148 (distance from river mouth)
  • P610 (highest point)
  • P1589 (lowest point)
  • P4150 (weather history)
  • P3335 (associated hazard)
  • P122 (basic form of government)
  • P1906 (office held by head of state)
  • P35 (head of state)
  • P1313 (office held by head of government)
  • P210 (party chief representative)
  • P6 (head of government)
  • P12443 (has cabinet)
  • P208 (executive body)
  • P797 (authority)
  • P194 (legislative body)
  • P209 (highest judicial authority)
  • P1304 (central bank)
  • P530 (diplomatic relation)
  • P463 (member of)
  • P2462 (member of the deme)
  • P114 (airline alliance)
  • P2124 (member count)
  • P113 (airline hub)
  • P832 (public holiday)
  • P1001 (applies to jurisdiction)
  • P2098 (substitute/deputy/replacement of office/officeholder)
  • P4253 (number of constituencies)
  • P2998 (age of candidacy)
  • P2999 (age of consent)
  • P2997 (age of majority)
  • P3000 (marriageable age)
  • P3001 (retirement age)
  • P3270 (compulsory education (minimum age))
  • P3271 (compulsory education (maximum age))
  • P2841 (age of onset)
  • P286 (head coach)
  • P634 (team captain)
  • P118 (league)
  • P115 (home venue)
  • P3530 (par)
  • P3840 (slope rating)
  • P1027 (conferred by)
  • P4622 (trophy awarded)
  • P2643 (Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education)
  • P2392 (teaching method)
  • P2196 (students count)
  • P425 (field of this occupation)
  • P3989 (members have occupation)
  • P3460 (colonel-in-chief)
  • P561 (NATO reporting name)
  • P1611 (NATO code for grade)
  • P3730 (next higher rank)
  • P3729 (next lower rank)
  • P1387 (political alignment)
  • P1142 (political ideology)
  • P4379 (youth wing)


  • P1454 (legal form)
  • P1082 (population)
  • P4179 (tabular population)
  • P1540 (male population)
  • P1539 (female population)
  • P4080 (number of houses)
  • P150 (contains the administrative territorial entity)
  • P1383 (contains settlement)
  • P2927 (water as percent of area)
  • P2044 (elevation above sea level)
  • P38 (currency)
  • P489 (currency symbol description)
  • P2131 (nominal GDP)
  • P2132 (nominal GDP per capita)
  • P4010 (GDP (PPP))
  • P2299 (PPP GDP per capita)
  • P2219 (real GDP growth rate)
  • P1689 (central government debt as a percent of GDP)
  • P2403 (total assets)
  • P2133 (total debt)
  • P2137 (total equity)
  • P2402 (total expenditure)
  • P2135 (total exports)
  • P2136 (total imports)
  • P2138 (total liabilities)
  • P2134 (total reserves)
  • P2139 (total revenue)
  • P2295 (net profit)
  • P3362 (operating income)
  • P2663 (common equity tier 1 capital ratio (CETI))
  • P2226 (market capitalization)
  • P4103 (assets under management)
  • P2294 (balance of trade)
  • P2220 (household wealth)
  • P2232 (cash)
  • P2141 (foreign direct investment net inflow)
  • P2140 (foreign direct investment net outflow)
  • P562 (central bank/issuer)
  • P1081 (Human Development Index)
  • P11593 (Inequality-adjusted Human Development Index)
  • P3864 (suicide rate)
  • P1198 (unemployment rate)
  • P2297 (employment by economic sector)
  • P3529 (median income)
  • P2834 (individual tax rate)
  • P1279 (inflation rate)
  • P1831 (electorate)
  • P1879 (income classification (Philippines))
  • P190 (twinned administrative body)
  • P740 (location of formation)
  • P127 (owned by)
  • P1028 (donated by)
  • P749 (parent organization)
  • P355 (has subsidiary)
  • P1830 (owner of)
  • P199 (business division)
  • P2652 (partnership with)
  • P159 (headquarters location)
  • P414 (stock exchange)
  • P3679 (stock market index)
  • P1128 (employees)
  • P3744 (number of subscribers)
  • P2292 (consumption rate)
  • P2662 (consumption rate per capita)
  • P1817 (addressee)
  • P47 (shares border with)
  • P4777 (has boundary)
  • P3403 (coextensive with)
  • P457 (foundational text)


  • P1622 (driving side)
  • P3086 (speed limit)
  • P2884 (mains voltage)
  • P2853 (electrical plug type)
  • P2872 (visitor center)

Works of art

  • P9767 (edition/version)
  • P1574 (exemplar of)
  • P144 (based on)
  • P2550 (recording or performance of)
  • P5059 (modified version of)
  • P4969 (derivative work)
  • P179 (part of the series)
  • P4908 (season)
  • P921 (main subject)
  • P6977 (review of)
  • P155 (follows)
  • P156 (followed by)
  • P1366 (replaced by)
  • P1365 (replaces)
  • P7937 (form of creative work)
  • P136 (genre)
  • P747 (has edition or translation)
  • P629 (edition or translation of)
  • P9831 (release of)
  • P393 (edition number)
  • P2507 (corrigendum / erratum)
  • P170 (creator)
  • P371 (presenter)
  • P50 (author)
  • P2093 (author name string)
  • P2680 (author of afterword)
  • P2679 (author of foreword)
  • P655 (translator)
  • P4032 (reviewed by)
  • P175 (performer)
  • P767 (contributor to the creative work or subject)
  • P98 (editor)
  • P11105 (annotator)
  • P123 (publisher)
  • P4101 (dissertation submitted to)
  • P264 (record label)
  • P3931 (copyright holder)
  • P291 (place of publication)
  • P4634 (premiere type)
  • P4647 (location of first performance)
  • P449 (original broadcaster)
  • P3301 (broadcast by)
  • P495 (country of origin)
  • P364 (original language of film or TV show)
  • P407 (language of work or name)
  • P2936 (language used)
  • P585 (point in time)
  • P580 (start time)
  • P582 (end time)
  • P577 (publication date)
  • P2754 (production date)
  • P3893 (public domain date)
  • P737 (influenced by)
  • P793 (significant event)
  • P57 (director)
  • P58 (screenwriter)
  • P3816 (film script)
  • P161 (cast member)
  • P5030 (talk show guest)
  • P725 (voice actor)
  • P1431 (executive producer)
  • P344 (director of photography)
  • P1040 (film editor)
  • P2554 (production designer)
  • P4608 (scenographer)
  • P3174 (art director)
  • P2515 (costume designer)
  • P3275 (storyboard artist)
  • P3092 (film crew member)
  • P86 (composer)
  • P87 (librettist)
  • P676 (lyrics by)
  • P2438 (narrator)
  • P736 (cover art by)
  • P110 (illustrator)
  • P1809 (choreographer)
  • P4805 (make-up artist)
  • P3080 (game artist)
  • P162 (producer)
  • P272 (production company)
  • P750 (distributed by)
  • P872 (printed by)
  • P1640 (curator)
  • P88 (commissioned by)
  • P825 (dedicated to)
  • P547 (commemorates)
  • P941 (inspired by)
  • P1877 (after a work by)
  • P6166 (quotes work)
  • P5707 (samples from work)
  • P1625 (has melody)
  • P942 (theme music)
  • P826 (tonality)
  • P3440 (time signature)
  • P51 (audio)
  • P989 (spoken text audio)
  • P990 (audio recording of the subject's spoken voice)
  • P528 (catalog code)
  • P870 (instrumentation)
  • P1191 (date of first performance)
  • P406 (soundtrack release)
  • P2408 (set in period)
  • P840 (narrative location)
  • P915 (filming location)
  • P4082 (captured with)
  • P2635 (number of parts of this work)
  • P2047 (duration)
  • P1104 (number of pages)
  • P2208 (average shot length)
  • P1725 (beats per minute)
  • P2061 (aspect ratio (W:H))
  • P3803 (original film format)
  • P4312 (camera setup)
  • P3912 (newspaper format)
  • P462 (color)
  • P1458 (color index)
  • P465 (sRGB color hex triplet)
  • P2551 (used metre)
  • P929 (color space)
  • P186 (made from material)
  • P444 (review score)
  • P166 (award received)
  • P1411 (nominated for)
  • P2453 (nominee)
  • P2142 (box office)
  • P2130 (cost)
  • P2769 (budget)
  • P2291 (charted in)
  • P1441 (present in work)
  • P4584 (first appearance)
  • P1434 (takes place in fictional universe)
  • P1080 (from narrative universe)
  • P1445 (fictional universe described in)
  • P1074 (fictional or mythical analog of)
  • P2563 (superhuman feature or ability)
  • P1881 (list of characters)
  • P674 (characters)
  • P180 (depicts)
  • P2913 (date depicted)
  • P2681 (is recto of)
  • P2682 (is verso of)
  • P1639 (pendant of)
  • P1922 (first line)
  • P3132 (last line)
  • P6883 (LilyPond notation)
  • P6670 (musical quotation or excerpt)
  • P6686 (musical motif)
  • P3030 (sheet music)
  • P2279 (ambitus)
  • P195 (collection)
  • P217 (inventory number)
  • P608 (exhibition history)
  • P1811 (list of episodes)
  • P1113 (number of episodes)
  • P2437 (number of seasons)
  • P658 (tracklist)
  • P1872 (minimum number of players)
  • P1873 (maximum number of players)
  • P4151 (game mechanics)
  • P3260 (points awarded)
  • P3719 (regulated by)
  • P4586 (type foundry)
  • P1878 (Vox-ATypI classification)
  • P4452 (Thibaudeau classification)
  • P8359 (Dewey Decimal Classification (works and editions))
  • P8360 (Library of Congress Classification (works and editions))
  • P8362 (Regensburg Classification (works and editions))
  • P8361 (Universal Decimal Classification (works and editions))


  • P4913 (dialect of)
  • P4132 (linguistic typology)
  • P2989 (has grammatical case)
  • P3103 (has tense)
  • P3161 (has grammatical mood)
  • P5109 (has grammatical gender)
  • P5110 (has grammatical person)
  • P2587 (has phoneme)
  • P282 (writing system)
  • P1406 (script directionality)
  • P6106 (uses capitalization for)
  • P1018 (language regulatory body)
  • P3969 (signed form)
  • P1098 (number of speakers, writers, or signers)
  • P1999 (UNESCO language status)
  • P3823 (Ethnologue language status)
  • P3917 (IPA number order (BEING DELETED))
  • P4225 (IPA Braille)
  • P3878 (Soundex)
  • P3879 (Cologne phonetics)
  • P3880 (Caverphone)
  • P3625 (Kirshenbaum code)
  • P8017 (generational suffix)


  • P2348 (time period)
  • P3592 (saros cycle of eclipse)
  • P2257 (event interval)
  • P4794 (season starts)
  • P837 (day in year for periodic occurrence)
  • P2894 (day of week)
  • P1427 (start point)
  • P2825 (via)
  • P1444 (destination point)
  • P1534 (end cause)
  • P664 (organizer)
  • P823 (speaker)
  • P967 (guest of honor)
  • P542 (officially opened by)
  • P543 (oath made by)
  • P1734 (oath of office date)
  • P3022 (flag bearer)
  • P545 (torch lit by)
  • P822 (mascot)
  • P710 (participant)
  • P1132 (number of participants)
  • P1923 (participating team)
  • P2318 (debut participant)
  • P1346 (winner)
  • P3279 (statistical leader)
  • P3764 (pole position)
  • P3494 (points classification)
  • P4320 (mountains classification)
  • P4321 (best combative classification)
  • P4322 (best sprinter classification)
  • P4323 (young rider classification)
  • P4324 (combination classification)
  • P4958 (classification of the best at metas volantes)
  • P3496 (teams classification by points)
  • P3497 (teams classification by time)
  • P3967 (final event)
  • P1652 (referee)
  • P1363 (points/goal scored by)
  • P1390 (match time of event)
  • P3195 (league points system)
  • P3822 (rules for classification)
  • P3983 (sports league level)
  • P2499 (league level above)
  • P2500 (league level below)
  • P2881 (promoted)
  • P2882 (relegated)
  • P3085 (qualifies for event)
  • P1110 (attendance)
  • P1350 (number of matches played/races/starts)
  • P1359 (number of points/goals conceded)
  • P1351 (number of points/goals/set scored)
  • P4909 (number of players in region)
  • P4999 (number of clubs)
  • P1355 (number of wins)
  • P1357 (number of draws/ties)
  • P1356 (number of losses)
  • P1358 (points for)
  • P1590 (number of casualties)
  • P1561 (number of survivors)
  • P1446 (number of missing)
  • P1339 (number of injured)
  • P1120 (number of deaths)
  • P1674 (number confirmed)
  • P1675 (number probable)
  • P1676 (number suspected)
  • P3886 (number of perpetrators)
  • P2320 (aftershocks)
  • P3081 (damaged)
  • P3082 (destroyed)
  • P2532 (lowest atmospheric pressure)
  • P2127 (International Nuclear Event Scale)
  • P2528 (earthquake magnitude on the Richter magnitude scale)
  • P2527 (earthquake magnitude on the moment magnitude scale)
  • P2784 (modified Mercalli intensity scale)
  • P2895 (maximum sustained winds)
  • P2630 (cost of damage)
  • P3157 (event distance)
  • P765 (surface played on)
  • P2502 (classification of race)
  • P2321 (general classification of race participants)
  • P2417 (stage classification)
  • P2105 (size of team at finish)
  • P2103 (size of team at start)
  • P828 (has cause)
  • P1478 (has immediate cause)
  • P8004 (ordered by)
  • P1542 (has effect)
  • P1536 (immediate cause of)
  • P9353 (does not have cause)
  • P7167 (does not have effect)


  • P541 (office contested)
  • P991 (successful candidate)
  • P726 (candidate)
  • P7508 (election called by)
  • P2964 (right to vote)
  • P2319 (elector)
  • P1867 (eligible voters)
  • P5043 (number of abstentions)
  • P1868 (ballots cast)
  • P5044 (number of spoilt votes)
  • P1697 (total valid votes)
  • P5045 (number of blank votes)
  • P1111 (votes received)
  • P1410 (number of seats in assembly)
  • P1342 (number of seats)

Space flights

  • P1876 (vessel)
  • P375 (space launch vehicle)
  • P137 (operator)
  • P1029 (crew member(s))
  • P3015 (backup or reserve team or crew)
  • P1079 (launch contractor)
  • P1202 (carries scientific instrument)
  • P619 (UTC date of spacecraft launch)
  • P546 (docking port)
  • P622 (spacecraft docking/undocking date)
  • P621 (time of object orbit decay)
  • P1158 (location of landing)
  • P620 (UTC date of spacecraft landing)
  • P1418 (orbits completed)
  • P1170 (transmitted signal type)
  • P1194 (received signal type)


  • P2578 (is the study of)
  • P2579 (studied in)
  • P61 (discoverer or inventor)
  • P575 (time of discovery or invention)
  • P189 (location of discovery)
  • P65 (site of astronomical discovery)
  • P1046 (discovery method)
  • P4844 (research intervention)
  • P6099 (clinical trial phase)
  • P6153 (research site)
  • P59 (constellation)
  • P196 (minor planet group)
  • P399 (companion of)
  • P398 (child astronomical body)
  • P397 (parent astronomical body)
  • P2243 (apoapsis)
  • P2244 (periapsis)
  • P2248 (argument of periapsis)
  • P2285 (periapsis date (DEPRECATED))
  • P1090 (redshift)
  • P1145 (Lagrangian point)
  • P2583 (distance from Earth)
  • P1102 (flattening)
  • P2051 (M sin i)
  • P522 (type of orbit)
  • P1096 (orbital eccentricity)
  • P2045 (orbital inclination)
  • P2146 (orbital period)
  • P4341 (synodic period)
  • P2147 (rotation period)
  • P2233 (semi-major axis of an orbit)
  • P4296 (stellar rotational velocity)
  • P2211 (position angle)
  • P2212 (angular distance)
  • P2213 (longitude of ascending node)
  • P2214 (parallax)
  • P10751 (declination component of proper motion)
  • P10752 (right ascension component of proper motion)
  • P2216 (radial velocity)
  • P2325 (mean anomaly)
  • P881 (type of variable star)
  • P215 (spectral class)
  • P223 (galaxy morphological type)
  • P744 (asteroid family)
  • P1016 (asteroid taxonomy)
  • P720 (asteroid spectral type)
  • P1215 (apparent magnitude)
  • P2060 (luminosity)
  • P1457 (absolute magnitude)
  • P1227 (astronomical filter)
  • P2227 (metallicity)
  • P2221 (flux)
  • P4501 (albedo)
  • P416 (quantity symbol (string))
  • P4020 (ISQ dimension)
  • P5061 (unit symbol)
  • P2571 (uncertainty corresponds to)
  • P4147 (conjugate acid)
  • P4149 (conjugate base)
  • P3364 (stereoisomer of)
  • P6185 (tautomer of)
  • P4599 (monomer of)
  • P4600 (polymer of)
  • P4770 (hydrated form of)
  • P9977 (isotopically modified form of)
  • P246 (element symbol)
  • P274 (chemical formula)
  • P1673 (general formula)
  • P233 (canonical SMILES)
  • P2017 (isomeric SMILES)
  • P8533 (SMARTS notation)
  • P10718 (CXSMILES)
  • P1086 (atomic number)
  • P1148 (neutron number)
  • P8000 (electron configuration)
  • P2200 (electric charge)
  • P1108 (electronegativity)
  • P10685 (ionic radius)
  • P10795 (coordination number)
  • P10764 (charge number)
  • P1123 (parity quantum number)
  • P1097 (g-factor)
  • P2222 (gyromagnetic ratio)
  • P1122 (spin quantum number)
  • P1126 (isospin quantum number)
  • P1127 (isospin z-component)
  • P2069 (magnetic moment)
  • P2160 (mass excess)
  • P816 (decays to)
  • P817 (decay mode)
  • P2223 (decay width)
  • P2114 (half-life)
  • P2645 (mean lifetime)
  • P2154 (binding energy)
  • P2260 (ionization energy)
  • P1121 (oxidation state)
  • P922 (magnetic ordering)
  • P2152 (antiparticle)
  • P2375 (has superpartner)
  • P2376 (superpartner of)
  • P517 (interaction)
  • P2374 (natural abundance)
  • P2201 (electric dipole moment)
  • P2055 (electrical conductivity)
  • P2068 (thermal conductivity)
  • P2056 (specific heat capacity)
  • P3078 (standard enthalpy of formation)
  • P2066 (molar fusion enthalpy)
  • P2117 (combustion enthalpy)
  • P2116 (molar enthalpy of vaporization)
  • P3071 (standard molar entropy)
  • P1295 (emissivity)
  • P2054 (density)
  • P515 (phase of matter)
  • P2077 (under pressure)
  • P2076 (temperature)
  • P2101 (melting point)
  • P2102 (boiling point)
  • P2107 (decomposition point)
  • P2113 (sublimation temperature)
  • P873 (phase point)
  • P8465 (van der Waals constant a)
  • P8466 (van der Waals constant b)
  • P3070 (dynamic viscosity)
  • P2118 (kinematic viscosity)
  • P3013 (surface tension)
  • P2119 (vapor pressure)
  • P2075 (speed of sound)
  • P2177 (solubility)
  • P11813 (solubility product constant)
  • P8459 (descriptive solubility)
  • P2178 (solvent)
  • P6274 (concentration)
  • P2993 (partition coefficient water/octanol)
  • P1117 (pKa)
  • P9440 (pH value)
  • P6272 (specific rotation)
  • P1109 (refractive index)
  • P2808 (wavelength)
  • P534 (streak color)
  • P538 (mineral fracture)
  • P565 (crystal habit)
  • P2156 (pseudo crystal habit)
  • P556 (crystal system)
  • P589 (point group)
  • P690 (space group)
  • P9733 (International Tables for Crystallography space group number)
  • P693 (cleavage)
  • P1088 (Mohs' hardness)
  • P2155 (solid solution series with)
  • P537 (twinning)
  • P579 (IMA status and/or rank)
  • P10113 (IMA Mineral Symbol)
  • P711 (Strunz 8th edition (series ID, updated))
  • P712 (Nickel-Strunz 9th edition (updated 2009))
  • P713 (Nickel-Strunz '10th ed', review of (9th ed/ 2009 update))
  • P5479 (ultimate tensile strength)
  • P5480 (tensile modulus of elasticity)
  • P5483 (hardness)
  • P5520 (toughness)
  • P5529 (yield strength)
  • P5575 (coefficient of friction)
  • P5593 (Poisson's ratio)
  • P5594 (moisture absorption)
  • P5596 (relative humidity)
  • P5608 (fatigue limit)
  • P5624 (pitting resistance equivalent number)
  • P5668 (bulk modulus)
  • P5669 (compressive strength)
  • P5670 (glass transition temperature)
  • P5672 (linear thermal expansion coefficient)
  • P5673 (shear modulus)
  • P5674 (thermal diffusivity)
  • P5675 (relative permittivity)
  • P5676 (relative permeability)
  • P5677 (flexural strength)
  • P5678 (dissipation factor)
  • P5679 (electrical resistivity)
  • P5681 (flexural modulus)
  • P5682 (heat deflection temperature)
  • P5685 (tear resistance)
  • P5706 (shear strength)
  • P5708 (force)
  • P5709 (abrasion resistance)
  • P5811 (elongation at break)
  • P5929 (limiting oxygen index)
  • P5947 (Vicat softening point)
  • P5992 (attenuation coefficient)
  • P5993 (compressive modulus of elasticity)
  • P6014 (flexural strain at break)
  • P6073 (permeability)
  • P6075 (embodied energy)
  • P6076 (biobased content weight percentage)
  • P5991 (carbon footprint)
  • P6000 (water footprint)
  • P2128 (flash point)
  • P2199 (autoignition temperature)
  • P2202 (lower flammable limit)
  • P2203 (upper flammable limit)
  • P2204 (minimum explosive concentration)
  • P2231 (explosive velocity)
  • P2145 (explosive energy equivalent)
  • P4952 (safety classification and labelling)
  • P5040 (GHS hazard pictogram)
  • P1033 (GHS signal word)
  • P5041 (GHS hazard statement)
  • P5042 (GHS precautionary statement)
  • P993 (NFPA Health)
  • P994 (NFPA Fire)
  • P995 (NFPA Instability)
  • P877 (NFPA Special)
  • P874 (UN class)
  • P875 (UN classification code)
  • P876 (UN packaging group)
  • P1931 (NIOSH Pocket Guide ID)
  • P2717 (no-observed-adverse-effect level)
  • P2407 (short-term exposure limit)
  • P2404 (time-weighted average exposure limit)
  • P2405 (ceiling exposure limit)
  • P2406 (maximum peak exposure limit)
  • P2129 (immediately dangerous to life or health)
  • P2710 (minimal lethal concentration)
  • P2300 (minimal lethal dose)
  • P2712 (median lethal concentration (LC50))
  • P2240 (median lethal dose (LD50))
  • P4268 (half maximal inhibitory concentration (IC50))
  • P4269 (half maximal effective concentration (EC50))
  • P2542 (acceptable daily intake)
  • P4250 (defined daily dose)
  • P7971 (food energy)
  • P3771 (activator of)
  • P3772 (agonist of)
  • P3773 (antagonist of)
  • P3774 (blocker of)
  • P3775 (disrupting agent for)
  • P3776 (inhibitor of)
  • P3777 (antisense inhibitor of)
  • P3778 (positive allosteric modulator of)
  • P3779 (negative allosteric modulator of)
  • P2414 (substrate of)
  • P3780 (active ingredient in)
  • P3781 (has active ingredient)


  • P1181 (numeric value)
  • P7316 (number of decimal digits)
  • P2534 (defining formula)
  • P7235 (in defining formula)
  • P4934 (calculated from)
  • P2370 (conversion to SI unit)
  • P2442 (conversion to standard unit)
  • P2384 (statement describes)
  • P2159 (computes solution to)
  • P1568 (definition domain)
  • P1851 (input set)
  • P1571 (codomain)
  • P2396 (image of function)
  • P1322 (dual to)
  • P1164 (group cardinality)
  • P2820 (cardinality of this set)
  • P3263 (base)
  • P3264 (radix)
  • P3228 (Schläfli symbol)
  • P1678 (has vertex figure)
  • P1312 (has facet polytope)
  • P2577 (admissible rule in)
  • P1171 (approximation algorithm)
  • P3752 (worst-case time complexity)
  • P3753 (best-case time complexity)
  • P3754 (average time complexity)
  • P3755 (worst-case space complexity)
  • P3756 (best-case space complexity)
  • P3757 (average space complexity)
  • P7973 (quantity symbol (LaTeX))


  • P2275 (World Health Organisation international non-proprietary name)
  • P4951 (INCI name)
  • P703 (found in taxon)
  • P689 (afflicts)
  • P1995 (health specialty)
  • P3261 (anatomical branch of)
  • P3262 (has anatomical branch)
  • P780 (symptoms and signs)
  • P923 (medical examination)
  • P924 (possible treatment)
  • P2176 (drug or therapy used for treatment)
  • P1924 (vaccine for)
  • P1909 (side effect)
  • P2175 (medical condition treated)
  • P4044 (therapeutic area)
  • P3457 (case fatality rate)
  • P3492 (basic reproduction number)
  • P3337 (generation time)
  • P3464 (medicine marketing authorization)
  • P2239 (first aid measures)
  • P1537 (contributing factor of)
  • P769 (significant drug interaction)
  • P1199 (mode of inheritance)
  • P1060 (disease transmission process)
  • P3488 (minimal incubation period in humans)
  • P3487 (maximal incubation period in humans)
  • P927 (anatomical location)
  • P2288 (lymphatic drainage)
  • P2286 (arterial supply)
  • P2289 (venous drainage)
  • P3310 (muscle action)
  • P3490 (muscle origin)
  • P3491 (muscle insertion)
  • P2329 (antagonist muscle)
  • P3189 (innervated by)
  • P3190 (innervates)
  • P702 (encoded by)
  • P688 (encodes)
  • P1917 (posttranslational modification association with)
  • P3094 (develops from)
  • P4843 (development of anatomical structure)
  • P970 (neurological function)
  • P925 (presynaptic connection)
  • P926 (postsynaptic connection)
  • P928 (activating neurotransmitter)
  • P1913 (gene duplication association with)
  • P1914 (gene insertion association with)
  • P1915 (gene inversion association with)
  • P1916 (gene substitution association with)
  • P2293 (genetic association)
  • P1057 (chromosome)
  • P2143 (genome size)
  • P2548 (strand orientation)
  • P659 (genomic assembly)
  • P644 (genomic start)
  • P645 (genomic end)
  • P4196 (cytogenetic location)
  • P680 (molecular function)
  • P681 (cell component)
  • P682 (biological process)
  • P129 (physically interacts with)
  • P1910 (decreased expression in)
  • P1912 (gene deletion association with)
  • P3433 (biological variant of)
  • P3432 (parent cell line)
  • P3578 (autologous cell line)
  • P3354 (positive therapeutic predictor for)
  • P3355 (negative therapeutic predictor for)
  • P3356 (positive diagnostic predictor for)
  • P3357 (negative diagnostic predictor for)
  • P3358 (positive prognostic predictor for)
  • P3359 (negative prognostic predictor for)
  • P2854 (disease burden)
  • P1918 (altered regulation leads to)
  • P636 (route of administration)
  • P3493 (legal status (medicine))
  • P3489 (pregnancy category)
  • P8026 (LiverTox likelihood score)
  • P1604 (biosafety level)
  • P660 (EC enzyme classification)
  • P591 (EC enzyme number)
  • P593 (HomoloGene ID)
  • P1603 (number of cases)
  • P8049 (number of hospitalized cases)
  • P8010 (number of recoveries)
  • P8011 (number of medical tests)
  • P8005 (research subject recruitment status)

Hardware, engineering

  • P176 (manufacturer)
  • P1716 (brand)
  • P1071 (location of creation)
  • P2079 (fabrication method)
  • P606 (first flight)
  • P880 (CPU)
  • P2560 (GPU)
  • P2928 (memory capacity)
  • P1141 (number of processor cores)
  • P3559 (maximum size or capacity)
  • P1041 (socket supported)
  • P2149 (clock frequency)
  • P2150 (FSB speed)
  • P739 (ammunition)
  • P4403 (caliber)
  • P520 (armament)
  • P4137 (muzzle velocity)
  • P3792 (rate of fire)
  • P4176 (effective firing range)
  • P1002 (engine configuration)
  • P624 (guidance system)
  • P588 (coolant)
  • P4131 (annual energy output)
  • P516 (powered by)
  • P1211 (fuel system)
  • P2109 (nominal power capacity)
  • P2935 (connector)
  • P1100 (number of cylinders)
  • P1078 (valvetrain configuration)
  • P1210 (supercharger)
  • P1221 (compressor type)
  • P1247 (compression ratio)
  • P1637 (undercarriage)
  • P1654 (wing configuration)
  • P2050 (wingspan)
  • P2112 (wing area)
  • P2978 (wheel arrangement)
  • P3039 (wheelbase)
  • P2073 (vehicle range)
  • P1956 (takeoff and landing capability)
  • P2430 (takeoff roll)
  • P1470 (maximum glide ratio)
  • P2362 (time to altitude)
  • P2254 (maximum operating altitude)
  • P4242 (maximal rate of climb)
  • P4519 (payload mass)
  • P2217 (cruise speed)
  • P878 (avionics)
  • P2556 (bore)
  • P2557 (stroke)
  • P2957 (throughput)
  • P2791 (power consumed)
  • P4140 (energy storage capacity)
  • P2797 (sound power level)
  • P2806 (vibration)
  • P2849 (produced by)
  • P3712 (has goal)
  • P1056 (product or material produced or service provided)
  • P1389 (product certification)
  • P2746 (production statistics)
  • P2151 (focal length)
  • P3439 (angular resolution)
  • P3737 (maximum wavelength of sensitivity)
  • P3738 (minimum wavelength of sensitivity)
  • P4163 (magnification)
  • P3891 (observing time available)
  • P4036 (field of view)
  • P2010 (Exif make)
  • P2009 (Exif model)
  • P1092 (total produced)
  • P2197 (production rate)
  • P2664 (units sold)
  • P1582 (natural product of taxon)
  • P4218 (shelf life)
  • P798 (military designation)


  • P3966 (programming paradigm)
  • P1845 (anti-virus alias)
  • P178 (developer)
  • P943 (programmer)
  • P287 (designed by)
  • P400 (platform)
  • P306 (operating system)
  • P3447 (mirrors data from)
  • P3575 (data size)
  • P2599 (block size)
  • P1072 (readable file format)
  • P1073 (writable file format)
  • P3033 (package management system)
  • P408 (software engine)
  • P1414 (GUI toolkit or framework)
  • P404 (game mode)
  • P479 (input device)
  • P437 (distribution format)
  • P1032 (digital rights management system)
  • P277 (programmed in)
  • P1547 (depends on software)
  • P1372 (binding of software library)
  • P1324 (source code repository URL)
  • P2992 (software quality assurance)
  • P1401 (issue tracker URL)
  • P2377 (MediaWiki hooks used)
  • P348 (software version identifier)
  • P4669 (tabular software version)
  • P751 (introduced feature)
  • P756 (removed feature)
  • P2379 (deprecated in version)
  • P2078 (user manual URL)
  • P4152 (file format identification pattern)
  • P4092 (checksum)
  • P3374 (endianness)
  • P4043 (emulates)
  • P3985 (supports programming language)
  • P3721 (public key fingerprint)
  • P3761 (IPv4 routing prefix)
  • P3793 (IPv6 routing prefix)

Media content ratings

  • P3156 (Australian Classification)
  • P2629 (BBFC rating)
  • P853 (CERO rating)
  • P3216 (ClassInd rating)
  • P6452 (CBFC rating)
  • P2758 (CNC film rating (France))
  • P3402 (CNC film rating (Romania))
  • P2756 (EIRIN film rating)
  • P852 (ESRB rating)
  • P2747 (Filmiroda rating)
  • P4437 (FPB rating)
  • P1981 (FSK film rating)
  • P916 (GSRR rating)
  • P3306 (ICAA rating)
  • P3428 (INCAA film rating)
  • P3650 (JMK film rating)
  • P2684 (Kijkwijzer rating)
  • P3818 (KMRB film rating)
  • P1657 (MPA film rating)
  • P2363 (NMHH film rating)
  • P908 (PEGI rating)
  • P2637 (RARS rating)
  • P3834 (RTC film rating)
  • P914 (USK rating)
  • P2899 (minimum age)
  • P4135 (maximum age)


  • P84 (architect)
  • P149 (architectural style)
  • P3158 (enclosure)
  • P1619 (date of official opening)
  • P3999 (date of official closure)
  • P729 (service entry)
  • P730 (service retirement)
  • P2669 (discontinued date)
  • P576 (dissolved, abolished or demolished date)
  • P770 (cause of destruction)
  • P1398 (structure replaces)
  • P167 (structure replaced by)
  • P193 (main building contractor)
  • P631 (structural engineer)
  • P504 (shipping port)
  • P4624 (squadron embarked)
  • P2261 (beam)
  • P2262 (draft)
  • P3349 (designed to carry)
  • P466 (occupant)
  • P177 (crosses)
  • P2674 (next crossing downstream)
  • P2673 (next crossing upstream)
  • P2505 (carries)
  • P3032 (adjacent building)
  • P197 (adjacent station)
  • P1192 (connecting service)
  • P81 (connecting line)
  • P3610 (fare zone)
  • P795 (located on linear feature)
  • P2198 (average gradient)
  • P2595 (maximum gradient)
  • P4184 (slope)
  • P1064 (track gauge)
  • P3019 (railway signalling system)
  • P834 (train depot)
  • P2923 (focal height)
  • P2929 (lighthouse range)
  • P3922 (light sector)
  • P1030 (light characteristic)
  • P3041 (luminous intensity)
  • P1083 (maximum capacity)
  • P1101 (floors above ground)
  • P1139 (floors below ground)
  • P1301 (number of elevators)
  • P5595 (number of platform faces)
  • P1103 (number of platform tracks)
  • P2351 (number of graves)
  • P1314 (number of spans)
  • P2787 (longest span)
  • P2793 (clearance)
  • P1436 (collection or exhibition size)
  • P1174 (visitors per year)
  • P3872 (patronage)
  • P1373 (daily patronage)
  • P2555 (fee)
  • P2851 (payment types accepted)
  • P3025 (open days)
  • P3026 (closed on)
  • P3027 (open period from)
  • P3028 (open period to)
  • P912 (has facility)
  • P931 (place served by transport hub)
  • P521 (scheduled service destination)
  • P2848 (Wi-Fi access)
  • P2846 (disabled accessibility)
  • P2817 (appears in the heritage monument list)
  • P1435 (heritage designation)
  • P3259 (intangible cultural heritage status)
  • P559 (terminus)
  • P609 (terminus location)
  • P2789 (connects with)


  • P4443 (card network)
  • P4446 (reward program)
  • P4447 (minimum spend bonus)
  • P4448 (cash back)
  • P4444 (reward)


  • P2043 (length)
  • P2049 (width)
  • P2048 (height)
  • P2610 (thickness)
  • P5524 (horizontal depth)
  • P4511 (vertical depth)
  • P4183 (angle from vertical)
  • P2046 (area)
  • P2234 (volume as quantity)
  • P2120 (radius)
  • P2386 (diameter)
  • P2547 (perimeter)


  • P6375 (street address)
  • P670 (house number)
  • P4856 (conscription number)
  • P2918 (post office box)
  • P281 (postal code)
  • P4595 (post town)
  • P1329 (phone number)
  • P2900 (fax number)
  • P968 (email address)


  • P4290 (official app)
  • P856 (official website)
  • P1581 (official blog URL)
  • P2699 (URL)
  • P1065 (archive URL)
  • P973 (described at URL)
  • P953 (full work available at URL)
  • P8214 (curriculum vitae URL)
  • P1019 (web feed URL)
  • P963 (streaming media URL)
  • P1325 (external data available at URL)
  • P5305 (SPARQL endpoint URL)
  • P7014 (terms of service URL)
  • P7101 (privacy policy URL)
  • P553 (website account on)
  • P2572 (hashtag)
  • P78 (top-level Internet domain)


  • P1750 (name day)
  • P2976 (patronym or matronym for this name)
  • P1533 (family name identical to this given name)
  • P1560 (given name version for other gender)

Laws, treaties

  • P467 (legislated by)
  • P1891 (signatory)
  • P92 (main regulatory text)
  • P2567 (amended by)
  • P2568 (repealed by)
  • P2058 (depositary)
  • P1031 (legal citation of this text)

Court cases

  • P4884 (court)
  • P7162 (cases consolidated)
  • P3014 (laws applied)
  • P4006 (overrules)
  • P5826 (majority opinion by)
  • P7122 (opinion joined by)
  • P1591 (defendant)
  • P1620 (plaintiff)
  • P1593 (defender)
  • P1592 (prosecutor)
  • P1594 (judge)
  • P1840 (investigated by)
  • P1595 (charge)
  • P1437 (plea)

Encyclopedic articles

  • P1433 (published in)
  • P478 (volume)
  • P433 (issue)
  • P304 (page(s))
  • P3903 (column)

Images (2)

  • P242 (locator map image)
  • P1943 (location map)
  • P1944 (relief location map)
  • P1621 (detail map)
  • P163 (flag)
  • P41 (flag image)
  • P237 (coat of arms)
  • P94 (coat of arms image)
  • P418 (has seal, badge, or sigil)
  • P158 (seal image)
  • P4004 (escutcheon image)
  • P2238 (official symbol)
  • P367 (astronomic symbol image)
  • P181 (taxon range map image)
  • P14 (traffic sign)
  • P2910 (icon)
  • P15 (route map)
  • P1846 (distribution map)
  • P5203 (topographic map)
  • P2713 (sectional view)
  • P3451 (nighttime view)
  • P4291 (panoramic view)
  • P4640 (spherical panorama image)
  • P207 (bathymetry image)
  • P491 (orbit diagram)
  • P692 (Gene Atlas image)
  • P2716 (montage image)
  • P948 (page banner)
  • P3311 (image of design plans)
  • P2425 (service ribbon image)
  • P1766 (place name sign)
  • P1801 (plaque image)
  • P2343 (playing range image)
  • P996 (document file on Wikimedia Commons)
  • P4896 (3D model)
  • P4765 (Commons compatible image available at URL)
  • P3096 (KML file)
  • P2677 (relative position within image)
  • P4238 (webcam page URL)
  • P3858 (route diagram template)

Other properties by datatype

Other properties with datatype "item"

  • P790 (approved by)
  • P2821 (by-product)
  • P2822 (by-product of)
  • P944 (code of nomenclature)
  • P4330 (contains)
  • P2012 (cuisine)
  • P468 (dan/kyu rank)
  • P2702 (dataset distribution)
  • P1299 (depicted by)
  • P7984 (depicted format)
  • P1343 (described by source)
  • P3833 (diaspora)
  • P2795 (directions)
  • P8001 (endorsed by)
  • P2371 (FAO risk status)
  • P2701 (file format)
  • P868 (foods traditionally associated)
  • P1137 (fossil found in this unit)
  • P2839 (gait)
  • P2633 (geography of topic)
  • P2597 (Gram staining)
  • P2591 (grammatical option indicates)
  • P2974 (habitat)
  • P1479 (has contributing factor)
  • P1660 (has index case)
  • P1605 (has natural reservoir)
  • P1552 (has characteristic)
  • P2184 (history of topic)
  • P6477 (does not have characteristic)
  • P2868 (subject has role)
  • P1165 (home world)
  • P2444 (homoglyph)
  • P2975 (host)
  • P2553 (in work)
  • P1911 (increased expression in)
  • P1677 (index case of)
  • P1068 (instruction set)
  • P2360 (intended public)
  • P833 (interchange station)
  • P2650 (interested in)
  • P514 (interleaves with)
  • P1951 (investor)
  • P2378 (issued by)
  • P121 (item operated)
  • P2564 (Köppen climate classification)
  • P275 (copyright license)
  • P6216 (copyright status)
  • P1408 (licensed to broadcast to)
  • P1456 (list of monuments)
  • P1034 (main food source)
  • P126 (maintained by)
  • P1557 (manifestation of)
  • P1880 (measurement scale)
  • P111 (measured physical quantity)
  • P2575 (measures)
  • P1163 (media type)
  • P4099 (metrically compatible typeface)
  • P1347 (military casualty classification)
  • P2634 (model)
  • P2922 (month of the year)
  • P612 (mother house)
  • P3091 (mount)
  • P1129 (national team appearances)
  • P1606 (natural reservoir of)
  • P913 (notation)
  • P3173 (offers view on)
  • P3075 (official religion)
  • P2361 (online service)
  • P2541 (operating area)
  • P4220 (order of battle)
  • P684 (ortholog)
  • P568 (overlies)
  • P831 (parent club)
  • P2937 (parliamentary term)
  • P417 (patron saint)
  • P1349 (ploidy)
  • P2955 (point of penalty)
  • P1641 (port)
  • P532 (port of registry)
  • P3095 (practiced by)
  • P2700 (protocol)
  • P1318 (proved by)
  • P1393 (proxy)
  • P2781 (race time)
  • P415 (radio format)
  • P2869 (record or record progression)
  • P483 (recorded at studio or venue)
  • P3093 (recovered by)
  • P128 (regulates (molecular biology))
  • P3148 (repeals)
  • P2675 (reply to)
  • P1875 (represented by)
  • P1268 (represents)
  • P2501 (results)
  • P707 (spacecraft bus)
  • P447 (review score by)
  • P1443 (score method)
  • P807 (separated from)
  • P1419 (shape)
  • P1354 (shown with features)
  • P2546 (sidekick of)
  • P1136 (solved by)
  • P618 (source of energy)
  • P2770 (source of income)
  • P2647 (source of material)
  • P1201 (space tug)
  • P3037 (spatial reference system)
  • P1990 (species kept)
  • P2512 (has spin-off)
  • P1462 (standards body)
  • P2353 (statistical unit)
  • P533 (target)
  • P1558 (tempo marking)
  • P2097 (term length of office)
  • P3437 (type of passengers/cargo)
  • P1302 (primary destinations)
  • P2831 (totem)
  • P2695 (type locality (geology))
  • P930 (type of electrification)
  • P2739 (typeface/font used)
  • P567 (underlies)
  • P1656 (unveiled by)
  • P1535 (used by)
  • P2283 (uses)
  • P548 (version type)
  • P1887 (vice-county)
  • P2522 (victory)
  • P3815 (volcano observatory)
  • P1903 (volcanic explosivity index)
  • P2614 (World Heritage criteria)
  • P12439 (civil rank)
  • P12446 (ISCED field)
  • P12452 (‎appeals to)
  • P12456 (phonographic copyright)
  • P12457 (is invariant under)
  • P12475 (top scorer)
  • P12484 (television judge)
  • P12503 (thesaurus's main topic)
  • P12504 (thesaurus combines topics)
  • P12505 (topic's main thesaurus)
  • P12516 (rug style)
  • P12526 (performing organization)
  • P12548 (media modality)
  • P12571 (derived from base unit)
  • P12616 (leaf morphology)
  • P12617 (‎creative director)
  • P12621 (beneficial owner)
  • P12650 (electoral symbol)
  • P12657 (follows spelling pattern)
  • P12663 (risk group)
  • P12680 (deterioration)
  • P12686 (category for births in this time period)
  • P12687 (category for deaths in this time period)
  • P12692 (representation type)
  • P12693 (source of transfer)
  • P12694 (destination of transfer)
  • P12714 (tartan)
  • P4292 (possessed by spirit)
  • P4345 (director of archaeological fieldwork)
  • P4387 (update method)
  • P4424 (mandates)
  • P4428 (implementation of)
  • P4510 (describes a project that uses)
  • P4543 (has listed ingredient)
  • P4545 (sexually homologous with)
  • P4628 (ICTV virus genome composition)
  • P4646 (representation of)
  • P4653 (partition table type)
  • P4688 (geomorphological unit)
  • P4733 (produced sound)
  • P4743 (animal breed)
  • P4745 (is proceedings from)
  • P4774 (biological phase)
  • P4788 (storage device)
  • P4791 (commanded by)
  • P4809 (sets environment variable)
  • P4810 (reads environment variable)
  • P4850 (permitted food additive)
  • P4873 (isoschizomer)
  • P4875 (neoschizomer)
  • P4878 (symbolizes)
  • P4882 (segmental innervation)
  • P4915 (isocaudomer)
  • P4954 (may prevent disease)
  • P4967 (prerequisite)
  • P4968 (relevant qualification)
  • P4988 (test method)
  • P5004 (in opposition to)
  • P5008 (on focus list of Wikimedia project)
  • P5009 (complies with)
  • P5012 (special rank)
  • P5021 (assessment)
  • P5023 (activity policy in this place)
  • P5024 (choral conductor)
  • P5026 (lighting designer)
  • P5028 (sound designer)
  • P5051 (towards)
  • P5052 (supervisory board member)
  • P5053 (fastest lap)
  • P5054 (member of cabinet)
  • P5070 (French standard size for oil paintings)
  • P5072 (presented in)
  • P5095 (fault)
  • P5125 (Wikimedia outline)
  • P5126 (assistant director)
  • P5131 (possible medical findings)
  • P5132 (suggests the existence of)
  • P5133 (has evaluation)
  • P5134 (evaluation of)
  • P5135 (greater than)
  • P5136 (less than)
  • P5137 (item for this sense)
  • P5150 (IGAC rating)
  • P5152 (KAVI rating)
  • P5166 (established from medical condition)
  • P5185 (grammatical gender)
  • P5186 (conjugation class)
  • P5194 (officialized by)
  • P5196 (output device)
  • P5201 (IMDA rating)
  • P5202 (adapted by)
  • P5206 (has conjugation class)
  • P5236 (prime factor)
  • P5237 (pronunciation variety)
  • P5244 (reading pattern of Kanji)
  • P5248 (medical evacuation to)
  • P5249 (sports competition competed at)
  • P5277 (grade of kanji)
  • P5278 (surname or patronymic for other sex)
  • P5280 (radical)
  • P5304 (type locality (biology))
  • P5307 (display technology)
  • P5317 (jockey)
  • P5323 (attested in)
  • P5328 (revival or touring version of)
  • P5353 (school district)
  • P5386 (JMA Seismic Intensity Scale)
  • P5389 (permanent resident of)
  • P5422 (has pattern)
  • P5425 (Han character in this lexeme)
  • P5426 (tone or pitch accent class)
  • P5438 (signum)
  • P5439 (research measurement)
  • P5444 (model year)
  • P5446 (reference value)
  • P5460 (grants)
  • P5475 (CJKV variant character)
  • P5514 (accredited by)
  • P5522 (Unicode block)
  • P5523 (fanqie)
  • P5537 (Hangul pronunciation)
  • P5560 (passive voice)
  • P5564 (registration district)
  • P5572 (expressed in)
  • P5588 (invasive to)
  • P5589 (microstructure)
  • P5591 (normalized Unicode character)
  • P5606 (class of station)
  • P5623 (type of water supply)
  • P5642 (risk factor)
  • P5658 (railway traffic side)
  • P5713 (requires grammatical feature)
  • P5753 (ideographic description sequence)
  • P5769 (editor-in-chief)
  • P5800 (narrative role)
  • P5802 (stage crew member)
  • P5804 (has program committee member)
  • P5805 (OSI Model layer location)
  • P5816 (state of conservation)
  • P5817 (state of use)
  • P5824 (is retracted by)
  • P5828 (seed)
  • P5832 (political coalition)
  • P5841 (Status in the Red List of Threatened Species in the Czech Republic)
  • P5852 (item inherits statement from)
  • P5869 (model item)
  • P5872 (smells of)
  • P5873 (place of devotion)
  • P5880 (video designer)
  • P5881 (projection designer)
  • P5886 (mode of derivation)
  • P5911 (paradigm class)
  • P5913 (has paradigm class)
  • P5923 (creates lexeme type)
  • P5940 (plot expanded in)
  • P5961 (depicted part)
  • P5967 (reference vocabulary)
  • P5970 (Medierådet rating)
  • P5995 (kit supplier)
  • P5998 (distributary)
  • P6022 (expression, gesture or body pose)
  • P6084 (location of sense usage)
  • P6086 (dramaturge)
  • P6095 (INEP IGC discrete grade)
  • P6104 (maintained by WikiProject)
  • P6116 (chord progression)
  • P6118 (season ends)
  • P6149 (running mate)
  • P6191 (language style)
  • P6193 (ratified by)
  • P6195 (funding scheme)
  • P6212 (heat treating)
  • P6224 (level of description)
  • P6237 (real estate developer)
  • P6241 (collection creator)
  • P6243 (digital representation of)
  • P6259 (epoch)
  • P6271 (demonym of)
  • P6275 (copyright representative)
  • P6291 (advertises)
  • P6338 (colorist)
  • P6339 (reports periodicity)
  • P6364 (official color)
  • P6365 (member category)
  • P6379 (has works in the collection)
  • P6426 ( statement according to source website)
  • P6437 (day of regular release)
  • P6439 (has lyrics)
  • P6440 (maintenance method)
  • P6524 (expression of)
  • P6530 (has role in modeling)
  • P6531 (observed in)
  • P6532 (has phenotype)
  • P6533 (type of front suspension)
  • P6534 (type of rear suspension)
  • P6540 (multi-channel network)
  • P6563 (key performance indicator)
  • P6568 (inscription mentions)
  • P6569 (taxon especially protected in area)
  • P6587 (league system)
  • P6606 (study or design for)
  • P6608 (General Material Designation)
  • P6657 (CHVRS Classification)
  • P6658 (RCQ classification)
  • P6684 (first attested from)
  • P6718 (music video)
  • P6731 (Commons quality assessment)
  • P6758 (supported sports team)
  • P6803 (taxon found at location)
  • P6819 (calligrapher)
  • P6840 (student organization of)
  • P6855 (emergency services)
  • P6872 (has written for)
  • P6875 (motif represents)
  • P6884 (target muscle)
  • P6889 (microarchitecture)
  • P6902 (era name)
  • P6938 (seconded by)
  • P6939 (moved by)
  • P6942 (animator)
  • P6948 (video system)
  • P6954 (online access status)
  • P6962 (narrative motif)
  • P7010 (imprimatur granted by)
  • P7045 (chassis)
  • P7047 (enemy)
  • P7075 (mod of)
  • P7078 (typing discipline)
  • P7084 (related category)
  • P7086 (start grade)
  • P7095 (end grade)
  • P7108 (location of the point of view)
  • P7137 (acknowledged)
  • P7152 (copyright exemption)
  • P7153 (significant place)
  • P7160 (manner of inhumane treatment)
  • P7163 (typically sells)
  • P7165 (noun class)
  • P7169 (substitute director/manager)
  • P7174 (school class)
  • P7209 (ordeal by)
  • P7228 (access restriction status)
  • P7252 (degree of difficulty)
  • P7253 (color produced)
  • P7261 (use restriction status)
  • P7309 (climbing route)
  • P7327 (OFLC classification)
  • P7367 (content descriptor)
  • P7374 (educational stage)
  • P7376 (worn by)
  • P7377 (infix)
  • P7378 (item disputed by)
  • P7406 (style of karate)
  • P7419 (gender educated)
  • P7442 (glacier status)
  • P7452 (reason for preferred rank)
  • P7469 (orientation)
  • P7481 (variety of lexeme, form or sense)
  • P7482 (source of file)
  • P7486 (grammatical aspect)
  • P7500 (comorbidity)
  • P7501 (audio system)
  • P7514 (landscape architect)
  • P7573 (IFCO rating)
  • P7582 (Wildlife Protection Act 1972 (India) schedule)
  • P7600 (primary note)
  • P7601 (secondary note)
  • P7603 (CITES Appendix)
  • P7604 (supervised by)
  • P7643 (covered period)
  • P7719 (generalization of)
  • P7727 (legislative committee)
  • P7763 (copyright status as a creator)
  • P7767 (serving temperature)
  • P7888 (merged into)
  • P7903 (gained territory from)
  • P7904 (gave up territory to)
  • P7936 (business model)
  • P8030 (size designation)
  • P8031 (perpetrator)
  • P8032 (victim)
  • P8045 (organized response related to outbreak)
  • P8047 (country of registry)
  • P8058 (symbol of)
  • P8097 (network bands)
  • P8107 (bus)
  • P8111 (recommended unit of measurement)
  • P8115 (eligible recipient)
  • P8127 (tournament format)
  • P8131 (dialect of computer language)
  • P8193 (hardiness of plant)
  • P8194 (hardiness zone)
  • P8196 (voting system)
  • P8203 (supported metadata)
  • P8228 (lighting)
  • P8241 (type of age limit)
  • P8258 (field of training)
  • P8263 (curriculum topics)
  • P8306 (has grouping)
  • P8307 (has sorting)
  • P8308 (has column)
  • P8327 (intended subject of deprecated statement)
  • P8329 (principal investigator)
  • P8331 (strike tone)
  • P8339 (entry receptor)
  • P8345 (media franchise)
  • P8363 (study type)
  • P8371 (references work, tradition or theory)
  • P8402 (open data portal)
  • P8403 (theorised by)
  • P8411 (set in environment)
  • P8413 (academic appointment)
  • P8423 (version control system)
  • P8428 (interactive elements)
  • P8431 (course)
  • P8450 (peak bagging classification)
  • P8453 (public transport stop)
  • P8480 (Ofsted inspection rating)
  • P8503 (heraldic attitude)
  • P8535 (tala)
  • P8536 (raga)
  • P8546 (recording location)
  • P8570 (front and back matter)
  • P8571 (external auditor)
  • P8615 (Oakeshott typology)
  • P8625 (bibliography)
  • P8646 (expansion of)
  • P8652 (Netflix maturity rating)
  • P8670 (character designer)
  • P8693 (fandom)
  • P8701 (has census)
  • P8702 (parallel street)
  • P8706 (ritual object)
  • P8738 (permits)
  • P8739 (prohibits)
  • P8744 (economy of topic)
  • P8745 (check-in time)
  • P8746 (check-out time)
  • P8764 (port calls)
  • P8786 (dedicated heritage entity)
  • P8789 (defining mutations)
  • P8791 (digitised by)
  • P8798 (for color scheme)
  • P8810 (parent)
  • P8822 (epithet)
  • P8824 (attraction to)
  • P8839 (hairstyle / hairlength)
  • P8852 (facial hair)
  • P8864 (identity element)
  • P8865 (mathematical inverse)
  • P8866 (has operator)
  • P8872 (has marker)
  • P8874 (Hong Kong film rating)
  • P8875 (indexed in bibliographic review)
  • P8889 (MTRCB rating)
  • P8901 (ELSPA rating)
  • P8927 (kunya)
  • P8938 (artistic director)
  • P8956 (compatible with)
  • P9002 (liturgical rank)
  • P9028 (CCC classification)
  • P9030 (solution to)
  • P9047 (archaeological site of)
  • P9059 (subdivision of this unit)
  • P9071 (character type)
  • P9072 (derived from organism type)
  • P9086 (BAMID film rating)
  • P9161 (thesis committee member)
  • P9191 (letterer)
  • P9192 (sensors)
  • P9215 (set during recurring event)
  • P9234 (supplement to)
  • P9235 (seismic classification)
  • P9237 (reissue of)
  • P9239 (affiliated worker organisation)
  • P9241 (demographics of topic)
  • P9259 (assessment outcome)
  • P9260 (music transcriber)
  • P9275 (inverse agonist of)
  • P9295 (transitivity)
  • P9302 (script style)
  • P9325 (Gedong Kirtya Classification)
  • P9344 (has graphical element)
  • P9419 (personal library at)
  • P9488 (field of usage)
  • P9493 (artist files at)
  • P9547 (counterpart position)
  • P9549 (official podcast)
  • P9566 (diel cycle)
  • P9567 (intended background color)
  • P9597 (type of lens)
  • P9600 (oral history at)
  • P9611 (district heating grid)
  • P9652 (personality trait of fictional character)
  • P9660 (not found in)
  • P9664 (named place on map)
  • P9680 (consequence of text)
  • P9681 (voted on by)
  • P9683 (Qualis rank)
  • P9700 (delta of)
  • P9714 (taxon range)
  • P9729 (replacement value)
  • P9731 (announced at)
  • P9745 (translation of)
  • P9758 (symbol represents)
  • P9763 (syntactic dependency head relationship)
  • P9793 (setlist)
  • P9798 (Classification of the Functions of Government)
  • P9803 (UEFA stadium category)
  • P9810 (remix of)
  • P9813 (container)
  • P9866 (GRAC rating)
  • P9883 (created for)
  • P9887 (Candomblé nation)
  • P9888 (NZTCS conservation status)
  • P9895 (Mexican video game rating category)
  • P9897 (App Store age rating)
  • P9899 (music created for)
  • P9901 (issuing agent of work)
  • P9929 (madhhab)
  • P9945 (dissertation program)
  • P9969 (critical catalogue)
  • P9970 (predicate for)
  • P9971 (has thematic relation)
  • P9972 (illustrative content)
  • P10019 (term in higher taxon)
  • P10067 (train melody)
  • P10129 (protective marking)
  • P10150 (iTunes genre)
  • P10176 (type host)
  • P10228 (facilitates flow of)
  • P10229 (next level in hierarchy)
  • P10254 (associated cadastral district)
  • P10290 (hotel rating)
  • P10308 (director of publication)
  • P10339 (semantic gender)
  • P10374 (computational complexity)
  • P10408 (created during)
  • P10476 (identifies)
  • P10527 (documentation files at)
  • P10568 (maintains linking to)
  • P10588 (academic calendar type)
  • P10594 (taxonomic treatment)
  • P10601 (co-applicant)
  • P10602 (applicant)
  • P10604 (type of a register in Germany)
  • P10606 (notable role)
  • P10607 (athletics program)
  • P10611 (has certification)
  • P10612 (choreography for)
  • P10614 (has surface)
  • P10624 (official observer status in organisation)
  • P10627 (web interface software)
  • P10630 (medically indicated in case of)
  • P10642 (place of disappearance)
  • P10645 (reports to)
  • P10654 (rack system)
  • P10661 (exhibited creator)
  • P10664 (featured track(s))
  • P10672 (raw material processed)
  • P10680 (franchisor)
  • P10695 (introduced in)
  • P10726 (class of non-item property value)
  • P10729 (finisher)
  • P10741 (dance style)
  • P10754 (distributed from)
  • P10788 (in operation on service)
  • P10806 (orchestrator)
  • P10818 (last entry)
  • P10836 (inker)
  • P10837 (penciller)
  • P10888 (contains the statistical territorial entity)
  • P10893 (recordist)
  • P10894 (spoken by)
  • P10906 (foliage type)
  • P10927 (counts instances of)
  • P10946 (contraindicated in case of)
  • P10960 (harvested organism(s))
  • P10994 (KFCB classification (Kenya))
  • P11053 (grammatical person)
  • P11054 (grammatical number)
  • P11106 (alphabetical index)
  • P11108 (recorded participant)
  • P11146 (collection items at)
  • P11197 (build system)
  • P11220 (fruit color)
  • P11231 (has biological vector)
  • P11260 (list item)
  • P11279 (is a number of)
  • P11356 (grading system)
  • P11385 (camera lens)
  • P11387 (image processor)
  • P11415 (image stabilizer)
  • P11424 (service options)
  • P11463 (travel advisory category)
  • P11484 (does not use)
  • P11491 (member of Roman tribe)
  • P11558 (digital equivalent of)
  • P11590 (stamp perforation)
  • P11603 (transcribed by)
  • P11611 (Norwegian media rating)
  • P11633 (colocated with)
  • P11738 (handled, mitigated, or managed by)
  • P11747 (holds diplomatic passport of)
  • P11785 (iconically alludes to)
  • P11799 (alternate universe counterpart)
  • P11801 (visited by)
  • P11811 (beforehand owned by)
  • P11812 (afterward owned by)
  • P11814 (funded by grant)
  • P11821 (quality is the result of process)
  • P11849 (first performance by)
  • P11851 (record of)
  • P11868 (type of document(s) held)
  • P11889 (autosuggest value)
  • P11922 (verdict)
  • P11950 (appears before phonological feature)
  • P11951 (appears after phonological feature)
  • P11964 (tournament type)
  • P12002 (has heir or beneficiary)
  • P12006 (learning outcome)
  • P12011 (tribe)
  • P12020 (state of transmission)
  • P12041 (type of musical notation)
  • P12050 (demo of)
  • P12081 (‎WHO Aware Classification)
  • P12095 (‎fonds)
  • P12099 (parent form of an active substance)
  • P12105 (‎Red List of South African Plants conservation status)
  • P12132 (stated in source according to)
  • P12168 (Torino scale)
  • P12208 (counterexample)
  • P12322 (underlying structure(s))
  • P12323 (working memory type)
  • P12324 (production manager)
  • P12328 (simulates)
  • P12363 (clerked for)

Other properties with datatype "Commons media file"

  • P2919 (label in sign language)
  • P5252 (winter view)
  • P5555 (schematic)
  • P5962 (sail emblem)
  • P6655 (stroke order)
  • P6802 (related image)
  • P7009 (extracted from)
  • P7415 (code (image))
  • P7417 (image of backside)
  • P7418 (image of frontside)
  • P7457 (creator's signature)
  • P8505 (traffic sign template image)
  • P8512 (size comparison diagram)
  • P8517 (view)
  • P8592 (aerial view)
  • P8667 (twin town sign)
  • P8766 (rank insignia)
  • P8972 (small logo or icon)
  • P9721 (image of entrance)
  • P9906 (inscription image)
  • P10032 (Museu da Pessoa History)
  • P10093 (image with color chart)
  • P10544 (cantilever sign)
  • P10696 (image set)
  • P11101 (model image)
  • P11702 (information sign)
  • P11832 (satellite view)
  • P12346 (combines media)
  • P12565 (image of construction)

Other properties with datatype "geographic coordinates"

  • P2786 (aerodrome reference point)
  • P8981 (lunar coordinates (BEING REPLACED))
  • P9149 (coordinates of depicted place)

Other properties with datatype "monolingual text"

  • P1684 (inscription)
  • P2521 (female form of label)
  • P3321 (male form of label)
  • P1683 (quotation)
  • P5187 (word stem)
  • P5831 (usage example)
  • P6208 (award rationale)
  • P6251 (catchphrase)
  • P6333 (title of broader work)
  • P6346 (statutory purpose)
  • P7081 (quotation or excerpt)
  • P7150 (epigraph)
  • P7535 (scope and content)
  • P8394 (gloss quote)
  • P8770 (format as language specific regular expression)
  • P8898 (road name formatter)
  • P9376 (law digest)
  • P9533 (audio transcription)
  • P10358 (original catalog description)
  • P10643 (code name)
  • P10655 (oeconym)
  • P11265 (alt text)
  • P12089 (‎self-identified name)
  • P12090 (non-self-identified name)

Other properties with datatype "point in time"

  • P1249 (time of earliest written record)
  • P4566 (awarded for period)
  • P5017 (last update)
  • P5204 (date of commercialization)
  • P6949 (announcement date)
  • P7103 (start of covered period)
  • P7104 (end of covered period)
  • P7124 (date of the first one)
  • P7125 (date of the latest one)
  • P7295 (Gregorian calendar start date)
  • P7588 (effective date)
  • P7589 (date of promulgation)
  • P8554 (earliest end date)
  • P8555 (latest start date)
  • P8556 (extinction date)
  • P9052 (date postally canceled)
  • P9448 (introduced on)
  • P9667 (date of resignation)
  • P9905 (relevant date for copyright)
  • P9946 (date of probate)
  • P10135 (recording date)
  • P10673 (debut date)
  • P10786 (date of incorporation)
  • P11140 (embargoed until)
  • P12044 (‎chronological designation)
  • P12413 (date of application)
  • P12506 (‎latest end date)
  • P12643 (date popularized)

Other properties with datatype "quantity"

  • P1114 (quantity)
  • P1538 (number of households)
  • P1099 (number of masts)
  • P2573 (number of out-of-school children)
  • P1833 (number of registered users/contributors)
  • P1093 (gross tonnage)
  • P2718 (lowest-observed-adverse-effect level)
  • P2228 (maximum thrust)
  • P2296 (money supply)
  • P2790 (net tonnage)
  • P2218 (net worth)
  • P8247 (nominal share capital)
  • P8275 (position in biological sequence)
  • P1193 (prevalence)
  • P2284 (price)
  • P2121 (prize money)
  • P2896 (publication interval)
  • P1752 (scale)
  • P2052 (speed)
  • P2661 (target interest rate)
  • P2229 (thermal design power)
  • P2911 (time gap)
  • P2907 (UTC timezone offset)
  • P2436 (voltage)
  • P2324 (quantity buried)
  • P2665 (alcohol by volume)
  • P2230 (torque)
  • P3934 (face value)
  • P2144 (frequency)
  • P2565 (global warming potential)
  • P2844 (incidence)
  • P3087 (fiscal/tax revenue)
  • P1661 (Alexa rank)
  • P2021 (Erdős number)
  • P2803 (Wikidata time precision)
  • P1125 (Gini coefficient)
  • P2855 (VAT rate)
  • P2658 (Scoville grade)
  • P8093 (donations)
  • P8208 (tilt)
  • P4295 (readership)
  • P4441 (hydraulic head)
  • P4442 (mean age)
  • P4445 (grace period)
  • P4500 (family relationship degree)
  • P4815 (Technical Element Score)
  • P4826 (Program Component Score)
  • P4841 (total fertility rate)
  • P4851 (maximum food additive use level)
  • P4876 (number of records)
  • P4895 (time index)
  • P4912 (century breaks)
  • P5022 (test score)
  • P5027 (number of representations)
  • P5065 (wind speed)
  • P5066 (operating temperature)
  • P5067 (non-operating temperature)
  • P5069 (service life)
  • P5071 (boiler pressure)
  • P5141 (coastline)
  • P5167 (vehicles per thousand people)
  • P5205 (stroke count)
  • P5230 (chromosome count)
  • P5281 (residual stroke count)
  • P5348 (angular diameter)
  • P5349 (laps completed)
  • P5427 (position of accent nucleus)
  • P5428 (position of devoiced vowel)
  • P5436 (number of viewers/listeners)
  • P5447 (lower limit)
  • P5448 (upper limit)
  • P5474 (section number)
  • P5481 (position of nasal sonant)
  • P5526 (valency)
  • P5582 (number of arrests)
  • P5592 (number of works accessible online)
  • P5630 (prisoner count)
  • P5822 (admission rate)
  • P5893 (work hardening strain)
  • P5894 (tuition fee)
  • P5895 (foreign transaction fee)
  • P5896 (trading fee)
  • P5897 (account charge / subscription fee)
  • P5898 (borrowing rate)
  • P5899 (interest rate)
  • P5900 (JMA Magnitude)
  • P5982 (annual number of weddings)
  • P6069 (INEP IGC continuous score)
  • P6088 (beer bitterness)
  • P6089 (beer color)
  • P6125 (number of volunteers)
  • P6249 (narrative age)
  • P6257 (right ascension)
  • P6258 (declination)
  • P6260 (galactic longitude)
  • P6261 (galactic latitude)
  • P6343 (urban population)
  • P6344 (rural population)
  • P6354 (closest approach)
  • P6438 (Euler characteristic)
  • P6497 (drag coefficient)
  • P6498 (illiterate population)
  • P6499 (literate population)
  • P6509 (total goals in career)
  • P6510 (stall speed)
  • P6543 (total shots in career)
  • P6544 (total points in career)
  • P6545 (total assists in career)
  • P6546 (penalty minutes in career)
  • P6547 (career plus-minus rating)
  • P6570 (number of words)
  • P6589 (endowment)
  • P6590 (highest break)
  • P6591 (maximum temperature record)
  • P6639 (capacity factor)
  • P6695 (number of sentences)
  • P6697 (Football Money League rank)
  • P6707 (approach angle)
  • P6708 (departure angle)
  • P6710 (linear reference)
  • P6711 (data transfer speed)
  • P6753 (number of polling stations)
  • P6757 (exposure time)
  • P6789 (ISO speed)
  • P6790 (f-number)
  • P6794 (minimum wage)
  • P6801 (number of hospital beds)
  • P6826 (feed-in tariff)
  • P6856 (average speed)
  • P6876 (solar irradiance)
  • P6879 (effective temperature)
  • P6897 (literacy rate)
  • P7015 (surface gravity)
  • P7079 (shrinkage)
  • P7080 (specific absorption rate)
  • P7083 (surface roughness)
  • P7256 (computer performance)
  • P7297 (cumulative elevation gain)
  • P7328 (amount cataloged)
  • P7379 (fineness)
  • P7391 (graph radius)
  • P7422 (minimum temperature record)
  • P7443 (number of processor threads)
  • P7462 (graph diameter)
  • P7527 (charge conjugation quantum number)
  • P7584 (age estimated by a dating method)
  • P7668 (file page)
  • P7725 (litter size)
  • P7770 (egg incubation period)
  • P7787 (heading)
  • P7862 (period of lactation)
  • P7863 (aperture)
  • P7887 (number of reviews/ratings)
  • P8328 (Democracy Index)
  • P8330 (file page offset)
  • P8340 (estimated value)
  • P8368 (number of branches)
  • P8398 (offset from vertical)
  • P8461 (energy consumption per transaction)
  • P8476 (BTI Governance Index)
  • P8477 (BTI Status Index)
  • P8497 (height of center of mass)
  • P8594 (ride height)
  • P8597 (axle track)
  • P8620 (construction point)
  • P8621 (turning radius)
  • P8622 (hill size)
  • P8628 (engine displacement)
  • P8682 (number of negative votes)
  • P8683 (number of support votes)
  • P8684 (x-offset)
  • P8685 (y-offset)
  • P8687 (social media followers)
  • P8733 (number of rooms)
  • P8751 (die axis)
  • P8753 (annual average daily traffic)
  • P8757 (maximum current)
  • P8763 (birth rate)
  • P8843 (poverty incidence)
  • P8876 (number of taxpayers)
  • P8884 (number of points/goals attempted)
  • P8887 (water area)
  • P8890 (power consumption index)
  • P8891 (heating energy consumption index)
  • P8986 (graph girth)
  • P9077 (number of aid beneficiaries)
  • P9107 (number of vaccinations)
  • P9140 (time played)
  • P9180 (number of at bats)
  • P9184 (number of hits)
  • P9188 (bases on balls)
  • P9190 (runs batted in)
  • P9217 (stolen bases)
  • P9220 (doubles hit)
  • P9225 (triples hit)
  • P9238 (staking percentage)
  • P9274 (subsidy)
  • P9279 (Egapro gender equality index)
  • P9396 (trade union membership rate)
  • P9496 (degrees day)
  • P9548 (earned run average)
  • P9740 (number of request signatories)
  • P9924 (number of evacuated)
  • P9927 (number of tries marked)
  • P9998 (excitation energy)
  • P10091 (death rate)
  • P10107 (specific impulse by weight)
  • P10209 (number of triples)
  • P10263 (admission yield rate)
  • P10273 (Corruption Perceptions Index)
  • P10300 (DPI for original size)
  • P10316 (dpi for A4 printing)
  • P10322 (time in the pouch)
  • P10367 (number of lanes)
  • P10610 (number of teachers)
  • P10622 (per capita income)
  • P10623 (number of blood donors)
  • P10636 (number of conferences)
  • P10640 (pole positions)
  • P10648 (podium finishes)
  • P10649 (number of likes)
  • P10650 (number of dislikes)
  • P10651 (number of comments)
  • P10659 (number of medals)
  • P10676 (number of references)
  • P10681 (government debt-to-GDP ratio)
  • P10756 (number of reblogs)
  • P10768 (Similarweb ranking)
  • P10814 (number of housing units)
  • P10823 (fastest laps)
  • P11035 (crossing number)
  • P11081 (won sets)
  • P11200 (tiratge)
  • P11412 (minimum focusing distance)
  • P11413 (sampling rate)
  • P11547 (Happy Planet Index score)
  • P11698 (student retention rate)
  • P11796 (time of periapsis)
  • P11899 (median household income)
  • P12004 (towing capacity)
  • P12221 (battery life)
  • P12417 (Environmental Performance Index)
  • P12432 (age of onset of sexual maturity)
  • P12469 (graduation rate)
  • P12470 (normal graduation time)
  • P12471 (multiplier of normal graduation time)
  • P12549 (height of letters)
  • P12642 (EBITDA)
  • P12649 (number of accepted contributions)
  • P12651 (authorised capital)
  • P12655 (number of submissions)
  • P12712 (population by native language)

Other properties with datatype "string"

  • P8054 (ARK formatter)
  • P3295 (code)
  • P8112 (CSS color keyword)
  • P8206 (Gazette of India notification)
  • P8183 (general property-based URL formatter)
  • P490 (provisional designation)
  • P2552 (quantitative metrical pattern)
  • P656 (RefSeq)
  • P1471 (reporting mark)
  • P529 (runway)
  • P958 (section, verse, paragraph, or clause)
  • P1545 (series ordinal)
  • P1932 (object named as)
  • P1993 (TeX string)
  • P249 (ticker symbol)
  • P8264 (attribution text)
  • P8276 (region within image)
  • P4091 (Irish Grid Reference)
  • P4565 (electoral district number)
  • P4575 (HTML entity)
  • P4775 (lot number)
  • P4837 (has command line option)
  • P4863 (recognition sequence)
  • P4864 (cutting site of restriction enzyme)
  • P4867 (RFE symbol)
  • P4914 (produces cohesive end)
  • P4998 (key press)
  • P5046 (International Classification for Standards)
  • P5286 (Portable Game Notation)
  • P5423 (floor number)
  • P5461 (model year code)
  • P5471 (2022 Harmonized System Code)
  • P5518 (four-corner method)
  • P5519 (Cangjie input)
  • P5625 (Vietnamese reading)
  • P5692 (dummy value)
  • P5703 (airline accounting code)
  • P5778 (Cooperative Patent Classification code)
  • P5798 (Thomson Reuters Business Classification)
  • P5810 (cryptocurrency code)
  • P5901 (official number of town quarter)
  • P5949 (Unicode range)
  • P5994 (recycling code)
  • P6507 (taxon author citation)
  • P6529 (provisional house number)
  • P6586 (Cook Partisan Voting Index)
  • P6592 (OpenStreetMap zoom level)
  • P6648 (position in Forsyth-Edwards Notation)
  • P6709 (Løøv classification)
  • P6733 (National Taxonomy of Exempt Entities code)
  • P6793 (WMI code)
  • P7069 (World Athletics competition category)
  • P7126 (Mac OS type code)
  • P7141 (musical bars shown)
  • P7290 (FCC Product Code)
  • P7315 (IP Code)
  • P7330 (Hardware Version Identification Number)
  • P7338 (regnal ordinal)
  • P7380 (identified in image by)
  • P7416 (folio(s))
  • P7421 (line(s))
  • P7470 (URN formatter)
  • P7532 (room number)
  • P7793 (filename in archive)
  • P7855 (attested as)
  • P7964 (corresponding HTML autocomplete attribute)
  • P8283 (ISCO-08 occupation class)
  • P8404 (DOI formatter)
  • P8460 (applies if regular expression matches)
  • P8470 (order number)
  • P8498 (road number formatter)
  • P8550 (law identifier)
  • P8659 (TDD number)
  • P8703 (entry in abbreviations table)
  • P8942 (word lookup)
  • P8967 (URL match replacement value)
  • P9310 (pHash checksum)
  • P9382 (Unicode character name)
  • P9410 (placeholder text element ID)
  • P9675 (MediaWiki page ID)
  • P9687 (author given names)
  • P9688 (author last names)
  • P9759 (bridge number)
  • P9764 (syntactic dependency head position)
  • P9790 (Smithsonian trinomial format regex)
  • P9974 (ITU radio emission designation)
  • P9989 (stylized name)
  • P9994 (record number)
  • P10038 (Conway polyhedron notation)
  • P10177 (CSS property)
  • P10564 (NAF code)
  • P10637 (historic insurance number (building))
  • P10703 (Bill Number)
  • P10777 (candidate position)
  • P10855 (opus number)
  • P10999 (web page title extract pattern)
  • P11205 (pinout)
  • P11269 (changeset)
  • P11323 (Mac OS creator code)
  • P11327 (membership number)
  • P11627 (Lighthouse Directory page)
  • P11707 (location URL match pattern)
  • P11862 (orchestration)
  • P11916 (shortcode)
  • P11957 (Gottstein code)
  • P12110 (Parpulov group)
  • P12275 (‎plate(s))
  • P12434 (Beta Code)
  • P12436 (phonetic value)
  • P12468 (PyPI trove classifier)
  • P12491 (‎SMIRKS)
  • P12563 (Imagehash difference hash)
  • P12574 (International Classification of Nonprofit Organizations)
  • P12583 (RTE substation ID)
  • P12605 (‎API formatter URL)
  • P12703 (LombardiaBeniCulturali collection ID)

Other properties with datatype "tabular data"

  • P8204 (tabular case data)
  • P8265 (based on tabular data)

Other properties with datatype "url"

  • P1348 (AlgaeBase URL)
  • P2488 (Belarus Globe URL)
  • P1713 (biography at the Bundestag of Germany URL)
  • P2649 (CQ Ranking men's team URL)
  • P1421 (GRIN URL)
  • P1613 (IRC channel URL)
  • P7294 ( URL)
  • P4001 (Latvian Protected Nature Territory URL)
  • P1991 (LPSN URL)
  • P3268 (PORT organization URL)
  • P2520 (UNESCO Biosphere Reserve URL)
  • P1957 (Wikisource index page URL)
  • P4945 (download URL)
  • P4997 (National Governors Association biography URL)
  • P5178 (glossary entry at Wikipedia URL)
  • P5195 (Wikidata Dataset Imports URL)
  • P5282 (ground level 360 degree view URL)
  • P5715 ( profile URL)
  • P6107 (Winterthur Glossar URL (DEPRECATED))
  • P6108 (IIIF manifest URL)
  • P6269 (API endpoint URL)
  • P6363 (WordLift URL)
  • P6378 (charter URL)
  • P6500 (non-free artwork image URL)
  • P6541 (Stack Exchange site URL)
  • P6800 (sequenced genome URL)
  • P6818 (calendar feed URL)
  • P7213 (newspaper archive URL)
  • P7347 (peer review URL)
  • P7375 (MWNF URL)
  • P7510 (XML namespace URL)
  • P7569 (Wikimedia page-version URL)
  • P7705 ( URL)
  • P7707 (PlayStation DataCenter URL)
  • P7890 ( URL)
  • P7930 (Wikimedia community discussion URL)
  • P8606 (Stairway To Hell URL)
  • P8768 (online catalog URL)
  • P8934 (mailing list archive URL)
  • P9138 (service status information URL)
  • P9214 (FAQ URL)
  • P9361 (external georeferencing URL)
  • P9494 (accessibility statement URL)
  • P9519 (Digital Atlas of Idaho URL)
  • P9601 (official map URL)
  • P9732 (citizen's initiatives URL)
  • P9748 (Wikimedia Incubator URL)
  • P9771 (free/libre open source software usage policy URL)
  • P9904 (free/libre open source software development policy URL)
  • P9908 (Hardy's Guide to Marine Gastropods URL)
  • P10027 (official forum URL)
  • P10214 (freedom of information requests URL)
  • P10225 (official shop URL)
  • P10286 (podcast logo URL)
  • P10311 (official jobs URL)
  • P10422 (Ghana Place Names URL)
  • P11201 (official demo URL)
  • P11212 (sitemap URL)
  • P11221 (email unsubscribe URL or email)
  • P11254 (translation contribution URL)
  • P11266 (contact page URL)
  • P11268 (press information URL)
  • P11326 (impressum URL)
  • P11556 (credits URL)
  • P11810 (Mastodon instance URL)
  • P11903 (login URL)
  • P11904 (registration page URL)
  • P12180 (PAEnflowered taxon URL)
  • P12203 (official wiki URL)
  • P12270 (Flora of the Hawaiian Islands URL)
  • P12273 (Montana Plant Life URL)
  • P12388 (official list URL)
  • P12407 (Laws of Malaysia URL)
  • P12454 (‎location information URL)
  • P12490 (Papers with Code URL)
  • P12545 (nanopublication identifier)
  • P12634 (official server list URL)
  • P12677 (timetable/schedule URL)

Other properties with datatype "wikibase-lexeme"

  • P5191 (derived from lexeme)
  • P5238 (combines lexemes)
  • P5401 (auxiliary verb)
  • P5402 (homograph lexeme)
  • P5920 (root)
  • P5978 (classifier)
  • P6254 (subject lexeme)
  • P6553 (personal pronoun)
  • P6571 (collective noun for animals)
  • P7706 (nominalized form)
  • P9531 (identifier shared with lexeme)
  • P11464 (model lexeme)
  • P11577 (said to be the same as lexeme)

Other properties with datatype "wikibase-form"

  • P5548 (object form)
  • P5830 (subject form)
  • P8530 (alternative form)
  • P10822 (homophone form)
  • P11952 (appears before lexeme form)
  • P11953 (appears after lexeme form)
  • P12527 (form decomposition)

Other properties with datatype "math"

  • P5350 (Alexander polynomial)
  • P5351 (Conway polynomial)
  • P5352 (Jones polynomial)
  • P6432 (Alexander–Briggs notation)
  • P8378 (Dowker-Thistlethwaite notation)
  • P8416 (Dowker-Thistlethwaite name)
  • P8558 (Butcher tableau)
  • P10731 (support of a function)
  • P10732 (probability mass function)
  • P10733 (probability generating function)
  • P10734 (Fisher information)
  • P10735 (characteristic function)
  • P10736 (cumulative distribution function)
  • P10737 (quantile function)
  • P10738 (mean of a probability distribution)
  • P10739 (median of a probability distribution)
  • P10740 (mode of a probability distribution)
  • P10743 (variance of a probability distribution)
  • P10744 (skewness)
  • P10745 (excess kurtosis)
  • P10746 (information entropy)
  • P10747 (moment-generating function)
  • P10969 (power series expansion)
  • P11034 (Gauss notation)

Other properties with datatype "wikibase-sense"

  • P5975 (troponym of)
  • P5976 (false friend)
  • P5980 (object sense)
  • P6072 (subject sense)
  • P6593 (hyperonym)
  • P6719 (specified by sense)
  • P7018 (lexeme sense)
  • P7219 (periphrastic definition)
  • P7220 (lexeme sense for periphrastic definition)
  • P7221 (link for periphrastic definition)
  • P8471 (pertainym of)
  • P5973 (synonym)
  • P5974 (antonym)
  • P5972 (translation)
  • P12027 (describes actor of)
  • P12028 (describes undergoer of)
  • P12410 (semantic derivation of)

Other properties with datatype "musical-notation"

  • P7598 (ascending scale)
  • P7599 (descending scale)

Other properties with datatype "wikibase-property"

  • P6609 (value hierarchy property)
  • P6824 (replacement property)
  • P8379 (qualifier for this property)
  • P8396 (use with qualifier)
  • P8952 (inappropriate property for this type)
  • P10551 (supports qualifier)
  • P10629 (suggested data fields)
  • P11317 (negates property)
  • P11527 (applies to use with property)

Other properties with datatype "geo-shape"

  • P8485 (distribution map of taxon)

IDs with datatype "string"

  1. P2258 (mobile country code)
  2. P2259 (mobile network code)
  3. P473 (local dialing code)
  4. P474 (country calling code)
  5. P3238 (trunk prefix)
  6. P2852 (emergency phone number)
  7. P1692 (ICD-9-CM)
  8. P2540 (Aarne–Thompson–Uther Tale Type Index)
  9. P2179 (ACM Classification Code (2012))
  10. P799 (Air Ministry specification ID)
  11. P426 (aircraft registration)
  12. P2411 (Artsy gene)
  13. P820 (arXiv classification)
  14. P2322 (article ID)
  15. P965 (burial plot reference)
  16. P2317 (call sign)
  17. P3970 (channel number)
  18. P2357 (Classification of Instructional Programs code)
  19. P1240 (Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator level)
  20. P1257 (depicts Iconclass notation)
  21. P1588 (Statistics Indonesia area code)
  22. P240 (FAA airport code)
  23. P3441 (FIFA country code)
  24. P1195 (file extension)
  25. P2802 (fleet or registration number)
  26. P3090 (flight number)
  27. P1183 (Gewässerkennzahl)
  28. P3067 (GS1 country code)
  29. P1762 (Hornbostel-Sachs classification)
  30. P229 (IATA airline designator)
  31. P238 (IATA airport code)
  32. P230 (ICAO airline designator)
  33. P239 (ICAO airport code)
  34. P667 (ICPC 2 ID)
  35. P8009 (IM channel URL)
  36. P1796 (International Standard Industrial Classification code Rev.4)
  37. P952 (ISCO-88 occupation class)
  38. P395 (licence plate code)
  39. P4776 (MAC Address Block Large ID)
  40. P2979 (maritime identification digits)
  41. P1987 (MCN code)
  42. P4573 (Merchant Category Code)
  43. P1360 (Monte Carlo Particle Number)
  44. P4496 (NACE code rev.2)
  45. P1748 (NCI Thesaurus ID)
  46. P1282 (OpenStreetMap tag or key)
  47. P613 (OS grid reference)
  48. P2490 (page at OSTIS Belarus Wiki)
  49. P4654 (partition type identifier)
  50. P879 (pennant number)
  51. P1685 (Pokémon index)
  52. P2364 (production code)
  53. P3994 (racon signal)
  54. P2676 (rating certificate ID)
  55. P1824 (road number)
  56. P1671 (route number)
  57. P2598 (serial number)
  58. P4078 (SKIP code)
  59. P2893 (Skype username)
  60. P1482 (Stack Exchange tag)
  61. P296 (station code)
  62. P1945 (street key)
  63. P1998 (UCI code of cycling team)
  64. P487 (Unicode character)
  65. P4213 (Unicode code point)
  66. P897 (United States Army and Air Force aircraft designation)
  67. P847 (United States Navy aircraft designation)
  68. P424 (Wikimedia language code)
  69. P617 (yard number)
  70. P4506 (Formal Public Identifier)

Classification (2)

  • P1709 (equivalent class)
  • P3950 (narrower external class)
  • P2888 (exact match)
  • P1382 (partially coincident with)
  • P2670 (has part(s) of the class)
  • P527 (has part(s))
  • P3113 (does not have part)
  • P2737 (union of)
  • P2738 (disjoint union of)
  • P2445 (metasubclass of)
  • P1963 (properties for this type)
  • P3176 (uses property)
  • P461 (opposite of)
  • P1889 (different from)
  • P460 (said to be the same as)
  • P2959 (permanent duplicated item)
  • P2860 (cites work)
  • P8225 (is metaclass for)

Commons, categories, templates, lists, portals

  • P360 (is a list of)
  • P2354 (has list)
  • P1753 (list related to category)
  • P4224 (category contains)
  • P301 (category's main topic)
  • P971 (category combines topics)
  • P935 (Commons gallery)
  • P1472 (Commons Creator page)
  • P1612 (Commons Institution page)
  • P373 (Commons category)
  • P1151 (topic's main Wikimedia portal)
  • P1424 (topic's main template)
  • P910 (topic's main category)
  • P4329 (template or module that populates category)
  • P9926 (template populates category)
  • P6186 (category for eponymous categories)
  • P1792 (category of associated people)
  • P3876 (category for alumni of educational institution)
  • P4195 (category for employees of the organization)
  • P10280 (category for honorary citizens of entity)
  • P6112 (category for members of a team)
  • P1464 (category for people born here)
  • P1465 (category for people who died here)
  • P1791 (category for people buried here)
  • P2517 (category for recipients of this award)
  • P7861 (category for files created with program)
  • P5996 (category for films in this language)
  • P1740 (category for films shot at this location)
  • P2033 (category for pictures taken with equipment)
  • P8596 (category for the exterior of the item)
  • P7561 (category for the interior of the item)
  • P8933 (category for the view from the item)
  • P8989 (category for the view of the item)
  • P7867 (category for maps)
  • P7782 (category for ship name)
  • P1200 (category for the water basin)
  • P1754 (category related to list)
  • P8464 (content partnership category)
  • P3921 (Wikidata SPARQL query equivalent)
  • P4316 (kinship equivalent in SPARQL at Wikidata)
  • P1204 (Wikimedia portal's main topic)
  • P1423 (template has topic)
  • P9126 (Commons media contributed by)
  • P10714 (WikiProject importance scale rating)

Properties not used as main statements on items and lexemes

Qualifier only

  • P453 (character role)
  • P5168 (applies to name of subject)
  • P8338 (applies to name of object)
  • P6001 (applies to people)
  • P2352 (applies to taxon)
  • P10663 (applies to work)
  • P1264 (valid in period)
  • P3005 (valid in place)
  • P531 (diplomatic mission sent)
  • P554 (website username or ID)
  • P560 (direction)
  • P654 (direction relative to location)
  • P642 (of)
  • P678 (incertae sedis)
  • P805 (statement is subject of)
  • P972 (catalog)
  • P1013 (criterion used)
  • P1039 (kinship to subject)
  • P1107 (proportion)
  • P3680 (statement supported by)
  • P1310 (statement disputed by)
  • P1319 (earliest date)
  • P1326 (latest date)
  • P1686 (for work)
  • P1706 (together with)
  • P2096 (media legend)
  • P2210 (relative to)
  • P2241 (reason for deprecated rank)
  • P2807 (molar volume)
  • P2836 (highest income threshold)
  • P2835 (lowest income threshold)
  • P2912 (distinctive jersey)
  • P2916 (syntax clarification)
  • P3149 (molecule conformation)
  • P3294 (encoding)
  • P3323 (opponent during disputation)
  • P3415 (start period)
  • P3740 (number of works)
  • P3416 (end period)
  • P4070 (identifier shared with)
  • P4153 (offset)
  • P4155 (separator)
  • P4240 (regular expression syntax)
  • P4243 (candidate number)
  • P4271 (rating)
  • P4390 (mapping relation type)
  • P4626 (identity of object in context)
  • P4633 (name of the character role)
  • P4649 (identity of subject in context)
  • P4680 (constraint scope)
  • P4714 (title page number)
  • P4825 (deductions (in figure skating))
  • P4900 (broader concept)
  • P5102 (nature of statement)
  • P1774 (workshop of)
  • P1775 (follower of)
  • P1776 (circle of)
  • P1777 (manner of)
  • P1778 (forgery after)
  • P1779 (possible creator)
  • P1780 (school of)
  • P6887 (match interval)
  • P9570 (scope note)
  • P7008 (unabbreviated text)
  • P7528 (statement is regarded as spoiler for)
  • P8626 (opening time)
  • P8627 (closing time)
  • P10808 (preceding halt on service)
  • P10809 (following halt on service)
  • P2744 (PASE name)
  • P6833 (title in HTML)
  • P6835 (title in LaTeX)

Qualifier and reference only

  • P792 (chapter)
  • P813 (retrieved)
  • P2960 (archive date)
  • P1810 (subject named as)
  • P5997 (object stated in reference as)
  • P459 (determination method)
  • P518 (applies to part)
  • P1011 (excluding)
  • P1012 (including)
  • P3274 (content deliverer)
  • P1480 (sourcing circumstances)
  • P3629 (age of subject at event)
  • P3831 (object has role)
  • P4241 (refine date)
  • P4970 (alternative name)

Reference only

  • P143 (imported from Wikimedia project)
  • P248 (stated in)
  • P854 (reference URL)
  • P887 (based on heuristic)
  • P3865 (type of reference)
  • P3452 (inferred from)
  • P4656 (Wikimedia import URL)
  • P6184 (reference has role)
  • P10253 (reference image)
  • P11797 (matched by identifier from)

Property documentation

  • P1687 (Wikidata property)
  • P1647 (subproperty of)
  • P1629 (Wikidata item of this property)
  • P9073 (applicable 'stated in' value)
  • P2559 (Wikidata usage instructions)
  • P1855 (Wikidata property example)
  • P2271 (Wikidata property example for properties)
  • P5192 (Wikidata property example for lexemes)
  • P5193 (Wikidata property example for forms)
  • P5977 (Wikidata property example for senses)
  • P6685 (Wikidata property example for media)
  • P1630 (formatter URL)
  • P8966 (URL match pattern)
  • P7250 (mobile formatter URL)
  • P3303 (third-party formatter URL)
  • P1921 (formatter URI for RDF resource)
  • P2720 (embed URL template)
  • P4354 (search formatter URL)
  • P12463 (formatter URL for IIIF manifest)
  • P1793 (format as a regular expression)
  • P1628 (equivalent property)
  • P2236 (external subproperty)
  • P2235 (external superproperty)
  • P1696 (inverse property)
  • P7087 (inverse label item)
  • P2876 (type of unit for this property)
  • P1896 (source website for the property)
  • P10923 (error-report URL or e-mail)
  • P2667 (corresponding template)
  • P2875 (property usage tracking category)
  • P3734 (category for value same as Wikidata)
  • P3713 (category for value not in Wikidata)
  • P3709 (category for value different from Wikidata)
  • P2429 (expected completeness)
  • P2668 (stability of property value)
  • P8882 (complementary property)
  • P1659 (related property)
  • P3254 (property proposal discussion)
  • P2302 (property constraint)
  • P2303 (exception to constraint)
  • P2304 (group by)
  • P2305 (item of property constraint)
  • P2306 (property)
  • P2307 (Wikimedia Commons namespace)
  • P2308 (class)
  • P2309 (relation)
  • P2310 (minimum date (property constraint))
  • P2311 (maximum date (property constraint))
  • P2313 (minimum value)
  • P2312 (maximum value)
  • P2315 (comment (DEPRECATED))
  • P2316 (constraint status)
  • P6607 (constraint clarification)
  • P8395 (use with property value)
  • P8397 (prompt when missing)
  • P5314 (property scope)
  • P8274 (living people protection class)

Sandbox properties

  • P1450 (Sandbox-Monolingual text)
  • P368 (Sandbox-CommonsMediaFile)
  • P626 (Sandbox-GeoCoordinateValue)
  • P369 (Sandbox-Item)
  • P2535 (Sandbox-Mathematical expression)
  • P2368 (Sandbox-Property)
  • P1106 (Sandbox-Quantity)
  • P370 (Sandbox-String)
  • P578 (Sandbox-TimeValue)
  • P855 (Sandbox-URL)
  • P4045 (Sandbox-Tabular data)
  • P4047 (Sandbox-Geographic shape)
  • P5188 (Sandbox-Lexeme)
  • P5189 (Sandbox-Form)
  • P5979 (Sandbox-Sense)
  • P6604 (Sandbox-Musical Notation)
  • P2536 (Sandbox-External identifier)

IDs with datatype "external-id"


  1. P503 (ISO standard)

Humans and organisations

  1. P297 (ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code)
  2. P298 (ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 code)
  3. P299 (ISO 3166-1 numeric code)
  4. P300 (ISO 3166-2 code)
  5. P773 (ISO 3166-3)
  6. P1278 (Legal Entity Identifier)
  7. P791 (ISIL)
  8. P946 (ISIN)
  9. P3035 (ISBN publisher prefix)

Languoids and scripts

  1. P218 (ISO 639-1 code)
  2. P219 (ISO 639-2 code)
  3. P220 (ISO 639-3 code)
  4. P6519 (ISO 639-3 Change Request ID)
  5. P1798 (ISO 639-5 code)
  6. P221 (ISO 639-6 code)
  7. P506 (ISO 15924 alpha-4 code)
  8. P2620 (ISO 15924 numeric code)

Organisations and languoids in one ID

  1. P3097 (ISBN identifier group)


  1. P356 (DOI)
  2. P3212 (ISAN)
  3. P212 (ISBN-13)
  4. P957 (ISBN-10)
  5. P1208 (ISMN)
  6. P236 (ISSN)
  7. P7363 (ISSN-L)
  8. P1827 (ISWC)
  9. P1243 (ISRC)
  10. P1160 (ISO 4 abbreviation)


  1. P5209 (ISO 3950 code)
  2. P2766 (ISO 4063 process number)
  3. P498 (ISO 4217 code)
  4. P2627 (ISO 9362 SWIFT/BIC code)
  5. P2263 (ISOCAT ID)

VIAF-related IDs

  1. P214 (VIAF ID)
  2. P213 (ISNI)

VIAF source IDs ordered by VIAF code

  1. P3788 (BNMM authority ID)
  2. P8034 (Vatican Library VcBA ID)
  3. P3280 (BAnQ authority ID)
  4. P1015 (NORAF ID)
  5. P4619 (National Library of Brazil ID)
  6. P9984 (CANTIC ID)
  7. P7369 (National Library of Chile ID)
  8. P950 (National Library of Spain ID)
  9. P268 (Bibliothèque nationale de France ID)
  10. P7028 (National Library of Luxembourg ID)
  11. P8179 (Canadiana Name Authority ID)
  12. P1670 (Canadiana Authorities ID (former scheme))
  13. P1048 (NCL ID)
  14. P3846 (DBC author ID)
  15. P5504 (RISM ID)
  16. P227 (GND ID)
  17. P7902 (Deutsche Biographie (GND) ID)
  18. P1710 (Sächsische Biografie (GND) ID)
  19. P9964 (Kalliope-Verbund (GND) ID)
  20. P1309 (EGAXA ID)
  21. P6394 (ELNET ID)
  22. P2163 (FAST ID)
  23. P3348 (National Library of Greece ID)
  24. P396 (SBN author ID)
  25. P10396 (SBN work ID)
  26. P10397 (SBN place ID)
  27. P8189 (National Library of Israel J9U ID)
  28. P245 (Union List of Artist Names ID)
  29. P5034 (National Library of Korea ID)
  30. P244 (Library of Congress authority ID)
  31. P7699 (National Library of Lithuania ID)
  32. P1368 (National Library of Latvia ID)
  33. P7026 (Lebanese National Library ID)
  34. P10227 (National Library of Ireland ID)
  35. P7058 (BNRM ID)
  36. P349 (NDL Authority ID)
  37. P271 (NACSIS-CAT author ID)
  38. P691 (NL CR AUT ID)
  39. P409 (Libraries Australia ID)
  40. P3988 (National Library Board Singapore ID)
  41. P7029 (National Library of Russia ID)
  42. P1375 (NSK ID)
  43. P951 (NSZL (VIAF) ID)
  44. P3133 (NSZL name authority ID)
  45. P1006 (Nationale Thesaurus voor Auteursnamen ID)
  46. P1207 (NUKAT ID)
  47. P9171 (RILM ID)
  48. P7041 (Perseus author ID)
  49. P7293 (PLWABN ID)
  50. P1005 (Portuguese National Library author ID)
  51. P3065 (RERO ID (obsolete))
  52. P5587 (Libris-URI)
  53. P906 (SELIBR ID)
  54. P1280 (CONOR.SI ID)
  55. P7700 (Slovak National Library (VIAF) ID)
  56. P6934 (Syriac Biographical Dictionary ID)
  57. P269 (IdRef ID)
  58. P10021 (UAE University Libraries ID)
  59. P7039 (National Library of Iceland ID)
  60. P7024 (Flemish Public Libraries ID)

WorldCat IDs

  1. P10832 (WorldCat Entities ID)
  2. P7859 (WorldCat Identities ID (superseded))
  3. P5505 (WorldCat Registry ID)

Library classification IDs

  1. P5748 (Basisklassifikation)
  2. P1189 (Chinese Library Classification)
  3. P8248 (Colon Classification)
  4. P1036 (Dewey Decimal Classification)
  5. P1149 (Library of Congress Classification)
  6. P1150 (Regensburg Classification)
  7. P1190 (Universal Decimal Classification)

Chemistry IDs

  1. P234 (InChI)
  2. P235 (InChIKey)
  3. P4732 (IUPAC Gold Book ID)
  4. P231 (CAS Registry Number)
  5. P661 (ChemSpider ID)
  6. P662 (PubChem CID)
  7. P2153 (PubChem Substance ID (SID))
  8. P2874 (PubChem BioAssay ID (AID))
  9. P1579 (Reaxys registry number)
  10. P1578 (Gmelin number)
  11. P683 (ChEBI ID)
  12. P592 (ChEMBL ID)
  13. P2877 (SureChEMBL ID)
  14. P11089 (UniChem compound ID)
  15. P1738 (Merck Index monograph)
  16. P3378 (Merck Index reaction ID)
  17. P6852 (CCDC Number)
  18. P11375 (CSD Refcode)
  19. P5219 (BMRB ID)
  20. P5926 (Spectral Database for Organic Compounds ID)
  21. P6689 (MassBank accession ID)
  22. P5234 (SpectraBase compound ID)
  23. P4964 (SPLASH)
  24. P9405 (NMRShiftDB structure ID)
  25. P5220 (ICSC ID)
  26. P11931 (CAMEO Chemicals ID)
  27. P695 (UN number)
  28. P700 (Kemler code)
  29. P657 (RTECS number)
  30. P679 (ZVG number)
  31. P2062 (HSDB ID)
  32. P3117 (DSSTox substance ID)
  33. P8494 (DSSTOX compound identifier)
  34. P7830 (LiverTox ID)
  35. P2840 (NSC number)
  36. P232 (EC number)
  37. P2566 (ECHA Substance Infocard ID)
  38. P628 (E number)
  39. P4849 (International Numbering System number)
  40. P9066 (FL number)
  41. P1820 (Open Food Facts food additive ID)
  42. P1821 (Open Food Facts food category ID)
  43. P5930 (Open Food Facts ingredient ID)
  44. P7927 (Open Food Facts label)
  45. P3073 (CosIng number)
  46. P3978 (IECIC 2015 ID)
  47. P2027 (Colour Index International constitution ID)
  48. P3076 (Open Beauty Facts category ID)
  49. P1978 (USDA NDB number)
  50. P4842 (ASHRAE refrigerant number)
  51. P8061 (AGROVOC ID)
  52. P11949 (PesticideInfo chemical ID)
  53. P6265 (Mindat locality ID)
  54. P6263 (Mindat mineral ID)
  55. P8354 (BitterDB compound ID)
  56. P11160 (Cannabis Database ID)
  57. P2084 (ZINC ID)
  58. P2072 (CDB Chemical ID)
  59. P2796 (3DMet ID)
  60. P2083 (Leadscope ID)
  61. P8121 (UM-BBD compound ID)
  62. P7049 (AICS Chemical ID (BEING DELETED))
  63. P9262 (ChemRxiv ID)
  64. P8508 (ChemSynthesis ID)

Chemistry-related IDs

  1. P267 (ATC code)
  2. P1668 (ATCvet)
  3. P3350 (World Health Organisation international non-proprietary name numeric ID)
  4. P3640 (National Drug Code)
  5. P3637 (European Medicines Agency product number)
  6. P595 (Guide to Pharmacology Ligand ID)
  7. P486 (MeSH descriptor ID)
  8. P6680 (MeSH term ID)
  9. P6694 (MeSH concept ID)
  10. P9340 (MeSH descriptor/qualifier ID)
  11. P9341 (MeSH qualifier ID)
  12. P672 (MeSH tree code)
  13. P3345 (RxNorm ID)
  14. P715 (DrugBank ID)
  15. P2057 (Human Metabolome Database ID)
  16. P3890 (MetaboLights Compound ID)
  17. P2064 (KNApSAcK ID)
  18. P652 (UNII)
  19. P7001 (PharmGKB ID)
  20. P7746 (Natural Product Atlas ID)
  21. P10074 (Dr. Duke's Phytochemical and Ethnobotanical Databases chemical ID)
  22. P3098 ( ID)
  23. P604 (MedlinePlus ID)
  24. P10245 (MedlinePlus drug identifier)
  25. P10246 (MedlinePlus supplement identifier)
  26. P4233 (PatientsLikeMe condition ID)
  27. P4236 (PatientsLikeMe symptom ID)
  28. P4235 (PatientsLikeMe treatment ID)
  29. P2065 (NIAID ChemDB ID)
  30. P4393 (Anvisa drug ID)
  31. P2115 (NDF-RT ID)
  32. P2086 (CDD Public ID)
  33. P3550 (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ID)
  34. P7048 (PBS Drug Code)
  35. P11199 (Probes And Drugs ID)
  36. P11198 (DrugCentral ID)
  37. P665 (KEGG ID)
  38. P2063 (LIPID MAPS ID)
  39. P8691 (SwissLipids ID)
  40. P4168 (IEDB Epitope ID)
  41. P3636 (PDB ligand ID)
  42. P2926 (InterPro ID)
  43. P3717 (MEROPS enzyme ID)
  44. P4866 (REBASE Enzyme Number)
  45. P2646 (mirTarBase ID)
  46. P639 (RefSeq RNA ID)
  47. P2249 (RefSeq genome ID)
  48. P637 (RefSeq protein ID)
  49. P351 (Entrez Gene ID)
  50. P7333 (Pathway Ontology ID)
  51. P3937 (Reactome ID)
  52. P4616 (UniProt journal ID)
  53. P352 (UniProt protein ID)
  54. P3519 (Pfam ID)
  55. P11096 (LINCS small molecule ID)

Chess player IDs

  1. P1440 (FIDE player ID)
  2. P3316 (ICCF player ID)
  3. P3558 (USCF player ID)
  4. P4994 (ruchess ID)
  5. P3867 (Israel Chess Federation player ID)
  6. P1665 ( player ID)
  7. P3314 ( player ID)
  8. P3315 ( player ID)
  9. P3940 (OlimpBase Chess Olympiad player ID)
  10. P5224 (OlimpBase Women's Chess Olympiad player ID)
  11. P1666 ( member ID)
  12. P3654 ( member ID)

Other IDs with type "external-id" - alphabetical order

  1. P9591 (#SOSBrutalism ID)
  2. P7111 (08euro.Ru person ID)
  3. P6632 (100 bombardirov person ID)
  4. P10678 (100 Years of Alaska's Legislature bio ID)
  5. P10391 (100-Year Guide to Hebrew Theatre person ID)
  6. P11487 (1001Tracklists DJ ID)
  7. P11489 (1001Tracklists source ID)
  8. P11486 (1001Tracklists track ID)
  9. P12551 (11v11 player ID)
  10. P11322 (18th Century Russian Dictionary ID)
  11. P10537 ( film ID)
  12. P10621 ( star ID)
  13. P8992 (1914-1918-Online ID)
  14. P5716 (2006 Commonwealth Games athlete ID (archived))
  15. P6953 (2014 Commonwealth Games athlete ID (archived))
  16. P9723 (20th Century Chinese Biographical Database ID)
  17. P7397 (247Sports ID)
  18. P12487 (2GIS place-ID)
  19. P12488 (2GIS route-ID)
  20. P12511 (2nd German Basketball Bundesliga ID)
  21. P9083 (45cat 7" release ID)
  22. P8243 (500 Queer Scientists profile)
  23. P11066 (64 Parishes encyclopedia ID)
  24. P10097 (7 Days person ID)
  25. P3605 (90minut player ID)
  26. P7453 ( team ID)
  27. P5464 (A Church Near You church ID)
  28. P12658 (A Dictionary of Arabic Literary Terms and Devices ID)
  29. P12578 (A New Nation Votes ID)
  30. P6141 (À nos grands hommes ID)
  31. P6596 ( biography ID)
  32. P9046 (A*dS Encyclopedia ID)
  33. P12219 (‎ ID)
  34. P10371 (A9VG game ID)
  35. P8828 (AAA attraction ID)
  36. P8867 (AAA campground ID)
  37. P8868 (AAA hotel ID)
  38. P8869 (AAA restaurant ID)
  39. P7456 (AAAS keyword ID)
  40. P9634 (AADFI member ID)
  41. P10312 (AAGM artwork ID)
  42. P8783 (AAGM person or institution ID)
  43. P8784 (AAGM site ID)
  44. P7533 (AaRC person ID)
  45. P9283 (AaRC title ID)
  46. P12052 (AARoads Wiki article ID)
  47. P11224 (Aathavanitli Gani film ID)
  48. P11364 (Aathavanitli Gani song ID)
  49. P4526 (ABA bird ID)
  50. P6850 (ABA League player ID)
  51. P4962 (Abandonia ID)
  52. P9987 (AbandonSocios ID)
  53. P12262 (Abandonware-France award ID)
  54. P12269 (Abandonware-France book ID)
  55. P12260 (Abandonware-France company ID)
  56. P12258 (Abandonware-France game compilation ID)
  57. P12267 (Abandonware-France game ID)
  58. P12257 (Abandonware-France game series ID)
  59. P12261 (Abandonware-France magazine ID)
  60. P12259 (Abandonware-France person ID)
  61. P10932 (abART book series ID)
  62. P6845 (abART document ID)
  63. P6846 (abART exhibition ID)
  64. P6847 (abART group ID)
  65. P6848 (abART institution ID)
  66. P6844 (abART person ID)
  67. P9779 (abART term ID)
  68. P7093 (ABBBS Taxon ID)
  69. P9084 (ABC News topic ID)
  70. P10111 (AbeBooks seller ID)
  71. P8260 (Aberdeen Built Ships ID)
  72. P7694 (Aberdeenshire HER ID)
  73. P5355 ( politician ID)
  74. P5756 (ABMC person ID)
  75. P1806 (ABoK number)
  76. P7580 (AboutTheArtists artist ID)
  77. P1251 (ABS ASCL 2011 code)
  78. P6635 (ACA author ID)
  79. P5527 (Academia Brasileira de Letras ID)
  80. P6705 (Academia Sinica authority ID)
  81. P4052 ( institutional ID)
  82. P7896 ( publication ID)
  83. P5801 ( topic ID)
  84. P2080 (AcademiaNet ID)
  85. P9082 (Academic Encyclopedia of Czech History ID)
  86. P2381 (Academic Tree ID)
  87. P6171 (Académie d'Arles member ID)
  88. P5662 (Académie de Mâcon member ID)
  89. P5839 (Académie de Marseille member ID)
  90. P5661 (Académie de Montpellier member ID)
  91. P6575 (Académie de Rouen member ID)
  92. P12339 (Académie de Stanislas member ID)
  93. P5663 (Académie de Versailles member ID)
  94. P5363 (Académie des beaux-arts member ID)
  95. P4716 (Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres member ID)
  96. P5374 (Académie des sciences d'outre-mer member ID)
  97. P5362 (Académie des sciences morales et politiques member ID)
  98. P5645 (Académie française award winner ID)
  99. P4717 (Académie française member ID)
  100. P6235 (Académie royale de Belgique member ID)
  101. P6145 (Academy Awards Database film ID)
  102. P6150 (Academy Awards Database nominee ID)
  103. P10141 (Academy of Athens authority ID)
  104. P10062 (Academy of Russian Television person ID)
  105. P6297 ( coach ID)
  106. P3525 ( player ID)
  107. P10870 (Accademia dei Georgofili author ID)
  108. P4585 (Accademia della Crusca ID)
  109. P8153 (Accademia delle Scienze di Torino ID)
  110. P10707 (AccessScience ID)
  111. P12075 (‎Acclaimed Music album ID)
  112. P11222 (Accor hotel ID)
  113. P7230 (AccuRadio artist ID)
  114. P10847 (ACDB character tag ID)
  115. P10550 (ACE Repertory publisher ID)
  116. P4894 (ACE Repertory work ID)
  117. P8692 (ACER code)
  118. P7143 ( album ID)
  119. P7109 ( artist ID)
  120. P7138 ( chart ID)
  121. P7166 ( song ID)
  122. P7505 (ACL Anthology article ID)
  123. P7979 (ACM conference ID)
  124. P864 (ACM Digital Library author ID)
  125. P3332 (ACM Digital Library citation ID)
  126. P3333 (ACM Digital Library event ID)
  127. P7983 (ACM Journal ID)
  128. P7716 (ACMA Broadcast Service Licence Number)
  129. P2472 (ACMA Radiocommunications Client Number)
  130. P7003 (ACMI ID)
  131. P6981 (ACNP journal ID)
  132. P10667 (ACNP library ID)
  133. P3273 (Actorenregister ID)
  134. P8201 (ACUM work ID)
  135. P3901 (ADAGP artist ID)
  136. P11530 ( user)
  137. P5859 (Adelphi author ID)
  138. P9384 (Adelung lemma ID)
  139. P4114 (ADK member ID)
  140. P7404 (ADL Hate Symbols Database ID)
  141. P2588 (administrative code of Indonesia)
  142. P7635 (administrative district of Czech municipality with authorized municipal office ID)
  143. P7636 (administrative district of Czech municipality with expanded powers ID)
  144. P3562 (Admiralty number)
  145. P7777 (AdoroCinema film ID)
  146. P10266 (AdoroCinema person ID)
  147. P10845 (AdoroCinema series ID)
  148. P819 (ADS bibcode)
  149. P9565 (AdServio ID)
  150. P3351 (Adult Film Database actor ID)
  151. P5083 (Adult Film Database film ID)
  152. P9747 (Adventure Corner video game ID)
  153. P11608 (Adventure Game Studio game ID)
  154. P7940 (Adventure Gamers company ID)
  155. P8012 (Adventure Gamers series ID)
  156. P7005 (Adventure Gamers video game ID)
  157. P12291 (‎Adventure-Treff game ID)
  158. P11361 (Adventure's Planet ID)
  159. P12046 (ADVN ID)
  160. P4024 (ADW taxon ID)
  161. P5463 (AE member ID)
  162. P10919 (AEDA geographic keyword ID)
  163. P10920 (AEDA subject keyword ID)
  164. P10921 (AEDA taxonomic keyword ID)
  165. P3436 (AELG ID)
  166. P6038 (AFAS author ID)
  167. P10998 (AFC player ID)
  168. P11987 ( player ID)
  169. P7089 (AFCD PFKID)
  170. P3593 (AFI Catalog of Feature Films ID)
  171. P10773 (Afisha movie ID)
  172. P11454 (Afisha person ID)
  173. P12268 (‎AFJV directory ID)
  174. P8277 (AFL player ID)
  175. P4885 (AFL Tables coach ID)
  176. P3547 (AFL Tables player ID)
  177. P4888 (AFL Tables umpire ID)
  178. P9949 (AFNIL publisher ID)
  179. P11271 (African American Visual Artists Database ID)
  180. P9701 (African Film Database ID)
  181. P6183 (African Journals Online journal ID)
  182. P2036 (African Plant Database ID)
  183. P4513 (Africultures movie ID)
  184. P4514 (Africultures person ID)
  185. P11462 (Africultures structure ID)
  186. P6093 (AfroMoths ID)
  187. P1744 (Agassiz checklist number)
  188. P6334 (Agence photo RMN package ID)
  189. P6008 (Agoda hotel ID)
  190. P10533 (Agoda hotel numeric ID)
  191. P2345 (AGORHA event ID)
  192. P2342 (AGORHA person/institution ID)
  193. P2344 (AGORHA work ID)
  194. P8491 (AHECC 2017 ID)
  195. P11367 (AHNMNH publication ID)
  196. P7559 (Ahotsak lexeme)
  197. P10094 (AHPRA registration number)
  198. P9293 (AIATSIS Place Thesaurus ID)
  199. P9294 (AIATSIS Subject Thesaurus ID)
  200. P4897 (AICTE institute application ID)
  201. P6513 (AICTE Permanent ID)
  202. P4957 (AIDA freediver ID)
  203. P6561 (AiF dossier ID)
  204. P4929 (AINM ID)
  205. P11511 (Air Iuav author ID)
  206. P2986 (aircraft registration prefix)
  207. P11717 (Aisberg author ID)
  208. P6392 (AISHE code)
  209. P8809 (AIWARDS ID)
  210. P11846 (Akadem organization ID (former scheme))
  211. P12214 (Akadem person ID)
  212. P5378 (Akadem person ID (former scheme))
  213. P11636 (Akademi Kernewek ID)
  214. P4432 (AKL Online artist ID)
  215. P5293 (Akout ID)
  216. P9856 (Al-Jazeera author ID)
  217. P7301 (Al-Jazeera topic ID)
  218. P11831 (Alabama Authors ID)
  219. P6137 (Alabama Plant Atlas ID)
  220. P4362 (Alabama Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID (archived))
  221. P4522 (Alaska Sports Hall of Fame inductee ID)
  222. P12191 (Alaska Women’s Hall of Fame ID)
  223. P759 (Alberta Register of Historic Places ID)
  224. P4396 (Alberta Sports Hall of Fame ID (archived))
  225. P7067 (Album of the Year album ID)
  226. P7050 (Album of the Year artist ID)
  227. P6158 (ALCA author ID)
  228. P3126 (ALCUIN philosopher ID)
  229. P10684 (Aldiwan poem ID)
  230. P10679 (Aldiwan poet ID)
  231. P6683 (Alexander Turnbull Library ID)
  232. P11692 (Alexandria UniSG person ID)
  233. P12317 ( person ID)
  234. P7513 (Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant ID)
  235. P12636 (Algerian commune ID)
  236. P12665 (Algerian district ID)
  237. P12572 (Algerian National Library ID)
  238. P12619 (Algerian National Statistics Office ID)
  239. P12632 (Algerian trademark number ID)
  240. P5903 (Álgu lexeme ID)
  241. P11882 ( ID)
  242. P11706 (Aligulac player ID)
  243. P10191 (All About Birds ID)
  244. P5121 (All About Jazz musician ID)
  245. P3645 (All Blacks player ID)
  246. P8895 (All the Tropes ID)
  247. P3765 ( ID (archived))
  248. P4252 (All-Russian Mathematical Portal ID)
  249. P10959 (All-Russian Sambo Federation ID)
  250. P10939 (All-Russian Swimming Federation ID)
  251. P10203 (All-Science Journal Classification Codes)
  252. P10590 (All.Rugby club ID)
  253. P9903 (All.Rugby player ID)
  254. P9825 (allabolag person ID)
  255. P3167 (Allbreedpedigree ID)
  256. P2465 (Allcinema film ID)
  257. P7214 (Allcinema person ID)
  258. P10119 (AllHomes research location ID)
  259. P4191 (Alljudo judoka ID)
  260. P11564 (AllMovie genre ID)
  261. P2019 (AllMovie person ID)
  262. P1562 (AllMovie title ID)
  263. P1729 (AllMusic album ID)
  264. P1728 (AllMusic artist ID)
  265. P1994 (AllMusic composition ID)
  266. P9185 (AllMusic genre/style ID)
  267. P6306 (AllMusic performance ID)
  268. P6110 (AllMusic release ID)
  269. P1730 (AllMusic song ID)
  270. P4910 (AlloCiné company ID)
  271. P1265 (AlloCiné film ID)
  272. P1266 (AlloCiné person ID)
  273. P1267 (AlloCiné series ID)
  274. P8414 (AlloCiné theater ID)
  275. P10641 (AlloCiné TV season ID)
  276. P10109 ( player ID)
  277. P6097 ( person ID)
  278. P10006 (AllSides ID)
  279. P12568 (AllSkaters person ID)
  280. P7127 (AllTrails trail ID)
  281. P3953 (ALPG Tour golf player ID (archived))
  282. P9045 (Alpine Linux package)
  283. P9792 (Alsharek Archive author ID)
  284. P5807 (Alternativa Teatral person ID)
  285. P5809 (Alternativa Teatral place ID)
  286. P5808 (Alternativa Teatral work ID)
  287. P9618 (AlternativeTo software ID)
  288. P11855 ( object ID)
  289. P5530 (Altmetric DOI)
  290. P12023 ( player ID)
  291. P12315 (‎Am Faclair Beag ID)
  292. P9511 ( ID)
  293. P11737 (Amarkosh ID)
  294. P5143 (amateur radio callsign)
  295. P9252 (Amathus ID)
  296. P4862 (Amazon author ID)
  297. P12562 (Amazon Luna game ID)
  298. P6276 (Amazon Music artist ID)
  299. P10295 (Amazon podcast ID)
  300. P8055 (Amazon Prime Video ID)
  301. P5749 (Amazon Standard Identification Number)
  302. P11293 ( browse node)
  303. P3502 (Ameblo username)
  304. P8062 (Ameli ID)
  305. P4172 (America's Byways road ID)
  306. P4170 (America's National Parks store ID)
  307. P9097 (American Academy in Rome ID)
  308. P4692 (American Art Collaborative object ID)
  309. P8623 (American Battlefield Trust battlefield ID)
  310. P8624 (American Battlefield Trust ID (person))
  311. P5340 (American Film Institute person ID)
  312. P8540 (American Folklore Society Ethnographic Thesaurus ID)
  313. P8723 (American Heritage place ID)
  314. P3651 (American Hockey League player ID)
  315. P4823 (American National Biography ID)
  316. P9409 (American University of Beirut's Libraries title ID)
  317. P11735 (AML ID)
  318. P7118 (AMPAS collections film ID)
  319. P10256 (AMPAS collections item ID)
  320. P7119 (AMPAS collections person ID)
  321. P5633 (Amphi-Theatrum ID)
  322. P5354 (Amphibian Species of the World ID)
  323. P5003 (Amphibians of India ID)
  324. P5036 (AmphibiaWeb Species ID)
  325. P10260 (AMS Glossary of Meteorology ID)
  326. P6434 (Amsterdam code)
  327. P8922 (Amsterdam Museum artwork ID)
  328. P11426 ( ID)
  329. P4803 (Amtrak station code)
  330. P11483 (Anadolu Agency infographic ID)
  331. P9865 (Anagrafe degli studiosi ID)
  332. P8199 (Anagrafe Istituti Culturali Ecclesiastici ID)
  333. P8586 (Anais do Museu Paulista article ID)
  334. P7869 (Analysis & Policy Observatory node ID)
  335. P7870 (Analysis & Policy Observatory term ID)
  336. P7413 (Ancient Tree Inventory ID)
  337. P7977 (AncientFaces person ID)
  338. P5731 (Angelicum ID)
  339. P10972 (Anghami album ID)
  340. P10885 (Anghami artist ID)
  341. P12441 (Anglo-Norman Dictionary entry)
  342. P6151 (ANICA ID)
  343. P5646 (AniDB anime ID)
  344. P5648 (AniDB character ID)
  345. P8888 (AniDB episode ID)
  346. P5649 (AniDB person ID)
  347. P8785 (AniDB tag ID)
  348. P12005 (Anikore anime ID)
  349. P8729 (AniList anime ID)
  350. P11736 (AniList character ID)
  351. P8731 (AniList manga ID)
  352. P11227 (AniList staff ID)
  353. P7905 (AnimalBase ID)
  354. P5031 (Animated Knots ID)
  355. P1934 ( film ID)
  356. P5770 ( person ID)
  357. P7017 (Anime Characters Database anime ID)
  358. P7013 (Anime Characters Database character ID)
  359. P9574 (Anime Filler List episode slug)
  360. P9573 (Anime Filler List show ID)
  361. P1985 (Anime News Network anime ID)
  362. P1983 (Anime News Network company ID)
  363. P1984 (Anime News Network manga ID)
  364. P1982 (Anime News Network person ID)
  365. P11039 (Anime Taizen ID)
  366. P11349 (Anime-Planet anime ID)
  367. P11352 (Anime-Planet character ID)
  368. P11348 (Anime-Planet manga ID)
  369. P11353 (Anime-Planet people ID)
  370. P5845 (AnimeClick anime ID)
  371. P5848 (AnimeClick author ID)
  372. P5847 (AnimeClick character ID)
  373. P5860 (AnimeClick drama ID)
  374. P5849 (AnimeClick manga ID)
  375. P5846 (AnimeClick novel ID)
  376. P12015 (‎ event ID)
  377. P3790 ( guest ID)
  378. P12477 (AniSearch anime ID)
  379. P11195 (Annales des mines person ID)
  380. P5952 (Annuaire de la magistrature ID)
  381. P4911 (Annuaire des fondations ID)
  382. P12003 (ANPI person ID)
  383. P9267 (ANPI person numeric ID)
  384. P9449 (ANPI place numeric ID)
  385. P10781 (ANR project ID)
  386. P9270 (ANSI/NISO standard ID)
  387. P6484 (Antarctica NZ Digital Asset Manager)
  388. P11968 (Antenna Structure Registration Number)
  389. P5299 (AntWeb ID)
  390. P6812 (AntWiki article ID)
  391. P8435 (AnyDecentMusic album ID)
  392. P7019 (ANZCTR ID)
  393. P5635 (ANZL writer ID)
  394. P8458 (ANZSCO 2013 ID)
  395. P8490 (ANZSIC 2006 ID)
  396. P8457 (ANZSOC 2011 ID)
  397. P5922 (ANZSRC 2008 FoR ID)
  398. P8529 (ANZSRC 2020 FoR ID)
  399. P5614 (Aosdána ID)
  400. P7311 (Aozora Bunko author ID)
  401. P7312 (Aozora Bunko work ID)
  402. P9513 (APA Dictionary of Psychology entry)
  403. P8057 (Apache Project ID)
  404. P12066 (Aparat channel ID)
  405. P10936 (Apeiron author ID)
  406. P5984 (APNI ID)
  407. P3861 (App Store app ID)
  408. P5260 (App Store developer ID)
  409. P8940 (AppGallery app ID)
  410. P6395 (Apple Books book ID (U.S. version))
  411. P7799 (Apple IIGS France ID)
  412. P10046 (Apple Maps ID)
  413. P2281 (Apple Music album ID (U.S. version))
  414. P2850 (Apple Music artist ID (U.S. version))
  415. P9550 (Apple Music label ID)
  416. P6250 (Apple Music music movie ID (U.S. version))
  417. P5655 (Apple Music music video ID)
  418. P10110 (Apple Music track ID)
  419. P10304 (Apple Podcasts episode ID)
  420. P5842 (Apple Podcasts podcast ID)
  421. P9750 (Apple TV episode ID)
  422. P9586 (Apple TV movie ID)
  423. P9751 (Apple TV show ID)
  424. P10877 (Applied Ecology Resources document ID)
  425. P11757 (Arabic Ontology form ID)
  426. P6771 (Arabic Ontology ID)
  427. P11038 (Arabic Ontology lemma ID)
  428. P12451 (Arabic Ontology lexical concept ID)
  429. P6787 (Arachne building ID)
  430. P7020 (Arachne collection ID)
  431. P10510 (Arachne entity ID)
  432. P7021 (Arachne object ID)
  433. P10003 ( ID)
  434. P9085 (Aracne author ID)
  435. P9226 (ARAE ID)
  436. P11071 (Aragonario ID (5th version))
  437. P12630 (Aragonario ID (6th version))
  438. P3594 (Araneae spider ID)
  439. P3426 (ArbetSam ID)
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  441. P11510 (ARCA author ID)
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  462. P3599 (archival creator authority record at the Archives nationales)
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  471. P6371 (Archives of Maryland Biographical Series ID)
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  490. P12236 (‎AreWeAntiCheatYet ID)
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  494. P4065 (Argentine Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  495. P4453 (Argentine Senate member ID)
  496. P6120 (Argentinean NCAA Airport code)
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  498. P9808 ( ID)
  499. P5821 (ArhivX LOD)
  500. P999 (ARICNS)
  501. P10545 (Arizona State Legislators: Then & Now ID)
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  641. P8294 (AusStage work ID)
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  775. P11369 (Bane NOR Network Statement ID)
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  778. P4530 (Bangladesh administrative division code (pre-2017))
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  780. P4255 (Banglapedia ID (English))
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  782. P11184 (Bank of information on the historical and cultural heritage of the Republic of Belarus)
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  788. P4494 (Barbarian R.C. ID)
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  795. P12606 (Barry Hugman's Footballers player ID)
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  807. P12331 ( manager ID)
  808. P1826 ( minor & foreign league player ID)
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  811. P3419 (Basic Unit of Settlement code (Czech))
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  816. P3061 (Basisregistratie Instellingen number)
  817. P10658 (Basketball Bundesliga UUID)
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  819. P4718 ( NBA coach ID)
  820. P4744 ( NBA G League player ID)
  821. P2685 ( NBA player ID)
  822. P4796 ( NBL player ID)
  823. P4795 ( referee ID)
  824. P4720 ( WNBA coach ID)
  825. P4561 ( WNBA player ID)
  826. P7832 (Basque Vikidia ID)
  827. P9988 (Bat Sheva Archive ID)
  828. P9705 (Bauforschung Baden-Württemberg Objekt-ID)
  829. P7800 ( ID)
  830. P4266 (Bavarian geotope ID)
  831. P4244 (Bavarian monument authority ID)
  832. P9339 (Bavarian Monument Map object ID (architectural monument))
  833. P9342 (Bavarian Monument Map object ID (ground monument))
  834. P10486 (Bavarian Monument Map Object-ID (building ensemble))
  835. P6230 (Bavarian protected area ID)
  836. P12350 (Bavarian school ID)
  837. P4005 (Bavarikon ID)
  838. P5931 ( railway line ID)
  839. P9925 (BBC Food ID)
  840. P1573 (BBC Genome ID)
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  848. P8391 (BBK (library and bibliographic classification))
  849. P2099 (BC Geographical Names ID)
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  855. P6188 (BDFA player ID)
  856. P3655 (BDFutbol player ID)
  857. P7488 (BDFutbol team ID)
  858. P4956 (BDH edition ID)
  859. P2477 (BDRC Resource ID)
  860. P8071 (BDSP ID)
  861. P2800 (Beach Volleyball Database ID)
  862. P7396 (Beachsafe Beach Key)
  863. P11857 ( player ID)
  864. P12610 ( team ID)
  865. P6253 ( player ID)
  866. P7225 (BEACON ID)
  867. P10848 (Beamish peerage database peerage ID)
  868. P10849 (Beamish peerage database person ID)
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  870. P7371 (Beatport label ID)
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  872. P10617 (Beatport track ID)
  873. P4178 (Beazley Archive Pottery Database ID)
  874. P6905 (Bebo profile ID)
  875. P4632 (Bechdel Test Movie List ID)
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  879. P5382 (Behind The Voice Actors franchise ID)
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  881. P7318 (Behind The Voice Actors short ID)
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  883. P4965 (Behind The Voice Actors video game ID)
  884. P9504 (Beirut Arab University's Libraries title ID)
  885. P2683 (Bekker Number)
  886. P11014 (Belarus in persons and events ID)
  887. P5528 (Belgian Heritage in Brazil ID)
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  889. P11023 (Belgian Paralympic Committee athlete ID)
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  918. P7798 (BeWeb family ID)
  919. P7796 (BeWeb person ID)
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  921. P4438 (BFI Films, TV and people ID)
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  925. P8894 (BG EIK)
  926. P3990 (BG EKATTE place ID)
  927. P9034 (BG School ID)
  928. P5818 (BGCI garden ID)
  929. P6296 ( character ID)
  930. P6298 ( person ID)
  931. P732 (BGS Lexicon of Named Rock Units ID)
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  934. P8541 (BHF magazine ID)
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  938. P8724 (BHL name ID)
  939. P687 (BHL page ID)
  940. P6535 (BHL part ID)
  941. P6386 ( person ID)
  942. P10864 (Bibale ID)
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  1431. P11699 (China movable cultural relic ID)
  1432. P1378 (China railway TMIS station code)
  1433. P8609 (China Treaty Database ID)
  1434. P1631 (China Vitae person ID)
  1435. P8064 (Chinese Clinical Trial Registry ID)
  1436. P4068 (Chinese Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  1437. P8970 (Chinese Painting Database ID)
  1438. P5142 (Chinese Political Elites Database ID)
  1439. P7515 (Chinese Professional Baseball League player ID)
  1440. P10472 (Chinese School ID)
  1441. P4531 (ChinesePosters artist ID)
  1442. P10766 (Chocolatey Community package ID)
  1443. P11876 ( organization ID)
  1444. P4200 (Christie's creator ID)
  1445. P3783 (Christie's object ID)
  1446. P11144 (Chrome Platform Status feature ID)
  1447. P8559 (Chrome Web Store extension ID)
  1448. P5231 (Chromosome numbers of the Flora of Germany database ID)
  1449. P4898 (Chronicling America newspaper ID)
  1450. P7621 (Church Heritage Cymru ID)
  1451. P8930 (Church of Jesus Christ missionary ID)
  1452. P8818 (Church of Jesus Christ pioneer ID)
  1453. P5294 (Church of Norway building ID)
  1454. P5048 (Church of Sweden ID)
  1455. P778 (Church of Sweden parish code)
  1456. P779 (Church of Sweden Pastoratskod)
  1457. P8449 (Churches in Limburg ID)
  1458. P10596 (Chuvash Encyclopedia person ID)
  1459. P10597 (Chuvash Encyclopedia place ID)
  1460. P10598 (Chuvash Encyclopedia topic ID)
  1461. P10378 (CHY Number)
  1462. P5547 (CICLIC author ID)
  1463. P7893 (CIÊNCIAVITAE ID)
  1464. P9711 (cIMeC.Ro museum ID)
  1465. P11371 (Cimetière russe ID)
  1466. P9472 (Cimiterium ID)
  1467. P6910 (CIN ID)
  1468. P8639 (Cincinnati Art Museum artwork ID)
  1469. P3203 (Ciné-Ressources film ID)
  1470. P3204 (Ciné-Ressources person ID)
  1471. P3129 ( film ID (archived))
  1472. P8908 (CINE21 film ID)
  1473. P8969 (CINE21 person ID)
  1474. P10454 (CineCartaz film ID)
  1475. P6750 (CineChile filmmaker ID)
  1476. P9203 ( title ID)
  1477. P9102 (CineFanRo person ID)
  1478. P8296 (Cinema Context ID)
  1479. P3445 (Cinema of Israel ID)
  1480. P5146 (Cinema Project (Israel) ID)
  1481. P4129 (Cinema Treasures ID)
  1482. P3933 ( ID)
  1483. P11256 (Cinemaazi film ID)
  1484. P11255 (Cinemaazi people ID)
  1485. P4666 (CineMagia person ID)
  1486. P4665 (CineMagia title ID)
  1487. P9848 (Cinemaitaliano film ID)
  1488. P9847 (Cinemaitaliano person ID)
  1489. P7483 (CinemaRX person ID (archived))
  1490. P9204 (CinemaRX title ID (archived))
  1491. P8971 (Cinémathèque québécoise person ID)
  1492. P4276 (Cinémathèque québécoise work ID)
  1493. P4786 ( film ID)
  1494. P11346 ( film ID (new))
  1495. P4768 ( name or company ID)
  1496. P11345 ( name or company ID (new))
  1497. P3851 ( movie ID)
  1498. P3857 ( person ID)
  1499. P3077 (Cineplex Germany film ID)
  1500. P7679 (Cinépolis KLIC ID)
  1501. P7593 (CinePT film ID)
  1502. P7594 (CinePT person ID)
  1503. P7586 (Cinepub person ID)
  1504. P7177 (Cinestaan film ID)
  1505. P7178 (Cinestaan person ID)
  1506. P3128 (CiNetMag film ID)
  1507. P3146 (CiNetMag person ID)
  1508. P5791 (Cineuropa film ID)
  1509. P6083 (Cineuropa person ID)
  1510. P6633 (Cini Foundation ID)
  1511. P11496 (CiNii Research ID)
  1512. P8886 (CIP data sheet)
  1513. P5393 (cipM poet ID)
  1514. P4696 (CIQUAL2017 ID)
  1515. P3455 (CircleID writer ID)
  1516. P8065 (CIRIS author ID)
  1517. P9668 ( Catholic services ID)
  1518. P7565 (CISCE school code)
  1519. P8441 (Cistercian Biography Online ID)
  1520. P5235 (Cité de la Musique-Philharmonie de Paris work ID)
  1521. P2040 (CITES Species+ ID)
  1522. P3784 (CiteSeerX article ID)
  1523. P10465 (CiteSeerX person ID)
  1524. P12232 (‎Citra compatibility database ID)
  1525. P9735 (Città e Cattedrali ID)
  1526. P8977 (CITWF person ID)
  1527. P9146 (CITWF title ID)
  1528. P11277 (CIViC gene ID)
  1529. P3329 (CIViC variant ID)
  1530. P5180 (CIVICUS Monitor country entry)
  1531. P9858 (Civilisti Italiani member ID)
  1532. P6769 (CJFD journal article ID)
  1533. P1615 (CLARA-ID)
  1534. P11419 (Classic Adventures Solution Archive game ID)
  1535. P9686 (Classical Archives composer ID)
  1536. P7518 (classicamiga ID)
  1537. P1133 (Classified properties and protected areas of Wallonia ID)
  1538. P8958 (ClassInd audiovisual work ID)
  1539. P8782 (ClassInd game ID)
  1540. P5390 (Classiques des sciences sociales ID)
  1541. P10345 (Clavis Apocryphorum Novi Testamenti ID)
  1542. P10346 (Clavis Apocryphorum Veteris Testamenti ID)
  1543. P7908 (Clavis Clavium ID)
  1544. P11790 (Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris author ID)
  1545. P11861 (Clavis Historicorum Antiquitatis Posterioris work ID)
  1546. P7988 (Clavis Patrum Graecorum ID)
  1547. P7980 (Clavis Patrum Latinorum ID)
  1548. P6024 (Clé des langues ID)
  1549. P7133 (Cleartrip hotel ID)
  1550. P3410 (Clergy of the Church of England database ID)
  1551. P11110 (Cleveland Museum of Art ID)
  1552. P10878 (ClimateCultures Directory ID)
  1553. P10986 (Climbing Federation of Russia athlete ID)
  1554. P1929 (ClinVar Variation ID)
  1555. P3963 (Clochers de France ID)
  1556. P8126 (Club Netherlands Handball Association ID)
  1557. P5948 (CMI person ID)
  1558. P6033 (CMS ID)
  1559. P1209 (CN)
  1560. P9368 (CNA topic ID)
  1561. P5403 (CNAP artist ID)
  1562. P3458 (CNC authorization number)
  1563. P10633 (CNGAL entry ID)
  1564. P10466 (CNKI author ID)
  1565. P10082 (CNKI CJFD journal ID)
  1566. P10693 (CNKI institute ID)
  1567. P5637 (CNL author ID)
  1568. P9420 (CNN contributor ID)
  1569. P1022 (CNO-11 occupation code)
  1570. P6204 (CNPJ)
  1571. P4194 (CNPS ID)
  1572. P11886 (CNR ExploRA author ID)
  1573. P4550 (CNRS research group ID)
  1574. P5552 (CNRS Talent page)
  1575. P10219 (CNSflora ID)
  1576. P6690 (CNV-SP ID)
  1577. P8229 (Co-Optimus ID)
  1578. P4488 (COAM architect ID)
  1579. P2917 (COAM structure ID)
  1580. P7865 (CoBiS author ID)
  1581. P7647 (Cochrane concept ID)
  1582. P6052 (Cockroach Species File ID)
  1583. P6853 (Coco Game List ID)
  1584. P11372 (CocoaPods pod)
  1585. P9824 (COD ID)
  1586. P3119 (Code for China Reservoir Name)
  1587. P980 (code for weekend and holiday homes (Sweden))
  1588. P3234 (Code List for Cultural Heritage Organizations)
  1589. P5020 (Code of Household Registration and Conscription Information System (Taiwan))
  1590. P6436 (Code of Natura 2000/FFH habitat)
  1591. P12045 (‎Codeberg username)
  1592. P4165 (CODECS ID)
  1593. P1159 (CODEN)
  1594. P9483 (CofE archives catalogue ID)
  1595. P9485 (CofE archives name ID)
  1596. P9491 (CofE archives place ID)
  1597. P4658 (Coflein ID)
  1598. P12190 (Coin Hoards of the Roman Empire ID)
  1599. P4455 (Coinage of the Roman Republic Online ID)
  1600. P5777 (CoinMarketCap cryptocurrency ID)
  1601. P8059 ( game ID)
  1602. P8066 (Colecovision Addict ID)
  1603. P7994 (Colecovision Zone ID)
  1604. P8003 ( ID)
  1605. P9152 (CollectieGelderland creator ID)
  1606. P10779 (Collection Hermann Göring DB ID)
  1607. P4539 (Collective Biographies of Women ID)
  1608. P5443 (Collège de France professor ID)
  1609. P5546 (College de France professor ID (1909-1939))
  1610. P3560 (College Football Data Warehouse ID)
  1611. P3044 (College Football HoF ID)
  1612. P8936 (CollEx-Persée ID)
  1613. P11230 (Collins Online English Dictionary entry)
  1614. P7044 (Colonial Frontier Massacres ID)
  1615. P7680 (Colorado Encyclopedia ID)
  1616. P11044 (Colorado Plant Database ID)
  1617. P4642 (Colorado Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  1618. P12536 (‎Combine OverWiki ID)
  1619. P5616 (Comédie-Française ID)
  1620. P1735 ( ID)
  1621. P5905 (Comic Vine ID)
  1622. P1392 (ComicBookDB Creator ID)
  1623. P11501 (ComicWalker content ID)
  1624. P7132 ( film ID)
  1625. P11434 ( person ID)
  1626. P11872 ( TV program ID)
  1627. P11871 ( TV series ID)
  1628. P5951 (ComiXology creator ID)
  1629. P9320 (ComiXology publisher ID)
  1630. P2461 (ComLaw ID)
  1631. P8039 (Commission to Preserve National Monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina ID)
  1632. P4762 (Common Database on Designated Areas ID)
  1633. P5417 (Common Procurement Vocabulary)
  1634. P7091 (Common Sense Media ID)
  1635. P3587 (Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures ID)
  1636. P12310 (Commonwealth Games Australia athlete ID)
  1637. P4548 (Commonwealth Games Federation athlete ID (archived))
  1638. P10984 (Communist Party of the Russian Federation person ID)
  1639. P4804 (Compagnon de la Libération ID)
  1640. P2622 (Companies House company ID)
  1641. P5297 (Companies House officer ID)
  1642. P9679 (Companies Registration Office (Ireland) Registration Number)
  1643. P10206 (Comparably company ID)
  1644. P4771 (compArt institution ID)
  1645. P4772 (compArt person ID)
  1646. P8014 (Compendium heroicum ID)
  1647. P6292 (Complete BBC Micro Games Archive ID)
  1648. P7718 (Complex Portal accession ID)
  1649. P9628 ( person ID)
  1650. P8688 (CompositionToday composer ID)
  1651. P9130 (CompositionToday composers showcase ID)
  1652. P12730 (Comprehensive Dictionary of the Contemporary Ukrainian Language ID)
  1653. P7733 (Computer Emuzone game ID)
  1654. P4902 (CONABIO ID)
  1655. P11473 (Concepticon concept set ID)
  1656. P8896 (Concise Literary Encyclopedia ID)
  1657. P5525 (CONDEPHAAT ID)
  1658. P6357 (Conférence du stage secretary ID)
  1659. P3900 (CONICET person ID)
  1660. P1940 ( ID)
  1661. P8848 (CONOR.AL ID)
  1662. P8849 (CONOR.BG ID)
  1663. P8850 (CONOR.KS ID)
  1664. P8851 (CONOR.SR ID)
  1665. P5457 (Conseil constitutionnel ID)
  1666. P4698 (Conseil de Presse Luxembourg journalist ID)
  1667. P3009 (Conservatoire du littoral ID)
  1668. P7734 (console music history ID)
  1669. P12293 (Consortium of Bryophyte Herbaria taxon ID)
  1670. P12294 (Consortium of Lichen Herbaria taxon ID)
  1671. P12517 (Consortium of Midwest Herbaria taxon ID)
  1672. P11188 (Conspiracy Watch ID)
  1673. P9919 (Convict Records of Australia ID)
  1674. P6408 (COOL species ID)
  1675. P2011 (Cooper-Hewitt person ID)
  1676. P11374 (Copernicus EMS ID)
  1677. P9976 (copyright registration)
  1678. P10830 (COR form ID, level 1)
  1679. P10831 (COR lemma ID, level 1)
  1680. P12202 (COR.SEM ID)
  1681. P5251 (Corago opera ID)
  1682. P11178 (Cordial Dictionary ID)
  1683. P3400 (CORDIS Project ID)
  1684. P6409 (CORE ID)
  1685. P6053 (Coreoidea Species File ID)
  1686. P10183 (Corporate Identification Number (CIN) in India)
  1687. P3225 (Corporate Number (Japan))
  1688. P6859 (Corporate Number (South Korea))
  1689. P7935 (Corpus Corporum author ID)
  1690. P6165 (Corpus typographique français ID)
  1691. P247 (COSPAR ID)
  1692. P8113 (COTREX trail ID)
  1693. P10208 (Coub channel ID)
  1694. P4821 (Cour des comptes magistrate ID)
  1695. P6577 (Cour des comptes report ID)
  1696. P7037 (COURAGE ID)
  1697. P5554 (Courrier international source ID)
  1698. P5551 (Courrier international topic ID)
  1699. P8150 (COVIDWHO ID)
  1700. P8124 (CPAN author ID)
  1701. P5779 (CPAN project ID)
  1702. P4847 (CPC-Power ID)
  1703. P9257 (CPC-PR ID)
  1704. P5780 (CPCRulez ID)
  1705. P7824 (CPCWiki ID)
  1706. P2000 (CPDL ID)
  1707. P4660 (CPDOC ID)
  1708. P10778 (CPNI ID)
  1709. P5968 (CPPAP ID)
  1710. P7289 (CPUID)
  1711. P12673 (CPV profile ID)
  1712. P8984 (CPV Supplementary)
  1713. P2709 (CQ Ranking female cyclist ID)
  1714. P1541 (CQ Ranking male cyclist ID)
  1715. P2648 (CQ Ranking men's race ID)
  1716. P2708 (CQ Ranking women's race ID)
  1717. P8925 (CQVIP article ID)
  1718. P11406 (CRAB ID)
  1719. P5565 (CRAN project)
  1720. P5783 (Cranach Digital Archive artwork ID)
  1721. P4763 ( ID)
  1722. P4351 (Cravo Albin artist ID)
  1723. P10075 (CREPČ institution ID)
  1724. P10076 (CREPČ person ID)
  1725. P6521 (Crew United person and company ID)
  1726. P6359 (Crew United title ID)
  1727. P2698 (CricketArchive player ID)
  1728. P3586 (CricketArchive playing ground ID)
  1729. P2651 (CRICOS Provider Code)
  1730. P6318 (Crimean Football Union player ID)
  1731. P11679 (Crimean virtual necropolis persons ID)
  1732. P8374 (Criminological Thesaurus ID)
  1733. P12353 (CRIS Unique Site Number)
  1734. P2287 (CRIStin ID)
  1735. P6325 (Critique d'art ID)
  1736. P3577 (Croatian Football Federation player ID)
  1737. P3657 (Croatian Football Statistics player ID (archived))
  1738. P9920 (Croatian Language Portal ID)
  1739. P4541 (Croatian Olympic Committee athlete ID (archived))
  1740. P6730 (CroRec ID)
  1741. P3656 ( Scrabble player ID)
  1742. P9689 (Crosscut author ID)
  1743. P8375 (Crossref journal ID)
  1744. P2088 (Crunchbase organization ID)
  1745. P2087 (Crunchbase person ID)
  1746. P4110 (Crunchyroll ID (deprecated))
  1747. P11330 (Crunchyroll series ID)
  1748. P5563 (CSDE Lynching Database ID)
  1749. P2529 (ČSFD film ID)
  1750. P2605 (ČSFD person ID)
  1751. P6613 (CSKA person ID)
  1752. P11334 (CSO topic ID)
  1753. P8709 (CTAN package ID)
  1754. P2762 (CTBUH Skyscraper Center building complex ID)
  1755. P1305 (CTBUH Skyscraper Center building ID)
  1756. P9613 (ctext data entity ID)
  1757. P4517 (ctext work ID)
  1758. P8251 (CTHS author ID)
  1759. P2383 (CTHS person ID)
  1760. P8553 (CTHS publication ID)
  1761. P1961 (CTHS society ID)
  1762. P3830 (CueTracker player ID)
  1763. P4924 (CueTracker tournament ID)
  1764. P11217 (Culinary Heritage of Switzerland ID)
  1765. P4026 (Cullum number)
  1766. P8073 (Cult of Saints in Late Antiquity ID)
  1767. P1949 (CulturaItalia ID)
  1768. P11296 (Cultural Good of Croatia ID)
  1769. P3170 (Cultural Heritage Armenia ID)
  1770. P2951 (Cultural heritage database in Austria ObjektID)
  1771. P3227 (Cultural Heritage Kosovo ID)
  1772. P4245 (cultural heritage monument in Serbia ID)
  1773. P12144 (‎Cultural Heritage Online (Japan) heritage ID)
  1774. P12145 (Cultural Heritage Online (Japan) institution ID)
  1775. P1669 (Cultural Objects Names Authority ID)
  1776. P632 (cultural properties of Belarus reference number)
  1777. P11013 (Cultural Property in Liechtenstein ID)
  1778. P10417 ( person ID)
  1779. P3569 (Cultureel Woordenboek ID)
  1780. P7112 (CUP2002.RU person ID)
  1781. P998 (Curlie ID)
  1782. P9166 ( player ID)
  1783. P3556 (CurlingZone player ID)
  1784. P8085 (Curran Index contributor ID)
  1785. P11643 (CurseForge project ID)
  1786. P6929 (CUT code)
  1787. P1059 (CVR number)
  1788. P7972 (CVR person ID)
  1789. P10876 (CVX vaccine code)
  1790. P5747 (CWA writer ID)
  1791. P3624 (CWE ID)
  1792. P1920 (CWGC burial ground ID)
  1793. P1908 (CWGC person ID)
  1794. P10501 ( game ID)
  1795. P11721 ( player ID)
  1796. P4508 (CycleBase cyclist ID)
  1797. P1409 (Cycling Archives cyclist ID)
  1798. P2330 (Cycling Archives race ID)
  1799. P2331 (Cycling Archives team ID)
  1800. P1664 (Cycling Database ID (archived))
  1801. P9287 (Cyprus Bibliography ID)
  1802. P9250 (Cyprus Library ID)
  1803. P9251 (Cyprus University of Technology ID)
  1804. P10307 (CYT/CCS)
  1805. P4226 (Cyworld ID)
  1806. P7526 (Czech cadastral area ID)
  1807. P7577 (Czech city district ID)
  1808. P7735 (Czech cohesion region ID)
  1809. P762 (Czech cultural heritage ID)
  1810. P7673 (Czech district ID)
  1811. P11031 (Czech electoral party ID)
  1812. P7451 (Czech Fortuna liga player ID)
  1813. P12359 (Czech geological location ID)
  1814. P5258 (Czech Geomorphological Unit Code)
  1815. P8932 (Czech Gymnastics athlete ID)
  1816. P4279 (Czech hydrological order number)
  1817. P4472 (Czech Jockey Club horse ID)
  1818. P4075 (Czech Monument Catalogue Number)
  1819. P7606 (Czech municipality ID)
  1820. P3184 (Czech National Bibliography ID)
  1821. P5263 (Czech NDOP taxon ID)
  1822. P2788 (Czech neighbourhood ID code)
  1823. P4062 (Czech Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  1824. P6828 (Czech parliament ID)
  1825. P7674 (Czech region ID)
  1826. P4156 (Czech Registration ID (IČO))
  1827. P4533 (Czech street ID)
  1828. P11351 (Czech structural object ID)
  1829. P7736 (Czech territorial region ID)
  1830. P7949 (Czech War Graves Register)
  1831. P10962 (Czechoslovak book ID)
  1832. P7802 (D-MSX ID)
  1833. P2771 (D-U-N-S number)
  1834. P6020 (d'Art d'Art ! ID)
  1835. P5232 (D&B Hoovers company profile)
  1836. P1707 (DAAO ID)
  1837. P10706 (DACS ID (2022))
  1838. P4663 (DACS ID (former))
  1839. P4167 (Dagens Næringsliv topic ID)
  1840. P3509 (Dagens Nyheter topic ID)
  1841. P4457 (DAHR artist ID)
  1842. P2942 (Dailymotion channel ID)
  1843. P11731 (Dailymotion video ID)
  1844. P10379 ( ID)
  1845. P6470 (DALFAN ID)
  1846. P8640 (Dallas Museum of Art artwork ID)
  1847. P4384 (DAMIT asteroid ID)
  1848. P11235 (Dams in Japan number)
  1849. P714 (Dana 8th edition)
  1850. P12148 (Danacode (long))
  1851. P12147 (Danacode (short))
  1852. P7325 (DANE code)
  1853. P7910 (DANFS ship ID)
  1854. P9576 (Danish 2010 redlist ID)
  1855. P3596 (Danish ancient monument ID)
  1856. P1250 (Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) SNO/CNO)
  1857. P8708 (Danish educational institution number)
  1858. P6109 (Danish Football Union player ID)
  1859. P4038 (Danish List of Lights and Fog signals ID)
  1860. P2783 (Danish listed buildings case ID)
  1861. P2626 (Danish National Filmography person ID)
  1862. P2290 (Danish parish code)
  1863. P2763 (Danish protected area ID)
  1864. P1894 (Danish urban area code)
  1865. P9221 (Danmarks Adresseregister named street ID)
  1866. P6268 (Danmarks svampeatlas ID)
  1867. P9518 (Danmarks Tekniske Kulturarv book ID)
  1868. P6140 (DanNet 2.2 word ID)
  1869. P12017 (Dans nos cœurs ID)
  1870. P8341 (Dansk Biografisk Leksikon ID)
  1871. P12386 (Dansk Forfatterleksikon ID)
  1872. P7939 (Dansk kvindebiografisk leksikon ID)
  1873. P8332 (Dansk litteraturs historie ID)
  1874. P10463 (Dansk Navneleksikon ID)
  1875. P6232 (Danske Taler speaker ID)
  1876. P4021 (danskefilm animated film ID)
  1877. P3785 (danskefilm film ID)
  1878. P3786 (Danskefilm person ID)
  1879. P3787 (danskefilm silent film ID)
  1880. P4111 (danskefilm TV Christmas calendar)
  1881. P4022 (danskefilm TV series ID)
  1882. P6777 ( person ID)
  1883. P4112 (danskfilmogtv person ID)
  1884. P4209 (danskfilmogtv title ID)
  1885. P429 (dantai code)
  1886. P5884 (Dapodikdasmen ID)
  1887. P9319 (Dark Horse creator ID)
  1888. P11425 (Dark Patterns Games ID)
  1889. P8184 (DART-Europe thesis ID)
  1890. P3621 (Darts Database player ID)
  1891. P12447 (Daryab Pashto Glossary ID)
  1892. P9336 (Das wissenschaftliche Bibellexikon im Internet ID)
  1893. P10730 (Data Commons ID)
  1894. P6526 ( dataset ID)
  1895. P3206 ( organisation ID)
  1896. P11244 (Databank Beschermheiligen anno 1959 ID)
  1897. P10750 (Database of Art Objects at the Jeu de Paume ID)
  1898. P1935 (Database of Classical Scholars ID)
  1899. P9944 (Database of Czech Amateur Theater person ID)
  1900. P10124 (Database of Czech librarians ID)
  1901. P11570 (Database of Photography Books profile ID)
  1902. P3532 ( player ID)
  1903. P3520 ( athlete ID (archived))
  1904. P11993 (Databáze her developer ID)
  1905. P10096 (Databáze her ID)
  1906. P11732 (Databáze sérií ID)
  1907. P10387 ( author ID)
  1908. P10386 ( work ID)
  1909. P2666 (Datahub page)
  1910. P8486 (DATAtourisme ID)
  1911. P8979 (DataTrek ID)
  1912. P9819 (Daum Cafe ID)
  1913. P5184 (Daum Encyclopedia ID)
  1914. P4277 (Daum movie ID)
  1915. P4270 (Daum TV series ID)
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  2403. P4319 (Elite Prospects staff ID)
  2404. P7343 (Elitefootball player ID)
  2405. P3812 ( person ID)
  2406. P12204 (ELMCIP ID)
  2407. P2346 (Elonet movie ID)
  2408. P2387 (Elonet person ID)
  2409. P5963 (Elsevier journal ID)
  2410. P12107 (ELSST Thesaurus ID (Version 4 - 2023))
  2411. P1116 (ELSTAT geographical code)
  2412. P5440 ( president ID)
  2413. P4127 ( ID)
  2414. P9985 (EMBO member ID)
  2415. P673 (eMedicine ID)
  2416. P12167 (Emerald network site ID)
  2417. P8381 (Emmys person ID)
  2418. P8711 (Emojipedia ID)
  2419. P7154 (Empik author ID)
  2420. P2270 (Emporis building complex ID)
  2421. P455 (Emporis building ID)
  2422. P8563 (Emporis company ID)
  2423. P9162 (EMS ID)
  2424. P3958 (ENARD athlete ID)
  2425. P1385 (Enciclopédia Açoriana ID)
  2426. P10691 (Enciclopedia Colchagüina ID)
  2427. P10126 (Enciclopedia d'arte italiana ID)
  2428. P5513 (Enciclopèdia de l'Esport Català ID)
  2429. P1565 (Enciclopedia de la Literatura en México ID)
  2430. P9983 (Enciclopedia dei ragazzi ID)
  2431. P9103 (Enciclopedia del Museo del Prado ID)
  2432. P10556 (Enciclopedia del Novecento ID)
  2433. P9809 (Enciclopedia dell'Arte Antica ID)
  2434. P9850 (Enciclopedia dell'Arte Medievale ID)
  2435. P10037 (Enciclopedia della Scienza e della Tecnica ID)
  2436. P6488 (Enciclopedia delle donne ID)
  2437. P11734 (Enciclopedia delle scienze sociali ID)
  2438. P9873 (Enciclopedia dello Sport ID)
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  2440. P10031 (Enciclopedia di Roma person ID)
  2441. P12277 (Enciclopedia di Roma street ID)
  2442. P11820 (Enciclopedia machiavelliana ID)
  2443. P5864 (Enciclovida ID)
  2444. P12059 (Encyclociné ID)
  2445. P8669 (Encyclopaedia Beliana ID)
  2446. P2450 (Encyclopædia Britannica contributor ID)
  2447. P1417 (Encyclopædia Britannica Online ID)
  2448. P9286 (Encyclopaedia Herder concept ID)
  2449. P5441 (Encyclopaedia Herder person ID)
  2450. P11926 (Encyclopaedia Islamica ID)
  2451. P1989 (Encyclopaedia Metallum artist ID)
  2452. P1952 (Encyclopaedia Metallum band ID)
  2453. P8166 (Encyclopaedia Metallum label ID)
  2454. P2721 (Encyclopaedia Metallum release ID)
  2455. P8575 (Encyclopaedia of Architects, Vienna 1770–1945 ID)
  2456. P9878 (Encyclopaedia of Islam (first edition) ID)
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  2458. P9879 (Encyclopaedia of Islam (third edition) ID)
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  2461. P3219 (Encyclopædia Universalis ID)
  2462. P12518 (Encyclopedia Astronautica ID)
  2463. P12450 (Encyclopedia Mythica ID)
  2464. P6010 (Encyclopedia of Alabama ID)
  2465. P6013 (Encyclopedia of Appalachia ID)
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  2468. P8116 (Encyclopedia of Brno History person ID)
  2469. P12336 (Encyclopedia of Cacti species ID)
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  2475. P10407 (Encyclopedia of Database Systems ID)
  2476. P9357 (Encyclopedia of French Cultural Heritage in North America ID (English))
  2477. P9281 (Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia ID)
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  2485. P10782 (Encyclopedia of Medieval Philosophy ID)
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  2496. P9013 (Encyclopedia of Saami Culture ID)
  2497. P5357 (Encyclopedia of Science Fiction ID)
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  2505. P2931 (Encyclopedia of Triangle Centers ID)
  2506. P8015 (Encyclopedia on Early Childhood Development ID (English))
  2507. P8377 (Encyclopedia Tatarica (ru) Online ID)
  2508. P8373 (Encyclopedia Tatarica (tt) Online ID)
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  2511. P11850 ( ID)
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  2515. P9292 (Encyclopédie du patrimoine culturel de l'Amérique française ID (French))
  2516. P8016 (Encyclopédie sur le développement des jeunes enfants ID)
  2517. P12668 (Encyklopedia Medyków Powstania Warszawskiego ID)
  2518. P8095 (Encyklopedia Solidarności ID)
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  2523. P9362 (Encyklopedie migrace ID)
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  2525. P2192 ( ID)
  2526. P9876 ( animal taxon ID)
  2527. P10276 (ENEA-IRIS Open Archive author ID)
  2528. P8645 (Energy Identification Code)
  2529. P9978 (Eneström Number)
  2530. P10271 (Engineer's Line Reference)
  2531. P6330 (England Football Online manager ID)
  2532. P6331 (England Football Online player ID)
  2533. P11172 (England Hockey ID)
  2534. P4920 (England Rugby men's player ID)
  2535. P7608 ( player ID)
  2536. P12666 (English & Scottish Football League transfers player ID)
  2537. P9200 (English Placenames MADS ID)
  2538. P3939 (English Short Title Catalogue ID)
  2539. P7829 (English Vikidia ID)
  2540. P5910 (ENI number)
  2541. P594 (Ensembl gene ID)
  2542. P705 (Ensembl protein ID)
  2543. P704 (Ensembl transcript ID)
  2544. P9315 ( person ID)
  2545. P9381 ( place ID)
  2546. P4706 (Ent'revues ID)
  2547. P3376 (Enterprise number (Belgium))
  2548. P5370 (Entomologists of the World ID)
  2549. P6117 ( Monument ID)
  2550. P3859 (Environment Ontology ID)
  2551. P9498 (Enzyklopädie des europäischen Ostens ID)
  2552. P10145 (EPA Facility Registry Service ID)
  2553. P11243 (EPA ID)
  2554. P3666 (EPCR player ID)
  2555. P3121 (Epguides ID)
  2556. P4890 (EPHE ID)
  2557. P6278 (Epic Games Store ID)
  2558. P11273 (Epigraphic Database Heidelberg ID)
  2559. P12495 (Epigraphic Database Roma ID)
  2560. P11656 (Epigraphik-Datenbank Clauss / Slaby ID)
  2561. P8187 (Epistemonikos ID)
  2562. P6996 ( ID)
  2563. P3031 (EPPO Code)
  2564. P7525 (ePSD ID)
  2565. P11062 (ePSD2 ID)
  2566. P1338 (EPSG CRS)
  2567. P11667 (Epson Tour player ID)
  2568. P7183 (EPW author ID)
  2569. P6912 (Equipboard artist ID)
  2570. P11631 (ERA ID)
  2571. P1058 (ERA Journal ID)
  2572. P9637 (Erfgoedkaart ID)
  2573. P7409 (ERIC publication ID)
  2574. P8539 (ERIC Thesaurus ID)
  2575. P3434 (ERIH PLUS ID)
  2576. P6878 (Erik Amburger database ID)
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  2579. P11474 (Ès lettres ID)
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  2582. P4652 (ESCO Occupation ID)
  2583. P4644 (ESCO skill ID)
  2584. P4126 (ESEC person ID)
  2585. P11571 (ESID)
  2586. P7185 ( topic ID)
  2587. P6043 (Espèces Envahissantes Outre-mer ID)
  2588. P1601 (Esperantist ID)
  2589. P3681 (ESPN FC player ID)
  2590. P7262 ( college football player ID)
  2591. P3571 ( MLB player ID)
  2592. P10073 ( MMA fighter ID)
  2593. P3685 ( NBA player ID)
  2594. P3686 ( NFL player ID)
  2595. P3687 ( NHL player ID)
  2596. P11585 ( tennis player ID)
  2597. P3572 (ESPNcricinfo playing ground ID)
  2598. P2697 ( player ID)
  2599. P858 (ESPNscrum player ID)
  2600. P10802 (Esports Earnings game ID)
  2601. P10803 (Esports Earnings player ID)
  2602. P4050 (EspritBleu athlete ID (archived))
  2603. P2815 (ESR station code)
  2604. P8303 (ESRB game ID)
  2605. P5149 (Ester ID)
  2606. P7509 (Estonian biographical database ID)
  2607. P2948 (Estonian cultural monument ID)
  2608. P3659 (Estonian Football Association player ID)
  2609. P4639 (Estonian Football Association team ID)
  2610. P2953 (Estonian Research Portal person ID)
  2611. P7231 (eStudánky ID)
  2612. P2655 (Estyn ID)
  2613. P10824 (Ethereum token address)
  2614. P1627 ( language code)
  2615. P4536 (EThOS thesis ID)
  2616. P11680 (eTK ID)
  2617. P5377 (Étonnants voyageurs participant ID)
  2618. P6653 (ETS Designated Institution code)
  2619. P12360 ( ID)
  2620. P10261 (EtymWb lemma ID)
  2621. P11012 (EU Knowledge Graph item ID)
  2622. P5785 (EU Participant Identification Code)
  2623. P5755 (EU RCN)
  2624. P2965 (EU River Basin District code)
  2625. P2856 (EU Surface Water Body Code)
  2626. P2657 (EU Transparency Register ID)
  2627. P3608 (EU VAT number)
  2628. P10200 (EU Whoiswho ID)
  2629. P7854 ( club ID)
  2630. P7463 ( manager ID)
  2631. P7492 ( match ID)
  2632. P3726 ( player ID)
  2633. P7435 ( referee ID)
  2634. P8320 ( stadium ID)
  2635. P4800 (EUAP ID)
  2636. P11232 (EuDML journal ID)
  2637. P11166 (EuDML work ID)
  2638. P9306 (EudraCT trial ID)
  2639. P1084 (EUL editions)
  2640. P5539 (Eulalie ID)
  2641. P6681 (EUNIS ID for habitats)
  2642. P6177 (EUNIS ID for species)
  2643. P10247 ( person ID)
  2644. P3459 (EURING number)
  2645. P10435 (Euro NCAP ID)
  2646. P12380 (Euro+Med PlantBase taxon ID)
  2647. P7113 (Euro04.Ru person ID)
  2648. P9187 ( ID)
  2649. P6865 ( coach ID)
  2650. P3527 ( player ID)
  2651. P7875 (Eurogamer ID)
  2652. P5183 ( club ID)
  2653. P2601 ( player ID)
  2654. P6866 ( coach ID)
  2655. P3536 ( player ID)
  2656. P9438 (Europalexikon ID)
  2657. P5971 (Europe PlayStation Store ID)
  2658. P3766 (European Athletics athlete ID)
  2659. P11930 (European Bridge League ID)
  2660. P3570 (European Case Law ID)
  2661. P4475 (European Fencing Confederation fencer ID)
  2662. P8800 (European Film Awards ID)
  2663. P3573 (European Handball Federation player ID)
  2664. P11010 (European Hockey Federation player ID)
  2665. P3521 (European Tour golf player ID)
  2666. P12507 (‎European Union trademark number)
  2667. P9253 (European University Cyprus ID)
  2668. P7704 (Europeana entity)
  2669. P3482 (Europeana Fashion creator ID)
  2670. P3832 (Europeana Fashion Vocabulary ID)
  2671. P5437 (EuroVoc ID)
  2672. P4534 (EUTA person ID)
  2673. P4535 (EUTA theatre ID)
  2674. P5617 (Evene ID)
  2675. P6457 (Eventa Servo ID)
  2676. P7234 (Everand item ID)
  2677. P9881 (Every Noise at Once ID)
  2678. P10248 ( ID)
  2679. P4551 (Everyone Remembered ID)
  2680. P3811 (Evidence & Conclusion Ontology ID)
  2681. P10549 (Evil Angel movie ID)
  2682. P11681 (eVK2 ID)
  2683. P3927 ( racer ID)
  2684. P5851 (Ex-USSR internal airport code)
  2685. P1551 (Exceptional heritage of Wallonia ID)
  2686. P4361 (ExecutedToday ID)
  2687. P1555 (Executive Order number)
  2688. P5650 (Exoplanet Data Explorer exoplanet ID)
  2689. P7981 (ExoticA ID)
  2690. P5651 (Expedia hotel ID)
  2691. P11956 (Experimental Factor Ontology ID)
  2692. P11333 (Expertes ID)
  2693. P11641 (explain xkcd ID)
  2694. P12710 (Explanatory Ukrainian Dictionary ID)
  2695. P2755 (exploitation visa number)
  2696. P7319 (ExplorePaTrails ID)
  2697. P10202 (Express Gazeta ID)
  2698. P10071 (EXQUIRITE author ID)
  2699. P7073 (extension on WikiApiary)
  2700. P5653 (Extrasolar Planets Encyclopaedia exoplanet ID)
  2701. P8173 ( player ID)
  2702. P8089 (EZB ID)
  2703. P10324 ( lake ID)
  2704. P3597 (F-Droid package)
  2705. P10199 (F6S ID)
  2706. P11659 (Faber Music composer ID)
  2707. P11658 (Faber Music music ID)
  2708. P6913 (Facebook Gaming game ID)
  2709. P11705 (Facebook numeric ID)
  2710. P4003 (Facebook page ID)
  2711. P1997 (Facebook Places ID)
  2712. P2013 (Facebook username)
  2713. P3050 (FACR player ID)
  2714. P8168 (FactGrid item ID)
  2715. P10787 (FactGrid property ID)
  2716. P7974 (Faculté des sciences de Nancy ID)
  2717. P4556 (FAI ID)
  2718. P7366 (FAIMER school ID)
  2719. P11589 (Fallout Wiki ID)
  2720. P3462 (FAMA work ID)
  2721. P11381 (Famicom World ID)
  2722. P9118 (Family Video Game Database ID)
  2723. P10144 (Famitsu game ID)
  2724. P11194 (Famous Birthdays ID)
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  2726. P9307 (Fancyclopedia 3 ID)
  2727. P5693 (Fandango film ID)
  2728. P8125 (Fandango person ID)
  2729. P6644 (Fandango theater ID)
  2730. P7970 (FandangoNow ID)
  2731. P6262 (Fandom article ID)
  2732. P4073 (Fandom wiki ID)
  2733. P3574 (FanGraphs player ID)
  2734. P12039 (Fansly ID)
  2735. P5408 (Fantastic Fiction author ID)
  2736. P7433 (FantLab author ID)
  2737. P7437 (FantLab award ID)
  2738. P11726 (FantLab dictor ID)
  2739. P7438 (FantLab publisher ID)
  2740. P12009 (FantLab translator ID)
  2741. P7439 (FantLab work ID)
  2742. P3182 (FANTOIR code)
  2743. P10716 (fanvue creator ID)
  2744. P9781 (FANZA AV actress ID)
  2745. P3380 (FAO 2007 genetic resource ID)
  2746. P10079 (FAOLEX No)
  2747. P10584 (FAOTERM ID)
  2748. P4597 (FAPESP institution ID)
  2749. P4598 (FAPESP researcher ID)
  2750. P6628 (FaroeSoccer coach ID)
  2751. P6627 (FaroeSoccer player ID)
  2752. P12067 (FaroeSoccer referee ID)
  2753. P11336 (Fascist Latin Texts author ID)
  2754. P8608 (Fatcat ID)
  2755. P1895 (Fauna Europaea ID)
  2756. P4807 (Fauna Europaea New ID)
  2757. P5750 (FBref player ID)
  2758. P8642 (FBref squad ID)
  2759. P12684 (FBW ID)
  2760. P1400 (FCC Facility ID)
  2761. P7264 (FCC Grantee Code)
  2762. P4278 (FCI rider ID)
  2763. P11175 (FDIC Certificate ID)
  2764. P12589 (Featherbase ID)
  2765. P7057 (FEC Campaign Committee ID)
  2766. P3197 (Federal Heritage Buildings ID (Canada))
  2767. P1544 (Federal Register Document Number)
  2768. P6618 (Federal-State Cooperative System ID)
  2769. P10047 (Federation Council person ID)
  2770. P10964 (Federation Council reference ID)
  2771. P11006 (Federation of Ski-Jumping and Nordic Combined of Russia ID)
  2772. P11715 (Federiciana ID)
  2773. P3463 (Fedora package)
  2774. P11213 ( person ID)
  2775. P3111 (FEI athlete ID)
  2776. P6044 (FEIS ID)
  2777. P2070 (Fellow of the Royal Society ID)
  2778. P8877 (Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada ID)
  2779. P8266 (FEMA number)
  2780. P11111 (Female Physicians in the German Empire and the Weimar Republic ID)
  2781. P6722 (FemBio ID)
  2782. P11691 (Feminae record ID)
  2783. P10509 (Femiwiki ID)
  2784. P5327 ( ID)
  2785. P9880 (Festivaletteratura person ID)
  2786. P10014 (FFCAM ID)
  2787. P5619 (FFF author ID)
  2788. P5620 (FFF character ID)
  2789. P9264 ( player ID)
  2790. P4074 (FFN swimmer ID)
  2791. P3644 (FFR player ID)
  2792. P4880 (FFR Sevens player ID)
  2793. P6612 (FFS athlete ID)
  2794. P12609 ( player ID)
  2795. P12358 (FFTT player ID)
  2796. P4261 (FFVoile sailor ID)
  2797. P7168 (FGrHist ID)
  2798. P8077 (FHF establishment ID)
  2799. P8078 (FHF hospital group ID)
  2800. P3819 (FI WarSampo army unit ID)
  2801. P3817 (FI WarSampo person ID)
  2802. P9766 (FIBA 3x3 player ID)
  2803. P8712 (FIBA Hall of Fame ID)
  2804. P3542 (FIBA player ID)
  2805. P12338 ( player ID)
  2806. P9058 (Fichier des personnes décédées ID (matchID))
  2807. P10608 (FID performing arts ID)
  2808. P7364 (FIDAL team ID)
  2809. P10981 (Field Hockey Canada person ID)
  2810. P1469 (FIFA player ID (archived))
  2811. P7440 (FIG gymnast biography number)
  2812. P2696 (FIG gymnast licence number)
  2813. P11919 (FIGC player ID)
  2814. P9724 (FightMatrix fighter ID)
  2815. P4232 (Figshare author ID)
  2816. P2990 (FIL athlete ID)
  2817. P3381 (File Format Wiki page ID)
  2818. P5820 (Film Indonesia ID)
  2819. P5941 (Film Indonesia person ID)
  2820. P8796 (Film w prasie polskiej press collection ID)
  2821. P6603 ( author ID)
  2822. P3673 ( film ID)
  2823. P10303 ( film ID)
  2824. P10302 ( person ID)
  2825. P11505 ( serial ID)
  2826. P480 (FilmAffinity film ID)
  2827. P12153 (FilmAffinity person ID)
  2828. P6762 (FilmFreeway ID)
  2829. P7975 (Filmfront film ID (archived))
  2830. P8037 (Filmfront person ID (archived))
  2831. P9367 (Filmitalia film ID)
  2832. P9289 (Filmitalia person ID)
  2833. P10239 ( film ID)
  2834. P7519 (Filmový přehled film ID)
  2835. P7520 (Filmový přehled person ID)
  2836. P5233 (Filmow ID)
  2837. P3495 ( ID)
  2838. P2639 (Filmportal ID)
  2839. P8531 (Filmstarts title ID)
  2840. P8928 (Filmstriben film-ID)
  2841. P5253 ( movie ID)
  2842. P5254 ( person ID)
  2843. P5255 ( TV series ID)
  2844. P12683 (‎FilmVandaag ID)
  2845. P12222 ( film ID)
  2846. P5032 ( film ID)
  2847. P3995 ( ID)
  2848. P5033 ( person ID)
  2849. P8861 (FINA Wiki ID)
  2850. P8382 (Finales Rugby ID)
  2851. P6946 (Find & Connect ID)
  2852. P2025 (Find a Grave cemetery ID)
  2853. P12085 (‎Find my School ID)
  2854. P6792 (Find NZ Artists ID)
  2855. P9378 (FindeB lemma ID)
  2856. P3152 (Findsmiley ID)
  2857. P4058 (FINESS ID)
  2858. P9478 (Finna ID)
  2859. P4106 (Finnish archaeological heritage ID)
  2860. P7552 (Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility's Species List ID)
  2861. P7615 (Finnish generals and admirals in the Imperial Russian Army 1809–1917 ID)
  2862. P3394 (Finnish Lake ID)
  2863. P4143 (Finnish List of Lights ID)
  2864. P2182 (Finnish Ministers database ID)
  2865. P2181 (Finnish MP ID)
  2866. P1203 (Finnish municipality number)
  2867. P5266 (Finnish national bibliography corporate name ID)
  2868. P4177 (Finnish National Gallery artist ID)
  2869. P9834 (Finnish National Gallery artwork ID)
  2870. P10364 (Finnish real property ID)
  2871. P12524 (Finnish Service Catalogue organization ID)
  2872. P6775 (Finnish Trade Register ID)
  2873. P8585 (FIPRESCI person ID)
  2874. P901 (FIPS 10-4 (countries and regions))
  2875. P5086 (FIPS 5-2 alpha code (US states))
  2876. P5087 (FIPS 5-2 numeric code (US states))
  2877. P774 (FIPS 55-3 (locations in the US))
  2878. P882 (FIPS 6-4)
  2879. P8579 (Firefox Add-ons URL slug)
  2880. P5285 (Firmenbuchnummer)
  2881. P10902 (FirstCycling rider ID)
  2882. P2772 (FIS alpine skier ID)
  2883. P2773 (FIS cross-country skier ID)
  2884. P2774 (FIS freestyle skier ID)
  2885. P8845 (FIS grass skier ID)
  2886. P2776 (FIS Nordic combined skier ID)
  2887. P2775 (FIS ski jumper ID)
  2888. P2777 (FIS snowboarder ID)
  2889. P5103 (FIS speed skier ID)
  2890. P6669 (FIS telemark skier ID)
  2891. P8846 (FISG athlete ID)
  2892. P10674 (FISH Archaeological Objects Thesaurus ID)
  2893. P938 (FishBase species ID)
  2894. P8910 (Fitzwilliam Museum artwork ID)
  2895. P2801 (FIVB beach volleyball player ID)
  2896. P3089 (Flags of the World ID)
  2897. P5164 (Flanders Arts Institute organisation ID)
  2898. P5068 (Flanders Arts Institute person ID)
  2899. P5935 (Flanders Arts Institute production ID)
  2900. P3820 (Flanders Arts Institute venue ID)
  2901. P5410 (Flanders Music Centre person ID)
  2902. P12377 (Flashback lexicon ID)
  2903. P11875 (Flashpoint database ID)
  2904. P7460 ( match ID)
  2905. P8259 ( player ID)
  2906. P7876 ( team ID)
  2907. P4655 (Flathub ID)
  2908. P11389 (Flemish Heritage designation object ID)
  2909. P1764 (Flemish Heritage Object ID)
  2910. P3297 (Flemish Parliament person ID)
  2911. P6598 ( athlete ID)
  2912. P12120 (‎Flickr photo ID)
  2913. P3267 (Flickr user ID)
  2914. P5579 ( Airline ID)
  2915. P9922 (Flipboard ID)
  2916. P9150 (FloGrappling athlete ID)
  2917. P12670 (Flora Croatica Database taxon ID)
  2918. P6756 (Flora of Australia ID (new))
  2919. P3100 (Flora of Australia ID (old))
  2920. P1747 (Flora of China ID)
  2921. P3795 (Flora of Israel Online plant ID)
  2922. P12114 (Flora of New Jersey Project atlas ID)
  2923. P1727 (Flora of North America taxon ID)
  2924. P12179 (Flora of the Southeastern United States ID)
  2925. P6227 (Flora of Wisconsin ID)
  2926. P3101 (FloraBase ID)
  2927. P5179 (FloraCatalana ID)
  2928. P12100 (FloraVeg.EU taxon ID)
  2929. P6094 (FloraWeb ID)
  2930. P9913 (FLORE author ID)
  2931. P3504 (Florentine Inventario Palatina art ID)
  2932. P2242 (Florentine musea catalogue ID)
  2933. P1726 (Florentine musea Inventario 1890 ID)
  2934. P6567 (Florida Historical Marker List ID)
  2935. P4347 (Florida Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID)
  2936. P6096 (FLOW ID)
  2937. P7546 (Flowers of India ID)
  2938. P3852 (FlyBase Gene ID)
  2939. P2486 (FMD brand ID)
  2940. P2412 (FMD designer ID)
  2941. P2413 (FMD magazine ID)
  2942. P2266 (FMD model ID)
  2943. P2485 (FMD photographer ID)
  2944. P7665 (FMV World ID)
  2945. P12213 (FNAC artwork ID)
  2946. P5038 ( player ID)
  2947. P4310 (FOIH decree types ID)
  2948. P4309 (FOIH event types ID)
  2949. P4307 (FOIH heritage types ID)
  2950. P4304 (FOIH materials ID)
  2951. P4306 (FOIH periods ID)
  2952. P4206 (FOIH person ID)
  2953. P4305 (FOIH styles and cultures ID)
  2954. P4311 (FOIH taxon ID)
  2955. P9699 (FOIH themes ID)
  2956. P4308 (FOIH value types ID)
  2957. P10207 (Folketinget actor ID)
  2958. P12713 (Folkets lexikon ID)
  2959. P9875 (Fondation du patrimoine ID)
  2960. P6525 (Fondation Maeght artist ID)
  2961. P12141 (Fondazione Fiera ID)
  2962. P9641 ( place ID)
  2963. P9828 (Fontaines de France ID)
  2964. P11599 (Fonts In Use identifier)
  2965. P9840 ( ID)
  2966. P8117 (FooDB compound ID)
  2967. P4637 (FoodEx2 code)
  2968. P8862 (Foodlocate restaurant ID)
  2969. P6767 (FoodOn ID)
  2970. P11028 (Football 24 article ID)
  2971. P11027 (Football 24 article ID Russian)
  2972. P5628 ( female player ID)
  2973. P6415 ( person ID)
  2974. P3537 ( person ID)
  2975. P7351 ( team ID)
  2976. P3660 ( person ID)
  2977. P7358 ( team ID)
  2978. P4262 (Footofé player ID)
  2979. P3661 (ForaDeJogo manager ID (archived))
  2980. P3046 (ForaDeJogo player ID (archived))
  2981. P7412 ( team ID)
  2982. P9510 (Forbes Russia profile ID)
  2983. P9639 (Foreign diplomatic mission in Romania ID)
  2984. P8387 (Foreign war churchyards in Norway ID)
  2985. P8118 (Forest Stewardship Council Certificate Code)
  2986. P8128 (Forest Stewardship Council License Code)
  2987. P11678 (ForPost person ID)
  2988. P9369 ( ID)
  2989. P11123 (Förvaltningshistorisk Ordbok ID)
  2990. P7346 ( ID)
  2991. P7720 (Fossilworks ID for this journal article)
  2992. P842 (Fossilworks taxon ID)
  2993. P3663 (Fotbal DNES player ID)
  2994. P9720 (fotoCH photographer ID)
  2995. P9672 (Fotodok ID)
  2996. P3269 ( ID)
  2997. P8511 (Fototeka person ID)
  2998. P1402 (Foundational Model of Anatomy ID)
  2999. P1968 (Foursquare City Guide venue ID)
  3000. P6940 (FPBR person ID)
  3001. P10095 (FRACS Find a Surgeon profile ID)
  3002. P6744 (FragDenStaat public body ID)
  3003. P4107 (Framalibre ID)
  3004. P12455 (FrameNet frame ID)
  3005. P11774 (FrameNet Lexical Unit ID)
  3006. P7696 (Français libres ID)
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  3008. P9347 (France 24 topic ID (English))
  3009. P9346 (France 24 topic ID (French))
  3010. P9348 (France 24 topic ID (Spanish))
  3011. P12033 (France 3 Régions journalist ID)
  3012. P10868 (France bleu journalist ID)
  3013. P5301 (France Culture person ID (DEPRECATED))
  3014. P9371 (FranceArchives agent ID)
  3015. P9678 (Franciscan Center of Christian Oriental Studies ID)
  3016. P11981 (Frankfurt University Library Digital Collection ID)
  3017. P8044 (Frankfurter Personenlexikon ID)
  3018. P8544 (Frauen in Bewegung 1848–1938 ID)
  3019. P9752 (FRB event ID)
  3020. P9749 (FRB person ID)
  3021. P4113 (FRED time-series ID)
  3022. P2537 (Free Software Directory entry)
  3023. P646 (Freebase ID)
  3024. P7427 (FreeBSD port)
  3025. P11007 (Freestyle Federation of Russia ID)
  3026. P9820 (Freeview show ID)
  3027. P11629 (Fréjus et Toulon ID)
  3028. P5466 (French Academy in Rome resident ID)
  3029. P6282 (French Academy of Sciences member ID)
  3030. P3767 (French Athletics Federation athlete ID)
  3031. P11344 (French basketball championship ID (new schema))
  3032. P3396 (French Catholic Church structure ID)
  3033. P2385 (French diocesan architects ID)
  3034. P9643 (French Etalab parcel visualization code)
  3035. P11069 (French Favereau dictionary lexeme ID)
  3036. P10722 (French Inspector General for Education (1802-1914) ID)
  3037. P4123 (French National Assembly ID)
  3038. P3281 (French National Assembly Lobbyist ID)
  3039. P3016 (French national research structure ID)
  3040. P8797 (French Paralympic and Sports Committee athlete ID)
  3041. P6671 (French public service directory ID)
  3042. P2380 (French Sculpture Census artist ID)
  3043. P3386 (French Sculpture Census work ID)
  3044. P11840 (French sports venue number)
  3045. P7818 (French Vikidia ID)
  3046. P7848 (Frick Art Reference Library Artist File ID)
  3047. P11918 (Friedländer ID)
  3048. P6704 (FrogMAP ID)
  3049. P12523 (FSA Food Hygiene Rating System ID)
  3050. P11937 (FSHF player ID)
  3051. P6624 ( skater ID (archived))
  3052. P7882 ( politician ID)
  3053. P11619 (Full Fact ID)
  3054. P7229 (Fundación Goya en Aragón ID)
  3055. P6892 ( Baptist Church ID)
  3056. P6418 (funk channel ID)
  3057. P12653 (FürthWiki article ID)
  3058. P3538 ( person ID)
  3059. P7495 ( team ID)
  3060. P7399 (Futbolme player ID)
  3061. P6320 (Futsal Association of Russia player ID)
  3062. P3664 (Futsal Planet player ID)
  3063. P12019 (futzal.rus player ID)
  3064. P6469 (Fuzhou Architecture Heritage ID)
  3065. P8680 (FVLB work ID)
  3066. P7857 (fyyd podcast episode ID)
  3067. P7583 (fyyd podcast ID)
  3068. P7175 (Gaana album ID)
  3069. P6914 (Gaana artist ID)
  3070. P8919 (Gab username)
  3071. P5928 (Ġabra lexeme ID)
  3072. P4427 (GACS ID)
  3073. P8714 (GADM ID)
  3074. P10710 (Galaxy Store app ID)
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  3076. P12538 (‎Galician Authors in the BUSC ID)
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  3078. P3004 (Galiciana work ID)
  3079. P10925 (Galleria Recta artist ID)
  3080. P4258 (Gallica ID)
  3081. P6915 (Gambay ID)
  3082. P11376 (Game Boy hardware database ID)
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  3084. P12215 (‎Game Classification game ID)
  3085. P12216 (‎Game Classification machine ID)
  3086. P10507 (Game Informer ID)
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  3093. P9702 ( game ID)
  3094. P12103 (‎GameBrew ID)
  3095. P5371 (GAMECIP media format ID)
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  3098. P7661 (GameFAQs credit ID)
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  3101. P6078 (GameFAQs platform ID)
  3102. P12246 (‎ ID)
  3103. P10390 (GameGuru ID)
  3104. P7911 (Gamekult company ID)
  3105. P7912 (Gamekult franchise ID)
  3106. P7913 (Gamekult game ID)
  3107. P7914 (Gamekult platform ID)
  3108. P10475 (GameMAG ID)
  3109. P6867 (Gamepedia wiki ID)
  3110. P8090 (GameReactor game ID)
  3111. P8028 (GameRevolution game ID)
  3112. P12001 (GamerProfiles game ID)
  3113. P11771 (GamersGlobal game ID)
  3114. P11891 (GamersGlobal series ID)
  3115. P7794 (Games Database developer ID)
  3116. P7881 (Games Database game ID)
  3117. P7805 (Games Database publisher ID)
  3118. P7806 (Games Database system ID)
  3119. P9709 (Games und Erinnerungskultur Datenbank ID)
  3120. P12245 (‎GamesMeter game ID)
  3121. P9402 (GameSpot developer ID)
  3122. P5494 (GameSpot game ID)
  3123. P11786 (GamesRadar+ ID)
  3124. P7877 (GameStar ID)
  3125. P11877 (Gameswelt ID)
  3126. P8087 (GameTDB game ID)
  3127. P12143 (‎Gaming Wiki Network article ID)
  3128. P7521 (Gaming-History company ID)
  3129. P4806 (Gaming-History ID)
  3130. P1837 (Gaoloumi ID)
  3131. P12531 (GARAE ID)
  3132. P7739 (Garaph game ID)
  3133. P7740 (Garaph group ID)
  3134. P4317 (GARD rare disease ID)
  3135. P11022 (Garden Plant Finder ID)
  3136. P10792 ( Plants Database ID)
  3137. P10366 (Gardens Navigator ID)
  3138. P9505 (Gardens of the Roman Empire ID)
  3139. P3104 (Gares & Connexions ID)
  3140. P11432 (Garuda journal ID)
  3141. P6266 (Garzanti Linguistica ID)
  3142. P4141 (Gatehouse Gazetteer place ID)
  3143. P8501 (Gateway to Research organisation ID)
  3144. P8446 (Gateway to Research person ID)
  3145. P6536 (Gateway to Research Project ID)
  3146. P6402 (Gault et Millau ID)
  3147. P7114 (Gazeta.Ru Euro 2012 person ID)
  3148. P7349 (Gazetteer for Scotland person ID)
  3149. P7350 (Gazetteer for Scotland place ID)
  3150. P2824 (Gazetteer of Planetary Nomenclature ID)
  3151. P9284 (GB1900 ID)
  3152. P7915 (GBAtemp game ID)
  3153. P11359 (GBDB ID)
  3154. P846 (GBIF taxon ID)
  3155. P2971 (GCatholic church ID)
  3156. P8389 (GCatholic diocese ID)
  3157. P12509 (GCatholic episcopal conference ID)
  3158. P8366 (GCatholic person ID)
  3159. P9707 (GCD creator ID)
  3160. P11308 (GCD issue ID)
  3161. P9432 (GCD publisher ID)
  3162. P3589 (GCD series ID)
  3163. P7336 (GCF Reference)
  3164. P3367 (GECD film ID)
  3165. P3375 (GECD Firmen-ID)
  3166. P3366 (GECD person ID)
  3167. P5908 (Geheugen van de VU person ID)
  3168. P12092 (‎Gematsu company ID)
  3169. P12533 (‎Gematsu event ID)
  3170. P12058 (‎Gematsu game ID)
  3171. P10690 (GEMET ID)
  3172. P4695 (GEMS Code)
  3173. P4333 (GenBank assembly accession number)
  3174. P686 (Gene Ontology ID)
  3175. P9189 (Geneanet cemetery ID)
  3176. P9644 (Geneanet family name ID)
  3177. P3382 (GeneDB ID)
  3178. P9426 (Generals of World War II ID)
  3179. P4960 (Generation MSX ID)
  3180. P12626 (‎Génération Nintendo game ID)
  3181. P668 (GeneReviews ID)
  3182. P7464 (Genetics Home Reference Conditions ID)
  3183. P10178 (Genie album ID)
  3184. P10180 (Genie artist ID)
  3185. P10223 (Genie music video ID)
  3186. P10179 (Genie song ID)
  3187. P6217 (Genius album ID)
  3188. P6360 (Genius album numeric ID)
  3189. P2373 (Genius artist ID)
  3190. P6351 (Genius artist numeric ID)
  3191. P6218 (Genius ID)
  3192. P6361 (Genius song numeric ID)
  3193. P9952 (Gente di Tuscia ID)
  3194. P12708 (Gentoo GURU package ID)
  3195. P3499 (Gentoo package)
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  3197. P7352 (GENUKI ID)
  3198. P6419 (GEOFON earthquake ID)
  3199. P11309 (Geograph Deutschland image ID)
  3200. P7384 ( image ID)
  3201. P10008 (Geographical Names Board of NSW geoname ID)
  3202. P3517 (Geographical Names Board of NSW ID)
  3203. P1172 (Geokod)
  3204. P6202 (Geolex ID)
  3205. P10748 (GeolISSTerm ID)
  3206. P12170 (GeoLOD ID)
  3207. P2452 (GeoNames feature code)
  3208. P1566 (GeoNames ID)
  3209. P5400 (GeoNLP ID (obsolete))
  3210. P3370 (Géopatronyme ID)
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  3212. P8959 (Georgia Museum of Art ID)
  3213. P4364 (Georgia Sports Hall of Fame ID (archived))
  3214. P6420 (Georgian National Filmography ID)
  3215. P6501 (Georgian National Filmography person ID)
  3216. P4166 (Georgian National Register of Monuments ID)
  3217. P10727 (GeoSciML ID)
  3218. P9044 (GEPRIS Historisch person ID)
  3219. P4871 (GEPRIS organization ID)
  3220. P4872 (GEPRIS person ID)
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  3223. P440 (German district key)
  3224. P4023 (German Football Association person ID)
  3225. P10301 (German Lobbyregister ID)
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  3227. P10125 (German Newspaper Portal ID)
  3228. P1388 (German regional key)
  3229. P2628 (German tax authority ID)
  3230. P11890 (‎German University Collections person ID)
  3231. P7843 (German Vikidia ID)
  3232. P9181 (Germanistenverzeichnis ID)
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  3234. P1529 (Gertrude ID)
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  3239. P10434 (Gesher Theatre Archive play ID)
  3240. P5986 (Getty Iconography Authority ID)
  3241. P1667 (Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names ID)
  3242. P5434 (Gfycat user ID (archived))
  3243. P5247 (Giant Bomb ID)
  3244. P10988 (GIE gas storage ID)
  3245. P4013 (Giphy username)
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  3247. P8212 ( ID)
  3248. P10884 (Gitee username)
  3249. P9100 (GitHub topic)
  3250. P2037 (GitHub username)
  3251. P8827 ( username)
  3252. P3066 (GLAM ID)
  3253. P6148 (GLAMOS glacier ID)
  3254. P11583 (GLANSIS ID)
  3255. P8060 (Glassdoor company ID)
  3256. P9487 (GLEIF registration authority code)
  3257. P6799 (GLIMS ID)
  3258. P11541 (Glitchwave character ID)
  3259. P11537 (Glitchwave franchise ID)
  3260. P11538 (Glitchwave game company ID)
  3261. P11539 (Glitchwave game ID)
  3262. P10049 (Glitchwave genre ID)
  3263. P11540 (Glitchwave platform ID)
  3264. P1842 (Global Anabaptist Mennonite Encyclopedia Online ID)
  3265. P12732 (Global Egyptian Museum ID)
  3266. P2467 (Global Geoparks Network ID (former scheme))
  3267. P5626 (Global Invasive Species Database ID)
  3268. P9860 (Global Location Number)
  3269. P7955 (Global Music Rights work ID)
  3270. P3564 (Global Poker Index ID)
  3271. P6045 (Global Raptor Information Network ID)
  3272. P11791 (Global Smash Roster fighter ID)
  3273. P6433 (Global Species ID)
  3274. P4089 (Global Terrorism Database ID)
  3275. P3962 (Global Trade Item Number)
  3276. P1886 (Global Volcanism Program ID)
  3277. P12356 (‎Globoplay ID)
  3278. P11021 (Glossary of Astronomical Terms ID)
  3279. P1394 (Glottolog code)
  3280. P5467 (GlyphWiki ID)
  3281. P8273 (GMC registration number)
  3282. P804 (GNIS Antarctica ID)
  3283. P590 (GNIS Feature ID)
  3284. P12486 (‎GNM ID)
  3285. P2326 (GNS Unique Feature ID)
  3286. P6823 (GNU ELPA package ID)
  3287. P12115 (‎GNU Savannah project ID)
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  3291. P2725 (GOG application ID)
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  3294. P7136 (Goibibo Hotel ID)
  3295. P7502 (Golden ID)
  3296. P11229 (Golfdata ID)
  3297. P5211 (GONIAT author ID)
  3298. P5214 (GONIAT paper ID)
  3299. P5215 (GONIAT place ID)
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  3301. P10365 ( ID)
  3302. P2963 (Goodreads author ID)
  3303. P6327 (Goodreads character ID)
  3304. P6947 (Goodreads series ID)
  3305. P2969 (Goodreads version/edition ID)
  3306. P8383 (Goodreads work ID)
  3307. P4701 (Google Arts & Culture asset ID)
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  3316. P5337 (Google News topics ID)
  3317. P4486 (Google Play developer ID)
  3318. P8939 (Google Play developer slug)
  3319. P6562 (Google Play Movies & TV ID (deprecated))
  3320. P4199 (Google Play Music album ID (former scheme))
  3321. P4198 (Google Play Music artist ID (former scheme))
  3322. P3418 (Google Play Store app ID)
  3323. P9003 (Google Podcasts show ID)
  3324. P11302 (Google Product Taxonomy ID)
  3325. P1960 (Google Scholar author ID)
  3326. P8008 (Google Scholar case ID)
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  3328. P4028 (Google Scholar paper ID)
  3329. P2847 (Google+ ID)
  3330. P2805 (Goratings ID)
  3331. P2988 (GOST 7.67 cyrillic)
  3332. P278 (GOST 7.75–97 code)
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  3334. P10874 ( person ID)
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  3341. P3074 (Grace's Guide ID)
  3342. P8020 ( game ID)
  3343. P7303 (Grammy Awards artist ID)
  3344. P8386 (Gramophone composer ID)
  3345. P12385 (Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID)
  3346. P1296 (Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID (former scheme))
  3347. P6412 (Gran Enciclopèdia de la Música ID)
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  3349. P9900 (Grand dictionnaire terminologique ID)
  3350. P10294 (Grand Duchy of Lithuania encyclopedia ID)
  3351. P12711 (Grand Theft Wiki ID)
  3352. P1832 (GrassBase ID)
  3353. P917 (GRAU index)
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  3355. P12354 (Great American Business Leaders of the 20th Century ID)
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  3357. P9826 (Great Encyclopedia of Cyril and Methodius entry ID)
  3358. P7388 (Great Encyclopedia of Navarre ID)
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  3360. P12453 (Great Plains Herbaria taxon ID)
  3361. P10833 (Great Plant Picks ID)
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  3363. P11514 (Great Russian Encyclopedia portal ID)
  3364. P9765 (Great Ukrainian Encyclopedia Online ID)
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  3367. P5722 (Greek Basket League ID)
  3368. P9951 (Greek Castles ID)
  3369. P11481 (Green's Dictionary of Slang ID)
  3370. P1577 (Gregory-Aland-Number)
  3371. P2427 (GRID ID)
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  3375. P8406 (Grove Art Online ID)
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  3380. P9877 (Gry-Online game ID)
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  3382. P8957 (GS1 GPC code)
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  3384. P11943 (GSAFD ID)
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  3386. P836 (GSS code (2011))
  3387. P9827 (GSSO ID)
  3388. P6054 (GT IBMA ID)
  3389. P1741 (GTAA ID)
  3390. P3106 (Guardian topic ID)
  3391. P4710 (Guardiana ID)
  3392. P6594 (Guggenheim fellows ID)
  3393. P7729 (GUI number)
  3394. P3318 (Guía Digital del Patrimonio Cultural de Andalucía ID)
  3395. P7257 (Guia dos Quadrinhos artist ID)
  3396. P7268 (Guia dos Quadrinhos character ID)
  3397. P7269 (Guia dos Quadrinhos comic ID)
  3398. P7266 (Guia dos Quadrinhos comic ID (Brazilian))
  3399. P7270 (Guia dos Quadrinhos publishing house ID)
  3400. P7267 (Guia dos Quadrinhos publishing house ID (Brazilian))
  3401. P6206 (Guida al Fumetto Italiano ID)
  3402. P4907 (Guide Nicaise ID)
  3403. P3397 (Guide of the French Church person ID)
  3404. P4715 (Guide to North American Birds ID)
  3405. P5458 (Guide to Pharmacology Target ID)
  3406. P10563 (GuideStar India Organisations ID)
  3407. P3914 (GuideStar Israel organization ID)
  3408. P6765 (Guix Variable Name)
  3409. P9863 (Gujarati Vishwakosh entry)
  3410. P4181 (GujLit book ID)
  3411. P4180 (GujLit person ID)
  3412. P10775 (Gun Violence Archive ID)
  3413. P9682 (Gutenberg Biographics ID)
  3414. P2161 (Guthrie code)
  3415. P9387 (GWB lemma ID)
  3416. P9466 (Gyldendals Teaterleksikon ID)
  3417. P4546 (Gymn Forum athlete ID)
  3418. P5843 (Gynopedia ID)
  3419. P11624 (HAA member ID)
  3420. P10807 (HaBama person ID)
  3421. P10469 (HaBima Archive person ID)
  3422. P10468 (HaBima Archive play ID)
  3423. P10296 (Habr company ID)
  3424. P11246 (hackage package)
  3425. P11532 (Hackage username)
  3426. P7171 (Hacker News username)
  3427. P2273 (HAdW member ID)
  3428. P7864 (HAL article ID)
  3429. P4450 (HAL author ID)
  3430. P8903 (HAL journal ID)
  3431. P6773 (HAL structure ID)
  3432. P11744 (Hall of Light artist ID)
  3433. P11742 (Hall of Light developer ID)
  3434. P4671 (Hall of Light ID)
  3435. P11743 (Hall of Light publisher ID)
  3436. P1869 (Hall of Valor ID)
  3437. P10879 (Hamburger Professorinnen- und Professorenkatalog ID)
  3438. P5091 (HanCinema drama ID)
  3439. P5108 (HanCinema film ID)
  3440. P3045 (HanCinema person ID)
  3441. P10944 (Handball Federation of Russia ID)
  3442. P5057 (Handball-Bundesliga player ID)
  3443. P7002 (Handball123 player ID)
  3444. P6015 (Handbook of Texas ID)
  3445. P9846 (HandiSport Équipes de France ID)
  3446. P1184 (Handle ID)
  3447. P9708 (Handzone player ID)
  3448. P3675 (Hans Christian Andersen Centre work ID)
  3449. P2015 (Hansard (1803–2005) ID)
  3450. P2170 (Hansard (2006–March 2016) ID)
  3451. P12615 (Hanslick Online person ID)
  3452. P3877 (HappyCow restaurant ID)
  3453. P6784 (Harper's author ID)
  3454. P10599 (HarperCollins product ID)
  3455. P11640 (Hart Island Project person ID)
  3456. P10121 (Harvard Art Museums artwork ID)
  3457. P4754 (Harvard botanical journal ID)
  3458. P5049 (Harvard designation)
  3459. P6264 (Harvard Index of Botanists ID)
  3460. P3226 (HAS member ID)
  3461. P8119 (HASC)
  3462. P1844 (HathiTrust ID)
  3463. P10869 (HATVP organisation ID)
  3464. P4703 (HATVP person ID)
  3465. P9168 (Hauts-de-France Inventory ID)
  3466. P8526 (Have I Been Pwned breach ID)
  3467. P4365 (Hawai‘i Sports Hall of Fame ID (archived))
  3468. P7999 (Haz-Map ID)
  3469. P12126 (HBL topic ID)
  3470. P8298 (HBO Max ID)
  3471. P12374 (HbVar ID)
  3472. P6599 (HCA Red List of Endangered Crafts ID)
  3473. P12613 (HCERES organisation ID)
  3474. P7025 (HCIS ID)
  3475. P902 (HDS ID)
  3476. P7410 (Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System ID)
  3477. P2272 (Hederich encyclopedia article)
  3478. P10776 (HeHaCham HaYomi ID)
  3479. P10799 ( ID)
  3480. P7667 (Hellenic Civil Aviation Authority airport code)
  3481. P4489 (Hellenic Olympic Committee athlete ID (archived))
  3482. P8355 (Helsinki persistent building ID Ratu)
  3483. P1255 (HelveticArchives ID)
  3484. P6192 (Hembygdsportalen ID)
  3485. P8518 (Henrik Ibsen writings ID)
  3486. P4334 (Heritage Conservation District of Ontario ID)
  3487. P8169 (Heritage Gateway ID)
  3488. P6916 (Heritage Gazetteer of Cyprus)
  3489. P6751 (Heritage Gazetteer of Libya ID)
  3490. P9154 (Heritage Information System ID in the database of cultural heritage in Austria)
  3491. P3211 (Heritage Lighthouse of Canada ID)
  3492. P933 (Heritage NL ID)
  3493. P3209 (Heritage Railway Station of Canada ID)
  3494. P1632 (Hermann-Mauguin notation)
  3495. P10270 (Hermitage Museum work ID)
  3496. P9486 (HERO ID)
  3497. P11043 (Hesperomys taxon ID)
  3498. P10363 (Hessian Literature Council author ID)
  3499. P353 (HGNC gene symbol)
  3500. P354 (HGNC ID)
  3501. P3331 (HGVS nomenclature)
  3502. P3567 ( NHL player ID)
  3503. P7304 (Highland Historic Environment Record ID)
  3504. P7271 (Hiking Project area ID)
  3505. P7272 (Hiking Project site ID)
  3506. P7116 (Hiking Project trail ID)
  3507. P8593 (Hikr waypoint ID)
  3508. P9943 (Hill Museum & Manuscript Library ID)
  3509. P11388 (Hilton Hotel ID)
  3510. P12676 (Hindawi Foundation book ID)
  3511. P11157 (HiSCoD ID)
  3512. P4868 (Hispania Nostra Red List code)
  3513. P5468 (Historia de la Medicina person ID)
  3514. P12281 (HistoriaGames game ID)
  3515. P12240 (‎HistoriaGames series ID)
  3516. P4117 (Historic England research records ID)
  3517. P709 (Historic Environment Scotland ID)
  3518. P9527 (Historic Hawai‘i Foundation place ID)
  3519. P5734 (Historic Hotels of America ID)
  3520. P5774 (Historic Hotels of Europe ID)
  3521. P5735 (Historic Hotels Worldwide ID)
  3522. P8617 (Historic Montana ID)
  3523. P10705 (Historic Oregon Newspapers ID)
  3524. P4697 (Historic Place Names of Wales ID)
  3525. P12733 (Historic Synagogues of Europe ID)
  3526. P6917 (Historical Archives of the European Union ID)
  3527. P2503 (Historical Gazetteer (GOV) ID)
  3528. P7883 (Historical Marker Database ID)
  3529. P6309 (historical Répertoire national des associations ID)
  3530. P10423 (Historical Topography of Cultural Heritage object ID)
  3531. P8158 (History Colorado ID)
  3532. P3885 (History of Modern Biomedicine ID)
  3533. P1614 (History of Parliament ID)
  3534. P9470 (HistoryLink essay number)
  3535. P12365 (HistoryMakers Maker Directory ID)
  3536. P10479 ( person ID)
  3537. P6968 ( artist (certification) ID)
  3538. P6918 ( artist ID)
  3539. P11920 ( song ID)
  3540. P5909 (HKCAN ID)
  3541. P2883 (HKMDB film ID)
  3542. P3346 (HKMDB person ID)
  3543. P11211 (Hlídač státu person ID)
  3544. P8878 (HLTV player ID)
  3545. P10724 (Hmoegirl ID)
  3546. P2476 (HNI person/institution ID)
  3547. P11004 (Hockey New Zealand person ID)
  3548. P3598 ( player ID)
  3549. P2602 (HockeyDB player ID)
  3550. P9719 (HockeyLive player ID)
  3551. P10430 ( player ID)
  3552. P9677 ( player ID)
  3553. P11909 (Holarse article ID)
  3554. P2866 (Hollandsche Molen ID)
  3555. P9109 ( person ID)
  3556. P7563 (Home of the Underdogs game ID)
  3557. P8443 (Homebrew formula name)
  3558. P11122 (HomeComputer Museum ID)
  3559. P6417 (Homosaurus ID (V2))
  3560. P10192 (Homosaurus ID (V3))
  3561. P12480 (Hong Kong Cinema ID)
  3562. P6868 (Hoopla artist ID)
  3563. P6869 (Hoopla publisher ID)
  3564. P7651 (Hoopla series ID)
  3565. P5680 (Hoopla title ID)
  3566. P3165 (Horsetelex ID)
  3567. P10442 (hostelworld hostel ID)
  3568. P3898 ( hotel ID)
  3569. P8400 (House Divided ID)
  3570. P5451 (House of Representatives of Morocco ID)
  3571. P7046 (HOV-ID)
  3572. P2816 (HowLongToBeat ID)
  3573. P5094 (HPIP ID)
  3574. P9554 (hPSCreg cell line ID)
  3575. P2489 ( ID)
  3576. P10702 ( article ID)
  3577. P7982 (Hrvatska enciklopedija ID)
  3578. P8576 (Hrvatska tehnička enciklopedija ID)
  3579. P8581 (Hrvatski biografski leksikon ID)
  3580. P12201 (Hugging Face user or organization ID)
  3581. P10668 (HuijiWiki article ID)
  3582. P8900 (HuijiWiki wiki ID)
  3583. P6466 (Hulu movie ID)
  3584. P6467 (Hulu series ID)
  3585. P3841 (Human Phenotype Ontology ID)
  3586. P8973 (Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Tasking Manager project ID)
  3587. P9428 (Humanitāro zinātņu virtuālā enciklopēdija concept ID)
  3588. P9429 (Humanitāro zinātņu virtuālā enciklopēdija person ID)
  3589. P11780 (Humanities Commons member ID)
  3590. P4477 (Humble Store ID)
  3591. P2619 (Hungarian company ID)
  3592. P9067 (Hungarian Film Archive ID)
  3593. P11433 (Hungarian Film Archive person ID)
  3594. P11513 (Hungarian Football Federation player ID)
  3595. P4966 (Hungarian National Assembly ID)
  3596. P11685 (Hungarian National Namespace organisation ID (new))
  3597. P6989 (Hungarian National Namespace organisation ID (old))
  3598. P11621 (Hungarian National Namespace person ID (new))
  3599. P6988 (Hungarian National Namespace person ID (old))
  3600. P11620 (Hungarian National Namespace place ID (new))
  3601. P6987 (Hungarian National Namespace place ID (old))
  3602. P4031 (Hungarian NGO ID)
  3603. P4066 (Hungarian Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  3604. P4993 (Hungarian public body ID)
  3605. P6382 (Hungarian public thesaurus ID)
  3606. P8725 (Hungarian Water Polo Federation player ID)
  3607. P502 (HURDAT ID)
  3608. P9607 ( person ID)
  3609. P12552 (Hyatt hotel ID)
  3610. P9356 (Hymenoptera Anatomy Ontology ID)
  3611. P6021 (Hymenoptera Online taxon ID)
  3612. P6300 (Hymnary author ID)
  3613. P6429 (Hymnary hymnal ID)
  3614. P6430 (Hymnary instance ID)
  3615. P6348 (Hymnary text ID)
  3616. P6431 (Hymnary tune ID)
  3617. P6028 (Hypericum MySpecies ID)
  3618. P8870 (Hyperion Records person ID)
  3619. P9036 (I professori dell'Università di Pavia (1859-1961) ID)
  3620. P8099 (I-Revues ID)
  3621. P5250 (IAB code)
  3622. P3869 (IAFD female performer ID)
  3623. P8815 (IAFD film distributor ID)
  3624. P5098 (IAFD film ID)
  3625. P12654 (IAFD film UUID)
  3626. P4505 (IAFD male performer ID)
  3627. P11104 (IAHR member ID)
  3628. P5914 (IANA Root Zone Database ID)
  3629. P5814 (IANA service name)
  3630. P6687 (IANA timezone ID)
  3631. P8425 (IAPH code)
  3632. P9861 (Iași Central University Library ID)
  3633. P2780 (IAT diver ID)
  3634. P2778 (IAT triathlete ID)
  3635. P2779 (IAT weightlifter ID)
  3636. P11662 (IATE ID)
  3637. P9467 (IAU member ID)
  3638. P4734 (IBM code page ID)
  3639. P4735 (IBM coded character set ID)
  3640. P4736 (IBM graphic character global ID)
  3641. P4197 (IBM graphic character set global ID)
  3642. P954 (IBNR ID)
  3643. P7182 (IBP 4-letter bird species alpha code)
  3644. P12121 (‎IBP 6-letter bird species alpha code)
  3645. P11923 (IbsenStage ID)
  3646. P2991 (IBSF athlete ID)
  3647. P9535 (IBSF competition ID)
  3648. P4540 (IBTrACS cyclone ID)
  3649. P2459 (IBU biathlete ID)
  3650. P5128 (ICAA film catalogue ID)
  3651. P12521 (ICANNWiki page ID)
  3652. P9049 (ICCD agent ID)
  3653. P9051 (ICCD cultural heritage ID)
  3654. P6287 (ICCD ID - CF form)
  3655. P6288 (ICCD ID - CG form)
  3656. P6286 (ICCD ID - S form)
  3657. P9892 (ICCD ID - Santuari Cristiani)
  3658. P9050 (ICCD site ID)
  3659. P10518 (ICCROM authority ID)
  3660. P494 (ICD-10)
  3661. P4229 (ICD-10-CM)
  3662. P1690 (ICD-10-PCS)
  3663. P7807 (ICD-11 (foundation))
  3664. P7329 (ICD-11 ID (MMS))
  3665. P493 (ICD-9 ID)
  3666. P563 (ICD-O)
  3667. P3689 (ICF canoer ID)
  3668. P1256 (Iconclass notation)
  3669. P12701 (Iconoteca dell'Accademia di architettura ID)
  3670. P8577 (ICP artist ID)
  3671. P12719 (ICPE establishment ID)
  3672. P10326 (ICPSR Geographic Names Thesaurus ID)
  3673. P10327 (ICPSR Organization Names Authority List ID)
  3674. P10328 (ICPSR Personal Names Authority List ID)
  3675. P10329 (ICPSR Subject Thesaurus ID)
  3676. P10477 (ICQ user ID)
  3677. P4554 (ICRC PoW ID)
  3678. P10284 (iCSO ID)
  3679. P8270 (ID natural monuments in Landkreis Oberspreewald-Lausitz)
  3680. P11225 (ID of část obce díl)
  3681. P5957 (ID of Inventory of the Archaeological and Paleontological Heritage of Catalonia)
  3682. P12618 (ID of member of the Chambre des députés)
  3683. P4977 (IDA place ID)
  3684. P9684 (Idaho Species ID)
  3685. P8216 (iDAI.chronontology ID)
  3686. P8217 (iDAI.gazetteer ID)
  3687. P10721 (Identifiant Les Recteurs d'Académie en France)
  3688. P12603 (identifiant Sculpturo)
  3689. P7251 (identification code for Japanese universities and colleges)
  3690. P12012 (identifier in a register in Germany)
  3691. P4793 ( prefix)
  3692. P1043 (IDEO Job ID)
  3693. P4335 (IDESCAT territorial code in Catalonia)
  3694. P7741 (IDFA film ID)
  3695. P11390 (IDG IT-ord ID)
  3696. P5553 (IDIH ID)
  3697. P3760 (Iditarod musher ID)
  3698. P10578 (IDU foreign theatre ID)
  3699. P8385 (IDU person ID)
  3700. P10579 (IDU theatre building ID)
  3701. P7637 (IDU theatre ID)
  3702. P8129 (IDU theatre name unique ID)
  3703. P10580 (IDU theatrical ensemble ID)
  3704. P12163 (IDVT)
  3705. P6239 (IEC commemorative monument of Catalonia ID)
  3706. P5638 (IEEE standard)
  3707. P6479 (IEEE Xplore author ID)
  3708. P6480 (IEEE Xplore document ID)
  3709. P305 (IETF language tag)
  3710. P8855 (IEV number)
  3711. P8997 (IFF player ID)
  3712. P9783 (IFFR filmmaker ID)
  3713. P9617 (iFixit device ID)
  3714. P7476 (iFixit teardown ID)
  3715. P11905 (ifkdb player ID)
  3716. P9112 (IFLA value vocabularies ID)
  3717. P12393 (IFOPT stop ID)
  3718. P6965 (IFPI Austria artist ID)
  3719. P6966 (IFPI Danmark artist ID)
  3720. P9068 (IFPI Danmark work ID)
  3721. P10587 (IFPI GTIN)
  3722. P6971 (IFPI Norge artist ID)
  3723. P9738 (IFPNI author ID)
  3724. P6341 (IFPNI species ID)
  3725. P3690 (IFSC climber ID)
  3726. P12307 (IFTTT service ID)
  3727. P9421 (IFVPF ID)
  3728. P10841 (ifwizz ID)
  3729. P8018 (IGCD game ID)
  3730. P11046 (IGDB game engine ID)
  3731. P6032 (IGF entrant ID)
  3732. P4469 (IGHOF athlete ID)
  3733. P12111 (‎IGI Global author ID)
  3734. P9982 (IGI Global Dictionary ID)
  3735. P5865 (IGN film ID)
  3736. P5385 (IGN game ID)
  3737. P5932 (IGN TV series ID)
  3738. P12235 (‎IGN wiki article ID)
  3739. P7345 (IGNrando' ID)
  3740. P2473 (IGPCV ID)
  3741. P9832 (Igromania company ID)
  3742. P6827 (Igromania ID)
  3743. P9835 (Igromania series ID)
  3744. P7317 (iHeart artist ID)
  3745. P7324 (iHeart podcast ID)
  3746. P11186 (IHF profile ID)
  3747. P11187 (ihg Hotel ID)
  3748. P2480 (IHO Hydrographic Dictionary (S-32) Number)
  3749. P6356 (IHOI work ID)
  3750. P1370 (IHSI ID)
  3751. P7646 (IISG ID)
  3752. P10065 (IJF competition ID)
  3753. P4559 (IJF judoka ID)
  3754. P5099 (Il mondo dei doppiatori ID)
  3755. P12420 (Il Nuovo De Mauro ID)
  3756. P12139 (Il Sole 24 Ore movie ID)
  3757. P12140 (Il Sole 24 Ore person ID)
  3758. P8136 (Il Sole 24 Ore topic ID)
  3759. P10216 (ILAB ID)
  3760. P11159 (ILAMDIR ID)
  3761. P5409 (Île en île author ID)
  3762. P9208 (Île-de-France inventory ID)
  3763. P11114 (Illinois Plants ID)
  3764. P12117 (Illinois State Parks ID)
  3765. P6487 (Illustrated catalog of Tessaratomidae species ID)
  3766. P11251 (ILNM ID)
  3767. P10521 (ILO code)
  3768. P8717 (ILO Thesaurus ID)
  3769. P5764 (IMA museum ID)
  3770. P484 (IMA Number, broad sense)
  3771. P6482 (Image Archive, Herder Institute)
  3772. P9425 (Image Comics creator ID)
  3773. P7186 (Image-Line artist ID)
  3774. P4761 (Images d'Art artwork ID)
  3775. P10539 (ImagesDéfense ID)
  3776. P345 (IMDb ID)
  3777. P11924 (IMDb keyword)
  3778. P5712 (IMEC ID)
  3779. P6992 (IMFDB ID)
  3780. P3191 (IMIS person ID)
  3781. P8813 (IMMuB album ID)
  3782. P8812 (IMMuB artist ID)
  3783. P458 (IMO ship number)
  3784. P839 (IMSLP ID)
  3785. P6776 ( ID)
  3786. P6960 (IMVDb artist ID)
  3787. P11933 (IMVDb artist numeric ID)
  3788. P8776 (IMVDb music video ID)
  3789. P3194 (INA video ID)
  3790. P3895 (INAO product ID)
  3791. P9871 (INAPP author ID)
  3792. P9868 (INAPP Thesaurus ID)
  3793. P9874 (INAPP work ID)
  3794. P5683 (iNaturalist observation ID)
  3795. P7471 (iNaturalist place ID)
  3796. P3151 (iNaturalist taxon ID)
  3797. P12022 (iNaturalist user ID)
  3798. P8582 (InciWeb ID)
  3799. P6494 (Incunabula Short Title Catalogue ID)
  3800. P10285 (Indeed company ID)
  3801. P1391 (Index Fungorum ID)
  3802. P2794 (Index Hepaticarum ID)
  3803. P5858 (Index Herbariorum code)
  3804. P5921 (Index of Historic Collectors and Dealers of Cubism ID)
  3805. P10211 (Index of Middle English Verse ID)
  3806. P9784 (Index Theologicus publication ID)
  3807. P6626 (Index to American Botanical Literature ID)
  3808. P10420 (Index to Organism Names ID)
  3809. P10662 (IndexCat ID)
  3810. P12371 (IndExs Exsiccata editor ID)
  3811. P7537 (India Biodiversity Portal species ID)
  3812. P6503 (Indian census area code (1991))
  3813. P3213 (Indian census area code (2001))
  3814. P5578 (Indian census area code (2011))
  3815. P4635 (Indian Financial System Code)
  3816. P4433 (Indian Foundation for Butterflies ID)
  3817. P6919 (Indian gallantry awardee ID)
  3818. P7544 (Indian Medicinal Plants Database ID)
  3819. P5696 (Indian Railways station code)
  3820. P8180 (Indian Railways train number)
  3821. P7053 (Indian Super League player ID)
  3822. P4557 (Indiana Basketball Hall of Fame ID)
  3823. P12136 (Indiana Plant Atlas ID)
  3824. P9546 (Indiana State Historical Marker Program ID)
  3825. P11342 (Indiana State Historical Marker Program numeric ID)
  3826. P4674 (Indianapolis Museum of Art artwork ID)
  3827. P5987 ( film ID)
  3828. P5989 ( person ID)
  3829. P6832 (IndicePA ID)
  3830. P12252 (‎Indie DB company ID)
  3831. P6717 (Indie DB game ID)
  3832. P7953 (Indiegogo project ID)
  3833. P9870 (IndieMag game ID)
  3834. P9246 (Indigenous Australia ID)
  3835. P10024 (Indigenous Corporation Number)
  3836. P9442 (Indigenous Lands in Brazil ID)
  3837. P10139 (Indonesian College Code)
  3838. P6566 (Indonesian Cultural Heritage Registration System ID)
  3839. P3034 (Indonesian ethnicity code)
  3840. P10115 (Indonesian Hospital ID)
  3841. P8325 (Indonesian Intangible Cultural Heritage Registration Number)
  3842. P9936 (Indonesian Museum National Registration System ID)
  3843. P10043 (Indonesian parliament candidate ID 2019)
  3844. P8668 (Indonesian prison database ID)
  3845. P4227 (Indonesian Small Islands Directory ID)
  3846. P4479 (INDUCKS character ID)
  3847. P4481 (INDUCKS creator ID)
  3848. P4484 (INDUCKS issue ID)
  3849. P4485 (INDUCKS miniseries ID)
  3850. P4480 (INDUCKS publication ID)
  3851. P4482 (INDUCKS publisher ID)
  3852. P4483 (INDUCKS story ID)
  3853. P6324 (INE ID (Portugal))
  3854. P772 (INE municipality code)
  3855. P1976 (INEGI locality ID)
  3856. P3801 (INEGI municipality ID)
  3857. P11704 (INEP ID)
  3858. P5549 (INEPAC ID)
  3859. P8175 (Infames Romani ID)
  3860. P11615 (InfluenceWatch influencer)
  3861. P6098 (Info Flora ID)
  3862. P5532 (Infocentre littéraire des écrivains ID)
  3863. P3169 (Infochevaux ID)
  3864. P11485 (Infopédia entry)
  3865. P9321 (Inforegister ID)
  3866. P1736 (Information Center for Israeli Art artist ID)
  3867. P5223 (Information Center for Israeli Art artwork ID)
  3868. P6421 ( person ID)
  3869. P7558 (Inguma author ID)
  3870. P2618 (inHerit Place Number)
  3871. P10934 (Initia carminum Latinorum ID)
  3872. P10236 (Initiale ID)
  3873. P11315 (INKR title ID)
  3874. P10392 (INPA park ID)
  3875. P863 (InPhO ID)
  3876. P4729 (INRAN Italian Food ID)
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  4099. P3863 (Italian Navy Lighthouses and Beacons ID)
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  4106. P4399 (Itaú Cultural ID)
  4107. P8176 ( developer profile)
  4108. P8618 (ITF player ID 2020)
  4109. P599 (ITF player ID before 2020 (archived))
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  4112. P8689 (ITHL author ID)
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  4115. P3024 (ITU letter code)
  4116. P5686 (ITU-R Recommendation)
  4117. P5688 (ITU-T Recommendation)
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  4119. P10151 (iTunes genre ID)
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  4122. P6381 (iTunes TV season ID)
  4123. P9516 (IUCN Green List ID)
  4124. P627 (IUCN taxon ID)
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  4127. P11682 (Ivi work ID)
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  4129. P3667 (IWF athlete ID)
  4130. P3038 (IWM memorial ID)
  4131. P4504 (IWRP athlete ID)
  4132. P10414 (iXBT Games ID)
  4133. P10553 (IxTheo authority ID)
  4134. P9839 ( ID)
  4135. P10993 ( person ID)
  4136. P7783 (J-GLOBAL ID)
  4137. P11504 (J-STAGE journal ID)
  4138. P9484 (J! Archive player ID)
  4139. P2432 (J. Paul Getty Museum agent DOR ID (old))
  4140. P12040 (J. Paul Getty Museum agent ID)
  4141. P2582 (J. Paul Getty Museum object ID)
  4142. P4048 (J.League manager ID)
  4143. P3565 (J.League player ID)
  4144. P11467 (J.League referee ID)
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  4147. P8993 (JAD ID)
  4148. P12498 (JAHIS Law Database ID)
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  4150. P2514 (Jamendo artist ID)
  4151. P7187 (Jango artist ID)
  4152. P3535 (Japan Golf Tour player ID)
  4153. P9636 (Japan PlayStation Software Database ID)
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  4156. P4937 (Japan Rugby Football Union player ID)
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  4163. P8473 (Japanese magazine code)
  4164. P849 (Japanese military aircraft designation)
  4165. P7052 (Jaxsta profile ID)
  4166. P7056 (Jaxsta recording ID)
  4167. P7055 (Jaxsta release ID)
  4168. P10785 (JBIS horse ID)
  4169. P11283 (JCDb ID)
  4170. P4852 (JECFA database ID)
  4171. P9557 (JECFA number)
  4172. P9224 ( ID)
  4173. P11602 (Jeju Dialect Dictionary ID)
  4174. P11503 (Jeju's culture and language ID)
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  4183. P6214 (Jewish Museum Berlin person ID)
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  4186. P3198 (JewishGen Locality ID)
  4187. P11562 (Jiddisch-Nederlands Woordenboek ID)
  4188. P12394 (Jinji Koshinroku ID (1st edition))
  4189. P12395 (Jinji Koshinroku ID (4th edition))
  4190. P12396 (Jinji Koshinroku ID (8th edition))
  4191. P11102 (JioSaavn album ID)
  4192. P11168 (JioSaavn artist ID)
  4193. P6857 (JIS standard)
  4194. P6336 (JKT48 member ID)
  4195. P11297 (JLect entry ID)
  4196. P5182 (JMA Seismic Intensity Database ID)
  4197. P11783 (JMA weather station ID)
  4198. P2400 (JMDb film ID)
  4199. P3703 (JMDb person or company ID)
  4200. P11700 (JMdict sequence number)
  4201. P4853 (JMPR database ID)
  4202. P7566 (JNAF artist ID)
  4203. P6489 (Joan Miró Online Image Bank ID)
  4204. P7711 (Joconde author ID)
  4205. P7961 (Joconde creation ID)
  4206. P7960 (Joconde discovery ID)
  4207. P7712 (Joconde domain ID)
  4208. P7786 (Joconde epoch ID)
  4209. P7884 (Joconde inscription ID)
  4210. P7850 (Joconde location ID)
  4211. P7844 (Joconde object type ID)
  4212. P10237 (Joconde representation ID)
  4213. P8192 (Joconde technique ID)
  4214. P7885 (Joconde time period ID)
  4215. P10186 (Joconde use ID)
  4216. P347 (Joconde work ID)
  4217. P7205 ( artist ID)
  4218. P6041 (John J. Audubon's Birds of America ID)
  4219. P2832 (Joint Electronics Type Designation Automated System designation)
  4220. P9786 (Joods Biografisch Woordenboek ID)
  4221. P9155 (Joods Monument ID)
  4222. P6413 (JORFSearch organization ID)
  4223. P9841 (Jornal do Vôlei ID)
  4224. P12419 (Joseph Smith Papers person ID)
  4225. P10496 (Joshua Project people group ID)
  4226. P7368 (JournalBase ID)
  4227. P1714 (Journalisted ID)
  4228. P8100 (JournalTOCs ID)
  4229. P9916 (Journées européennes du patrimoine ID)
  4230. P716 (JPL Small-Body Database SPK-ID)
  4231. P2687 (JPNO)
  4232. P6640 (JRC Names id)
  4233. P888 (JSTOR article ID)
  4234. P12464 (JSTOR Global Plants type specimen ID)
  4235. P1230 (JSTOR journal ID)
  4236. P8562 (JSTOR publisher ID)
  4237. P3827 (JSTOR topic ID)
  4238. P3399 (JTWC tropical cyclone ID)
  4239. P10066 (JudoInside competition ID)
  4240. P2767 (JudoInside judoka ID)
  4241. P1277 (JUFO ID)
  4242. P4930 (Julien ID)
  4243. P6920 (Juno Download artist ID)
  4244. P7658 (Juricaf decision ID)
  4245. P7925 (Jurisdiction List number)
  4246. P3566 (Just Sports Stats player ID)
  4247. P6740 (Justia Patents assignee ID)
  4248. P3875 (Justia Patents company ID)
  4249. P3874 (Justia Patents inventor ID)
  4250. P3949 ( ID)
  4251. P6502 (JWF Wrestlers Database person ID)
  4252. P3053 (K League player ID)
  4253. P8223 (K-Scholar ID)
  4254. P6721 (K10plus PPN ID)
  4255. P1818 (Kaiserhof ID)
  4256. P4460 (Kaitai Struct format gallery ID)
  4257. P9918 (Kallías ID)
  4258. P12404 ( author ID)
  4259. P11318 (Kanjipedia kanji ID)
  4260. P12263 (Kanjipedia word ID)
  4261. P10171 (Kanobu game ID)
  4262. P10398 (Kanobu numeric game ID)
  4263. P7985 (Kanopy)
  4264. P2180 (Kansallisbiografia ID)
  4265. P8616 (Kansas Historic Resources Inventory ID)
  4266. P4366 (Kansas Sports Hall of Fame ID (archived))
  4267. P7687 (Kansaspedia ID)
  4268. P3277 (KANTL member ID)
  4269. P8980 (KANTO ID)
  4270. P2705 (Karate Records ID)
  4271. P9816 (Kartridge game ID)
  4272. P10332 (Kaspersky Encyclopedia ID)
  4273. P11970 (Kastelenlexicon ID)
  4274. P9435 (KATOTTH ID)
  4275. P10547 (Kayak hotel ID)
  4276. P10875 ( tourist spot ID)
  4277. P4370 (KBO hitter ID)
  4278. P4371 (KBO pitcher ID)
  4279. P8408 (KBpedia ID)
  4280. P9088 (KBR Catalogue ID)
  4281. P11249 (KBR person ID)
  4282. P1287 (KDG Komponisten der Gegenwart ID)
  4283. P12242 (‎Kemono Games game ID)
  4284. P3639 (KEPN ID)
  4285. P7065 (Kerala state school code)
  4286. P9337 (Keratsini-Drapetsona libraries' catalogue authority ID)
  4287. P5744 (KERIS school ID)
  4288. P10343 (Key Biodiversity Areas factsheet ID)
  4289. P6837 (Keybase username)
  4290. P6957 (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa EMIS code)
  4291. P12400 (Kialo ID)
  4292. P12312 (Kicker team ID)
  4293. P8912 ( player ID (actual scheme))
  4294. P6615 ( player ID (former scheme))
  4295. P8019 (Kickstarter project ID)
  4296. P9271 (Kickstarter username)
  4297. P10881 (Kieler Gelehrtenverzeichnis ID)
  4298. P9773 (Kielitoimiston sanakirja ID)
  4299. P2858 (Killer List of Videogames ID)
  4300. P7484 (Kinematoscope film director ID)
  4301. P7458 (Kinematoscope film ID)
  4302. P7487 (Kinematoscope literary work ID)
  4303. P7485 (Kinematoscope writer ID)
  4304. P2508 (KINENOTE film ID)
  4305. P3305 (KINENOTE person ID)
  4306. P10769 (Kino-kolo film ID (archived))
  4307. P10269 ( film ID)
  4308. P7808 ( person ID)
  4309. P5311 ( film ID)
  4310. P5312 ( person ID)
  4311. P10821 ( film ID)
  4312. P10820 ( person ID)
  4313. P10819 ( series ID)
  4314. P11748 (Kino1TV ID)
  4315. P10167 (Kinobaza film ID)
  4316. P10166 (Kinobaza person ID)
  4317. P12096 (Kinobox film ID)
  4318. P12098 (Kinobox person ID)
  4319. P10268 ( actor ID)
  4320. P10267 ( film ID)
  4321. P11687 (Kinoglaz film ID)
  4322. P11745 (Kinoglaz person ID)
  4323. P10908 ( person ID)
  4324. P4981 (Kinoliste ID)
  4325. P10163 ( actor ID)
  4326. P10164 ( film ID)
  4327. P2603 (Kinopoisk film ID)
  4328. P2604 (Kinopoisk person ID)
  4329. P2970 (Kinopolis film ID)
  4330. P8847 (Kinorium movie ID)
  4331. P8879 (Kinorium person ID)
  4332. P6741 (Kinosozvezdie biography ID)
  4333. P10593 (Kinowiki ID)
  4334. P7161 (Kinsky–Halm Catalogue)
  4335. P5176 (KIT Linked Open Numbers ID)
  4336. P11495 (Kitsu anime ID)
  4337. P11494 (Kitsu manga ID)
  4338. P7348 ( ID)
  4339. P5153 (KKBox album ID)
  4340. P5154 (KKBox artist ID)
  4341. P10464 (KLADR ID)
  4342. P1021 (KldB-2010 occupation code)
  4343. P11524 (Kleines Wörterbuch der Verlaufsformen im Deutschen ID)
  4344. P5556 (KLEKs ID)
  4345. P6573 (Klexikon article ID)
  4346. P12172 (Klingon Word Wiki ID)
  4347. P11042 (Kloster- und Ordenslexikon ID)
  4348. P3407 (Klosterdatenbank ID)
  4349. P3750 (KMDb documentary film ID)
  4350. P3704 (KMDb film ID)
  4351. P1649 (KMDb person ID)
  4352. P4905 (KMSKA artwork PID)
  4353. P2454 (KNAW past member ID)
  4354. P7390 (Knesset law ID)
  4355. P9770 (Knesset member ID)
  4356. P9829 (KNHB player ID)
  4357. P8426 (Knot Atlas ID)
  4358. P8427 (Knotinfo ID)
  4359. P6760 (Know Your Meme ID)
  4360. P1077 (KOATUU ID)
  4361. P11396 (KOBIS film company ID)
  4362. P11355 (KOBIS film festival ID)
  4363. P8921 (KOBIS film ID)
  4364. P11237 (KOBIS people ID)
  4365. P10035 (Kola Encyclopedia ID)
  4366. P12702 (Kōmako author ID)
  4367. P10862 (Komoot ID)
  4368. P3652 (Kontinental Hockey League player ID)
  4369. P8021 (Kooora/Goalzz player ID)
  4370. P5533 (Kopaliński Online ID)
  4371. P10910 (Korean Academy of Science and Technology member ID)
  4372. P11969 (Korean Tour player ID)
  4373. P9074 (Kōtuia ID)
  4374. P12525 (Köztérkép creator ID)
  4375. P11677 (köztérkép work ID)
  4376. P11824 (KPU Plant Database ID)
  4377. P8752 (Kramerius of Moravian Library UUID)
  4378. P10619 (Kramerius of Regional Library in Pardubice UUID)
  4379. P12474 ( glossary ID)
  4380. P11795 (Kress Collection Digital Archive ID)
  4381. P12648 (Kritikanstvo critic ID)
  4382. P12646 (Kritikanstvo game ID)
  4383. P12647 (Kritikanstvo publication ID)
  4384. P1288 (Kritisches Lexikon der Gegenwartsliteratur ID)
  4385. P1289 (Kritisches Lexikon zur fremdsprachigen Gegenwartsliteratur ID)
  4386. P12228 (KRS number)
  4387. P6385 (Krugosvet article)
  4388. P939 (KSH code)
  4389. P10559 (KSH code (historical))
  4390. P6495 (KSÍ player ID)
  4391. P3237 (KU Leuven person ID)
  4392. P11075 (Kubbealti Lugati lexeme ID)
  4393. P10854 (Kultboy company ID)
  4394. P10852 (Kultboy controller ID)
  4395. P10853 (Kultboy magazine ID)
  4396. P10851 (Kultboy platform ID)
  4397. P10850 (Kultboy video game ID)
  4398. P4582 (Kulturelles Erbe Köln object ID)
  4399. P11729 ( ID)
  4400. P758 (Kulturminne ID)
  4401. P1248 (KulturNav-ID)
  4402. P1483 ( ID)
  4403. P11041 ( person ID)
  4404. P12674 (Kunstenpunt Knowledge Graph ID)
  4405. P8960 (Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien ID)
  4406. P1138 (Kunstindeks Danmark Artist ID)
  4407. P2108 (Kunstindeks Danmark artwork ID)
  4408. P10416 (Künstlerdatenbank ID)
  4409. P9095 (Kunstmuseum Basel artwork ID)
  4410. P12580 (KupiGolos game ID)
  4411. P3887 (KVAB member ID)
  4412. P3340 (Kvikmyndir film ID)
  4413. P3341 (Kvikmyndir person ID)
  4414. P3220 (KvK company ID)
  4415. P1854 (Kyiv street code)
  4416. P7291 (L-number)
  4417. P6223 (L'Encyclopédie philosophique ID)
  4418. P3665 (L'Équipe football player ID)
  4419. P11639 (L’Équipe team ID)
  4420. P6620 (L'Express person ID)
  4421. P11787 (L'Histoire par l'image ID)
  4422. P10569 (L'Humanité journalist ID)
  4423. P8637 (L'Officiel des spectacles ID)
  4424. P10570 (L'Opinion journalist ID)
  4425. P9981 (L'Unificazione ID)
  4426. P9436 (La Fenice Theatre in Venice person ID)
  4427. P11642 (La grammatica italiana ID)
  4428. P5700 (La Lorraine des écrivains writer ID)
  4429. P4822 (La Poste personality ID)
  4430. P12159 (la Repubblica TV series ID)
  4431. P9427 (La Réunion des Livres ID)
  4432. P5550 (La Vie des idées ID)
  4433. P7320 (Labelcode)
  4434. P9245 (Labour Australia ID)
  4435. P10370 (Labyrinth database ID)
  4436. P6349 (Lace Bugs Database ID)
  4437. P4611 (LACMA ID)
  4438. P3897 (Ladies European Tour golf player ID)
  4439. P5295 (Lafonoteca artist ID)
  4440. P761 (Lake ID (Sweden))
  4441. P5866 (LakeNet ID)
  4442. P10172 (Lambic.Info ID)
  4443. P8644 (Lambiek comic magazines ID)
  4444. P5035 (Lambiek Comiclopedia artist ID)
  4445. P8715 (Lambiek Special pages ID)
  4446. P9739 (Landshuth ID)
  4447. P4267 (Landtag of Liechtenstein ID)
  4448. P5445 (Language Council of Norways termwiki ID)
  4449. P11145 (Language of Bindings ID)
  4450. P7359 ( player ID)
  4451. P5639 (LARB contributor ID)
  4452. P6058 (Larousse ID)
  4453. P11118 (Larousse Online French Dictionary ID)
  4454. P3192 ( ID)
  4455. P10419 (LastDodo-area-ID)
  4456. P9314 (Latin Place Names ID)
  4457. P12376 (Latindex 2022 ID)
  4458. P3127 (Latindex ID)
  4459. P1007 (Lattes Platform number)
  4460. P10406 (Latvia water body classification code)
  4461. P2494 (Latvian cultural heritage register ID)
  4462. P2497 (Latvian National Address Register ID)
  4463. P6870 (Latvian National Encyclopedia Online ID)
  4464. P2593 (Latvian Olympic Committee athlete ID (archived))
  4465. P4029 (Latvian Protected Nature Territory ID)
  4466. P2496 (Latvian toponymic names database ID)
  4467. P8053 (Latvian unified registration number)
  4468. P782 (LAU)
  4469. P7784 (LaunchBox Games Database developer ID)
  4470. P7785 (LaunchBox Games Database game ID)
  4471. P7809 (LaunchBox Games Database platform ID)
  4472. P7810 (LaunchBox Games Database publisher ID)
  4473. P3802 ( project ID)
  4474. P5356 ( artist ID)
  4475. P11867 (Law Insider Legal Dictionary entry)
  4476. P3866 (LAWA waterbody ID)
  4477. P7242 (Laws & Regulations Database of the Republic of China ID)
  4478. P6980 ( dossier ID)
  4479. P2977 (LBT person ID)
  4480. P3107 (LdiF ID)
  4481. P9662 (LdiF person ID)
  4482. P10491 (LDT @ Library Classification Authority ID)
  4483. P10489 (LDT @ Library Name Authority ID)
  4484. P10490 (LDT @ Library Subject Terms Authority ID)
  4485. P1988 (Le Delarge artist ID)
  4486. P10572 (Le Figaro journalist ID)
  4487. P6621 (Le Figaro tag ID)
  4488. P11417 (Le Grenier du Mac ID)
  4489. P9110 (Le Lettere di Theodor Mommsen agli Italiani ID)
  4490. P3612 (Le Monde diplomatique subject ID)
  4491. P5558 (Le Monde ID)
  4492. P10571 (Le Monde journalist ID)
  4493. P10573 (Le Parisien journalist ID)
  4494. P6622 (Le Parisien tag ID)
  4495. P6664 (Le Vif tag ID)
  4496. P5834 (Leading Hotels of the World hotel ID)
  4497. P10538 (Leafsnap ID)
  4498. P4259 (Lega Pallavolo Serie A Femminile player ID)
  4499. P4303 (Lega Pallavolo Serie A player ID)
  4500. P5339 (Lega Serie A soccer player ID (archived))
  4501. P5424 (Lega Serie A team ID)
  4502. P5612 ( coach ID)
  4503. P5476 ( player ID)
  4504. P3023 (Legacies of British Slave-ownership person ID)
  4505. P8587 (Legacies of British Slave-ownership place ID)
  4506. P8507 ( newspaper ID)
  4507. P8367 ( person ID)
  4508. P10519 (Legal entity registered by the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic ID)
  4509. P12283 (Legends Tour player ID)
  4510. P9695 (Legie 100 legionary ID)
  4511. P4051 (Legislation of Ukraine ID)
  4512. P3343 ( ID)
  4513. P6247 (LEGO design ID)
  4514. P6248 (LEGO element ID)
  4515. P6187 (LEGO set ID)
  4516. P2861 (Leidse Hoogleraren ID)
  4517. P920 (LEM ID)
  4518. P11947 (Lemmy community ID)
  4519. P4816 (Lemon 64 ID)
  4520. P4846 (Lemon Amiga ID)
  4521. P7100 (Lens ID)
  4522. P640 (Léonore ID)
  4523. P11152 (Léonore Web ID)
  4524. P10299 (Leopoldina member ID (new))
  4525. P3413 (Leopoldina member ID (superseded))
  4526. P5862 (Lepidoptera of Belgium ID)
  4527. P3064 (LepIndex ID)
  4528. P10320 (Les Archives du spectacle organization ID)
  4529. P1977 (Les Archives du spectacle person ID)
  4530. P10574 (Les Échos journalist ID)
  4531. P5261 (Les Enfoirés participant ID)
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  4533. P8662 (Les Roses cultivées à L'Haÿ en 1902 ID)
  4534. P5477 (Les Voix de la poésie poet ID)
  4535. P4434 ( ID)
  4536. P9433 (Letecká badatelna accident ID)
  4537. P7331 ( author ID)
  4538. P6119 (Letterboxd actor ID)
  4539. P12383 (Letterboxd director ID)
  4540. P6127 (Letterboxd film ID)
  4541. P12384 (Letterboxd user ID)
  4542. P9397 (Lëtzebuerger Online Dictionnaire ID)
  4543. P11185 (Levadia Library ID)
  4544. P10146 ( company ID)
  4545. P6410 ( coach ID)
  4546. P6411 ( player ID)
  4547. P9379 (Lexer lemma ID)
  4548. P9380 (LexerN lemma ID)
  4549. P11584 (Léxico ID)
  4550. P886 (Lexicon istoric retic ID)
  4551. P9953 (Lexicon of Medieval Nordic Law ID)
  4552. P8358 (Lexicon of the Yiddish Theatre ID)
  4553. P8188 (Lexikon der Filmbegriffe ID)
  4554. P9585 (Lexikon der österreichischen Provenienzforschung ID)
  4555. P9165 (Lexikon Literatur in Tirol ID)
  4556. P9710 (Lexikon Westfälischer Autorinnen und Autoren person ID)
  4557. P8999 (Lexikon zum Literatur- und Kulturbetrieb im Österreich der Zwischenkriegszeit ID)
  4558. P9692 (LexM ID)
  4559. P9119 (LexML Brazil ID)
  4560. P7105 (LezWatch.TV actor ID)
  4561. P7106 (LezWatch.TV character ID)
  4562. P7107 (LezWatch.TV show ID)
  4563. P4382 (LFB player ID)
  4564. P9277 ( player ID)
  4565. P4246 (LfD-HB object ID)
  4566. P1708 (LfDS object ID)
  4567. P4289 (LFH player ID)
  4568. P9333 (LFH staff ID)
  4569. P3683 (LFP player ID (former scheme))
  4570. P8285 (LGBT Danmark online dictionary ID)
  4571. P6780 (LGBTFansDB character ID)
  4572. P12717 (LGD Block Code)
  4573. P6425 (LGD local body code)
  4574. P5117 (LGDB emulator ID)
  4575. P5119 (LGDB game engine ID)
  4576. P5116 (LGDB game ID)
  4577. P5118 (LGDB tool ID)
  4578. P3308 ( ID)
  4579. P10362 ( author ID)
  4580. P7208 (Liber Liber author ID)
  4581. P10575 (Libération journalist ID)
  4582. P11710 (LIBRA Unine ID)
  4583. P6574 (Libraries & Information Centers in the Czech Republic ID)
  4584. P4848 ( ID)
  4585. P8647 (Library of Congress Children's Subject Headings ID)
  4586. P1144 (Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) (bibliographic))
  4587. P4946 (Library of Congress Demographic Group Terms ID)
  4588. P3266 (Library of Congress Format Description Document ID)
  4589. P4953 (Library of Congress Genre/Form Terms ID)
  4590. P2089 (Library of Congress JukeBox ID (former scheme))
  4591. P8516 (Library of Congress Medium of Performance Thesaurus ID)
  4592. P5442 (Library of Congress of Chile person ID)
  4593. P10195 (Library of Congress providers ID)
  4594. P6616 (Library of Parliament of Canada person ID)
  4595. P10644 (Library of Parliament of Canada riding ID)
  4596. P10686 (Library of the Haskala person ID)
  4597. P2879 (Library of the National Congress of Argentina ID)
  4598. P7400 (LibraryThing author ID)
  4599. P8513 (LibraryThing series ID)
  4600. P8838 (LibraryThing venue ID)
  4601. P1085 (LibraryThing work ID)
  4602. P6614 (Libreflix ID)
  4603. P6666 (LibreGameWiki ID)
  4604. P1182 (LIBRIS editions)
  4605. P1899 (LibriVox author ID)
  4606. P9024 (Libsyn show ID)
  4607. P8976 (Lichess username)
  4608. P8234 (LiederNet author ID)
  4609. P8235 (LiederNet composer ID)
  4610. P8236 (LiederNet song cycle ID)
  4611. P8237 (LiederNet text ID)
  4612. P10665 (lieferando restaurant ID)
  4613. P11997 (Lift Up profile ID)
  4614. P6198 (Liga MX Femenil player ID)
  4615. P6210 (LIGA profile)
  4616. P9266 (Ligue 1 player ID)
  4617. P10508 (Ligue 2 player ID)
  4618. P11908 (Ligue nationale de rugby ID)
  4619. P9812 (Likee username)
  4620. P11033 (LiLa Linking Latin URI)
  4621. P12721 (Lille norske leksikon ID)
  4622. P9468 (LIMA media artist ID)
  4623. P8805 (LIMIS person ID)
  4624. P7211 (Line Blog user ID)
  4625. P4748 (Line Music album ID)
  4626. P4747 (Line Music artist ID)
  4627. P10369 (Lingua Libre ID)
  4628. P1396 (Linguasphere code)
  4629. P1232 (Linguist List code)
  4630. P10342 (Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English ID)
  4631. P8605 (Linked Open Data Cloud ID)
  4632. P12137 (Linked Open Data Comune Firenze ID)
  4633. P4264 (LinkedIn company or organization ID)
  4634. P6634 (LinkedIn personal profile ID)
  4635. P11079 (Linktree ID)
  4636. P10759 (Linz DB ID)
  4637. P10918 (Liquipedia ID)
  4638. P12573 (Lisaan Masry Egyptian Arabic Dictionary ID)
  4639. P11386 (Listal ID)
  4640. P10213 (Listen Notes podcast ID)
  4641. P8281 (Liszt Academy Lexikon person ID)
  4642. P6362 (Litchfield Ledger ID)
  4643. P9001 (Literary Encyclopedia ID)
  4644. P10620 (Literatur Netz Oberösterreich ID)
  4645. P12499 ( person ID)
  4646. P11695 ( ID)
  4647. P5985 (Literaturaren Zubitegia ID)
  4648. P5542 (Literature Ireland ID)
  4649. P9990 ( book ID)
  4650. P9991 ( ebook ID)
  4651. P11825 (LiteraturPort autorenlexikon ID)
  4652. P731 (Litholex ID)
  4653. P10789 (Lithuania Minor Encyclopedia ID)
  4654. P10772 (Lithuanian company code)
  4655. P7742 (Lithuanian Football Encyclopedia player ID)
  4656. P10040 (Lithuanian Heritage Registry code)
  4657. P4061 (Lithuanian National Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  4658. P11879 (Lithuanian protected object ID)
  4659. P6504 (Lithuanian Sport Encyclopedia (LSE) article ID)
  4660. P11711 (Litres author ID)
  4661. P6130 (Littera ID)
  4662. P11319 (Little Academic Dictionary ID)
  4663. P3393 (LittleSis organization ID)
  4664. P3388 (LittleSis people ID)
  4665. P7724 (Littré ID)
  4666. P12489 ( anime ID)
  4667. P3258 (LiveJournal ID)
  4668. P7836 ( person ID)
  4669. P10954 ( publisher ID)
  4670. P4601 (Lives of WWI ID)
  4671. P7188 (LiveXLive artist ID)
  4672. P11998 (Living Music Database composer ID)
  4673. P5543 (Livre et lecture en Bretagne ID)
  4674. P11553 (Livres Hebdo author ID)
  4675. P11900 (Livres Hebdo award ID)
  4676. P11226 (Livres Hebdo ID)
  4677. P11906 (Livres Hebdo tag ID)
  4678. P10309 (LKI ID)
  4679. P4612 (LKL player ID)
  4680. P4336 (Lloyd's Register Ship ID)
  4681. P10404 (LMHL author ID)
  4682. P11398 (LMI ID)
  4683. P9525 (LMIC musician ID)
  4684. P6743 (LNB Coach id)
  4685. P4216 (LNB Pro A player ID)
  4686. P4192 (LNH player ID)
  4687. P4281 (LNV player ID (archived))
  4688. P5618 (LOA ID)
  4689. P12412 (Lobbypedia ID)
  4690. P8474 ( ID of a member of the Swiss parliament)
  4691. P4801 (LoC and MARC vocabularies ID)
  4692. P8655 (LoC HABS/HAER/HALS place ID)
  4693. P8384 (locality number in Austria)
  4694. P10235 (LocalWiki ID)
  4695. P12462 (Location Memory building ID)
  4696. P5097 (Logainm ID)
  4697. P5453 (Logicielsmoto ID)
  4698. P4338 (LOINC ID)
  4699. P3907 (LoJ peak ID)
  4700. P6520 ( article ID)
  4701. P8271 (LombardiaBeniCulturali architecture author ID)
  4702. P9195 (LombardiaBeniCulturali archive producer family ID)
  4703. P9194 (LombardiaBeniCulturali archive producer organization ID)
  4704. P9193 (LombardiaBeniCulturali archive producer person ID)
  4705. P8210 (LombardiaBeniCulturali artwork author ID)
  4706. P3855 (LombardiaBeniCulturali artwork ID)
  4707. P3503 (LombardiaBeniCulturali building ID)
  4708. P3849 (LombardiaBeniCulturali institution ID)
  4709. P3850 (LombardiaBeniCulturali toponym ID)
  4710. P8676 (London Stock Exchange company ID)
  4711. P11482 (Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English Online entry)
  4712. P7232 (LongSwimsDB swimmer ID)
  4713. P8305 (LongTake person ID)
  4714. P5306 (LONSEA ID)
  4715. P2798 (Loop ID)
  4716. P9778 (Looted Cultural Assets Database ID)
  4717. P11546 (Los Angeles County Medical Examiner's Office Case Search person ID)
  4718. P5705 (Los Angeles Review of Books author ID)
  4719. P1428 (Lost Art ID)
  4720. P1311 ( ID)
  4721. P4349 (Lotsawa House Indian author ID)
  4722. P4348 (Lotsawa House Tibetan author ID)
  4723. P11189 (Louisiana Plant ID)
  4724. P4367 (Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  4725. P9394 (Louvre Museum ARK ID)
  4726. P12381 (LoverFans ID)
  4727. P745 (Low German Bibliography and Biography ID)
  4728. P8227 (Lower Austrian Castle ID)
  4729. P7296 (Lower Austrian Museum ID)
  4730. P8661 (Lower Sorbian place name ID)
  4731. P12108 (LPGA of Japan Tour player ID)
  4732. P2810 (LPGA Tour golf player ID)
  4733. P5502 (LRB contributor ID)
  4734. P8573 (LSG localbody code)
  4735. P11750 (LSJ Wiki ID)
  4736. P4760 (LTI Korea Library writer ID)
  4737. P9556 (LTit person ID)
  4738. P5965 (LUBW Protected Area No)
  4739. P6583 (Lucerna person ID)
  4740. P3506 (Luding designer ID)
  4741. P3528 (Luding game ID)
  4742. P6162 (Luding game publisher ID)
  4743. P12541 (Ludzie Nauki ID (new))
  4744. P4283 (LUMIERE director ID)
  4745. P4282 (LUMIERE film ID)
  4746. P8995 (Lumières.Lausanne ID)
  4747. P4759 (Luminous-Lint ID)
  4748. P9156 (Lumni person ID)
  4749. P10242 (Lur Encyclopedic Dictionary ID)
  4750. P7597 (Lutris game ID)
  4751. P7616 (Lutris genre ID)
  4752. P7617 (Lutris platform ID)
  4753. P12372 (Luxembourg Olympic and Sports Committee profile ID)
  4754. P11311 (Lygaeoidea Species File ID)
  4755. P7206 (Lyrics007 artist ID)
  4756. P7212 (LyricsTranslate ID)
  4757. P8035 ( film ID)
  4758. P8036 ( person ID)
  4759. P2082 (M49 code)
  4760. P11139 (Ma Dada organisation ID)
  4761. P11280 (Ma'agarim ID)
  4762. P9541 (MacArthur Fellows Program ID)
  4763. P10794 (Macaulay Library taxon ID)
  4764. P8067 (Macdonald Dictionary ID)
  4765. P8542 (Macedonian cadastral municipality ID)
  4766. P7811 (Macintosh Garden game ID)
  4767. P7812 (Macintosh Repository ID)
  4768. P2458 ( player ID)
  4769. P11457 (Macmillan Dictionary entry (American English))
  4770. P11456 (Macmillan Dictionary entry (British English))
  4771. P8239 (MACRIS ID)
  4772. P1563 (MacTutor biography ID)
  4773. P10529 (Madrean Discovery Expeditions Fauna Database ID)
  4774. P10528 (Madrean Discovery Expeditions Flora Database ID)
  4775. P7204 ( film ID)
  4776. P6997 (magazine in
  4777. P11529 (Magazine Pocket series ID)
  4778. P2277 (Magdeburger Biographisches Lexikon ID)
  4779. P12030 (Mageia package)
  4780. P8998 (Magyar életrajzi lexikon ID)
  4781. P6877 (MAHG ID)
  4782. P7310 (Maine Trail Finder ID)
  4783. P7697 (Maine: An Encyclopedia ID)
  4784. P4881 (Maison d'écrivain ID)
  4785. P4724 (Maitron ID)
  4786. P11258 (MAK Collection Online object ID)
  4787. P11257 (MAK Collection Online person ID)
  4788. P10388 (MakeMyTrip hotel ID)
  4789. P1583 (MalaCards ID)
  4790. P12530 (Malaysia company new number)
  4791. P6843 (Malaysia company number)
  4792. P11649 (Malaysia Federal Legislation act ID)
  4793. P9476 (Malaysian school code)
  4794. P8773 (Malmö Museer ID)
  4795. P9096 (Malpedia ID)
  4796. P1799 (Maltese Islands National Inventory of Cultural Property ID)
  4797. P6374 (MAM artwork ID)
  4798. P12301 (MAMCS artwork ID)
  4799. P2451 (MAME ROM name)
  4800. P11292 (man page)
  4801. P11275 ( lexeme ID)
  4802. P11938 (Mandarin-Cantonese Comparative Study ID)
  4803. P10589 (MangaDex title ID)
  4804. P11517 (MangaSeek award ID)
  4805. P11516 (MangaSeek magazine ID)
  4806. P6921 (MangaSeek person ID)
  4807. P11515 (MangaSeek work ID)
  4808. P11357 (MangaUpdates author ID)
  4809. P11149 (MangaUpdates manga ID)
  4810. P11358 (MangaUpdates publisher ID)
  4811. P8663 (Maniadb album ID)
  4812. P8415 (Maniadb artist ID)
  4813. P8522 (Manioc book ID)
  4814. P4413 (Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  4815. P9736 (MANTO ID)
  4816. P6055 (Mantodea Species File ID)
  4817. P6422 (ManualsLib brand ID)
  4818. P8975 (Manus Online author ID)
  4819. P4752 (Manus Online manuscript ID)
  4820. P12122 (ManyVids ID)
  4821. P6092 (Map of Life ID)
  4822. P3806 (Mapa place ID)
  4823. P1947 (Mapillary ID)
  4824. P10481 (Mapping Manuscript Migrations manuscript ID)
  4825. P10873 (Mapping Museums ID)
  4826. P9805 (Mapping the Lives ID)
  4827. P4388 (Mappy place ID)
  4828. P5509 (MAPS poet ID)
  4829. P8988 ( ID)
  4830. P10592 (maPZS trails/locations ID)
  4831. P3187 (Marburger Professorenkatalog ID)
  4832. P6667 (MARGS ID)
  4833. P10992 (Mariinsky Theatre person ID)
  4834. P3006 (Marine Regions Geographic ID)
  4835. P3601 (MarineTraffic Lighthouse ID)
  4836. P1624 (MarineTraffic Port ID)
  4837. P10078 (Maritime Business Directory ID)
  4838. P10355 (Maritimt Magasin ship ID)
  4839. P7845 (MarketScreener business leaders ID)
  4840. P9769 (Marmiton ID)
  4841. P10595 (Marriott hotel ID)
  4842. P11828 (Marsilio Editori author ID)
  4843. P9842 (MART catalog person ID)
  4844. P7866 ( ID)
  4845. P6650 (Martindale-Hubbell profile)
  4846. P5621 (Marvel character ID)
  4847. P7950 (Marvel Comics creators ID)
  4848. P11084 (Maryland Biodiversity Project species ID)
  4849. P11083 (Maryland Plant Atlas ID)
  4850. P8165 (Maryland's National Register Properties ID)
  4851. P1803 (Masaryk University person ID)
  4852. P11927 (Master's degree Mon master ID)
  4853. P4033 (Mastodon address)
  4854. P11064 (Match TV person ID)
  4855. P10859 (Material UI icon)
  4856. P9902 (Materials Project material ID)
  4857. P9114 (Mathematica Italiana person ID)
  4858. P889 (Mathematical Reviews ID)
  4859. P5867 (Mathematical Reviews journal ID)
  4860. P549 (Mathematics Genealogy Project ID)
  4861. P3285 (Mathematics Subject Classification ID)
  4862. P2812 (MathWorld ID)
  4863. P12068 (Matilda paper ID)
  4864. P11478 (Matrix room ID)
  4865. P4679 (MAVISE company ID)
  4866. P4678 (MAVISE competent authority ID)
  4867. P4677 (MAVISE on-demand audiovisual service ID)
  4868. P4676 (MAVISE TV channel ID)
  4869. P8918 (Max Movie film ID)
  4870. P9305 (Max Movie person ID)
  4871. P10817 (MAYA site company ID)
  4872. P8636 (McClintock and Strong Biblical Cyclopedia ID)
  4873. P10760 (MCCP ID)
  4874. P8249 (MDAH's HRI ID)
  4875. P6335 (MDWS place ID)
  4876. P7531 (MEA Indian Mission ID)
  4877. P6478 (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern protected area ID)
  4878. P6368 (Media Arts Database anime ID (former scheme))
  4879. P7117 (Media Arts Database console games ID (former scheme))
  4880. P7886 (Media Arts Database ID)
  4881. P6369 (Media Arts Database manga ID (former scheme))
  4882. P9852 (Media Bias/Fact Check ID)
  4883. P11826 (Media Library for Dance and Theatre person ID)
  4884. P9022 (Mediafilm ID)
  4885. P6813 (Mediapart tag ID)
  4886. P8244 ( artist ID)
  4887. P8245 ( movie ID)
  4888. P7918 (Médias 19 ID)
  4889. P12034 (Médiathèque Numérique CVS ID)
  4890. P3201 (Medical Dictionary for Regulatory Activities ID)
  4891. P5376 (Medicina author ID)
  4892. P5496 (Médicos históricos doctor ID)
  4893. P3768 (Medieval Libraries of Great Britain ID)
  4894. P9015 (Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries manuscript ID)
  4895. P9019 (Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries organization ID)
  4896. P9017 (Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries person ID)
  4897. P9018 (Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries place ID)
  4898. P9016 (Medieval Manuscripts in Oxford Libraries work ID)
  4899. P3899 (Medium username)
  4900. P8282 (Medusa NRHP ID)
  4901. P10048 (Meetup group id)
  4902. P4157 (MEG ID)
  4903. P4356 (Megalithic Portal ID)
  4904. P2826 (Megogo ID)
  4905. P2623 (MEK ID)
  4906. P11782 (MEL residence ID)
  4907. P4518 (Melon album ID)
  4908. P4473 (Melon artist ID)
  4909. P10548 (Melon music video ID)
  4910. P5197 (Melon track ID)
  4911. P6888 (MELPA package ID)
  4912. P4797 (member of the Assembly of Madrid ID)
  4913. P2278 (Member of the Hellenic Parliament ID)
  4914. P6199 (member of the Portuguese parliament ID)
  4915. P9543 (Memento Vienna person ID)
  4916. P9657 (Memobase ID)
  4917. P2071 (Mémoire des hommes ID)
  4918. P4516 (Mémoire du cyclisme cyclist ID)
  4919. P4400 (Memória Globo ID)
  4920. P7372 (memoriademadrid publication ID)
  4921. P7571 (Memorial Book Bundesarchiv ID)
  4922. P8821 (Memorial Book University of Vienna ID)
  4923. P8157 (MémorialGenWeb monument ID)
  4924. P6673 (Memórias da Ditadura ID)
  4925. P3835 (Mendeley person ID)
  4926. P7916 (Mendeley publication ID)
  4927. P1186 (MEP directory ID)
  4928. P380 (Mérimée ID)
  4929. P12355 (Merkur author page)
  4930. P11130 (Merriam-Webster online dictionary entry)
  4931. P11399 (Mertens-Pack 3 Number)
  4932. P1644 ( Catholic church ID)
  4933. P6788 ( Catholic parish ID)
  4934. P10882 (Met Constituent ID)
  4935. P11088 (Meta Store ID)
  4936. P12080 (Metacritic company ID)
  4937. P12054 (Metacritic game ID)
  4938. P1712 (Metacritic ID)
  4939. P12078 (Metacritic numeric game ID)
  4940. P12079 (Metacritic publication ID)
  4941. P5001 (METAR code)
  4942. P8834 (MetaSat ID)
  4943. P11775 (Météo-France weather station ID)
  4944. P824 (Meteoritical Bulletin Database ID)
  4945. P6242 (Meteorological Service of Canada climate site ID)
  4946. P10277 (METRICA author ID)
  4947. P6922 (Metro topic ID)
  4948. P2624 (MetroLyrics ID)
  4949. P11127 (MEXT school code)
  4950. P9388 (Meyers lemma ID)
  4951. P6091 (MGG Online ID)
  4952. P2394 (MGI Gene Symbol)
  4953. P9351 (MHDBDB lemma ID)
  4954. P5407 (MHK object ID)
  4955. P7534 (MIC market code)
  4956. P11746 (Michaelis ID)
  4957. P4160 (Michelin Restaurants ID)
  4958. P4161 (Michelin Voyages ID)
  4959. P6103 (Michigan Flora ID)
  4960. P12604 (Michigan Historical Marker ID)
  4961. P10441 (Michigan Legislative Bio ID)
  4962. P9555 (Michigan State University Library Comic Art Collection Record Number)
  4963. P9580 ( ID)
  4964. P6366 (Microsoft Academic ID)
  4965. P11147 (Microsoft Edge Platform Status feature ID)
  4966. P9125 (Microsoft MVP profile ID)
  4967. P5885 (Microsoft Store product ID)
  4968. P11400 ( ID)
  4969. P7743 (Microworld ID)
  4970. P12278 (Mid-Atlantic Herbaria Consortium taxon ID)
  4971. P5939 (Middelnederlandsch Woordenboek GTB ID)
  4972. P11420 (Middle English Dictionary entry ID)
  4973. P10798 (Midi libre journalist ID)
  4974. P4297 (MIL-STD-2525 Symbol Identification Code)
  4975. P9508 (MileSplit ID)
  4976. P11465 (Military Historical Archive exile army member ID)
  4977. P10930 (Miljørapporter file ID)
  4978. P7744 (Mille Anni di Scienza in Italia ID)
  4979. P12271 (‎MilliBase taxon ID)
  4980. P3763 (MIMO instrument ID)
  4981. P12047 (‎MiMoText ID)
  4982. P12444 (Mindat taxon ID)
  4983. P11051 ( Glossary of Mineralogical Terms ID)
  4984. P8727 (Minecraft UUID)
  4985. P10671 (MINEDEX project ID)
  4986. P12070 ( mineral and gemstone ID)
  4987. P11913 (Minerba One Data Indonesia ID)
  4988. P9360 (Ministry of Education New Zealand school ID)
  4989. P1919 (Ministry of Education of Chile school ID)
  4990. P8648 (Ministry of the Interior of Italy ID)
  4991. P11150 (Ministry of Unification politician ID)
  4992. P2878 (Minitel code)
  4993. P2636 (Minkultury film ID)
  4994. P4712 (Minneapolis Institute of Art artwork ID)
  4995. P3603 (Minneapolis Institute of Art constituent ID)
  4996. P3160 (Minnesota legislator ID)
  4997. P12178 (Minnesota Plant List ID)
  4998. P12118 (Minnesota State Forests ID)
  4999. P12119 (Minnesota State Parks and Recreation Areas ID)
  5000. P5736 (Minor Planet Center body ID)
  5001. P717 (Minor Planet Center observatory code)
  5002. P4730 (Mir@bel journal ID)
  5003. P8716 (Mir@bel publisher ID)
  5004. P7986 (Mirabile author ID)
  5005. P7989 (Mirabile manuscript ID)
  5006. P7990 (Mirabile saint ID)
  5007. P7991 (Mirabile title ID)
  5008. P11250 (Miraheze article ID)
  5009. P2871 (miRBase mature miRNA ID)
  5010. P2870 (miRBase pre-miRNA ID)
  5011. P7054 ( Catholic church ID)
  5012. P3981 (Misjonsarkiv person ID)
  5013. P7688 (Mississippi Encyclopedia ID)
  5014. P4368 (Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  5015. P4385 (Missouri Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  5016. P9025 (Mitre ATT&CK ID)
  5017. P2264 (Mix'n'match catalog ID)
  5018. P9509 (Mixcloud ID)
  5019. P3541 ( player ID)
  5020. P3948 (MLL player ID)
  5021. P2398 (MLS player ID)
  5022. P11156 (MMB ID)
  5023. P6240 (MMLO ID)
  5024. P587 (MMSI)
  5025. P6355 (MNAM artwork ID)
  5026. P6156 (MNAV artist ID)
  5027. P5268 (MNAV work ID)
  5028. P8336 (MNBAQ artist ID)
  5029. P9091 (MNBAQ ID)
  5030. P4439 (MNCARS artist ID)
  5031. P8650 (MnDOT Historic Bridges ID)
  5032. P10373 (Mnemosine ID)
  5033. P6046 (MNHN taxon ID)
  5034. P6283 (MNopedia ID)
  5035. P11689 (MobyGames company ID)
  5036. P4773 (MobyGames company ID (former scheme))
  5037. P11688 (MobyGames game ID)
  5038. P1933 (MobyGames game ID (former scheme))
  5039. P7326 (MobyGames genre ID)
  5040. P11690 (MobyGames group ID)
  5041. P5360 (MobyGames group ID (former scheme))
  5042. P3913 (MobyGames person ID)
  5043. P5868 (MobyGames platform ID)
  5044. P7899 (MOCAGH ID)
  5045. P12102 (‎Mod DB company ID)
  5046. P11132 (Mod DB engine ID)
  5047. P6774 (Mod DB game ID)
  5048. P8267 (Mod DB mod ID)
  5049. P12303 (‎ game ID)
  5050. P3379 (Model Manual ID)
  5051. P8280 (Modelhub ID (archived))
  5052. P2782 ( client ID)
  5053. P2471 ( person ID)
  5054. P8120 (ModelSEED compound ID)
  5055. P11818 (Modern History Database person ID)
  5056. P9365 (Modernist Commons ID)
  5057. P11635 (Modrinth project ID)
  5058. P10951 (Modstand person ID)
  5059. P5737 (Moegirlpedia ID)
  5060. P6060 (MoEML ID)
  5061. P11001 (Moepedia ID)
  5062. P7468 (MOHW HospID)
  5063. P7134 (Mojarto artist ID)
  5064. P2903 (Molendatabase verdwenen molens ID)
  5065. P2867 (Molenecho's ID)
  5066. P11739 ( author ID)
  5067. P7207 ( book ID)
  5068. P4758 (MONA ID)
  5069. P8323 (Monasteries in the Netherlands until 1800 ID)
  5070. P12272 (Monasticon Hibernicum database ID)
  5071. P5270 (Mondo ID)
  5072. P11264 ( lexeme ID)
  5073. P10577 (Monoskop article ID)
  5074. P9685 (Montana Field Guide species ID)
  5075. P8300 (Montreux Jazz Festival concert ID)
  5076. P8301 (Montreux Jazz Festival person ID)
  5077. P8302 (Montreux Jazz Festival song ID)
  5078. P7900 (Monument Atlas Lower Saxony Objekt-ID)
  5079. P6238 (Monument aux morts ID)
  5080. P8566 ( ID)
  5081. P9704 (Monumental Trees ID)
  5082. P8543 (Monumentbrowser ID)
  5083. P4360 (Monumentos de São Paulo ID)
  5084. P8820 (Monuments de mémoire ID)
  5085. P3733 (MOOMA artist ID)
  5086. P7255 (Moose Deutschland ID)
  5087. P6923 (Moov artist ID)
  5088. P7189 (Mora Artist ID)
  5089. P8139 (Moravian Lives ID)
  5090. P5469 (Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database artist ID)
  5091. P5495 (Mormon Literature and Creative Arts Database Works ID)
  5092. P5694 (Moroccan cultural heritage ID)
  5093. P11958 (Moroccan geographic code (2015))
  5094. P11019 (Moroccan Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  5095. P10498 (Moscow area ID)
  5096. P12284 (Moscow Cultural Heritage ID)
  5097. P10497 (Moscow Street ID)
  5098. P11650 (Moscow University Herbarium ID)
  5099. P11843 ( player ID)
  5100. P12620 ( staff ID)
  5101. P11606 (Mosfilm movie ID)
  5102. P11607 (Mosfilm person ID)
  5103. P9608 (Moths and Butterflies of Europe and North Africa ID)
  5104. P7538 (Moths of India ID)
  5105. P10967 ( rider ID)
  5106. P3928 (MotoGP racer ID)
  5107. P6682 (Motorsports Hall of Fame of America ID)
  5108. P8140 ( driver ID)
  5109. P8284 ( event ID)
  5110. P8141 ( series ID)
  5111. P8178 ( team ID)
  5112. P8142 ( venue ID)
  5113. P4468 (Mountain Bike Hall of Fame inductee ID)
  5114. P4592 (Mountain Project ID)
  5115. P671 (Mouse Genome Informatics ID)
  5116. P8033 (Movie Review Query Engine ID)
  5117. P2509 (Movie Walker Press film ID)
  5118. P7745 (Movie Walker Press person ID)
  5119. P12320 (Moviebuff ID)
  5120. P12264 (Moviefone movie ID)
  5121. P12309 (Moviefone person ID)
  5122. P7653 (MovieGe person ID)
  5123. P1970 (MovieMeter film ID)
  5124. P9463 (MovieMeter person ID)
  5125. P10432 (MovieMeter series ID)
  5126. P10495 (MovieMeter TV season ID)
  5127. P5786 ( film ID)
  5128. P12152 ( person ID)
  5129. P5925 ( series ID)
  5130. P4783 (Movieplayer film ID)
  5131. P4782 (Movieplayer person ID)
  5132. P4784 (Movieplayer TV-series ID)
  5133. P5990 (Movies Anywhere ID)
  5134. P8920 (Movist film ID)
  5135. P8205 (Mozilla Developer Network article)
  5136. P9849 (Mozilla extension ID)
  5137. P10924 (Mozilla Hacks author ID)
  5138. P7027 (MPG ID)
  5139. P7631 (MPPDA Digital Archive film ID)
  5140. P7632 (MPPDA Digital Archive organisation ID)
  5141. P7633 (MPPDA Digital Archive person ID)
  5142. P11438 (MQWW poet ID)
  5143. P11492 (MQWW work ID)
  5144. P4955 (MR Author ID)
  5145. P2914 (MSBI person ID)
  5146. P2511 (MSK Gent work PID)
  5147. P8801 (MSRI institution ID)
  5148. P8802 (MSRI person ID)
  5149. P11179 (MSVF ID)
  5150. P959 (MSW ID)
  5151. P6797 (MSX Games World ID)
  5152. P10190 (MTB Data rider ID)
  5153. P6458 (Mtime movie ID (archived))
  5154. P6464 (Mtime people ID (archived))
  5155. P2492 (MTMT author ID)
  5156. P8774 (MTMT journal ID)
  5157. P1377 (MTR station code)
  5158. P7641 (MTV Germany artist ID)
  5159. P11332 (MTV Germany music video ID)
  5160. P7216 (MTV Polska artist ID)
  5161. P7217 (MTV UK artist ID)
  5162. P4721 (MuBE Virtual ID)
  5163. P7299 (MUBI film ID)
  5164. P7300 (MUBI person ID)
  5165. P6005 (Muck Rack journalist ID)
  5166. P9035 (Muck Rack media outlet ID)
  5167. P11989 (MUDlistings ID)
  5168. P12482 (Műemlé identifier)
  5169. P5656 (MuIS collection ID)
  5170. P4525 (MuIS object ID)
  5171. P4889 (MuIS person or group ID)
  5172. P6267 (Multiplayer ID)
  5173. P7140 (München Wiki article ID)
  5174. P11155 (Municipal Library of Trikala ID)
  5175. P1168 (municipality code (Denmark))
  5176. P2941 (Munk's Roll ID)
  5177. P1284 (Munzinger person ID)
  5178. P1286 (Munzinger Pop ID)
  5179. P1285 (Munzinger Sport number)
  5180. P6924 (Murfie artist ID)
  5181. P8101 (MUSE article ID)
  5182. P12071 (MUSE book ID)
  5183. P5559 (MUSE journal ID)
  5184. P11509 (Muse Open Archive author ID)
  5185. P10867 (MUSE publisher ID)
  5186. P11910 (Musée critique de la Sorbonne ID)
  5187. P2268 (Musée d'Orsay artist ID)
  5188. P4659 (Musée d'Orsay artwork ID)
  5189. P7698 (Musée de la Résistance ID)
  5190. P4739 (Musée des Augustins artwork ID)
  5191. P11756 (Musée Fabre ID)
  5192. P9403 (Musée national de la Marine ID)
  5193. P6358 (Musée Picasso artwork ID)
  5194. P8653 (Museen Dresden article ID)
  5195. P11754 (Musées Grand Est artwork ID)
  5196. P10039 (Musées Nationaux Recuperation ID)
  5197. P11883 (Musées Occitanie ID)
  5198. P6565 (Musenor artwork ID)
  5199. P5321 (Museo del Prado artist ID)
  5200. P8905 (Museo del Prado artwork ID)
  5201. P11414 (Museo Egizio in Turin ID)
  5202. P8947 (Museo Galileo authority ID)
  5203. P8945 (Museo Galileo biography ID)
  5204. P12016 (Museo Italia ID)
  5205. P12169 (Museo Nacional de Arte artist ID)
  5206. P9254 (Museo Nacional de la Estampa ID)
  5207. P539 (Museofile ID)
  5208. P6310 (Muséosphère work ID)
  5209. P8334 (MuseScore artist ID)
  5210. P4097 (MuseScore ID)
  5211. P10023 (Museu da Pessoa person ID)
  5212. P7946 (Museu de Memes ID)
  5213. P5954 (Museu Nacional ID)
  5214. P11591 (Museu Paulista iconography ID)
  5215. P11592 (Museu Paulista objects ID)
  5216. P8831 (Museum Day ID)
  5217. P4313 (Museum of Brittany collections ID)
  5218. P12212 (Museum of Fine Arts of Rennes object ID)
  5219. P12065 (Museum of Fine Arts, Bordeaux object ID)
  5220. P4625 (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston object ID)
  5221. P4673 (Museum of Fine Arts, Houston object ID)
  5222. P10805 (Museum of Gothenburg object ID)
  5223. P2174 (Museum of Modern Art artist ID)
  5224. P7778 (Museum of Modern Art online exhibition ID)
  5225. P2014 (Museum of Modern Art work ID)
  5226. P9280 (Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot ID)
  5227. P6006 (Museum Universe Data File ID)
  5228. P12597 (museum-digital person ID)
  5229. P9957 (museum-digital place ID)
  5230. P12596 (museum-digital tag ID)
  5231. P9673 (museumPASSmusées ID)
  5232. P7917 (Museums in Austria Code)
  5233. P9593 (Museums in Styria ID)
  5234. P4401 (Museus Brazil ID)
  5235. P6101 (Mushroom Observer ID)
  5236. P9538 (music austria ID)
  5237. P6970 (Music Canada artist ID)
  5238. P10116 (Music of Armenia ID)
  5239. P9663 (Musica Baltica person ID)
  5240. P8853 (Musica Brasilis composer ID)
  5241. P9116 (Musica Brasilis score ID)
  5242. P7196 ( artist ID)
  5243. P6925 (Musicalics composer ID)
  5244. P982 (MusicBrainz area ID)
  5245. P434 (MusicBrainz artist ID)
  5246. P6423 (MusicBrainz event ID)
  5247. P8052 (MusicBrainz genre ID)
  5248. P1330 (MusicBrainz instrument ID)
  5249. P966 (MusicBrainz label ID)
  5250. P1004 (MusicBrainz place ID)
  5251. P4404 (MusicBrainz recording ID)
  5252. P436 (MusicBrainz release group ID)
  5253. P5813 (MusicBrainz release ID)
  5254. P1407 (MusicBrainz series ID)
  5255. P435 (MusicBrainz work ID)
  5256. P6111 (MusicNotes product ID)
  5257. P6122 (MusicNotes song ID)
  5258. P11203 (Musicsperlacobla composer ID)
  5259. P11202 (Musicsperlacobla sardana ID)
  5260. P6964 (Musiikkituottajat artist ID (certification))
  5261. P7672 (Musiikkituottajat artist ID (chart))
  5262. P10670 (Musik und Gender im Internet ID)
  5263. P9965 ( artist ID)
  5264. P9422 (Musikasten ID)
  5265. P4357 (Musikverket person ID)
  5266. P3352 (musipedia tune ID)
  5267. P6999 (Musisque Deoque author ID)
  5268. P8312 (Musisque Deoque work ID)
  5269. P6874 (Musixmatch artist ID)
  5270. P6742 (Musixmatch track ID)
  5271. P7070 (Musixmatch writer ID)
  5272. P2338 (Musopen composer ID)
  5273. P3674 (Mutopia composer ID)
  5274. P6578 (MutualArt artist ID)
  5275. P10288 (Muz-TV ID)
  5276. P9589 (Muziekencyclopedie ID)
  5277. P10765 (Muziekweb composition ID)
  5278. P5882 (Muziekweb performer ID)
  5279. P9358 (MWB lemma ID)
  5280. P10558 (My World@Mail.Ru ID)
  5281. P12652 ( game ID)
  5282. P4086 (MyAnimeList anime ID)
  5283. P4085 (MyAnimeList character ID)
  5284. P11490 (MyAnimeList company ID)
  5285. P11300 (MyAnimeList magazine ID)
  5286. P4087 (MyAnimeList manga ID)
  5287. P4084 (MyAnimeList people ID)
  5288. P9552 (MyBIS protected area ID)
  5289. P9503 (MyBIS species ID)
  5290. P962 (MycoBank taxon name ID)
  5291. P3862 (MyDramaList name ID)
  5292. P3868 (MyDramaList title ID)
  5293. P5452 (MyHeritage Surname ID)
  5294. P11912 ( ID)
  5295. P4779 (MYmovies actor ID (former scheme))
  5296. P4781 (MYmovies director ID (former scheme))
  5297. P4780 (MYmovies movie ID)
  5298. P4785 (MYmovies name ID (former scheme))
  5299. P9995 (MYmovies person ID)
  5300. P9316 (MyMusic artist ID)
  5301. P6716 ( political party ID)
  5302. P5245 (myschool ID)
  5303. P12035 (MyShows show ID)
  5304. P3265 (Myspace ID)
  5305. P11946 (Mythoskop ID)
  5306. P12402 (Myths on Maps ID)
  5307. P11551 (N-Anime anime ID)
  5308. P11552 (N-Anime seiyū ID)
  5309. P10169 (N64-Database ID)
  5310. P8728 (Nachlässe in Austria ID)
  5311. P1739 (NACSIS-CAT bibliography ID)
  5312. P12494 (‎NACSIS-CAT library ID)
  5313. P7434 (NAD place ID)
  5314. P12500 ( person ID)
  5315. P3224 (NAICS code)
  5316. P2956 (NAIF ID)
  5317. P3646 (Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame ID)
  5318. P2004 (NALT ID)
  5319. P1870 (Name Assigning Authority Number)
  5320. P8885 (Namuwiki ID)
  5321. P11945 (Nantes Museum of Arts artwork ID)
  5322. P6972 (Napster artist ID)
  5323. P11788 (Napster release ID)
  5324. P3055 (NAQ elected person ID)
  5325. P6761 (NARA collection ID)
  5326. P11167 (NARA File Format Preservation Plan ID)
  5327. P6759 (NARA record group number)
  5328. P7449 (NARCIS researcher ID)
  5329. P6163 (NAS ID)
  5330. P2030 (NASA biographical ID)
  5331. P5667 (NASA Exoplanet Archive ID)
  5332. P11112 (NASA International Space Station experiment ID)
  5333. P11113 (NASA International Space Station facility ID)
  5334. P10153 (Nasha Versia ID)
  5335. P1847 (Nasjonalbiblioteket photographer ID)
  5336. P8545 (Nasjonalt skoleregister ID)
  5337. P3956 (National Academy of Medicine (France) member ID)
  5338. P5380 (National Academy of Sciences member ID)
  5339. P10856 (National Archives of Australia entity ID)
  5340. P4139 (National Assembly of Nigeria ID)
  5341. P9517 (National Association of Teachers of Singing member ID)
  5342. P10635 (National Associations Register Number Spain)
  5343. P7898 (National Aviation Hall of Fame ID)
  5344. P4164 (National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ID)
  5345. P6579 (National Book Foundation author ID)
  5346. P6580 (National Book Foundation book ID)
  5347. P3676 (National Bridge Inventory Number)
  5348. P12461 (National Buildings Repository identifier)
  5349. P1395 (National Cancer Institute ID)
  5350. P5622 (National Cartoonists Society member ID)
  5351. P4560 (National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame ID)
  5352. P4221 (National Criminal Justice ID)
  5353. P9457 (National Database of Laws and Regulations ID)
  5354. P2510 (National Discography of Italian Song artist/group ID)
  5355. P4027 (National Discography of Italian Song work ID)
  5356. P7273 (National Equipment Registration System Supplier Number)
  5357. P6891 (National Film Board of Canada director ID)
  5358. P4606 (National Film Board of Canada film ID)
  5359. P8319 (National Football match ID)
  5360. P4154 (National Forest Foundation ID)
  5361. P8946 (National Galleries Scotland ID)
  5362. P5210 (National Gallery of Armenia work ID)
  5363. P2252 (National Gallery of Art artist ID)
  5364. P4683 (National Gallery of Art artwork ID)
  5365. P9301 (National Gallery of Art Library Bibliographic ID)
  5366. P8909 (National Gallery of Australia ID)
  5367. P5368 (National Gallery of Canada artist ID)
  5368. P8906 (National Gallery of Ireland ID)
  5369. P2041 (National Gallery of Victoria artist ID)
  5370. P4684 (National Gallery of Victoria artwork ID)
  5371. P9942 (National Gallery Prague work ID)
  5372. P11610 (National Grid Balancing Mechanism unit ID)
  5373. P7547 (National Health Portal hospital ID)
  5374. P1216 (National Heritage List for England number)
  5375. P7942 (National Historic Lookout Register ID)
  5376. P9054 (National Historic People ID)
  5377. P4750 (National Historic Ships ID)
  5378. P2526 (National Historic Sites of Canada ID)
  5379. P9495 (National Historical Museums of Sweden ID)
  5380. P5657 (National Humanities Medal winner ID)
  5381. P3468 (National Inventors Hall of Fame ID)
  5382. P4591 (National Inventory of Canadian Military Memorials ID)
  5383. P9439 (National Inventory of Dams ID)
  5384. P12051 (‎National Library of Albania ID)
  5385. P6906 (National Library of Aruba ID)
  5386. P11097 (National Library of Indonesia Control Headings ID)
  5387. P949 (National Library of Israel ID (old))
  5388. P12391 (National Library of Malaysia OPAC ID)
  5389. P7682 (National Library of New Zealand ID)
  5390. P1003 (National Library of Romania ID)
  5391. P12595 (National Library of Uruguay authority ID)
  5392. P2966 (National Library of Wales Authority ID)
  5393. P6786 (National Library of Wales Catalogue ID)
  5394. P7472 (National Marine Biological Library ID)
  5395. P5719 (National Medal of Arts winner ID)
  5396. P4509 (National Monuments of Namibia Site Reference)
  5397. P9061 (National Museum in Warsaw artwork ID)
  5398. P9121 (National Museum Norway artwork ID)
  5399. P4257 (National Museums of Japan e-museum ID)
  5400. P4182 (National Natural Landmarks site ID)
  5401. P12340 (National Natural Parks System ID)
  5402. P10975 (National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan athlete ID)
  5403. P11024 (National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan athlete ID)
  5404. P3516 (National Park Foundation ID)
  5405. P8730 (National Park Service people ID)
  5406. P8649 (National Park Service place ID)
  5407. P1763 (National Pipe Organ Register ID)
  5408. P7030 (National Pollutant Inventory ID)
  5409. P9144 (National Portrait Gallery (London) artwork ID)
  5410. P1816 (National Portrait Gallery (London) person ID)
  5411. P6152 (National Portrait Gallery (United States) object ID)
  5412. P9450 (National Provider Identifier)
  5413. P3353 (National Recreation Trails Database ID)
  5414. P8240 (National Register Database, Louisiana ID)
  5415. P12049 (National Register of Monumental Trees ID)
  5416. P8479 (National Registry of Exonerations Case ID)
  5417. P5567 (National Research Institute for Cultural Properties artist ID)
  5418. P11858 (National Science Foundation award)
  5419. P7795 (National September 11 Memorial ID)
  5420. P5005 (National Thesis Number (France))
  5421. P6995 (National Transportation Safety Board report ID)
  5422. P4373 (National Trust Collections ID)
  5423. P5827 (National Trust for Historic Preservation ID)
  5424. P10816 (National Union Catalog ID)
  5425. P11925 (National Union of Composers of Ukraine person ID)
  5426. P7308 (National Wildlife Refuge Trails ID)
  5427. P5222 (National Women's Soccer League player ID)
  5428. P6558 (National Wrestling Hall of Fame University team ID)
  5429. P6688 (National Wrestling Hall of Fame wrestler ID)
  5430. P8147 ( club ID)
  5431. P10995 ( coach ID)
  5432. P2574 ( player ID)
  5433. P12308 ( team ID)
  5434. P2539 (Nationalmuseum Sweden artwork ID)
  5435. P2538 (Nationalmuseum Sweden ID)
  5436. P9717 (Native Land language ID)
  5437. P9716 (Native Land territory ID)
  5438. P8660 (Native Plants Database ID)
  5439. P12295 (Native Plants Hawaii ID)
  5440. P5581 (NATO Stock Number)
  5441. P3425 (Natura 2000 site ID)
  5442. P8246 (Natural Atlas ID)
  5443. P10114 (Natural History Museum (London) person ID)
  5444. P1732 (Naturbase ID)
  5445. P11078 (Naturbasen species ID)
  5446. P3974 (nature preserve in North Rhine-Westphalia ID)
  5447. P10015 (NatureScot Sitelink ID)
  5448. P10243 (NatureServe Explorer ID)
  5449. P10467 ( ID)
  5450. P3613 (Naturvårdsregistret ID)
  5451. P7148 (Nauka Ukrainy scientist ID)
  5452. P9249 (Nauvoo Community Project ID)
  5453. P2475 (NAVA ID)
  5454. P7506 (Naver Encyclopedia ID)
  5455. P11058 (Naver game lounge ID)
  5456. P8673 (Naver movie ID)
  5457. P9893 (Naver Post member ID)
  5458. P10352 (Naver TV ID)
  5459. P7274 (Naver VIBE album ID)
  5460. P7275 (Naver VIBE artist ID)
  5461. P10418 (Naver VIBE track ID)
  5462. P10523 (Naver VIBE video ID)
  5463. P3647 ( player ID)
  5464. P7539 (NBAIR pest ID)
  5465. P11866 (NBC Olympics athlete ID)
  5466. P8707 (NBIC taxon ID)
  5467. P9507 (NBM authority ID)
  5468. P3240 (NBN System Key)
  5469. P9492 (NC Highway Historical Marker Program ID)
  5470. P8817 (NCAA organization code)
  5471. P8777 (NCAA Statistics coach ID)
  5472. P8762 (NCAA Statistics team season ID)
  5473. P3692 ( team ID)
  5474. P2393 (NCBI locus tag)
  5475. P685 (NCBI taxonomy ID)
  5476. P2483 (NCES district ID)
  5477. P2484 (NCES school ID)
  5478. P6890 (NCHDB asset ID)
  5479. P11901 (NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms entry)
  5480. P11902 (NCI Dictionary of Genetics Terms entry)
  5481. P11623 (NCI Drug Dictionary ID)
  5482. P3718 (NCMEC person ID)
  5483. P6284 (NCpedia ID)
  5484. P11174 (NCUA Charter ID)
  5485. P5762 (NDB airport beacon ID)
  5486. P1054 (NDL Bib ID)
  5487. P9986 (NDL earlier law ID)
  5488. P8635 (NDL law ID)
  5489. P9836 (NDL Persistent ID)
  5490. P3222 ( ID)
  5491. P11092 (Nebraska Invasive Species Program species ID)
  5492. P12337 (Nebula channel ID)
  5493. P7669 (NEC Retro ID)
  5494. P7837 (Nederlands Fotomuseum photographer ID)
  5495. P3405 (Nederlands Soortenregister ID)
  5496. P2863 (Nederlandse Molendatabase ID)
  5497. P6926 (Nederlandse Top 40 artist ID)
  5498. P10050 (Nederlandse Voornamenbank ID)
  5499. P10815 ( person ID)
  5500. P7473 (Neliti Journal ID)
  5501. P8599 (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art artwork ID)
  5502. P5273 (Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art person ID)
  5503. P6898 (NeoGeoSoft ID)
  5504. P6047 (Neotropical Birds ID)
  5505. P10233 (NER portfolio ID)
  5506. P7747 (NES Cart Database ID)
  5507. P7966 (NetBSD package ID)
  5508. P10445 (NetEase Music artist ID)
  5509. P1874 (Netflix ID)
  5510. P11819 (Netflix person ID)
  5511. P10770 (netkeiba horse ID)
  5512. P4394 (NeuroNames ID (plain mode))
  5513. P9515 (Nevada SHPO marker ID)
  5514. P9620 (Nevada Women's History Project ID)
  5515. P4414 (New Brunswick Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID)
  5516. P7276 (New Encyclopedic Dictionary of Czech ID)
  5517. P3208 (New General Catalogue ID)
  5518. P4903 (New Georgia Encyclopedia ID)
  5519. P10117 (New Index of Middle English Verse ID)
  5520. P4374 (New Mexico Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  5521. P12690 (New Oxford American Dictionary ID)
  5522. P4273 (New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission ID)
  5523. P6899 (New York City Neighborhood Tabulation area ID)
  5524. P4430 (New York City Parks monument ID)
  5525. P10333 (New York Flora Atlas ID)
  5526. P8297 (New York Times contributor ID)
  5527. P3221 (New York Times topic ID)
  5528. P6048 (New Zealand Birds Online ID)
  5529. P5687 (New Zealand Business Number)
  5530. P5104 (New Zealand Gazetteer place ID)
  5531. P3728 (New Zealand Heritage List number)
  5532. P11218 (New Zealand Legislation ID)
  5533. P4056 (New Zealand Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  5534. P2752 (New Zealand Organisms Register ID)
  5535. P4418 (New Zealand Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  5536. P11696 (Newguineaworld ID)
  5537. P12173 (Newman Numismatics Portal ID)
  5538. P6136 (Newseum newspaper front page ID)
  5539. P9648 (Newspaper Genre List ID)
  5540. P7259 ( paper ID)
  5541. P8304 (NexusMods game ID)
  5542. P11971 (NFDI4Culture ID)
  5543. P9537 (NFF club ID)
  5544. P3936 (NFF person ID)
  5545. P3539 ( ID (former scheme))
  5546. P9338 ( player ID (new scheme))
  5547. P11948 (NFSA title ID)
  5548. P3563 (NGA lighthouse ID)
  5549. P6693 (NGMDb Prod ID)
  5550. P10488 (NGO Darpan ID)
  5551. P3304 (NGS pumping station ID)
  5552. P11712 (NHF club ID)
  5553. P3700 (NHF player ID)
  5554. P8580 (NHK Archives Portal person ID)
  5555. P12036 (NHK News topic ID)
  5556. P3522 ( player ID)
  5557. P7995 (NHS Health A to Z ID)
  5558. P9372 (NHS Organisation Data Service ID)
  5559. P12662 (NICE Paintings ID)
  5560. P11176 (Niconico ID)
  5561. P6900 (NicoNicoPedia ID)
  5562. P8242 (Niden INE)
  5563. P1460 (NIEA building ID)
  5564. P12347 (NientePopCorn movie ID)
  5565. P12349 (NientePopCorn person ID)
  5566. P12348 (NientePopCorn series ID)
  5567. P12266 (‎Nigerian registered company ID)
  5568. P3477 (Nihon Tarento Meikan ID)
  5569. P2409 (NII article ID)
  5570. P4787 (NII author ID)
  5571. P2085 (Nikkaji ID)
  5572. P11439 (Nîmes cemeteries ID)
  5573. P12513 (‎ ID)
  5574. P7585 (NinDB game ID)
  5575. P12418 (‎Nintendo eShop (Europe) ID)
  5576. P8084 (Nintendo eShop ID)
  5577. P5838 (Nintendo GameID (GameCube/Wii))
  5578. P12735 (Nintendo Life game ID)
  5579. P4685 (Nintendo of America Game Store ID (former scheme))
  5580. P11072 (Nintendo Switch title ID)
  5581. P11391 (Nintendo World Report ID)
  5582. P11392 (Nintendo-Online ID)
  5583. P10137 (Nintendo64EVER ID)
  5584. P4596 (NIOSH Numbered Publication ID)
  5585. P2880 (NIOSHTIC-2 ID)
  5586. P11429 (NIP)
  5587. P7748 (NIPS Proceedings author ID)
  5588. P1567 (NIS/INS code)
  5589. P11480 (Nişanyan Sözlük lexeme ID)
  5590. P3715 (NISH Hall of Fame ID (archived))
  5591. P1645 (NIST/CODATA ID)
  5592. P12253 (‎NIWA article ID)
  5593. P12433 (nixpkgs ID)
  5594. P8156 (NKAA ID)
  5595. P1315 (NLA Trove people ID)
  5596. P4215 (nLab ID)
  5597. P3390 (NLB authority ID)
  5598. P4405 (NLBPA ID)
  5599. P1213 (NLC authorities)
  5600. P10403 (NLC Bibliography ID (Chinese language))
  5601. P10483 (NLC Bibliography ID (foreign-language))
  5602. P9980 (NLI Archive (bibliographic) ID)
  5603. P3955 (NLL player ID)
  5604. P1055 (NLM Unique ID)
  5605. P1695 (NLP ID (old))
  5606. P4119 (NLS Geographic Names Register Place ID)
  5607. P9230 (NLS place type ID)
  5608. P4118 (NLS-FI Geographic Name ID)
  5609. P6927 (NME artist ID)
  5610. P7332 (NMM artist ID)
  5611. P8220 (NMMA antiquities ID)
  5612. P8221 (NMMA built heritage ID)
  5613. P6473 (NMSRCP reference number)
  5614. P7831 (NMVW ID)
  5615. P1263 (NNDB people ID)
  5616. P3959 (NNL item ID)
  5617. P6049 (NOAA Fisheries Species Directory ID)
  5618. P8024 (Nobel Laureate API ID)
  5619. P3360 (Nobel Prize People Nomination ID)
  5620. P918 (NOC Occupation Code)
  5621. P10957 (NOC*NSF athlete ID)
  5622. P11267 (Nomenclature de tous les noms de rosiers ID)
  5623. P7749 (Nomenclature for Museum Cataloging)
  5624. P4284 (Nominis given name ID)
  5625. P4286 (Nominis saint ID)
  5626. P2950 (Nomisma ID)
  5627. P8346 (Nomor Pokok Wajib Pajak)
  5628. P7750 (Nonfiction ID)
  5629. P5570 (NooSFere author ID)
  5630. P5571 (NooSFere book ID)
  5631. P6901 (NooSFere edition ID)
  5632. P5792 (NooSFere series ID)
  5633. P6221 (NooSFere story ID)
  5634. P8314 (Noovie person ID)
  5635. P464 (NOR numbering ID)
  5636. P12076 (Nordic Women in Film-ID)
  5637. P10196 (Norgeshistorie ID)
  5638. P9209 (Normandie inventory ID)
  5639. P8722 (Normattiva ID)
  5640. P5080 (Norsk biografisk leksikon ID)
  5641. P5081 (Norsk kunstnerleksikon ID)
  5642. P5165 (Norsk pop- og rockleksikon ID)
  5643. P5944 (North America PlayStation Store ID)
  5644. P10709 (North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox ID)
  5645. P9590 (North Carolina session law)
  5646. P4375 (North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  5647. P10306 (North Data ID)
  5648. P12123 (‎North Rhine-Westphalian school ID)
  5649. P5870 (Northern Ireland Assembly ID)
  5650. P3200 (Northern Ireland charity number)
  5651. P1271 (Norway Database for Statistics on Higher education publisher ID)
  5652. P1272 (Norway Import Service and Registration Authority periodical code)
  5653. P1275 (Norway Import Service and Registration Authority publisher code)
  5654. P1439 (Norwegian filmography ID)
  5655. P5170 (Norwegian fjord catalog ID)
  5656. P5169 (Norwegian historical lexicon ID)
  5657. P4574 (Norwegian historical register of persons ID)
  5658. P4055 (Norwegian List of Lights ID)
  5659. P2504 (Norwegian municipality number)
  5660. P5580 (Norwegian National Road DataBase ID)
  5661. P5964 (Norwegian Nationaltheatret actor ID)
  5662. P11666 (Norwegian Offshore Directorate field ID)
  5663. P2333 (Norwegian organisation number)
  5664. P5391 (Norwegian Polar Institute place name ID)
  5665. P8269 (Norwegian prisoner register person ID)
  5666. P1270 (Norwegian Register journal ID)
  5667. P9201 (Norwegian State Administration Database ID)
  5668. P10438 (Norwegian thesaurus on genre and form ID)
  5669. P11576 (Norwegian war prisoner detention camp ID)
  5670. P5871 (Norwegian war refugees register ID)
  5671. P4972 (Norwegian war sailor register person ID)
  5672. P5156 (Norwegian war sailor register ship-ID)
  5673. P7040 (NosDéputé identifiant)
  5674. P7060 (NosSé ID)
  5675. P7144 (NOTAM (FAA))
  5676. P11401 ( user ID)
  5677. P12427 ( anime ID)
  5678. P11133 (Nouvelle-Aquitaine Inventory ID)
  5679. P909 (Nova Scotia Register of Historic Places ID)
  5680. P4406 (Nova Scotia Sport Hall of Fame ID (dead link))
  5681. P9243 (NParks Flora & Fauna Web ID)
  5682. P4260 (NPB player ID)
  5683. P11528 (NPB umpire ID)
  5684. P3515 (NPCA ID)
  5685. P7868 (NPDRMI record ID)
  5686. P8262 (npm package)
  5687. P11206 (npm scope or username)
  5688. P5840 (NPR podcast ID)
  5689. P8561 (NPR station ID)
  5690. P4128 (NPSN Indonesian school ID)
  5691. P649 (NRHP reference number)
  5692. P5292 (NRJ artist ID)
  5693. P9979 (NRK TV ID)
  5694. P2298 (NSDAP membership number (1925–1945))
  5695. P8806 (NSDOK Stolperstein ID)
  5696. P11402 (NSR doctor ID)
  5697. P11362 (NSR stopplace ID)
  5698. P8913 (NSSDCA ID)
  5699. P6726 (NSW Capital Conviction ID)
  5700. P3130 (NSW Flora ID)
  5701. P3449 (NSW Heritage database ID)
  5702. P10012 (NSW Parliament member ID)
  5703. P6190 (NSW State Archives and Records Authority Agency ID)
  5704. P8699 (NSW State Archives and Records Authority ID)
  5705. P5953 (NT Flora ID)
  5706. P10244 (NT Place Names Register ID)
  5707. P8315 (NTB ID)
  5708. P7791 (NTIS accession number)
  5709. P11340 (ntower ID)
  5710. P7353 (NTS Radio artist ID)
  5711. P11657 (NTV program ID)
  5712. P10156 (Numelyo ID)
  5713. P10205 (Numista ID)
  5714. P10197 (Numista mint ID)
  5715. P11835 (Numista ruling authority ID)
  5716. P11982 (Nurnet ID)
  5717. P605 (NUTS code)
  5718. P2760 (NUTTAB food ID)
  5719. P4528 (NVE Drainage Basin (REGINE) ID)
  5720. P10413 (NVE glacier ID)
  5721. P5079 (NVE Lake Database ID)
  5722. P7626 (NVE powerplant ID)
  5723. P9912 (NVE reservoir ID)
  5724. P8348 (NVE River Network (ELVIS) ID)
  5725. P6814 (NWBib ID)
  5726. P10064 (NWT Species ID)
  5727. P8574 (NYARC Discovery ID)
  5728. P6082 (NYC Building Identification Number (BIN))
  5729. P12514 (‎Nye ord i dansk ID)
  5730. P10041 (Nynorskordboka-ID)
  5731. P5419 (NYRB contributor ID)
  5732. P6548 (NZ On Screen person ID)
  5733. P6549 (NZ On Screen work ID)
  5734. P7496 (NZPCN ID)
  5735. P10360 ( player ID)
  5736. P9889 (NZTCS ID)
  5737. P8734 (O*NET OnLine code)
  5738. P5759 (ÖAV hut ID)
  5739. P10742 (OBD Memorial ID)
  5740. P8418 (Oberwolfach mathematician ID)
  5741. P6754 (OBIS ID)
  5742. P9232 (Obituaries Australia ID)
  5743. P6277 (Objectif Gard topic ID)
  5744. P11234 (Oblio author ID)
  5745. P6778 (OBO Gazetteer ID)
  5746. P9163 (Obrazi slovenskih pokrajin ID)
  5747. P11247 ( location ID)
  5748. P6105 ( taxon ID)
  5749. P3371 (Observatoire du Patrimoine Religieux ID)
  5750. P6201 (OBV edition ID)
  5751. P9176 (Occitanie Inventory ID)
  5752. P11403 (Occitanie Livre et Lecture ID)
  5753. P8629 (Occupational Outlook Handbook ID)
  5754. P243 (OCLC control number)
  5755. P5331 (OCLC work ID)
  5756. P9415 (ÖCV Biolex ID)
  5757. P8343 (Odeon ID)
  5758. P2372 (ODIS ID)
  5759. P9374 (ODLIS ID)
  5760. P8086 (ODMP person ID)
  5761. P11050 (Odnoklassniki album ID)
  5762. P11047 (Odnoklassniki artist ID)
  5763. P10956 (Odnoklassniki group numeric ID)
  5764. P5163 (Odnoklassniki ID)
  5765. P9269 (Odnoklassniki user numeric ID)
  5766. P6289 (ODNR Division of Wildlife ID)
  5767. P7540 (Odonata of India ID)
  5768. P10631 (ODOT county code)
  5769. P829 (OEIS ID)
  5770. P3138 (OFDb film ID)
  5771. P9404 (OFDb person ID)
  5772. P6559 (Official Charts artist ID)
  5773. P10485 (Official Internet Portal of Legal Information ID)
  5774. P3568 (Official World Golf Ranking player ID)
  5775. P10262 (Offizielle Deutsche Charts album ID)
  5776. P10372 (Offizielle Deutsche Charts person ID)
  5777. P8524 (Offizielle Deutsche Charts song ID)
  5778. P10083 (Offshore Leaks Database ID)
  5779. P7570 (OGDB company ID)
  5780. P7567 (OGDB compilation ID)
  5781. P7564 (OGDB game title ID)
  5782. P11404 (Oh!FM-7 ID)
  5783. P12515 (‎OHDSI ID)
  5784. P7149 ( ID)
  5785. P4690 (Oireachtas member ID)
  5786. P6025 ( ID)
  5787. P721 (OKATO ID)
  5788. P10194 ( actor ID)
  5789. P10255 ( film ID)
  5790. P4376 (Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame ID (dead link))
  5791. P9261 (Oklahoma's NRHP ID)
  5792. P3248 (OKP ID of the good or service)
  5793. P3245 (OKPD code of the good or service)
  5794. P3250 (OKPD2 product code)
  5795. P2391 (OKPO ID)
  5796. P12366 (OKRB 011-2022 code)
  5797. P764 (OKTMO ID)
  5798. P8080 (Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon ID)
  5799. P3243 (OKVED 1.1 code of the economic activity)
  5800. P3246 (OKVED 2 code of the economic activity)
  5801. P6352 (OLAC video game genre vocabulary ID)
  5802. P3944 (Old Bailey Proceedings ID)
  5803. P5936 ( ID)
  5804. P12134 (‎ ID)
  5805. P10394 (Old-Games.RU ID)
  5806. P11967 (OlimpBase FIDE ratings ID)
  5807. P9642 (Olschki author ID)
  5808. P9447 (Olympedia affiliations ID)
  5809. P9055 (Olympedia event ID)
  5810. P8286 (Olympedia people ID)
  5811. P11405 (Olympedia venue ID)
  5812. P9669 (Olympic Committee of Israel athlete ID)
  5813. P4547 (Olympic Committee of Serbia athlete ID (archived))
  5814. P10978 (Olympic Committee of Serbia athlete ID (new))
  5815. P10914 (Olympic Federation of Ireland athlete ID)
  5816. P3171 ( athlete ID (archived))
  5817. P5815 ( athlete ID)
  5818. P2493 (OM institution ID)
  5819. P11154 (OMED ID)
  5820. P1245 (OmegaWiki Defined Meaning)
  5821. P492 (OMIM ID)
  5822. P3479 (Omni topic ID)
  5823. P12161 (One Earth ecoregion ID)
  5824. P11109 (Onestop ID)
  5825. P7139 (ONF forest national ID)
  5826. P12508 (ONIX codelist ID)
  5827. P11605 (Online Aboriginal Language Dictionary ID)
  5828. P9592 (Online Archive of California finding aid ID)
  5829. P9884 (Online Begraafplaatsen cemetery ID)
  5830. P9910 (Online Begraafplaatsen memorial ID)
  5831. P9890 (Online Begraafplaatsen person ID)
  5832. P4629 (Online Books Page author ID)
  5833. P5396 (Online Books Page publication ID)
  5834. P7474 (Online Cenotaph ID)
  5835. P9645 (Online Coins of the Roman Empire ID)
  5836. P12056 (Online Etymology Dictionary ID)
  5837. P3223 (Online List of Lights ID)
  5838. P7689 (Online Nevada Encyclopedia ID)
  5839. P7305 (Online PWN Encyclopedia ID)
  5840. P11301 (Online Torwali Dictionary ID)
  5841. P2830 (Online World of Wrestling ID)
  5842. P8604 (OnlyFans ID)
  5843. P5157 (OnsOranje match ID)
  5844. P5158 (OnsOranje player ID)
  5845. P5162 (OnsOranje tournament ID)
  5846. P4120 (Ontario Heritage Act Register ID)
  5847. P3054 (Ontario MPP ID)
  5848. P5122 (Ontario public library ID)
  5849. P4412 (Ontario Sports Hall of Fame ID (archived))
  5850. P8769 (Ontology of units of Measure 2.0 unit ID)
  5851. P3638 (Oorlogsmonument ID)
  5852. P10625 (OpaqueNamespace ID)
  5853. P7813 (Open Churches ID)
  5854. P8651 (Open Civic Data Division ID)
  5855. P5738 (Open Exoplanet Catalogue exoplanet ID)
  5856. P3153 (Open Funder Registry funder ID)
  5857. P1972 (Open Hub ID)
  5858. P11298 (Open Korean Knowledge Dictionary sense ID)
  5859. P648 (Open Library ID)
  5860. P12088 (Open Library publisher ID)
  5861. P3847 (Open Library subject ID)
  5862. P3302 (Open Media Database film ID)
  5863. P5534 (Open Media Database person ID)
  5864. P1893 (Open Plaques plaque ID)
  5865. P1430 (Open Plaques subject ID)
  5866. P7238 (Open Science Framework ID)
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  5871. P11718 (OPENBS author ID)
  5872. P7967 (OpenBSD port)
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  5874. P5256 (OpenCorporates corporate grouping)
  5875. P1320 (OpenCorporates ID)
  5876. P9532 (OpenCorporates register ID)
  5877. P9630 (OpenCorporates register jurisdiction)
  5878. P8487 (OpenCritic critic ID)
  5879. P2864 (OpenCritic ID)
  5880. P11223 (OpenCritic outlet ID)
  5881. P5332 (OpenDOAR ID)
  5882. P3122 (OpenDomesday person ID)
  5883. P3118 (OpenDomesday settlement ID)
  5884. P6677 (OpenEdition Books author ID)
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  5889. P11238 (OpenML dataset ID)
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  5892. P7683 (OpenRetro Game Database ID)
  5893. P8965 ( group ID)
  5894. P8964 ( profile ID)
  5895. P8968 ( submission ID)
  5896. P10632 (OpenSanctions ID)
  5897. P4691 (OpenSecrets organization ID)
  5898. P2686 (OpenSecrets people ID)
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  5900. P11693 (OpenStreetMap node ID)
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  5902. P402 (OpenStreetMap relation ID)
  5903. P10689 (OpenStreetMap way ID)
  5904. P7788 (openSUSE package)
  5905. P6220 (OpenTrials ID)
  5906. P7197 (OpenWeatherMap city ID)
  5907. P8551 (Opera Online composer ID)
  5908. P9216 (Opera Online conductor ID)
  5909. P8552 (Opera Online opera house ID)
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  5914. P862 (Operational Requirement of the UK Air Ministry)
  5915. P1691 (operations and procedures key (OPS))
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  5918. P5359 (Operone composer ID)
  5919. P5358 (Operone opera ID)
  5920. P8735 (Opta football competition ID)
  5921. P8736 (Opta football player ID)
  5922. P8737 (Opta football team ID)
  5923. P5912 (Oqaasileriffik online dictionary ID)
  5924. P5336 (Or Movement regional council ID)
  5925. P5335 (Or Movement settlement ID)
  5926. P12234 (ORBi article ID)
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  5928. P12438 (ORBISPatches game ID)
  5929. P496 (ORCID iD)
  5930. P9962 (Ordbog over det danske sprog ID)
  5931. P12032 (Ordbok över Finlands svenska folkmål ID)
  5932. P8951 (Order of Canada recipient ID)
  5933. P9501 (Oregon Flora Image Project ID)
  5934. P8177 (Oregon Historic Sites Database ID)
  5935. P9474 (Oregon Poetic Voices poet ID)
  5936. P10513 (Oregon State Parks ID)
  5937. P9423 (OregonFlora taxon ID)
  5938. P4824 ( ID)
  5939. P5590 ( ID)
  5940. P8261 (Origin ID)
  5941. P10149 (Original Esperanto Literature author ID)
  5942. P10897 (ORKG ID)
  5943. P6745 (Orlando author ID)
  5944. P11518 (Oroklini Library ID)
  5945. P1550 (Orphanet ID)
  5946. P5002 (Orthodox Encyclopedia ID)
  5947. P10281 ( topic ID)
  5948. P7819 (OrthodoxWiki ID (English))
  5949. P6050 (Orthoptera Species File ID)
  5950. P6144 ( ID)
  5951. P9602 (OSDN project)
  5952. P6353 (OSGS-Number)
  5953. P12594 (OSHA Occupational Chemical Database ID)
  5954. P12581 (Oskar Schindler Archive agent ID)
  5955. P12535 (OSL ID)
  5956. P10217 (Oslo Byleksikon ID)
  5957. P8253 (OSM Name Suggestion Index ID)
  5958. P10084 (Osmose Agency person ID)
  5959. P9299 ( ID)
  5960. P5768 (Osservatorio culturale del Cantone Ticino ID)
  5961. P8432 (Österreichisches Musiklexikon Online ID)
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  5963. P6796 (OSZMI ID)
  5964. P5937 (Oudnederlands Woordenboek GTB ID)
  5965. P8445 (Our Campaigns candidate ID)
  5966. P9446 (Our Campaigns race ID)
  5967. P10098 (Oùvoir.ça film ID)
  5968. P7638 (OverDrive creator ID)
  5969. P7639 (OverDrive publisher ID)
  5970. P7648 (OverDrive series ID)
  5971. P9845 (Overnia ID)
  5972. P11215 (OVO ID)
  5973. P7503 (Ovrtur biography ID)
  5974. P11521 (OWID Deutsches Fremdwörterbuch ID)
  5975. P11523 (OWID Kommunikationsverben ID)
  5976. P11520 (OWID Neologismenwörterbuch ID)
  5977. P11522 (OWID Sprichwörterbuch ID)
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  5979. P9332 (Oxford African American Studies Center ID)
  5980. P8410 (Oxford Bibliographies ID)
  5981. P9106 (Oxford Classical Dictionary ID)
  5982. P1415 (Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ID)
  5983. P5275 (Oxford English Dictionary entry ID (pre-July 2023))
  5984. P12510 (‎Oxford English Dictionary object ID (post-July 2023))
  5985. P12582 (Oxford Reference overview ID)
  5986. P12532 (‎Oyez Project ID)
  5987. P6985 (OYO hotel ID)
  5988. P11407 (Ozon person ID)
  5989. P2814 (P-number)
  5990. P10905 (P. League+ player ID)
  5991. P1331 (PACE member ID)
  5992. P6486 (Pacific Coast Architecture Database building ID)
  5993. P6550 (Pacific Coast Architecture Database firm ID)
  5994. P5745 (Pacific Coast Architecture Database person ID)
  5995. P11253 (Packagist package)
  5996. P11531 (Packagist username)
  5997. P11299 (Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) Greek Inscriptions ID)
  5998. P4212 (PACTOLS thesaurus ID)
  5999. P10891 ( person ID)
  6000. P10896 ( video ID)
  6001. P11597 (Padua Research Archive author ID)
  6002. P2487 (page at website of Belarus Geocenter)
  6003. P4201 (PagesJaunes ID)
  6004. P6595 (Paintings by Salvador Dalí ID)
  6005. P6785 (Pakistan Railways station code)
  6006. P11652 (Pakistan Sign Language Dictionary ID)
  6007. P4122 (PalDat plant ID)
  6008. P10907 (Paleobiology Database ID)
  6009. P481 (Palissy ID)
  6010. P12333 (Pallaalcentro player ID)
  6011. P10872 (Palmares Cultural Foundation process number)
  6012. P9804 (Palynodata publications ID)
  6013. P9799 (Palynodata taxa ID)
  6014. P5718 (PAM ID)
  6015. P6746 (Paměť národa ID)
  6016. P10447 (Pamyat Naroda ID)
  6017. P8832 (PAN member)
  6018. P2434 (Panarctic Flora ID)
  6019. P9278 (Pandektis ID)
  6020. P12112 (‎Pandit Project work ID)
  6021. P10138 (Pandora album ID)
  6022. P7277 (Pandora artist ID)
  6023. P10136 (Pandora track ID)
  6024. P9632 (PANGO lineage code)
  6025. P11978 (Panjab Digital Library ID)
  6026. P7849 (Panoptikum podcast episode ID)
  6027. P4818 (Panoptikum podcast ID)
  6028. P6332 (Panorama de l'art ID)
  6029. P9094 (Pantone color ID)
  6030. P8103 (Paperity article ID)
  6031. P8104 (Paperity journal ID)
  6032. P8108 (Papers Past ID)
  6033. P9065 (Parabola package)
  6034. P8560 (PARADISEC Catalog)
  6035. P12189 (‎Paradox Wikis article ID)
  6036. P7550 ( sportsperson ID)
  6037. P10976 (Paralympics Australia athlete ID)
  6038. P10977 (Paralympics New Zealand athlete ID)
  6039. P10700 (Parcours de vies dans la Royale ID)
  6040. P4813 (PARES ID)
  6041. P630 (Paris city digital code)
  6042. P5545 (Paris Faculty of Letters professor ID (1809–1908))
  6043. P5544 (Paris Faculty of Letters professor ID (1909-1939))
  6044. P5541 (Paris Faculty of Science professor ID)
  6045. P7077 (Paris Foreign Missions Society ID)
  6046. P6246 (Paris Musées work ID)
  6047. P4959 ( lieux ID)
  6048. P4083 (Park Alpha Code)
  6049. P3481 (Parks & Gardens UK record ID)
  6050. P3810 ( ID)
  6051. P1749 ( ID)
  6052. P8904 (Parler username (archived))
  6053. P10020 (Parliament of Australia MP ID)
  6054. P12362 (‎Parliament of Victoria ID)
  6055. P11873 (‎ MP ID)
  6056. P1996 ( biography pages (BEING DELETED))
  6057. P10428 ( member ID)
  6058. P11324 (Parliamentary Archives ID in United Kingdom)
  6059. P11325 (Parliamentary Office number in United Kingdom)
  6060. P2172 (Parliamentary record ID)
  6061. P10250 (Parque de la Memoria ID)
  6062. P12458 (Parsifal cluster ID)
  6063. P1236 (Parsons code)
  6064. P5727 (Partis d'Arcadie ID)
  6065. P5296 (Party Number (Taiwan))
  6066. P9640 (PAS member ID)
  6067. P8109 (Pascal et Francis ID)
  6068. P3971 (PASE Domesday person ID)
  6069. P3972 (PASE Domesday place)
  6070. P2625 (PASE ID)
  6071. P8681 (Passion Patrimoine ID)
  6072. P8612 (past Fellow of the Royal Society ID)
  6073. P5418 (Pasteur Institute person ID)
  6074. P1246 (patent number)
  6075. P9326 (PatER ID)
  6076. P1461 (Patientplus ID)
  6077. P4175 (Patreon ID)
  6078. P11713 (Patreon user numeric ID)
  6079. P6490 (Patrimonio Digital de Castilla-La Mancha authority ID)
  6080. P3177 (Patrimonio Web JCyL ID)
  6081. P9113 (Patrinum ID)
  6082. P4891 (Patrons de France ID)
  6083. P9210 (Pays de la Loire inventory ID)
  6084. P8962 (PBA artwork ID)
  6085. P7064 (PBS Manufacturer ID)
  6086. P5345 (PC Engine Software Bible ID)
  6087. P8254 (PC Games company ID)
  6088. P8042 (PC Games game ID)
  6089. P6299 (PC-9801 DB ID)
  6090. P7871 (PCBdB game ID)
  6091. P6928 (PCE Daisakusen ID)
  6092. P7370 (PCEngine Catalog Project ID)
  6093. P6337 (PCGamingWiki ID)
  6094. P381 (PCP reference number)
  6095. P12227 (‎PCSX2 Wiki ID)
  6096. P638 (PDB structure ID)
  6097. P9959 (PDDikti higher education institution ID)
  6098. P11815 (Peacock ID)
  6099. P3635 (Peakbagger area ID)
  6100. P7278 (Peakbagger climber ID)
  6101. P7279 (Peakbagger key col ID)
  6102. P3109 (Peakbagger mountain ID)
  6103. P3770 (PeakFinder ID)
  6104. P9571 (PeakVisor area ID)
  6105. P9572 (PeakVisor park ID)
  6106. P9568 (PeakVisor peak ID)
  6107. P9569 (PeakVisor range ID)
  6108. P3513 (peakware mountain ID)
  6109. P12622 (PeerTube channel address)
  6110. P10427 (PegiPegi Hotel ID)
  6111. P763 (PEI Register of Historic Places ID)
  6112. P7031 (Penguin India author ID)
  6113. P9802 (Penguin Random House author ID)
  6114. P9818 (Penguin Random House book ID)
  6115. P12679 (Pennsylvania State Senate ID)
  6116. P12298 (Penstemon Database ID)
  6117. P6290 (Penthouse ID)
  6118. P10036 (Penza Encyclopedia ID)
  6119. P9159 (People Australia ID)
  6120. P8405 (People's Representative Council of Indonesia ID)
  6121. P9917 ( person ID)
  6122. P7129 (PEPC park ID)
  6123. P9120 (Pepys Encylopedia ID)
  6124. P9456 (Periodical ID in a database of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic)
  6125. P9350 (PeriodO period ID)
  6126. P6654 (Periscope ID)
  6127. P866 (Perlentaucher ID)
  6128. P3824 (permanent building number VTJ-PRT)
  6129. P3347 (PermID)
  6130. P1852 (Perry Index)
  6131. P8758 (Persée article ID)
  6132. P2732 (Persée author ID)
  6133. P2733 (Persée journal ID)
  6134. P7771 (PersonalData.IO ID)
  6135. P10757 (Personality Database profile ID)
  6136. P10688 (Personality Database work ID)
  6137. P8440 (Personendatenbank Germania Sacra ID)
  6138. P6973 (Personnel de l'administration préfectorale ID)
  6139. P2460 (Persons of Ancient Athens)
  6140. P5632 (Persons of Indian Studies ID)
  6141. P5760 (Petit Futé site ID)
  6142. P3324 ( ID)
  6143. P4301 (PfaF ID)
  6144. P10159 ( player ID)
  6145. P11191 (PGA of Australia player profile ID)
  6146. P2811 (PGA Tour golf player ID)
  6147. P10160 (PGM author ID)
  6148. P4855 (Phasmida Species File ID)
  6149. P3708 (PhDTree person ID)
  6150. P6941 (PHI Latin Texts author ID)
  6151. P8311 (PHI Latin Texts work ID)
  6152. P8317 (Philadelphia Museum of Art entity ID)
  6153. P4643 (Philadelphia Museum of Art work ID)
  6154. P988 (Philippine Standard Geographic Code)
  6155. P10059 (Philosophica ID)
  6156. P3232 (PhilPapers author ID)
  6157. P3236 (PhilPapers publication ID)
  6158. P3732 (PhilPapers record)
  6159. P3235 (PhilPapers topic)
  6160. P3233 (PhilPeople profile)
  6161. P2750 (Photographers’ Identities Catalog ID)
  6162. P8657 (photoLondon ID)
  6163. P6551 (Physics History Network ID)
  6164. P9265 (Physics Magazine author ID)
  6165. P3361 (PictoRight ID code)
  6166. P3892 (PictoRight ID-Droit de suite)
  6167. P5726 (Pietre della Memoria ID)
  6168. P7254 (Pilze Deutschland ID)
  6169. P3973 (PIM authority ID)
  6170. P8742 (PIM award ID)
  6171. P11240 (PIM publication ID)
  6172. P6831 (Pinakes author ID)
  6173. P12062 (Pinakes city ID)
  6174. P8096 (Pinakes copyist or possessor ID)
  6175. P12061 (Pinakes country ID)
  6176. P12064 (Pinakes fonds ID)
  6177. P12063 (Pinakes institution ID)
  6178. P12200 (Pinakes work ID)
  6179. P4025 (Pinakothek artist ID)
  6180. P8948 (Pinakothek artwork ID)
  6181. P3836 (Pinterest username)
  6182. P10257 (Pipe Organ Database organ ID)
  6183. P11192 (Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation Library (A) ID)
  6184. P11193 (Piraeus Bank Group Cultural Foundation Library (B) ID)
  6185. P12689 (PitchBook profile ID)
  6186. P8819 (Pitchfork artist ID)
  6187. P11241 (Pittori Liguri ID)
  6188. P8029 (PIV Online ID)
  6189. P11544 (pixiv comic product ID)
  6190. P11543 (pixiv comic work ID)
  6191. P11408 (Pixiv Encyclopedia ID)
  6192. P5435 (pixiv user ID)
  6193. P4077 (Pizmonet ID)
  6194. P10412 (PKULaw CLI Code)
  6195. P6672 (Placar UOL Eleições ID)
  6196. P10134 (Place Names of New Brunswick ID)
  6197. P6233 (Place Names Register ID (Estonia))
  6198. P9370 (PlacenamesNI ID)
  6199. P5598 (Places of Worship Inventory ID)
  6200. P9741 (Pladias ID)
  6201. P7180 ( aircraft ID)
  6202. P11015 (Planeta Belarus sight ID)
  6203. P7541 (Planète Aventure ID)
  6204. P7726 (PlanetMath ID)
  6205. P11829 (Plant Finder ID (Chicago Botanic Garden))
  6206. P6034 (Plant Finder ID (Missouri Botanical Garden))
  6207. P6605 (Plant Illustrations artist ID)
  6208. P12368 (Plant Illustrations species ID)
  6209. P12367 (Plant Illustrations taxon ID)
  6210. P1070 (Plant List ID (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew))
  6211. P6061 (Plant Parasites of Europe ID)
  6212. P3102 (Plantarium ID)
  6213. P10791 (PlantFiles taxon ID)
  6214. P12403 (Plants of Hawaiʻi ID)
  6215. P5037 (Plants of the World Online ID)
  6216. P12645 (PlantZAfrica Plants of the Week ID)
  6217. P2944 (Plarr ID)
  6218. P11360 (Play:Right class ID)
  6219. P11321 (Play:Right company ID)
  6220. P9143 (Play:Right ID)
  6221. P11320 (Play:Right series ID)
  6222. P6132 (Playbill person ID)
  6223. P5833 (Playbill production ID)
  6224. P6113 (Playbill venue ID)
  6225. P5346 (Playboy Plus ID)
  6226. P12125 (‎Playdate Catalog ID)
  6227. P12146 (Playdate community wiki ID)
  6228. P9172 (playDB artist ID)
  6229. P9177 (playDB play ID)
  6230. P9010 ( ID)
  6231. P10354 ( ID)
  6232. P6316 ( coach ID)
  6233. P11669 ( competition ID)
  6234. P7493 ( match ID)
  6235. P3047 ( player ID)
  6236. P6315 ( referee ID)
  6237. P12481 ( sports executive ID)
  6238. P10917 ( stadium ID)
  6239. P7280 ( team ID)
  6240. P2606 (PlayStation ID)
  6241. P12332 (‎Playstation Store concept ID)
  6242. P1992 (Plazi ID)
  6243. P11409 (Plazi reference ID)
  6244. P2938 (Pleiades category ID)
  6245. P1584 (Pleiades ID)
  6246. P11460 (Plex media key)
  6247. P7181 (PLIA ID)
  6248. P10609 (PLOS Thesaurus ID)
  6249. P4030 (PLU code)
  6250. P7159 (Plus Music artist ID)
  6251. P4919 (Plus/4 World ID)
  6252. P7551 (Plusliga player ID)
  6253. P11822 (PM20 film section ID)
  6254. P4293 (PM20 folder ID)
  6255. P8483 (PM20 geo code)
  6256. P8484 (PM20 subject code)
  6257. P10890 (PM20 ware ID)
  6258. P12483 (PMB – Personen der Moderne Basis person ID)
  6259. P932 (PMCID)
  6260. P8390 (PMSA ID)
  6261. P9006 (Pocket Casts ID)
  6262. P11411 (Pocket Gamer ID)
  6263. P11976 (Podbay ID)
  6264. P9011 (Podbean show ID)
  6265. P9007 (Podcast Addict show ID)
  6266. P11740 (Podcast Index ID)
  6267. P9743 (Podchaser creator ID)
  6268. P10458 (Podchaser episode ID)
  6269. P10289 (Podchaser numeric creator ID)
  6270. P7998 (Podchaser podcast ID)
  6271. P11468 (PodLink ID)
  6272. P9012 (Podtail show ID)
  6273. P10349 (Podvig Naroda ID)
  6274. P7992 (Poeti d'Italia in lingua latina author ID)
  6275. P5392 (Poetry Archive poet ID)
  6276. P5341 (Poetry Foundation ID)
  6277. P5506 (Poetry In Voice poet ID)
  6278. P5430 (Poetry International Web poet ID)
  6279. P5503 (Poetry Society of America poet ID)
  6280. P5394 (Poets & Writers author ID)
  6281. P5343 ( poet ID)
  6282. P9911 (PoetsGate poem ID)
  6283. P9610 (PoetsGate poet ID)
  6284. P7142 (Poincaré Papers person ID)
  6285. P10450 (police zone ID (Belgium))
  6286. P9407 (Polignosi ID)
  6287. P5723 (Polish Basketball League ID)
  6288. P3424 (Polish cultural heritage register number)
  6289. P7838 (Polish Nationwide Railway Database - station ID)
  6290. P6071 (Polish Olympic Committee athlete ID (archived))
  6291. P11032 (Polish Paralympic Committee athlete ID)
  6292. P3124 (Polish scientist ID (deprecated))
  6293. P8462 (Political Graveyard politician ID)
  6294. P2267 (PolitiFact people and groups ID)
  6295. P6328 (Politika topic ID)
  6296. P10162 ( person ID)
  6297. P9437 (Politiklexikon ID)
  6298. P11854 (Politique pappers identifier)
  6299. P9599 (Polo bibliografico della ricerca author ID)
  6300. P9598 (Polo bibliografico della ricerca title ID)
  6301. P8759 (Polski Słownik Judaistyczny ID)
  6302. P1980 (PolSys ID)
  6303. P6245 (PomBase systematic ID)
  6304. P9247 (Pontifical University of Salamanca ID)
  6305. P5739 (Pontificia Università della Santa Croce ID)
  6306. P8982 (Pontificio Istituto di Archeologia Cristiana ID)
  6307. P9354 (Porcelana Brasil ID)
  6308. P5246 (Pornhub star ID)
  6309. P905 (PORT film ID)
  6310. P2435 (PORT person ID)
  6311. P10431 (Portable Antiquities Scheme object type ID)
  6312. P7751 (portable music history ID)
  6313. P9141 (Portal da Literatura ID)
  6314. P6114 (Portal to the Flora of Italy ID)
  6315. P12543 (‎Portal Wiki ID)
  6316. P10104 (PORTO@Iris author ID)
  6317. P11728 (Portráidí ID)
  6318. P9352 (Portrait Archive ID)
  6319. P8611 (Portugal. Dicionário Histórico ID)
  6320. P8780 (Portuguese Football Federation player ID)
  6321. P1052 (Portuguese Job Code CPP-2010)
  6322. P4423 (Portuguese lighthouse ID)
  6323. P6373 (Portuguese National Library work ID)
  6324. P9060 (POSIX locale identifier)
  6325. P1463 (Post-Reformation Digital Library author ID)
  6326. P9937 (Postimees topic ID)
  6327. P11974 (Pouët demo ID)
  6328. P11972 (Pouët group ID)
  6329. P11973 (Pouët group member ID)
  6330. P9064 (Povos Indígenas no Brasil ID)
  6331. P2090 (Power of 10 athlete ID)
  6332. P8506 (power plant operating licence (Turkey))
  6333. P7659 (POWiS ID)
  6334. P11525 (PR TIMES company ID)
  6335. P3368 (Prabook ID)
  6336. P8197 (PragerU presenter ID)
  6337. P7579 (Prague administrative district ID)
  6338. P7752 (Prague municipal district ID)
  6339. P6811 (Prazdne Domy architect ID)
  6340. P5011 (Prazdne Domy building ID)
  6341. P5890 (Preferred Hotels & Resorts hotel ID)
  6342. P6696 (PRELIB organization ID)
  6343. P5641 (PRELIB person ID)
  6344. P7059 (Premier Badminton League player ID)
  6345. P12539 (‎Premier League player ID)
  6346. P4944 (Premiers préfets ID)
  6347. P11833 ( player ID (new))
  6348. P861 ( player ID (obsolete))
  6349. P8523 (Présence Compositrices composer ID)
  6350. P8665 (Présence Compositrices work ID)
  6351. P10728 (Présent author ID)
  6352. P6311 ( football (soccer) player ID)
  6353. P12640 ( football manager ID)
  6354. P8837 (Prêtres du diocèse de Quimper ID)
  6355. P9619 (Price One Penny author ID)
  6356. P9623 (Price One Penny library ID)
  6357. P9624 (Price One Penny publisher ID)
  6358. P9622 (Price One Penny work ID)
  6359. P8171 (Priest of Archidiecezja Gdańska ID)
  6360. P7263 (Prime Pages ID)
  6361. P4095 (Principal Galaxies Catalogue ID)
  6362. P5344 (Printemps des poètes poet ID)
  6363. P4515 (Prisma ID)
  6364. P5535 (Prison History ID)
  6365. P6930 (Pro Football Hall of Fame ID)
  6366. P3581 (Pro Football Hall of Fame ID (old))
  6367. P6993 (Pro Kabaddi League player ID)
  6368. P6836 ( coach ID)
  6369. P3561 ( player ID)
  6370. P6665 ( DBApp ID)
  6371. P8548 (Proballers ID)
  6372. P1663 (ProCyclingStats cyclist ID)
  6373. P2327 (ProCyclingStats race ID)
  6374. P2328 (ProCyclingStats team ID)
  6375. P9954 (Product and Service Code)
  6376. P12074 (‎ProductReview ID)
  6377. P7423 (Professional Football League of Ukraine player ID (old))
  6378. P11276 (Professional Referee Organization ID)
  6379. P11574 (Professional shogi player number)
  6380. P11834 (Professor at Cologne univ. ID)
  6381. P7670 (Prog Archives artist ID)
  6382. P11410 (Programming Language Database ID)
  6383. P1938 (Project Gutenberg author ID)
  6384. P2034 (Project Gutenberg ebook ID)
  6385. P11135 (Project Identification Code (Dams))
  6386. P9053 (Projecto Vercial author ID)
  6387. P7753 (Projekt Gutenberg-DE author ID)
  6388. P8349 (Proleksis enciklopedija ID)
  6389. P8842 (PromoDj ID)
  6390. P2748 (PRONOM file format ID)
  6391. P2749 (PRONOM software ID)
  6392. P6781 (ProofWiki ID)
  6393. P10899 (Prophy author ID)
  6394. P12176 (Propylaeum-VITAE ID)
  6395. P6572 (ProQuest document ID)
  6396. P11917 (ProQuest publication ID)
  6397. P4355 (PROSITE documentation ID)
  6398. P2421 (Prosopographia Attica)
  6399. P10382 (Prosopographia Imperii Romani online ID)
  6400. P6037 (ProsopoMaths ID)
  6401. P4294 (PROSPERO ID)
  6402. P12437 (PROSPEROPatches game ID)
  6403. P9199 (Protagonisti della storia delle scienze della mente ID)
  6404. P1848 (protected areas INPN Code)
  6405. P5313 (Protected Buildings Register in Finland Building ID)
  6406. P5310 (Protected Buildings Register in Finland ID)
  6407. P12379 (protected heritage site in Brussels (web version) ID)
  6408. P3600 (protected heritage site in Brussels ID)
  6409. P5942 (Protected objects Ostbelgien ID)
  6410. P4926 (PRotein Ontology ID)
  6411. P9434 (Proveana ID)
  6412. P9263 (Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Inventory ID)
  6413. P8149 (Provenio ID)
  6414. P9223 (Provenio UUID)
  6415. P10813 ( author ID)
  6416. P4978 (PRS Legislative Research MP ID)
  6417. P7754 (PS photographer ID)
  6418. P3476 (PSA World Tour player ID number (archived))
  6419. P5085 (Pschyrembel Online ID)
  6420. P1051 (PSH ID)
  6421. P8145 (Psocodea Species File ID)
  6422. P2194 (PSS-archi architect ID)
  6423. P1838 (PSS-archi ID)
  6424. P9801 (PsycNET ID)
  6425. P6376 (Psyl'list species ID)
  6426. P12405 (PteridoPortal taxon ID)
  6427. P11016 (PTS+ programs ID)
  6428. P7792 (PubAg ID)
  6429. P10411 (PubCRIS product number)
  6430. P11725 (PubliCatt author ID)
  6431. P2169 (PublicWhip ID)
  6432. P3829 (Publons author ID)
  6433. P7461 (Publons journals/conferences ID)
  6434. P3431 (Publons publication ID)
  6435. P7403 (Publons publisher ID)
  6436. P653 (PubMed Health)
  6437. P698 (PubMed ID)
  6438. P7381 (PubPeer article ID)
  6439. P7411 (Pubs Galore ID)
  6440. P4340 (PubsHistory pub ID)
  6441. P6958 (Punjab EMIS code)
  6442. P7820 (Punjabipedia ID)
  6443. P12737 (Pure Xbox game ID)
  6444. P11668 (Purnnachandra Ordia Bhashakosha ID)
  6445. P12736 (Push Square game ID)
  6446. P12715 (Pushkin Museum artist ID)
  6447. P5568 (PyPI project)
  6448. P11534 (PyPI username)
  6449. P5075 (PZLA athlete ID)
  6450. P5758 (PZS hut ID)
  6451. P7387 (Q-Codes ID)
  6452. P12387 (Qantas hotel ID)
  6453. P4344 (QEdu ID)
  6454. P10439 (Qichacha firm ID)
  6455. P11852 (QLIT ID)
  6456. P11770 (Qobuz album ID)
  6457. P7071 (Qobuz artist ID)
  6458. P11578 (Qobuz artist numeric ID)
  6459. P8863 (Qobuz label ID)
  6460. P10615 (QQ Music album ID)
  6461. P10410 (QQ Music artist ID)
  6462. P10616 (QQ Music track ID)
  6463. P6459 (QQ user ID)
  6464. P5584 (QS World University ID)
  6465. P12671 (Quadrinhopédia artist ID)
  6466. P5666 (Quais du polar writer ID)
  6467. P12440 (Quake Wiki ID)
  6468. P11794 (Qualigeo ID)
  6469. P5879 (Qualité Tourisme ID)
  6470. P8393 (QUDT quantity kind ID)
  6471. P2968 (QUDT unit ID)
  6472. P12329 (Qué series ver series ID)
  6473. P633 (Quebec cultural heritage directory ID)
  6474. P2592 (Québec cultural heritage directory people ID)
  6475. P8690 (Quebec Dams Directory ID)
  6476. P10503 (Québec Enterprise Number)
  6477. P3856 (Quebec municipalities geographical code)
  6478. P4416 (Quebec Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  6479. P4609 (Queensland Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee ID)
  6480. P8468 (Queensland Biota ID)
  6481. P2967 (Queensland Heritage Register ID)
  6482. P3257 (Queensland place ID)
  6483. P8793 (Quirinale ID)
  6484. P3417 (Quora topic ID)
  6485. P7703 (Quora topic ID (Spanish))
  6486. P4411 (Quora username)
  6487. P11761 (Quranic Arabic Corpus root ID)
  6488. P6154 ( person ID)
  6489. P4553 (RA Collections ID)
  6490. P1262 (RAÄ number)
  6491. P9754 (Raakvlak inventory number)
  6492. P3048 (Racing-Reference driver ID)
  6493. P6806 (Racing-Reference race ID)
  6494. P6807 (Racing-Reference track ID)
  6495. P7281 (Radio Equipment List Certification Number)
  6496. P10780 (Radio France person ID)
  6497. P4339 (Radio Radicale organizer ID)
  6498. P4521 (Radio Radicale person ID)
  6499. P11863 (Radiomuseum company ID)
  6500. P9009 (RadioPublic show ID)
  6501. P2491 ( ID)
  6502. P12697 (RAG ID)
  6503. P12116 (‎Rahlfs number)
  6504. P11120 (Rai Teche person ID)
  6505. P11121 (Rai Teche program ID)
  6506. P10989 (RailScot line or company ID)
  6507. P10987 (RailScot location ID)
  6508. P2478 (Railways Archive event ID)
  6509. P11119 (RaiPlay ID)
  6510. P3930 ( driver or co-driver ID)
  6511. P2525 (Ramsar Sites Information Service ID)
  6512. P2845 (RAN ID)
  6513. P3945 (RANM member ID)
  6514. P10943 (Rare Plant Fact Sheets ID)
  6515. P12177 (Rare Species Guide ID)
  6516. P3853 (Rat Genome Database ID)
  6517. P5404 (Rate Your Music artist ID)
  6518. P11622 (Rate Your Music concert ID)
  6519. P11588 (Rate Your Music film genre ID)
  6520. P11598 (Rate Your Music film ID)
  6521. P9173 (Rate Your Music genre ID)
  6522. P7313 (Rate Your Music label ID)
  6523. P8392 (Rate Your Music release ID)
  6524. P11600 (Rate Your Music venue ID)
  6525. P11665 (Rate Your Music work ID)
  6526. P2905 (RateBeer brewery ID)
  6527. P8222 ( ID)
  6528. P12544 (RatingGraph TV show ID)
  6529. P7602 (Ratingraph actor ID)
  6530. P7654 (Ratingraph actress ID)
  6531. P7775 (RationalWiki ID)
  6532. P7198 (RauteMusik artist ID)
  6533. P11792 (RAWG developer ID)
  6534. P9968 (RAWG game ID)
  6535. P8844 (RAWG person ID)
  6536. P11793 (RAWG publisher ID)
  6537. P12043 (RAWG tag ID)
  6538. P10526 (RBC company ID)
  6539. P12031 (RBC person ID)
  6540. P6994 (RBF amateur boxer ID)
  6541. P9666 (RBF event ID)
  6542. P5969 (RBF player ID)
  6543. P6975 (RBF professional boxer ID)
  6544. P10719 (RBMS Controlled Vocabulary ID)
  6545. P6387 (RBU person ID)
  6546. P4645 (RCR number)
  6547. P12321 (RCS number)
  6548. P9236 (RDA value vocabularies ID)
  6549. P9389 (RDWB1 lemma ID)
  6550. P8633 (Re-Member ID)
  6551. P8148 (re:publica speaker ID)
  6552. P10103 (Re.Public@Polimi author ID)
  6553. P5874 (re3data repository ID)
  6554. P5640 (Read NZ Te Pou Muramura writer ID)
  6555. P4916 (Ready64 ID)
  6556. P11563 (Real Academia de Doctores de España ID)
  6557. P10983 (Real Time organization ID)
  6558. P10982 (Real Time person ID)
  6559. P7954 (RealGM basketball coach ID)
  6560. P3957 (RealGM basketball player ID)
  6561. P9500 (Reallexikon zur Deutschen Kunstgeschichte ID)
  6562. P5710 (Recours au poème ID)
  6563. P6747 ( campground ID)
  6564. P3609 ( gateway ID)
  6565. P3714 ( point of interest ID)
  6566. P3883 (Red Bull athlete ID)
  6567. P9079 (Red Cross FDRS ID)
  6568. P6056 (Red List of South African Plants ID)
  6569. P3131 (Redalyc journal ID)
  6570. P11137 (Reddit topic ID)
  6571. P4265 (Reddit username)
  6572. P10522 (RedDoorz hotel ID)
  6573. P6370 (REDIZO)
  6574. P5540 (RedTube ID)
  6575. P5290 ( ID)
  6576. P6701 ( person ID)
  6577. P10701 (Reflora ID)
  6578. P10424 ( video game ID)
  6579. P10016 ( ID)
  6580. P8613 (Regesta Ecclesiastica Salisburgensia ID)
  6581. P8677 (Région Île-de-France ID)
  6582. P8666 (Regional Council of Tuscany ID)
  6583. P8198 (regional government of Sicily ID)
  6584. P6228 (RegiowikiAT ID)
  6585. P7170 (register of real estate NKP)
  6586. P11440 (REGON ID)
  6587. P10224 (Regroupement québécois de la danse (RQD) ID)
  6588. P9459 (Rekhta author ID)
  6589. P10520 (Rekhta book ID)
  6590. P5836 (Relais & Châteaux ID)
  6591. P3590 (Relations Ontology ID)
  6592. P5181 (Relationship Science organization ID)
  6593. P5264 (Relationship Science person ID)
  6594. P8897 (Reliwiki page ID)
  6595. P10005 ( ID)
  6596. P10452 (Renacyt ID)
  6597. P5406 (Rendez-vous de l'histoire ID)
  6598. P12124 (Repairs ID)
  6599. P9273 (RePEc EconPapers ID)
  6600. P4096 (RePEc institute ID)
  6601. P2428 (RePEc Short-ID)
  6602. P3918 (Répertoire national des associations ID)
  6603. P10204 (Repertorium Biblicum Medii Aevi ID)
  6604. P10966 (Repertorium hymnologicum ID)
  6605. P7032 (Repertorium van ambtsdragers en ambtenaren ID)
  6606. P10500 (Repetti on-line ID)
  6607. P6931 (Repology project name)
  6608. P9612 (Repositório da Produção da USP person ID)
  6609. P6554 (Represent Me ID)
  6610. P9542 ( ID)
  6611. P3908 (Reprezentacija player ID)
  6612. P7542 (Reptiles of India ID)
  6613. P8155 (Republic of Korea Parliamentarian Society ID)
  6614. P10026 (Research Data Australia ID)
  6615. P2761 (Research Papers in Economics Series handle)
  6616. P9712 (Research Resource Identifier)
  6617. P10000 (Research Vocabularies Australia ID)
  6618. P11986 (‎ ID)
  6619. P1053 (ResearcherID)
  6620. P6023 (ResearchGate contributions ID)
  6621. P2740 (ResearchGate institute ID)
  6622. P11310 (ResearchGate journal ID)
  6623. P2038 (ResearchGate profile ID)
  6624. P5875 (ResearchGate publication ID)
  6625. P5029 (Researchmap ID)
  6626. P6304 ( profile ID)
  6627. P10341 (Réseau documents d'artistes ID)
  6628. P2887 (reserve number (Canada))
  6629. P3327 (Réserves naturelles de France ID)
  6630. P6600 (Resident Advisor artist ID)
  6631. P9255 (Resident Advisor club ID)
  6632. P6601 (Resident Advisor label ID)
  6633. P8841 (Restaurant Guru restaurant ID)
  6634. P8202 (Reta Vortaro ID)
  6635. P11393 (RetroAchievements ID)
  6636. P8110 (Retronews ID)
  6637. P6976 (Retrosheet person ID)
  6638. P12300 (‎Retskrivningsordbogen ID)
  6639. P6858 (Réunionnais du monde ID)
  6640. P11056 (Revised Mandarin Chinese Dictionary ID)
  6641. P5711 (Revues Littéraires ID)
  6642. P3523 (Rfam ID)
  6643. P892 (RfC ID)
  6644. P6825 (RFGS person ID)
  6645. P8022 (RFI Musique artist ID)
  6646. P12206 (RFI station ID)
  6647. P6752 (RGALI ID)
  6648. P5459 (RHE doctor ID)
  6649. P5462 (RHE professor ID)
  6650. P8748 (Rheinland-Pfälzische Personendatenbank ID)
  6651. P6602 (Rhineland-Palatinate protected area ID)
  6652. P12274 (Rhineland-Palatinate school ID)
  6653. P8250 (RI National Register Search ID)
  6654. P6081 (RIA Novosti reference)
  6655. P6882 (RIAA artist ID)
  6656. P5413 (Ricochet author ID)
  6657. P4928 (Ricorso author ID)
  6658. P9950 (RICS company code)
  6659. P1979 (Righteous Among The Nations ID)
  6660. P4287 (Riigikogu ID)
  6661. P7135 (Rijksmonument complex ID)
  6662. P359 (Rijksmonument ID)
  6663. P7444 (Rijksmuseum Research Library authority ID)
  6664. P1214 (Riksdagen person-ID)
  6665. P3500 (Ringgold ID)
  6666. P10393 (Riot Pixels game ID)
  6667. P11550 (RISM siglum)
  6668. P1575 (RISS catalog)
  6669. P3706 (RITVA Person ID)
  6670. P3705 (RITVA Program ID)
  6671. P7339 ( ID)
  6672. P4190 ( protected area ID)
  6673. P4142 (RIWAQ Registry of Historic Buildings in Palestine ID)
  6674. P8519 (RKD thesaurus ID)
  6675. P1715 (RKD/ESD (Slovenia) ID)
  6676. P650 (RKDartists ID)
  6677. P12106 (‎RKDexcerpts ID)
  6678. P350 (RKDimages ID)
  6679. P4989 (RKDlibrary ID)
  6680. P4009 (RKY national built heritage environment ID)
  6681. P7190 (RMF FM artist ID)
  6682. P8697 (RNACentral ID)
  6683. P5093 (road number (Estonia))
  6684. P4203 (ROARMAP ID)
  6685. P11548 (Roblox experience ID)
  6686. P3162 (Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ID)
  6687. P9777 (Rock Paper Shotgun game ID)
  6688. P4041 ( album ID)
  6689. P4040 ( artist ID)
  6690. P6461 (Rock's Backpages artist ID)
  6691. P6462 (Rock's Backpages author ID)
  6692. P6463 (Rock's Backpages publication ID)
  6693. P5173 (Rockipedia area ID)
  6694. P5172 (Rockipedia artist ID)
  6695. P5174 (Rockipedia label ID)
  6696. P5171 (Rockipedia release ID)
  6697. P10429 (RODI-DB player ID)
  6698. P6932 ( film ID)
  6699. P11965 (Roku Channel Store ID)
  6700. P5240 (RollDaBeats artist ID)
  6701. P2751 (Roller Coaster Database ID)
  6702. P7146 (Rollerstory skater ID)
  6703. P3017 (Rolling Stone artist ID)
  6704. P5334 (Rom Galil settlement ID)
  6705. P1770 (Romania LMI code)
  6706. P9638 (Romanian diplomatic mission ID)
  6707. P4067 (Romanian Olympic and Sports Committee athlete ID)
  6708. P11888 (Romanian river code)
  6709. P6399 (Romanian Soccer player ID)
  6710. P7645 (RomanianActors person ID)
  6711. P9627 (Romanistenlexikon ID)
  6712. P11270 (RomArchive person ID)
  6713. P9366 (Rombase ID (English))
  6714. P867 (ROME Occupation Code)
  6715. P6617 (RoMEO publisher ID)
  6716. P5076 (Römpp online ID)
  6717. P9715 (Room of Names ID)
  6718. P9655 ( pillbox ID)
  6719. P6782 (ROR ID)
  6720. P5047 (Rosetta Code page ID)
  6721. P11073 (ROSSIO ID)
  6722. P11977 (Rostocker Matrikelportal ID)
  6723. P1258 (Rotten Tomatoes ID)
  6724. P7425 (Rotterdam City Archives actor ID)
  6725. P1829 (Roud Folk Song Index number)
  6726. P4986 ( place ID)
  6727. P11126 (Rowing Australia ID)
  6728. P12334 (Rowing Canada ID)
  6729. P11885 (Roy Lichtenstein: A Catalogue Raisonné ID)
  6730. P4808 (Royal Academy new identifier)
  6731. P1293 (Royal Aero Club Aviator's Certificate ID)
  6732. P2823 (Royal Belgian Football Association player ID)
  6733. P11057 (Royal Collection (UK) ID)
  6734. P4302 (Royal Dutch Athletics Federation athlete ID)
  6735. P8765 (Royal Horticultural Society plant ID)
  6736. P12104 (Royal Irish Academy ID)
  6737. P9131 (Royal Museums Greenwich artwork ID)
  6738. P9797 (Royal Ontario Museum ID)
  6739. P3389 (Royal Swedish Academy of Letters member ID)
  6740. P12230 (‎RPCS3 Wiki ID)
  6741. P11418 (RPG Site game ID)
  6742. P8040 (RPGamer game ID)
  6743. P12237 (‎RPGFan game ID)
  6744. P7226 (RPGGeek ID)
  6745. P12250 (RPGWatch company ID)
  6746. P12249 (RPGWatch game ID)
  6747. P12251 (RPGWatch press ID)
  6748. P5478 (RPO poet ID)
  6749. P8170 (RPPS ID)
  6750. P5643 (RSL author ID)
  6751. P1973 (RSL editions)
  6752. P947 (RSL ID (person))
  6753. P1815 (RSL scanned publication ID)
  6754. P10536 (RSPA ancient author ID)
  6755. P10535 (RSPA modern author ID)
  6756. P12414 ( ID)
  6757. P5566 (RubyGems gem ID)
  6758. P11533 (RubyGems username)
  6759. P4799 (Rugby Australia ID)
  6760. P4707 (Rugby Canada ID)
  6761. P12335 (Rugby Database ID)
  6762. P10985 (Rugby Federation of Russia athlete ID)
  6763. P4923 (Rugby Football Union men's sevens player ID)
  6764. P4925 (Rugby Football Union women's player ID)
  6765. P4922 (Rugby Football Union women's sevens player ID)
  6766. P6881 (Rugby League Project ID (general))
  6767. P4464 (Rugby League Project player ID)
  6768. P11428 (Rugby League Record Keepers Club player ID)
  6769. P12659 (Rugby Romania ID)
  6770. P11962 (Rumble channel)
  6771. P3154 (Runeberg author ID)
  6772. P3155 (Runeberg book ID)
  6773. P6984 (Rupa Publications author ID)
  6774. P10459 (Rusactors actor ID)
  6775. P10460 (Rusactors film ID)
  6776. P10812 ( ID)
  6777. P4471 (Rush Parliamentary Archive ID)
  6778. P10184 (Ruskino actor ID)
  6779. P10185 (Ruskino film ID)
  6780. P10839 ( object ID)
  6781. P10133 (Russian Academy of Sciences person ID)
  6782. P5077 (Russian Athletics ID)
  6783. P3622 (Russian Bandy Federation player ID)
  6784. P5771 (Russian Biathlon DB athlete ID)
  6785. P5772 (Russian Biathlon DB coach ID)
  6786. P7092 (Russian Fencing Federation fencer ID)
  6787. P7265 (Russian First League player ID)
  6788. P10965 (Russian Football Union player ID)
  6789. P10942 (Russian Luge Federation ID)
  6790. P7011 (Russian organisation number)
  6791. P10968 (Russian Paralympic Committee athlete ID)
  6792. P7780 (Russian PFL player ID)
  6793. P4417 (Russian Premier League player ID)
  6794. P6313 (Russian Premier League referee ID)
  6795. P6312 (Russian Premier League staff ID)
  6796. P11634 (Russian Second League player ID)
  6797. P11009 (Russian Trampoline Federation ID)
  6798. P9124 (Russian Vikidia ID)
  6799. P10945 (Russian Volleyball Federation ID)
  6800. P2678 ( film ID)
  6801. P11716 ( person ID)
  6802. P9458 (Russians of Latvia ID)
  6803. P6317 (RusTeam player ID)
  6804. P10152 (Rutube channel ID)
  6805. P6660 (Rxivist author ID)
  6806. P6661 (Rxivist preprint ID)
  6807. P2106 (RXNO Ontology)
  6808. P3807 (S2A3 Biographical Database ID)
  6809. P6933 (SA Flora ID)
  6810. P11128 (SA Parliament member ID)
  6811. P3678 (SA Rugby player ID)
  6812. P6189 (Sabinet journal ID)
  6813. P2482 (SABR person ID)
  6814. P11000 (SABRE page ID)
  6815. P5761 (SAC ID)
  6816. P3406 (Saccharomyces Genome Database ID)
  6817. P11613 (SACEM Museum artist ID)
  6818. P10210 (Sachsens Schlösser ID)
  6819. P3800 (Safsal coach ID)
  6820. P3799 (Safsal player ID)
  6821. P5966 (SAGE journal ID)
  6822. P8439 (SAH Archipedia architect ID)
  6823. P8463 (SAH Archipedia building ID)
  6824. P3759 (SAHRA heritage site ID)
  6825. P9536 (SAIA authority ID)
  6826. P4833 (Sailboatdata ID)
  6827. P9132 (Saint Louis Art Museum artwork ID)
  6828. P5271 (Saint Louis Art Museum person ID)
  6829. P11684 (Saint Petersburg Conservatory person ID)
  6830. P10132 (Saint Petersburg Encyclopedia ID)
  6831. P6007 (Salons ID)
  6832. P6625 (Salvador Dali Museum artwork ID)
  6833. P7856 (Salzburg Museums ID)
  6834. P10618 (Salzburger Literatur Netz ID)
  6835. P8854 (Salzburgwiki ID)
  6836. P9955 (SAM ID)
  6837. P3668 (Sambafoot player ID)
  6838. P4662 (SAN archive conservator ID)
  6839. P8105 (SAN archive producer ID)
  6840. P4380 ( artwork ID)
  6841. P1422 ( person ID)
  6842. P1717 (Sandre river ID)
  6843. P6126 (Santiebeati ID)
  6844. P3475 (SANU member ID)
  6845. P5950 (São Paulo: os estrangeiros e a construção da cidade ID)
  6846. P8974 (SAPA ID)
  6847. P7839 (Saregama artist ID)
  6848. P7821 (Sarvavijnanakosam ID)
  6849. P845 (Saskatchewan Register of Heritage Property ID)
  6850. P5690 (Saskatchewan Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  6851. P6172 (Satakore game ID)
  6852. P11880 ( area ID)
  6853. P11881 ( object ID)
  6854. P5664 (Savoirs ENS ID)
  6855. P3411 (Saxon Academy of Sciences member ID)
  6856. P6700 (Saxony protected area ID)
  6857. P9148 (Saxony-Anhalt cultural heritage object ID)
  6858. P6560 (Saxony-Anhalt protected area ID)
  6859. P12325 (Sayed Ganj Balochi Glossary ID)
  6860. P1023 (SBC-2010 occupation code)
  6861. P1024 (SBFI occupation code)
  6862. P5485 (SBN books ID)
  6863. P6516 (ScaleNet ID)
  6864. P1261 (Scandinavian Runic-text Database ID)
  6865. P6950 (Scandipop topic ID)
  6866. P3230 (SCAR Composite Gazetteer place ID)
  6867. P10298 (Sceneweb artist ID)
  6868. P10106 (Sceneweb organization ID)
  6869. P9755 (Scenic Washington scenic drives and road trips ID)
  6870. P6102 (Schleswig-Holstein cultural heritage object ID)
  6871. P12241 (‎ title ID)
  6872. P9756 (Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts name ID)
  6873. P9757 (Schoenberg Database of Manuscripts place ID)
  6874. P9526 (Scholarpedia article ID)
  6875. P8743 (Scholars Strategy Network ID)
  6876. P9603 (Scholasticon person ID)
  6877. P7121 (school code)
  6878. P8504 (Science Fiction Awards Database author ID)
  6879. P9268 (Science Magazine author ID)
  6880. P8694 (Science Museum Group ID)
  6881. P4389 (Science Museum people ID)
  6882. P10376 (ScienceDirect topic ID)
  6883. P7709 (ScienceOpen author ID)
  6884. P7710 (ScienceOpen publication ID)
  6885. P11026 (Scientists of Belarus ID)
  6886. P7663 (Scienza a due voci ID)
  6887. P7662 (Scilit journal ID)
  6888. P7965 (Scilit work ID)
  6889. P11003 (Scinapse author ID)
  6890. P8159 (SciProfiles ID)
  6891. P11233 (SciSpace author ID)
  6892. P377 (SCN)
  6893. P2518 ( film ID)
  6894. P2519 ( person ID)
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  6896. P1153 (Scopus author ID)
  6897. P1154 (Scopus EID)
  6898. P1156 (Scopus source ID)
  6899. P6062 (Scoresway baseball person ID (archived))
  6900. P6063 (Scoresway basketball person ID (archived))
  6901. P4451 (Scoresway handball person ID (archived))
  6902. P6064 (Scoresway ice hockey person ID (archived))
  6903. P6308 (Scoresway tennis person ID (archived))
  6904. P8700 (Scottish Brick History Brick & Tileworks ID)
  6905. P11091 (Scottish Buildings at Risk ID)
  6906. P10478 (Scottish Built Ships ID)
  6907. P4512 (Scottish Cemetery Kolkata person ID)
  6908. P3163 (Scottish Charity number)
  6909. P3049 (Scottish Football Association player ID)
  6910. P10811 (Scottish Highland Bridges ID)
  6911. P11347 (Scottish National Dictionary lexeme ID)
  6912. P5470 (Scottish Poetry Library poet ID)
  6913. P12660 (Scottish Register of Tartans ID)
  6914. P4974 (Scottish Rugby Union men's player ID)
  6915. P4975 (Scottish Rugby Union men's sevens player ID)
  6916. P4976 (Scottish Rugby Union women's player ID)
  6917. P4987 (Scottish Rugby Union women's sevens player ID)
  6918. P4318 (Scottish Sports Hall of Fame inductee ID)
  6919. P7755 (ScreenScraper company ID)
  6920. P7756 (ScreenScraper game ID)
  6921. P8075 (ScreenScraper group ID)
  6922. P7757 (ScreenScraper platform ID)
  6923. P7199 (Scribd publication ID)
  6924. P6584 ( script ID)
  6925. P7241 (SCTrails trail ID)
  6926. P8521 (Sculptures and cities database ID for sculptures)
  6927. P12255 (‎ScummVM ID)
  6928. P7840 (ScummVM wiki ID)
  6929. P6051 (Sea Slug Forum ID)
  6930. P6018 (SeaLifeBase ID)
  6931. P9081 (SEARCH on line catalogue ID)
  6932. P12183 (Search System of Japanese Red Data ID)
  6933. P8598 (Seattle Art Museum artwork ID)
  6934. P11817 (‎SEC Kerala code)
  6935. P9539 (Secondary Archive artist ID)
  6936. P2909 (SecondHandSongs artist ID)
  6937. P10974 (SecondHandSongs release ID)
  6938. P2908 (SecondHandSongs work ID)
  6939. P7355 (See Tickets artist ID)
  6940. P2524 (SEED number)
  6941. P10068 (SEEK company ID)
  6942. P4230 (Sefaria ID)
  6943. P7517 (Sega Retro ID)
  6944. P11377 ( ID)
  6945. P4961 ( ID)
  6946. P6209 (SEINet ID)
  6947. P10063 (SEKO ID)
  6948. P5955 (Sekolah Kita ID)
  6949. P4012 (Semantic Scholar author ID)
  6950. P8299 (Semantic Scholar corpus ID)
  6951. P4011 (Semantic Scholar paper ID)
  6952. P6611 (Semantic Scholar topic ID)
  6953. P7671 (Semion author ID)
  6954. P1808 ( ID)
  6955. P9523 (Senate of Romania person ID)
  6956. P3954 (Senate of the Kingdom of Italy ID (obsolete))
  6957. P9646 ( person ID)
  6958. P10265 (Senators of Spain (1834-1923) ID)
  6959. P4651 (Senedd ID)
  6960. P10100 (SensCritique work ID)
  6961. P9583 (sense on DHLE)
  6962. P3986 (Sequence Ontology ID)
  6963. P3731 (Serbia cadastral municipality ID)
  6964. P3727 (Serbia municipality ID)
  6965. P7919 (SerialStation game ID)
  6966. P8278 (SerialZone serial or episode ID)
  6967. P12296 (SERNEC taxon ID)
  6968. P7179 (Service d'Information sur les Etudes et les Professions Job ID)
  6969. P7956 (SESAC work number)
  6970. P12069 (Sessionize speaker ID)
  6971. P5431 ( artist ID)
  6972. P5432 ( venue ID)
  6973. P10708 (settlement area code in Sweden)
  6974. P12026 (SEVIS school ID)
  6975. P9026 (SFLI ID)
  6976. P4936 (SFMOMA artist ID)
  6977. P11618 (SFMTA ID)
  6978. P5455 (SGJP Online ID)
  6979. P2886 (Shakeosphere person ID)
  6980. P12435 (Shamela author ID)
  6981. P12239 (Shamela book edition ID)
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  6983. P12226 (Shanghai Library movie ID)
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  6985. P6702 (Shanghai Library person ID)
  6986. P6703 (Shanghai Library place ID)
  6987. P12197 (Shanghai Library surname ID)
  6988. P3987 (SHARE Catalogue author ID)
  6989. P7609 (SHARE Catalogue work ID)
  6990. P6329 (Share-VDE 1.0 author ID)
  6991. P5917 (Shazam artist ID)
  6992. P5915 (Shazam track ID)
  6993. P2818 (Sherdog fighter ID)
  6994. P4636 (Sherpa Juliet ID)
  6995. P11781 (Shipbucket ID)
  6996. P4449 (Shirat Nashim person ID)
  6997. P4034 (Shironet artist ID)
  6998. P4035 (Shironet song ID)
  6999. P7172 ( ID)
  7000. P3751 (Shoftim BeIsrael judge ID)
  7001. P11011 (Shooting Union of Russia person ID)
  7002. P10810 (Shopee shop ID)
  7003. P5934 (Short Title Catalogue Flanders (STCV) ID)
  7004. P11136 (shortened URL formatter)
  7005. P11441 (Shōsetsuka ni Narō user ID)
  7006. P11335 (Shōsetsuka ni Narō work ID)
  7007. P12150 ( ID)
  7008. P6133 (Siamzone film ID)
  7009. P3242 (SIC code)
  7010. P8151 (Sicilian Regional Assembly ID)
  7011. P8152 (Sicilian Regional Assembly numeric ID)
  7012. P6556 (SICRIS researcher ID)
  7013. P2164 (SIGIC author ID)
  7014. P2165 (SIGIC group ID)
  7015. P2166 (SIGIC institution ID)
  7016. P9559 (Sigla ID)
  7017. P4726 (Sign@l journal ID)
  7018. P781 (SIKART ID)
  7019. P5338 ( film ID)
  7020. P8209 (SILL software ID)
  7021. P3083 (SIMBAD ID)
  7022. P4046 (SIMC place ID)
  7023. P3524 (Simple Modular Architecture Research Tool ID)
  7024. P12304 (Sina CBA player ID)
  7025. P6959 (Sindh EMIS code)
  7026. P11580 (Sindhi English Dictionary ID)
  7027. P7553 (Sinemalar person ID)
  7028. P9205 (Sinemalar title ID)
  7029. P6256 (SinemaTürk film ID)
  7030. P6255 (SinemaTürk person ID)
  7031. P12534 (Singapore Infopedia ID)
  7032. P8350 (Singapore Infopedia ID (former scheme))
  7033. P10979 (Singapore National Olympic Council athlete ID)
  7034. P9469 ( ID)
  7035. P10516 (SINGULART artist ID)
  7036. P11741 (SINTA affiliation ID)
  7037. P11443 (SINTA author ID)
  7038. P11442 (SINTA journal ID)
  7039. P1700 (SIPA ID)
  7040. P3580 (SIPCA code)
  7041. P4892 (Siprojuris ID)
  7042. P1616 (SIREN number)
  7043. P3215 (SIRET number)
  7044. P843 (SIRUTA code)
  7045. P10011 (SISSA Digital Library author ID)
  7046. P9111 (SISSCO ID)
  7047. P8893 (Sistema de Información Legislativa ID)
  7048. P2621 (Site of Special Scientific Interest (England) ID)
  7049. P12037 (‎Sitios ID)
  7050. P8342 (SIUSA archival fonds ID)
  7051. P8038 (SIUSA archive conservator ID)
  7052. P8356 (SIUSA archive producer family ID)
  7053. P8357 (SIUSA archive producer organization ID)
  7054. P6715 (SIUSA archive producer person ID)
  7055. P2401 (Six Degrees of Francis Bacon ID)
  7056. P7340 (sixpackfilmdata film ID)
  7057. P7341 (sixpackfilmdata person ID)
  7058. P12223 (SixtyFour Originals DataBase game ID)
  7059. P11675 (Sjøhistorie ship ID)
  7060. P5274 (SJP Online ID)
  7061. P4670 (Sjukvårdsrådgivningen Category ID)
  7062. P7522 (SK cinema authority ID)
  7063. P7523 (SK cinema film ID)
  7064. P8917 (SKD artwork ID)
  7065. P5787 (Ski Jumping Hill Archive ID)
  7066. P3619 (Ski-DB skier ID)
  7067. P5790 ( jumper ID)
  7068. P6400 (Skimap area ID)
  7069. P8146 (SkiMo Stats ID)
  7070. P7074 (skin on WikiApiary)
  7071. P9659 (Skipsrevyen ID)
  7072. P6389 ( ID)
  7073. P11632 (Sky News topic ID)
  7074. P10487 (Skyscanner hotel ID)
  7075. P1699 (SkyscraperPage building ID)
  7076. P8614 (Slack organization ID)
  7077. P12077 (SlackBuilds package)
  7078. P10282 (Slangopedia ID)
  7079. P4016 (SlideShare username)
  7080. P6979 (SLNSW unpublished item ID)
  7081. P7530 (Slovak Fortuna liga player ID)
  7082. P10647 (Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee athlete ID)
  7083. P8174 (Slovak Registration ID)
  7084. P10218 (Slovak Theatre Virtual Database ID)
  7085. P1587 (Slovene Cultural Heritage Register ID)
  7086. P12588 (Slovenian organization number)
  7087. P1254 (Slovenska biografija ID)
  7088. P9355 (Slovník českých filosofů ID)
  7089. P8678 (Slovník českých nakladatelství 1848-1949 person ID)
  7090. P8695 (Slovník českých nakladatelství 1848-1949 publishing house ID)
  7091. P7282 (Slovo i Dilo person ID)
  7092. P5876 (Słownik języka polskiego XVII i XVIII wieku ID)
  7093. P11444 (SMA ID)
  7094. P4935 (Small Monuments of Plzeň Catalogue ID)
  7095. P8489 (SmallGroup ID)
  7096. P6405 (Smarthistory ID)
  7097. P9787 (Smartify artwork ID)
  7098. P8923 (SMB-digital ID)
  7099. P7401 (SMHI drainage basin ID)
  7100. P4704 (Smithsonian American Art Museum artwork ID)
  7101. P1795 (Smithsonian American Art Museum person/institution ID)
  7102. P9473 (Smithsonian ARK ID)
  7103. P7851 (Smithsonian resource ID)
  7104. P3518 (Smithsonian trinomial)
  7105. P6739 ( actor profile ID)
  7106. P10173 ( film ID)
  7107. P5585 (SMS Power ID)
  7108. P3430 (SNAC ARK ID)
  7109. P2972 (SNAP ID)
  7110. P4435 (snap package)
  7111. P2984 (Snapchat username)
  7112. P6937 (SNBP ID)
  7113. P8181 (SNCF Station ID)
  7114. P4558 (SNCZI-IPE dam ID)
  7115. P4568 (SNCZI-IPE reservoir ID)
  7116. P11236 (SNE publisher ID)
  7117. P6967 (SNEP artist ID)
  7118. P8255 (SNES central game ID)
  7119. P7708 ( company ID)
  7120. P7713 ( composer ID)
  7121. P7701 ( game ID)
  7122. P6630 (SNISB ID)
  7123. P9807 (SNK ID)
  7124. P10101 ( author ID)
  7125. P5806 (SNOMED CT ID)
  7126. P4538 (Snooker Database player ID (archived))
  7127. P4502 ( player ID)
  7128. P4921 ( tournament ID)
  7129. P11966 ( tournament ID)
  7130. P12593 (SNS Info Saúde)
  7131. P10013 (SNSF person ID)
  7132. P8808 ( Stolperstein ID)
  7133. P5740 (So Foot Player ID)
  7134. P2672 (SOATO ID)
  7135. P8316 ( ID)
  7136. P919 (SOC Code (2010))
  7137. P8106 (SOCAN work number)
  7138. P2195 (Soccerbase manager ID)
  7139. P2193 (Soccerbase player ID)
  7140. P7465 (Soccerbase referee ID)
  7141. P7454 (Soccerbase team ID)
  7142. P8134 (Soccerdonna coach ID)
  7143. P4381 (Soccerdonna player ID)
  7144. P7878 (Soccerdonna team ID)
  7145. P10158 ( player ID)
  7146. P7494 (Soccerway match ID)
  7147. P2369 (Soccerway person ID)
  7148. P6131 (Soccerway team ID)
  7149. P8775 (Soccerway venue ID)
  7150. P8002 (Social Security Death Index entry)
  7151. P12073 (Société de l'histoire du protestantisme français ID)
  7152. P4942 ( director ID)
  7153. P9375 (Sociologická encyklopedie ID)
  7154. P12302 (Sofascore player ID)
  7155. P6138 (Software Hash ID)
  7156. P7516 (Software Preservation Society ID)
  7157. P4737 (Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation artwork ID)
  7158. P11138 (Sõnaveeb lexeme ID)
  7159. P5287 (Songfacts artist ID)
  7160. P5241 (Songfacts song ID)
  7161. P3478 (Songkick artist ID)
  7162. P3977 (Songkick venue ID)
  7163. P9089 (Songlexikon ID)
  7164. P7200 (SongMeanings artist ID)
  7165. P4757 (Songwriters Hall of Fame ID)
  7166. P12664 (Sonic Retro article ID)
  7167. P8911 (Sonneveld-index)
  7168. P9465 (SonyLIV show ID)
  7169. P11604 (Soprintendenza di Salerno place ID)
  7170. P11784 (Soprintendenza Speciale di Roma place ID)
  7171. P9595 (SOR bird ID)
  7172. P6155 (Sotheby's Museum Network ID)
  7173. P6124 (Sotheby's person ID)
  7174. P3040 (SoundCloud ID)
  7175. P7201 (SoundHound artist ID)
  7176. P3854 (Soundtrack Collector title ID)
  7177. P9136 (SOUNZ contributor ID)
  7178. P9578 (SOUNZ work ID)
  7179. P2209 (SourceForge project)
  7180. P3139 (SourehCinema film ID)
  7181. P3140 (SourehCinema person ID)
  7182. P8495 (South Africa EMIS code)
  7183. P8182 (South African Company Registration Number)
  7184. P11018 (South African Hockey Association player ID)
  7185. P911 (South African municipality code)
  7186. P12265 (South African NPO number)
  7187. P4623 (South Australian Football Hall of Fame inductee ID)
  7188. P4037 (South Australian Heritage Register Database ID)
  7189. P7690 (South Carolina Encyclopedia ID)
  7190. P3229 (South Dakota legislator ID)
  7191. P4605 (South Dakota Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  7192. P8871 (Southwest Harbor Public Library item ID)
  7193. P8572 (Spanish Artists from the Fourth to the Twentieth Century ID)
  7194. P4459 (Spanish Biographical Dictionary ID)
  7195. P10077 (Spanish Cultural Heritage thesauri ID)
  7196. P8082 (Spanish National Catalog of Hospitals ID)
  7197. P8421 (Spanish Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  7198. P4593 (Spanish Paralympic Committee athlete ID (archived))
  7199. P7827 (Spanish Vikidia ID)
  7200. P2479 (SPDX license ID)
  7201. P6019 (Species at Risk public registry ID)
  7202. P2455 (Species Profile and Threats Database ID)
  7203. P12162 (‎Spectrum Computing ID)
  7204. P7283 (Spectrum Management System Company Number)
  7205. P6783 ( game ID)
  7206. P2350 ( ID (archived))
  7207. P3694 ( speed skater ID)
  7208. P4314 ( speed skater ID)
  7209. P3695 (SpeedSkatingStats speed skater ID)
  7210. P7655 (Speiderhistorisk leksikon ID)
  7211. P10567 (Speleologi del passato ID)
  7212. P2973 (Spenserians person ID)
  7213. P12519 (Spesalay Pashto (Dari/Persian Dictionary) ID)
  7214. P4537 (Spider Ontology ID)
  7215. P7758 (SPIE profile ID)
  7216. P11025 (Spiel des Jahres ID)
  7217. P11445 (Spiritains ID)
  7218. P10562 (SPLC group ID)
  7219. P8534 (SPLC individual ID)
  7220. P5609 (Split This Rock poet ID)
  7221. P8836 (SPOnG game ID)
  7222. P4415 (Sport Australia Hall of Fame inductee ID)
  7223. P6416 ( article ID)
  7224. P10515 ( person ID)
  7225. P10904 ( team ID)
  7226. P4421 ( ID)
  7227. P3168 (Sporthorse data ID)
  7228. P8756 ( college basketball box score ID)
  7229. P4751 ( college basketball coach ID)
  7230. P3696 ( college basketball player ID)
  7231. P8825 ( college basketball team ID)
  7232. P3697 ( college football player ID)
  7233. P8761 ( college football school ID)
  7234. P1447 ( Olympic athlete ID (archived))
  7235. P6401 ( athlete ID)
  7236. P4408 ( athlete ID)
  7237. P9122 ( team ID)
  7238. P6729 ( club ID)
  7239. P6768 ( news ID)
  7240. P6808 ( player ID)
  7241. P6388 ( person ID)
  7242. P8634 (SPoT skater ID)
  7243. P2205 (Spotify album ID)
  7244. P1902 (Spotify artist ID)
  7245. P8704 (Spotify playlist ID)
  7246. P9882 (Spotify show episode ID)
  7247. P5916 (Spotify show ID)
  7248. P8347 (Spotify songwriter ID)
  7249. P2207 (Spotify track ID)
  7250. P11625 (Spotify user ID)
  7251. P11911 (Spotlight PIN ID)
  7252. P11594 (Spreaker show ID)
  7253. P6662 (Springboks player ID)
  7254. P5983 (Springer journal ID)
  7255. P10863 (Springer Nature article ID)
  7256. P11037 (Springer Nature journal ID)
  7257. P10861 (Springer Nature person ID)
  7258. P10380 (Springer Nature Subjects Taxonomy ID)
  7259. P11804 (Springs and Fountains of Andalucía ID)
  7260. P5918 (Sprockhoff-ID)
  7261. P12672 (SPV profile ID)
  7262. P5877 (SPXVI ID)
  7263. P5217 (Spyur ID)
  7264. P3286 (Squash Info player ID)
  7265. P5743 (SR Number)
  7266. P11161 (SR-Archiv band ID)
  7267. P11162 (SR-Archiv company ID)
  7268. P11107 (SR-Archiv person ID)
  7269. P11164 (SR-Archiv print media ID)
  7270. P11165 (SR-Archiv record ID)
  7271. P3145 (Sratim ID)
  7272. P7575 (Sri Granth word ID)
  7273. P10583 (SRSLY person ID)
  7274. P4572 (SS KL Auschwitz Garrison ID)
  7275. P3992 (SSB urban settlement number)
  7276. P7776 (SSNE person ID)
  7277. P1850 (SSR place name number)
  7278. P893 (SSRN article ID)
  7279. P3747 (SSRN author ID)
  7280. P8654 (SSYK 2012 The Swedish Standard Classification of Occupations)
  7281. P10399 (St. Sergius Institute authority ID)
  7282. P10212 (Stack Exchange user ID)
  7283. P4581 (Städel Museum artist ID)
  7284. P12220 (‎Stadium 64 ID)
  7285. P5288 (StadiumDB ID)
  7286. P9285 (Stadtlexikon Karlsruhe ID)
  7287. P8713 (Stadtwiki Dresden article)
  7288. P11898 (Stage 32 profile ID)
  7289. P12327 (Stage username)
  7290. P10933 (Stan Radar dossier ID)
  7291. P9658 (Standard Citation Forms for Rare Materials Cataloging ID)
  7292. P11125 (Standard Korean Language Dictionary ID)
  7293. P10051 (Standing Waters Database ID)
  7294. P3123 (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy ID)
  7295. P12165 (‎Star Citizen Tools Wiki ID)
  7296. P3798 (Star Wars Databank ID)
  7297. P7976 ( article)
  7298. P10305 (StarHit ID)
  7299. P7512 ( Database ID)
  7300. P12608 (Statbunker player ID)
  7301. P1397 (State Catalogue of Geographical Names (Russia) ID)
  7302. P8924 (State Catalogue of the Museum Fund of Russia artwork ID)
  7303. P7414 (State Catalogue of the Museum Fund of Russia museum ID)
  7304. P10072 (State Duma person ID)
  7305. P10502 (State Heraldic Register of the Russian Federation ID)
  7306. P884 (State Water Register Code (Russia))
  7307. P7489 (Stathletics ID)
  7308. P4812 (Statistical Service of Cyprus Geocode)
  7309. P3012 (Statistics Canada Geographic code)
  7310. P1069 (Statistics Denmarks classification of occupation (DISCO-08))
  7311. P2589 (Statistics Indonesia ethnicity code)
  7312. P2590 (Statistics Indonesia language code)
  7313. P12567 (StatMuse Premier League player ID)
  7314. P3175 (Statoids ID)
  7315. P11907 ( album ID)
  7316. P11800 ( artist ID)
  7317. P1733 (Steam application ID)
  7318. P7432 (Steam bundle ID)
  7319. P11975 (Steam curator ID)
  7320. P9744 (Steam Greenlight game ID)
  7321. P6945 (Steam profile ID)
  7322. P12083 (Steam Workshop mod ID)
  7323. P12561 (SteamGridDB ID)
  7324. P6645 (Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam ID)
  7325. P11477 (STEDT ID)
  7326. P5129 (Stepwell Atlas ID)
  7327. P3952 (Stereo Ve Mono artist ID)
  7328. P12691 (Stichting Erfgoed Nederlandse Biercultuur brewery ID)
  7329. P9004 (Stitcher show ID)
  7330. P8803 ( Stolperstein ID)
  7331. P8807 ( Stolperstein ID)
  7332. P8804 ( Stolperstein ID)
  7333. P10030 (StopGame ID)
  7334. P12082 (StopGame series ID)
  7335. P5082 (Store medisinske leksikon ID)
  7336. P4342 (Store norske leksikon ID)
  7337. P9331 ( ID)
  7338. P3072 (Storting person ID)
  7339. P9075 (StrategyWiki ID)
  7340. P5283 (Strava ID of a professional sport person)
  7341. P11446 (Strazha ID)
  7342. P6481 (Strepsiptera database species ID)
  7343. P11416 (Strong's number)
  7344. P10395 (Strongman Archives athlete ID)
  7345. P2418 (Structurae person ID)
  7346. P454 (Structurae structure ID)
  7347. P11644 (STS program ID)
  7348. P3299 (student register of the University of Helsinki ID (1640 - 1852))
  7349. P3325 (student register of the University of Helsinki ID (1853–1899))
  7350. P8953 (Students of Prague Universities ID)
  7351. P9134 (Studio di Fonologia Musicale RAI person ID)
  7352. P9039 (Studium Parisiense ID)
  7353. P2349 (Stuttgart Database of Scientific Illustrators ID)
  7354. P3911 (STW Thesaurus for Economics ID)
  7355. P3984 (subreddit)
  7356. P12007 (Substack profile ID)
  7357. P5946 (SUCA code)
  7358. P10916 (Süddeutsche Zeitung topic ID)
  7359. P1025 (SUDOC editions)
  7360. P8502 (SÚKL code)
  7361. P3309 (SummitPost ID)
  7362. P6652 (Sumo Reference ID)
  7363. P4520 (SUNCAT ID)
  7364. P12425 (Sundance Institute Archive event ID)
  7365. P12423 (‎Sundance Institute Archive film ID)
  7366. P12426 (Sundance Institute Archive person ID)
  7367. P3582 (Sunshine Tour golf player ID)
  7368. P11836 (Suomen etymologinen sanakirja ID)
  7369. P11837 (Suomen murteiden sanakirja ID)
  7370. P12682 (Suomi–ruotsi-suursanakirja ID)
  7371. P10903 (Super Basketball League player ID)
  7372. P8256 (Super Mario Wiki ID)
  7373. P7660 ( ID)
  7374. P3330 ( ID)
  7375. P7191 (Supraphonline artist ID)
  7376. P12592 (Supreme Court of Canada case number)
  7377. P8407 (Supreme Court of Sweden case number)
  7378. P3583 (Surfline ID)
  7379. P3392 (Surman ID)
  7380. P3627 (Survey of English Place-Names ID)
  7381. P4478 (Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Accused witch ID)
  7382. P10838 (Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Case ID)
  7383. P4524 (Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Person ID)
  7384. P4532 (Survey of Scottish Witchcraft - Trial ID)
  7385. P9837 (Svensk ordbok ID)
  7386. P8478 (Svenska Akademiens Ordbok unique ID)
  7387. P11838 (Svenska Akademiens ordlista ID)
  7388. P9963 (Svenska Akademins Ordbok-ID (seek))
  7389. P9164 (Svenska Institutet i Rom ID)
  7390. P4963 (Svenskt kvinnobiografiskt lexikon ID)
  7391. P6983 (Sverigetopplistan artist ID)
  7392. P4830 (SvFF national player ID (archived))
  7393. P1238 (SvFF player ID)
  7394. P9322 (SVKKL authority ID)
  7395. P9329 (Svoya Igra television player ID)
  7396. P9303 ( player ID)
  7397. P10474 ( person ID)
  7398. P6817 (SVT Play ID)
  7399. P1044 (SWB editions)
  7400. P5325 (Swedish Academy member ID)
  7401. P6303 (Swedish Anbytarforum)
  7402. P777 (Swedish civil parish code/ATA code)
  7403. P507 (Swedish county code)
  7404. P2898 (Swedish county letter)
  7405. P1841 (Swedish district code)
  7406. P8409 (Swedish Environmental Protection Agency Amenity OBJECTID)
  7407. P2335 (Swedish Film Database company ID)
  7408. P2334 (Swedish Film Database film ID)
  7409. P2337 (Swedish Film Database group ID)
  7410. P2168 (Swedish Film Database person ID)
  7411. P2336 (Swedish Film Database soundtrack ID)
  7412. P9894 (Swedish Food Agency food ID)
  7413. P8133 (Swedish Glaciers ID)
  7414. P5101 (Swedish Literature Bank Author ID)
  7415. P5123 (Swedish Literature Bank edition)
  7416. P9213 (Swedish Literature Bank place ID)
  7417. P1316 (Swedish Media Database ID)
  7418. P776 (Swedish minor urban area code)
  7419. P525 (Swedish municipality code)
  7420. P4607 (Swedish Musical Heritage ID)
  7421. P9713 (Swedish National Archive agent ID)
  7422. P5324 (Swedish National Archive reference code)
  7423. P8899 (Swedish National Library Arken ID)
  7424. P2323 (Swedish Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  7425. P1260 (Swedish Open Cultural Heritage URI)
  7426. P6460 (Swedish Organization Number)
  7427. P10980 (Swedish Paralympic Committee athlete ID)
  7428. P8388 (Swedish Parliament person GUID)
  7429. P5536 (Swedish place name register SOFI)
  7430. P4819 (Swedish Portrait Archive ID)
  7431. P8433 (Swedish Riksdag document ID)
  7432. P7574 (Swedish Royal Theater Archive)
  7433. P7894 (Swedish School Registry ID)
  7434. P5316 (Swedish ID)
  7435. P775 (Swedish urban area code)
  7436. P12192 (SWERIK ID)
  7437. P12428 (Swetrails POI-ID)
  7438. P11929 (‎Swetrails route ID)
  7439. P3669 (Swimming Australia swimmer ID (archived))
  7440. P4827 ( meet ID)
  7441. P2640 ( swimmer ID)
  7442. P4315 (SwimSwam swimmer ID)
  7443. P12087 (Swiss Basketball League player ID)
  7444. P4829 (Swiss Enterprise Identification Number)
  7445. P3889 (Swiss Federal Archives ID)
  7446. P6474 (Swiss Films ID)
  7447. P1241 (Swiss Football Association club number)
  7448. P11630 (Swiss Games Garden game ID)
  7449. P9090 (Swiss Games Showcase ID)
  7450. P8515 (Swiss Industrial Heritage ID)
  7451. P771 (Swiss municipality code)
  7452. P6770 (Swiss National Sound Archives ID)
  7453. P1307 (Swiss parliament ID)
  7454. P8412 (Swiss Timber Bridges ID)
  7455. P8429 (Swiss Tunnel ID)
  7456. P8996 (Swiss Unihockey player ID)
  7457. P8830 (Swiss-Gym Female ID)
  7458. P8829 (Swiss-Gym Male ID)
  7459. P9907 (swisscovery edition ID)
  7460. P12248 (Swissubase person ID)
  7461. P9206 (Swissvote ID)
  7462. P6830 (swMATH work ID)
  7463. P1045 (Sycomore ID)
  7464. P10480 ( ID)
  7465. P8656 (Symptom Ontology ID)
  7466. P5752 (Syndikat ID)
  7467. P9577 ( ID)
  7468. P11648 (Syoboi Calendar series ID)
  7469. P11984 (Syok podcast ID)
  7470. P7034 (Syriaca work ID)
  7471. P8658 (Syro-Malabar Catholic Church ID)
  7472. P6170 (System16 ID)
  7473. P6057 (Systematic Catalog of Culicidae ID)
  7474. P4346 (T4T35 megalith ID)
  7475. P7173 (TA2 ID)
  7476. P3982 (TA98 Latin term)
  7477. P3839 (Tab4u artist ID)
  7478. P3838 (Tab4u song ID)
  7479. P10069 (Tabakalera ID)
  7480. P11447 (Tabelog restaurant ID)
  7481. P9406 (Tacoma Local History & Biography Index ID)
  7482. P9393 (Tacoma-Pierce County Buildings Index ID)
  7483. P9363 (Tacoma-Pierce County Obituary Index ID)
  7484. P9309 (TaDiRAH ID)
  7485. P2987 (TaekwondoData person ID)
  7486. P4247 (Tagesschau election ID)
  7487. P10368 (Tagoo video game ID)
  7488. P12218 (TaiCOL ID (new version))
  7489. P6822 (Tainacan MAI ID)
  7490. P6631 (Tainacan MHN ID)
  7491. P12392 (Taiwan Biographical Database ID)
  7492. P7610 (Taiwan Cinema company ID)
  7493. P7611 (Taiwan Cinema film ID)
  7494. P7612 (Taiwan Cinema person ID)
  7495. P9170 (Taiwan River Code)
  7496. P11421 (Taiwanese-Japanese Dictionary ID)
  7497. P10826 (Talent Data Bank ID)
  7498. P2470 (Talouselämän vaikuttajat ID)
  7499. P10922 (TamTam chat ID)
  7500. P11282 (Tanzania Parliament member ID)
  7501. P9728 (Tapology fighter ID)
  7502. P9297 (TapTap application ID)
  7503. P5291 (Taratata artist ID)
  7504. P11098 (Tas Parliament member ID)
  7505. P12512 (‎Tashrihi Qamos Pashto Glossary ID)
  7506. P5704 (Tasmanian Heritage Register ID)
  7507. P10541 (TASS Encyclopedia country ID)
  7508. P10540 (TASS Encyclopedia person ID)
  7509. P10542 (TASS Encyclopedia tag ID)
  7510. P6219 (TASS reference)
  7511. P5456 (TasteAtlas ID)
  7512. P11701 (TASVideos game ID)
  7513. P2741 (Tate artist ID)
  7514. P11760 (Tatoeba sentence ID)
  7515. P9782 (Tax Identification Number (Belarus))
  7516. P3805 (tax-exempt heritage asset ID)
  7517. P5878 (Taxonomic Literature 2 number)
  7518. P7066 (Taxonomicon ID)
  7519. P3186 (TAXREF ID)
  7520. P9872 (TBDB ID)
  7521. P5601 (TCI destination ID)
  7522. P8520 (TCLF ID)
  7523. P2631 (TCM Movie Database film ID)
  7524. P3056 (TCM Movie Database person ID)
  7525. P7714 (tDAR creator ID)
  7526. P5398 (TDKIV term ID)
  7527. P7314 (TDV İslam Ansiklopedisi ID)
  7528. P3544 (Te Papa agent ID)
  7529. P4054 (Team Canada athlete ID)
  7530. P4053 (Team Deutschland athlete ID)
  7531. P9814 (Team Deutschland Paralympics athlete ID)
  7532. P11714 (Team Fortress Wiki ID)
  7533. P11934 (Team France athlete ID)
  7534. P4490 (Team GB athlete ID)
  7535. P12311 (Team Scotland athlete ID)
  7536. P4063 (Team USA athlete ID (archived))
  7537. P12193 (Team Wales athlete ID)
  7538. P9822 (TeamNL athlete ID number (archived))
  7539. P6321 ( player ID)
  7540. P7490 ( team ID)
  7541. P9202 ( ID)
  7542. P5569 (Tebeosfera character ID)
  7543. P5562 (Tebeosfera ID)
  7544. P11759 (Technic Platform modpack ID)
  7545. P6009 (Techopedia ID)
  7546. P2611 (TED speaker ID)
  7547. P2613 (TED talk ID)
  7548. P2612 (TED topic ID)
  7549. P10698 (TEİS ID)
  7550. P12479 (Tekściory artist ID)
  7551. P3105 (Tela Botanica ID)
  7552. P9864 (Télé-Loisirs ID)
  7553. P3789 (Telegram username)
  7554. P5773 (Television Academy Foundation interviewee ID)
  7555. P5829 (Television Academy Foundation show ID)
  7556. P10900 (Telmore Musik artist ID)
  7557. P9343 ( ID)
  7558. P7789 (Ten-Bruggencatenummer)
  7559. P6016 (Tennessee Encyclopedia ID)
  7560. P4383 (Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID)
  7561. P12138 (Tennessee-Kentucky Plant Atlas ID)
  7562. P10028 (Tennis Abstract player ID)
  7563. P3670 (Tennis Archives player ID)
  7564. P3698 (Tennis Australia player ID)
  7565. P3363 (Tennis Hall of Fame player ID)
  7566. P4544 (Tennis Temple player ID)
  7567. P1653 (TERC municipality code)
  7568. P10844 (Teresianum authority ID)
  7569. P9300 (Terezín Memorial Database ID)
  7570. P9886 (TermCymru ID)
  7571. P1323 (Terminologia Anatomica 98 ID)
  7572. P1693 (Terminologia Embryologica)
  7573. P1694 (Terminologia Histologica)
  7574. P8144 (Ternopil Encyclopedia ID)
  7575. P5010 (Territographie ID)
  7576. P2018 (Teuchos ID)
  7577. P8132 (Texas Historic Sites Atlas ID)
  7578. P7110 (Textile Connect publication ID)
  7579. P7815 ( artist ID)
  7580. P7816 ( song ID)
  7581. P5120 (TFRRS athlete ID)
  7582. P10997 (TGbus franchise ID)
  7583. P10996 (TGbus ID)
  7584. P1626 (Thai cultural heritage ID)
  7585. P6134 (Thaifilm ID)
  7586. P1067 (Thailand central administrative unit code)
  7587. P4018 (The Arabidopsis Information Resource Accession)
  7588. P6301 (The Armory Show at 100 ID)
  7589. P6791 (The Atlantic author ID)
  7590. P4731 (The Baseball Cube player ID)
  7591. P4248 (The Black Book ID)
  7592. P8740 (The Boardr profile ID)
  7593. P11263 (The Britannica Dictionary entry)
  7594. P7619 (The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church ID)
  7595. P12639 (The Concise Oxford Dictionary of World Religions ID)
  7596. P8207 (The Conversation author ID)
  7597. P4436 (The Coptic Library ID)
  7598. P11638 (The Counted person ID)
  7599. P8076 (The Cover Project game ID)
  7600. P9584 (The Criterion Collection film ID)
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  7602. P8607 (The Cutting Room Floor ID)
  7603. P7773 (The Digital Local Culture Encyclopedia of Korea ID)
  7604. P6935 (The DJ List artist ID)
  7605. P9514 (The Draft Review ID)
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  7608. P7723 (The Encyclopedia of Oklahoma History and Culture ID)
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  7616. P12638 (The Islamic World: Past and Present ID)
  7617. P11466 (The Israeli Opera (English) person ID)
  7618. P11343 (The Israeli Opera person ID (heb))
  7619. P7042 (The Latin Library author ID)
  7620. P12705 (The Law Dictionary entry)
  7621. P11870 (The Literary Encyclopedia person ID)
  7622. P11932 (The Literary Encyclopedia work ID)
  7623. P8567 (The Living New Deal ID)
  7624. P12699 (The Lost Media Wiki page ID)
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  7626. P12373 (‎The Models Resource entity ID)
  7627. P9383 (The Mountaineers Routes & Places ID)
  7628. P11990 (The Mud Connector ID)
  7629. P5159 (The New Fund for Cinema and Television (Israel) ID)
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  7631. P12724 (The New Zealand Oxford Dictionary ID)
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  7635. P7691 (The Oregon Encyclopedia ID)
  7636. P12628 (The Oxford Dictionary of Islam ID)
  7637. P12675 (The Oxford Dictionary of Phrase and Fable ID)
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  7639. P12631 (The Oxford Encyclopedia of the Islamic World ID)
  7640. P12678 (The Oxford Essential Dictionary of Foreign Terms in English ID)
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  7642. P5765 (The Park Database ID)
  7643. P10131 (The Parliamentary Newspaper ID)
  7644. P12209 (The Plant List ID (Arizona Native Plant Society))
  7645. P9014 (The Podcast App show ID)
  7646. P5473 (The Reptile Database ID)
  7647. P7702 (The Sierra Chest ID)
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  7649. P12624 (‎The Spriters Resource game ID)
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  7651. P12430 (The StoryGraph author ID)
  7652. P4204 (The Times of India topic ID)
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  7659. P7344 (The Wind Power farm ID)
  7660. P9780 (The Women's Print History Project person ID)
  7661. P6174 (The World Academy of Sciences fellow ID)
  7662. P9948 (The World Factbook country ID)
  7663. P4391 ( athlete ID)
  7664. P12195 (‎Theapolis person ID)
  7665. P11921 (Theapolis theatre ID)
  7666. P1362 (Theaterlexikon der Schweiz ID)
  7667. P6668 ( ID)
  7668. P6403 (TheatreOnline ID)
  7669. P4079 (Theatres Trust Database ID)
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  7671. P10909 (Theatrical Index person ID)
  7672. P12591 (Theatrical Index theatre ID)
  7673. P2469 (Theatricalia person ID)
  7674. P1242 (Theatricalia play ID)
  7675. P2468 (Theatricalia theatre ID)
  7676. P5634 (Theatrum ID)
  7677. P9056 (TheCocktailDB drink ID)
  7678. P9057 (TheCocktailDB ingredient ID)
  7679. P11816 (theCrag ID)
  7680. P8401 (TheFreeDictionary medical term ID)
  7681. P7634 (TheGamesDB developer ID)
  7682. P7622 (TheGamesDB game ID)
  7683. P7623 (TheGamesDB platform ID)
  7684. P7642 (TheGamesDB publisher ID)
  7685. P10723 ( profile ID)
  7686. P12734 (TheLegacy company ID)
  7687. P12709 (TheLegacy game ID)
  7688. P10142 (ThENC@ ID)
  7689. P3545 (Theoi Project ID)
  7690. P4979 (Thésaurus de la désignation des objets mobiliers ID)
  7691. P4980 (Thésaurus de la désignation des œuvres architecturales et des espaces aménagés ID)
  7692. P9401 (Thésaurus des sujets de base du gouvernement du Canada ID)
  7693. P5160 (Thesaurus for Graphic Materials ID)
  7694. P12188 (Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae lemma ID)
  7695. P12185 (Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae object ID)
  7696. P12186 (Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae textual work ID)
  7697. P12187 (Thesaurus Linguae Aegyptiae thesaurus ID)
  7698. P8365 (Thesaurus Sozialwissenschaften ID)
  7699. P8937 ( ID)
  7700. P4285 ( person ID)
  7701. P12399 (TheTVDB award ID)
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  7703. P7043 (TheTVDB episode ID)
  7704. P12196 (TheTVDB movie ID)
  7705. P7920 (TheTVDB person ID)
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  7707. P4835 (TheTVDB series ID)
  7708. P2171 (TheyWorkForYou ID)
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  7710. P11892 (Threads username)
  7711. P6128 (Threatened Species Link ID)
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  7713. P11085 (Three Decks ship ID)
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  7716. P7897 (TI-99/4A Videogame House ID)
  7717. P11697 (Ticino Scienza IBSA Foundation ID)
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  7719. P4577 (Tidal album ID)
  7720. P4576 (Tidal artist ID)
  7721. P4579 (Tidal music video ID)
  7722. P4578 (Tidal track ID)
  7723. P5397 (Tierstimmenarchiv ID)
  7724. P10566 (tiket to-do ID)
  7725. P10426 ( hotel ID)
  7726. P9290 (TikTok music ID)
  7727. P11559 (TikTok place ID)
  7728. P7085 (TikTok username)
  7729. P3882 (Tilastopaja female athlete ID)
  7730. P3884 (Tilastopaja male athlete ID)
  7731. P10749 ( author ID)
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  7736. P3576 (TLG author ID)
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  7738. P11806 (TMDB company ID)
  7739. P12559 (TMDB episode ID)
  7740. P4947 (TMDB movie ID)
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  7742. P12558 (TMDB season ID)
  7743. P4983 (TMDB TV series ID)
  7744. P12528 (TNHR&CE temple ID)
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  7747. P4931 ( person ID)
  7748. P4932 ( work ID)
  7749. P3120 (TOID)
  7750. P11262 ( lexeme ID)
  7751. P11261 ( lexeme ID)
  7752. P11935 (Tolkien Gateway ID)
  7753. P11767 (TOOI identifier)
  7754. P10025 (Toolhub ID)
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  7761. P8070 (ToposText work ID)
  7762. P5714 ( author ID)
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  7769. P5883 (Tourisme & Handicap ID)
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  7771. P5717 (TPA person ID)
  7772. P12375 (TracesOfWar award ID)
  7773. P8578 (TracesOfWar person ID)
  7774. P3924 (Track and Field Statistics female athlete ID)
  7775. P3925 (Track and Field Statistics male athlete ID)
  7776. P5421 (Trading Card Database person ID)
  7777. P7321 (Trail Finder ID)
  7778. P12586 (Traineras club ID)
  7779. P12587 (Traineras competition ID)
  7780. P12566 (Traineras rower ID)
  7781. P6724 (Trainline ID)
  7782. P12492 ( film ID)
  7783. P8013 ( ID)
  7784. P2447 (Transfermarkt manager ID)
  7785. P7455 (Transfermarkt match ID)
  7786. P2446 (Transfermarkt player ID)
  7787. P3699 (Transfermarkt referee ID)
  7788. P7223 (Transfermarkt team ID)
  7789. P2954 (Transferred Account Data Interchange Group Code)
  7790. P10493 (Transilien ID)
  7791. P5699 (Transport Canada LID)
  7792. P7260 (Transporter Classification Database ID)
  7793. P9477 (Trap Danmark ID)
  7794. P11219 (Travel Weekly hotel ID)
  7795. P10560 (Traveloka activities ID)
  7796. P10448 (Traveloka hotel ID)
  7797. P10591 (traveloka restaurant ID)
  7798. P4138 (Treasury of Lives ID)
  7799. P3365 (Treccani ID)
  7800. P5844 (Treccani Vocabulary ID)
  7801. P1986 (Treccani's Biographical Dictionary of Italian People ID)
  7802. P10017 (Treccani's Dizionario delle Scienze Fisiche ID)
  7803. P9941 (Treccani's Dizionario di Economia e Finanza ID)
  7804. P7993 (Treccani's Dizionario di Filosofia ID)
  7805. P10022 (Treccani's Dizionario di Medicina ID)
  7806. P6404 (Treccani's Dizionario di Storia ID)
  7807. P9734 (Treccani's Enciclopedia Dantesca ID)
  7808. P7620 (Treccani's Enciclopedia dei Papi ID)
  7809. P9760 (Treccani's Enciclopedia del Cinema ID)
  7810. P9621 (Treccani's Enciclopedia della Matematica ID)
  7811. P4223 (Treccani's Enciclopedia Italiana ID)
  7812. P9775 (Treccani's Lessico del XXI Secolo ID)
  7813. P9169 (Tree of Life contributor ID)
  7814. P5221 (Tree of Life Web Project ID)
  7815. P8492 (Tree of Public Interest ID)
  7816. P6225 (TrENSmissions person ID)
  7817. P11884 (Trésors de Nice ID)
  7818. P10293 (Tretyakov Gallery work ID)
  7819. P12174 (tribal council number)
  7820. P8961 ( ID)
  7821. P10425 ( hotel ID)
  7822. P3134 (TripAdvisor ID)
  7823. P10249 (Triple J Unearthed artist ID)
  7824. P11252 (Trismegistos author ID)
  7825. P1958 (Trismegistos Geo ID)
  7826. P12467 (Trismegistos god ID)
  7827. P8532 (Trismegistos text ID)
  7828. P12564 (‎Triton Poker player ID)
  7829. P960 (Tropicos ID)
  7830. P4904 (Tropicos publication ID)
  7831. P5603 (Trove newspaper ID)
  7832. P10044 (Trove work ID)
  7833. P10586 (Trovo ID)
  7834. P7921 (TrueAchievements series ID)
  7835. P5161 (Trustpilot company ID)
  7836. P10858 (Truth Social username)
  7837. P9392 (Tschechische Theaterenzyklopädie ID)
  7838. P4251 (TSE number)
  7839. P7760 (Tubi movie ID)
  7840. P7761 (Tubi series ID)
  7841. P11093 (TUBITAK Sosyal Bilimler Ansiklopedisi ID)
  7842. P12590 (TUESPWiki ID)
  7843. P3943 (Tumblr username)
  7844. P7192 (TuneIn artist ID)
  7845. P9008 (TuneIn Podcasts show ID)
  7846. P4274 (Tunisian geographic code)
  7847. P10351 (Turin University student ID)
  7848. P12305 ( place ID)
  7849. P12254 ( place ID)
  7850. P8698 (Turkey's Culture Portal ID)
  7851. P5721 (Turkish Basketball Super League ID)
  7852. P9857 (Turkish Cinema Archive Database film ID)
  7853. P9999 (Turkish Cinema Archive Database person ID)
  7854. P2449 (Turkish Football Federation coach ID)
  7855. P7382 (Turkish Football Federation match ID)
  7856. P2448 (Turkish Football Federation player ID)
  7857. P7405 (Turkish Football Federation referee ID)
  7858. P7402 (Turkish Football Federation stadium ID)
  7859. P7450 (Turkish Football Federation team ID)
  7860. P9973 (Turkish National Olympic Committee athlete ID)
  7861. P11017 (Turkish National Paralympic Committee athlete ID)
  7862. P7035 ( coach ID)
  7863. P7036 ( player ID)
  7864. P11307 (tuxDB game ID)
  7865. P3845 (TV Guide person ID (former scheme))
  7866. P3804 (TV Guide show ID (former scheme))
  7867. P11294 (TV Maze episode ID)
  7868. P11449 (TV Maze person ID)
  7869. P10669 (TV Maze season ID)
  7870. P8600 (TV Maze series ID)
  7871. P6383 (TV Spielfilm film ID)
  7872. P6643 (TV Spielfilm series ID)
  7873. P6839 (TV Tropes ID)
  7874. P2638 ( ID)
  7875. P10356 (TV3 show ID)
  7876. P10357 (TV3 video ID)
  7877. P11595 (TVer series ID)
  7878. P11596 (TVer tarento ID)
  7879. P10279 (TVFPlay series ID)
  7880. P11960 (TVING ID)
  7881. P10415 (TVSA actor ID)
  7882. P4467 (Twitch category ID)
  7883. P5797 (Twitch channel ID)
  7884. P12229 (‎Twitch numeric channel ID)
  7885. P8799 (Twitch tag ID)
  7886. P8811 (Twitch team ID)
  7887. P11337 (Twitter community ID)
  7888. P10767 (Twitter moment ID)
  7889. P4219 (Tyrolean Art Cadastre inventory ID)
  7890. P6391 (U-DISE code)
  7891. P5600 (U-Multirank university ID)
  7892. P10147 (U-PAD author ID)
  7893. P7063 (U. S. Supreme Court docket number)
  7894. P11708 (U.S. Epigraphy Project ID)
  7895. P4583 (U.S. Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete ID)
  7896. P9228 (U.S. Masters Swimming ID)
  7897. P1225 (U.S. National Archives Identifier)
  7898. P3514 (U.S. National Geodetic Survey ID)
  7899. P9762 (U.S. Ski & Snowboard athlete ID)
  7900. P4422 (U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame athlete ID)
  7901. P10482 (U.S. trademark serial number)
  7902. P10157 ( player ID)
  7903. P8787 (UAF person ID)
  7904. P3202 (UAI code)
  7905. P10683 (Uber Eats store ID)
  7906. P1554 (UBERON ID)
  7907. P844 (UBIGEO code)
  7908. P4728 (uBio ID)
  7909. P8268 (Ubisoft Store game ID)
  7910. P3473 (Ubuntu package)
  7911. P12502 (UCA authority ID)
  7912. P3942 (UCI BMX Supercross World Cup Results rider ID)
  7913. P11020 (UCI rider ID)
  7914. P9794 (UCLA Space Inventory LocID)
  7915. P11067 (UConn Plant Database ID)
  7916. P2576 (UCSC Genome Browser assembly ID)
  7917. P7825 (UCUM code)
  7918. P7360 (UEFA coach ID (archived))
  7919. P2276 (UEFA player ID)
  7920. P7361 (UEFA team ID)
  7921. P12024 (UETK ID)
  7922. P9722 (UFC athlete ID)
  7923. P8335 (Uffizi artwork ID)
  7924. P3159 (UGentMemorialis professor ID)
  7925. P11915 (UIA Open Yearbook organization website ID)
  7926. P2981 (UIC alphabetical country code)
  7927. P2982 (UIC numerical country code)
  7928. P722 (UIC station code)
  7929. P2726 (UIPM athlete ID)
  7930. P10913 (UK Archival Thesaurus ID)
  7931. P10835 (UK Beetles ID)
  7932. P4217 (UK Electoral Commission ID)
  7933. P7548 (UK Lakes Portal ID)
  7934. P8190 (UK Modern House Index architect ID)
  7935. P8191 (UK Modern House Index building ID)
  7936. P3029 (UK National Archives ID)
  7937. P4288 (UK National Fruit Collection ID)
  7938. P6213 (UK Parliament ID)
  7939. P4527 (UK Parliament thesaurus ID)
  7940. P4971 (UK Provider Reference Number)
  7941. P4755 (UK railway station code)
  7942. P9891 (UK Renewable Energy Planning Database ID)
  7943. P10361 (UKÄ classification of science topics 2016)
  7944. P10409 (UKÄ standard classification of Swedish science topics 2011)
  7945. P3662 (Ukrainian Association of Football player ID)
  7946. P10801 (Ukrainian Live Classic composer ID)
  7947. P7362 (Ukrainian Premier League player ID)
  7948. P10402 (ULI ID)
  7949. P5927 (Ultimate Guitar artist ID)
  7950. P9506 (Ultime lettere di condannati a morte e di deportati della Resistenza italiana person ID)
  7951. P3585 (UltraSignup runner ID)
  7952. P5050 (UMAC ID)
  7953. P10783 (Umanity horse ID)
  7954. P9923 (Umění pro město ID)
  7955. P2892 (UMLS CUI)
  7956. P11955 (UMLS Semantic Network ID)
  7957. P3069 (UN document symbol)
  7958. P6512 (UN/CEFACT Common Code)
  7959. P1937 (UN/LOCODE)
  7960. P8370 (UNBIS Thesaurus ID)
  7961. P9821 (Unconsenting Media ID)
  7962. P11131 (Undiscovered Scotland ID)
  7963. P2983 (UNDP country code)
  7964. P2355 (UNESCO Atlas of the World's Languages in Danger ID)
  7965. P10221 (UNESCO ICH ID)
  7966. P3916 (UNESCO Thesaurus ID)
  7967. P10258 (UNICA IRIS author ID)
  7968. P11954 (Unidades de Conservação no Brasil ID)
  7969. P4466 (Unified Astronomy Thesaurus ID)
  7970. P10310 (Unified book number)
  7971. P12411 (Unified Saudi Occupational Classification)
  7972. P6795 (Unified Social Credit ID)
  7973. P4742 (Uniform Resource Identifier Scheme)
  7974. P3641 (Uniform Type Identifier)
  7975. P3979 (Unifrance company ID)
  7976. P3961 (Unifrance film ID)
  7977. P3980 (Unifrance person ID)
  7978. P11214 (UNIMARC: Medium of Performance ID)
  7979. P9147 (Union Catalog of Armenian Continuing Resources ID)
  7980. P8833 (Union Catalog of Armenian Libraries authority ID)
  7981. P8840 (Union des artistes ID)
  7982. P10274 (Union of Bulgarian Composers ID)
  7983. P8750 (Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche ID)
  7984. P11430 (UniProt disease ID)
  7985. P8399 (Unique Property Reference Number)
  7986. P8447 (Unique Street Reference Number)
  7987. P9966 (United Nations Treaty Collection object ID)
  7988. P4231 (United Nations Treaty Series registration number)
  7989. P4222 (United Nations Treaty Series Volume Number)
  7990. P4429 (United Rugby Championship player ID)
  7991. P10494 (United Russia member ID)
  7992. P2028 (United States Armed Forces service number)
  7993. P11500 (United States House of Representatives ID)
  7994. P3837 (United States Public Law)
  7995. P3147 (United States Reports ID)
  7996. P3825 (United States Statutes at Large citation)
  7997. P9581 (UNITER Award person ID)
  7998. P5175 (Univ-droit jurist ID)
  7999. P11151 (Universal Content Identifier)
  8000. P9544 (universal equine life number)
  8001. P9328 (Universal Music France artist ID)
  8002. P12472 (Universal Spectrum Identifier)
  8003. P6815 (University of Amsterdam Album Academicum ID)
  8004. P11686 (University of Barcelona authority ID)
  8005. P1580 (University of Barcelona authority ID (former scheme))
  8006. P8602 (University of Ghana Digital Collections (UGSpace) ID)
  8007. P11733 (Universo del corpo ID)
  8008. P10947 (UNORA author ID)
  8009. P8527 (Unsplash user ID)
  8010. P2167 (UNSPSC Code)
  8011. P3002 (Untappd brewery ID)
  8012. P2734 (Unz Review author ID)
  8013. P2735 (Unz Review journal ID)
  8014. P5892 (UOL Eleições ID)
  8015. P11182 (UOM ID)
  8016. P7858 (Upper Austria Museum ID)
  8017. P6340 (Uppsala General Catalogue ID)
  8018. P6821 (Uppsala University Alvin ID)
  8019. P4854 (Uppslagsverket Finland ID)
  8020. P5902 (Uralonet ID)
  8021. P9431 (Urban Archive ID)
  8022. P12704 (urban area census code)
  8023. P10321 (Urban Electric Transit city ID)
  8024. P10456 (Urban Electric Transit country ID)
  8025. P10389 (Urban Electric Transit model ID)
  8026. P11350 (Urdu Lughat ID)
  8027. P4109 (URN-NBN)
  8028. P8007 (US Bureau of Prisons Inmate Register Number)
  8029. P1157 (US Congress Bio ID)
  8030. P1839 (US Federal Election Commission ID)
  8031. P8455 (US Quaternary Fault ID)
  8032. P3671 (USA Gymnastics athlete ID)
  8033. P4668 (USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame athlete ID)
  8034. P4778 (USA Rugby player ID)
  8035. P10634 (USA Track & Field athlete ID (new))
  8036. P3926 (USA Track & Field athlete legacy ID (archived))
  8037. P3881 (USA Track & Field Hall of Fame legacy ID (archived))
  8038. P8664 (USA Water Polo Hall of Fame ID)
  8039. P1167 (USB vendor ID)
  8040. P3723 (USCG lighthouse ID)
  8041. P9411 (USCG MIC)
  8042. P1772 (USDA PLANTS ID)
  8043. P10348 (USgamer ID)
  8044. P3196 (USGS earthquake ID)
  8045. P11095 (USGS Thesaurus ID)
  8046. P11536 (Ushakov Dictionary ID)
  8047. P3724 (USHMM Holocaust Encyclopedia ID)
  8048. P4130 (USHMM person ID)
  8049. P9914 (USiena air author ID)
  8050. P11063 (USK ID)
  8051. P4019 (USL Championship player ID)
  8052. P8779 (USL League One player ID)
  8053. P5454 (USNPL ID)
  8054. P677 (ÚSOP code)
  8055. P12285 (USOPC Hall of Fame ID)
  8056. P11944 (USP Libraries Catalogue ID)
  8057. P10492 (USP Production Repository ID)
  8058. P11242 (USTC ID)
  8059. P4017 (Ustream username)
  8060. P12429 ( ID)
  8061. P9183 ( artist ID)
  8062. P9182 ( song ID)
  8063. P7692 (Utah History Encyclopedia ID)
  8064. P11451 ( ID)
  8065. P6663 (Utpictura18 artwork ID)
  8066. P7560 (UVL company ID)
  8067. P7555 (UVL game ID)
  8068. P7562 (UVL group ID)
  8069. P7556 (UVL platform ID)
  8070. P11427 (UVL source ID)
  8071. P11173 (UWIND ID)
  8072. P4756 (V Live channel ID)
  8073. P5959 (V.League ID (obsolete))
  8074. P6527 (V.League men's player ID)
  8075. P6528 (V.League women's player ID)
  8076. P3929 (V&A item ID)
  8077. P6764 (V&A person ID)
  8078. P8755 (VA facility ID)
  8079. P7717 (Vaare falne ID)
  8080. P1928 (Vaccine Ontology ID)
  8081. P9153 (VAi building ID)
  8082. P12093 (‎Valve Developer Community article ID)
  8083. P7499 (Van Wijngaarden quarry ID)
  8084. P3711 ( Statues ID)
  8085. P12681 (Vanhan kirjasuomen sanakirja ID)
  8086. P1745 (VASCAN ID)
  8087. P12113 (Vascular Plants of Iowa species ID)
  8088. P1017 (Vatican Library ID (former scheme))
  8089. P12326 (Vazhaju word ID)
  8090. P4298 (VBL people ID)
  8091. P7762 (VBProfiles person ID)
  8092. P10499 ( company ID)
  8093. P12415 (VD 17 ID)
  8094. P6135 (VD 18 ID)
  8095. P6377 (VectorBase taxonomy ID)
  8096. P7649 (Vectrex Game Database ID)
  8097. P9579 (vedidk ID)
  8098. P10470 (Vedomosti company ID)
  8099. P2191 (Vegetti Catalog of Fantastic Literature NILF ID)
  8100. P6322 (vehicle identification number)
  8101. P8352 (Veldkruus ID)
  8102. P8771 (Vélib' Métropole station ID)
  8103. P11878 (Vélo'v station ID)
  8104. P10381 (VerbaAlpina ID)
  8105. P4939 (VERIF ID)
  8106. P3391 (Verkhovna Rada MP ID)
  8107. P4523 (Vermont Sports Hall of Fame athlete ID)
  8108. P6142 ( ID)
  8109. P6215 ( person ID)
  8110. P12314 ( team ID)
  8111. P10350 ( dossier ID)
  8112. P12389 (Veterans Legacy Memorial ID)
  8113. P8954 ( ID)
  8114. P11452 (VG-lista album ID)
  8115. P6943 (VG-lista artist ID)
  8116. P11469 (VG-lista song ID)
  8117. P8351 (vglist video game ID)
  8118. P3483 (VGMdb album ID)
  8119. P3435 (VGMdb artist ID)
  8120. P3511 (VGMdb organization ID)
  8121. P5659 (VGMdb product ID)
  8122. P7826 (VGMPF ID)
  8123. P8027 (VGMRips company ID)
  8124. P8056 (VGMRips composer ID)
  8125. P8025 (VGMRips system ID)
  8126. P10453 (VGTimes ID)
  8127. P9960 (VI.BE platform ID)
  8128. P10653 (VIA Rail Canada station code)
  8129. P9040 ( ID)
  8130. P9414 (Viasona ID)
  8131. P10230 (Viber group ID)
  8132. P9029 (Viceversa Letteratura author ID)
  8133. P5945 (VicFlora ID)
  8134. P1481 ( ID)
  8135. P10443 (Viciebsk Encyclopedia ID)
  8136. P3472 (VICNAMES Place ID)
  8137. P3443 (Victorian Heritage Database ID)
  8138. P5177 (Victorian Heritage Register ID)
  8139. P10511 (VideoGameGeek company ID)
  8140. P7591 (VideoGameGeek game ID)
  8141. P7592 (VideoGameGeek platform ID)
  8142. P11459 (VideoGameGeek series/franchise ID)
  8143. P8023 ( game ID)
  8144. P4419 (Videolectures ID)
  8145. P7130 (Vidwan ID)
  8146. P7675 (Vie publique intervention ID)
  8147. P7676 (Vie publique person ID)
  8148. P7684 (Vie publique report ID)
  8149. P7842 (Vienna History Wiki ID)
  8150. P9933 (Vietherb metabolite ID)
  8151. P9932 (Vietherb species ID)
  8152. P10344 (Viki ID)
  8153. P4015 (Vimeo ID)
  8154. P4249 (Vincoli in Rete ID)
  8155. P9676 ( ID)
  8156. P3207 (Vine user ID)
  8157. P11626 (Vintage Fashion Guild label)
  8158. P1925 (VIOLIN ID)
  8159. P6384 (Viperson ID)
  8160. P9443 (Virginia House of Delegates ID)
  8161. P7618 (Virginia Landmarks Register ID)
  8162. P4386 (Virginia Sports Hall of Fame ID)
  8163. P10561 (Virginia Tech Dendrology Factsheets ID)
  8164. P11928 (Virksomme ord ID)
  8165. P6139 (Virtual Guide to the Flora of Mongolia ID)
  8166. P5516 (Virtual Laboratory person ID)
  8167. P12716 (Virtual Russian Museum artist ID)
  8168. P8835 (Visages du diocèse d'Autun ID)
  8169. P3616 (Vision of Britain place ID)
  8170. P3615 (Vision of Britain unit ID)
  8171. P11991 (‎ game ID)
  8172. P11992 (‎ studio ID)
  8173. P8083 (Visit Tuscany ID)
  8174. P7926 (Visual AIDS Artist+ Registry ID)
  8175. P3180 (Visual Novel Database ID)
  8176. P7666 (Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija ID)
  8177. P3993 (Vitaskrá ID)
  8178. P3904 (VIVC grape variety ID)
  8179. P11117 (Viveport ID)
  8180. P3185 (VK ID)
  8181. P9694 (VK Music artist ID)
  8182. P9697 (VK Play ID)
  8183. P3322 (Vlinderstichting ID)
  8184. P12378 (VMH ID)
  8185. P11869 (VMI Historical Rosters Database ID)
  8186. P8454 ( artist ID)
  8187. P11099 (VocaDB album ID)
  8188. P11077 (VocaDB artist ID)
  8189. P11100 (VocaDB track ID)
  8190. P6406 ( ID)
  8191. P7880 (Voetbal International player ID)
  8192. P5742 (Voetbalstats player ID)
  8193. P4708 (VOGRIPA ID)
  8194. P9975 (Vokrug sveta article ID)
  8195. P10052 ( person ID)
  8196. P10045 ( show ID)
  8197. P10232 (Volgograd Oblast address register)
  8198. P6244 (Volksbund ID)
  8199. P9823 (Volleybox ID)
  8200. P5803 (VOR/DME airport beacon ID)
  8201. P3344 (Vote Smart candidate ID)
  8202. P7218 (Vox FM artist ID)
  8203. P11074 (vPlants ID)
  8204. P7968 (VR GameCritic ID)
  8205. P5938 (Vroegmiddelnederlands Woordenboek GTB ID)
  8206. P10385 (Vsemirnaya Istoriya Encyclopedia ID)
  8207. P6732 (VTB United League player ID)
  8208. P7334 (Vudu video ID)
  8209. P12010 (‎wadoku ID)
  8210. P4615 (WAFL FootyFacts ID)
  8211. P12280 (Walk Score ID)
  8212. P3183 (Wall Street Journal topic ID)
  8213. P12247 (Walmart product ID)
  8214. P1468 (WALS family code)
  8215. P1467 (WALS genus code)
  8216. P1466 (WALS lect code)
  8217. P4713 (Walters Art Museum artwork ID)
  8218. P10973 (Walther, Initia carminum ID)
  8219. P9390 (Wander lemma ID)
  8220. P5956 (War Memorials Online ID)
  8221. P2943 ( ID)
  8222. P11730 (Warsaw Uprising insurgent ID)
  8223. P9408 (Washington Flora Checklist ID)
  8224. P10331 (Washington Native Plant Society Plant Directory ID)
  8225. P9330 (Washington Place Names ID)
  8226. P9460 (Washington Rare Plant Field Guide ID (PDF version))
  8227. P9967 (Washington Rare Plant Field Guide ID (Web version))
  8228. P10514 (Washington State Parks ID)
  8229. P7233 (Washington Trails Association Hiking Guide ID)
  8230. P11753 (Wastewater treatment plant in France ID)
  8231. P6735 (Watercolour World artist ID)
  8232. P7094 (WaterNSW Rivers and Streams Site No.)
  8233. P1761 (Watson & Dallwitz family ID)
  8234. P11637 (Wattpad username)
  8235. P6483 (WBCHSE code)
  8236. P8081 (WBIS ID)
  8237. P4343 (WBPLN author ID)
  8238. P3591 (WCSPF ID)
  8239. P12623 (WDF player ID)
  8240. P9947 (WDG lemma ID)
  8241. P809 (WDPA ID)
  8242. P10108 (Web Encyclopedia of Kyiv ID)
  8243. P1882 (Web Gallery of Art ID)
  8244. P8372 (Web of Science ID (work))
  8245. P4887 (Web umenia creator ID)
  8246. P5269 (Web umenia work ID)
  8247. P5300 (Webb-site organization ID)
  8248. P5298 (Webb-site person ID)
  8249. P11086 (WebKit Feature Status feature ID)
  8250. P3166 (Webpedigrees ID)
  8251. P11470 (Webtoon creator ID)
  8252. P7947 (WeChangEd ID)
  8253. P7650 (WeChat ID)
  8254. P6285 (Weeds in Ontario ID)
  8255. P3579 (Weibo user ID)
  8256. P12473 (‎Weird Gloop article ID)
  8257. P3276 (Wellfound ID)
  8258. P6169 (Welsh Book Trade Info ID)
  8259. P4641 (Welsh Chapels ID)
  8260. P3826 (Welsh Rugby Union men's player ID)
  8261. P5014 (Welsh Rugby Union men's sevens player ID)
  8262. P5013 (Welsh Rugby Union women's player ID)
  8263. P3677 (Wereld van Oranje player ID (archived))
  8264. P4571 (West Australian Football League player ID)
  8265. P11807 (WGA work ID)
  8266. P7895 (Whaling History ID)
  8267. P7828 (What is the Apple IIGS? ID)
  8268. P9609 (What Works Clearinghouse study ID)
  8269. P8167 (WhatDoTheyKnow organisation ID)
  8270. P12496 (‎WhatPub pub ID)
  8271. P12542 (WhatsApp channel ID)
  8272. P12225 (‎WHDLoad database ID)
  8273. P9242 (Whiskybase distillery ID)
  8274. P6714 (Whitney Museum of American Art artist ID)
  8275. P6738 (Whitney Museum of American Art artwork ID)
  8276. P12501 ( person ID)
  8277. P6766 (Who's on First ID)
  8278. P4124 (Who's Who in France biography ID)
  8279. P6936 (Who's Who of American Comic Books ID)
  8280. P4789 (Who's Who UK ID)
  8281. P5415 (Whonamedit? doctor ID)
  8282. P6517 (WhoSampled artist ID)
  8283. P10720 (WhoSampled track ID)
  8284. P7337 (Wi-Fi Certification ID)
  8285. P8430 (Wien Kulturgut: Kunstwerke im öffentlichen Raum ID)
  8286. P8231 (Wiener Wohnen ID)
  8287. P4136 (WIGOS station ID)
  8288. P9806 (WiiG game ID)
  8289. P12722 ( developer ID)
  8290. P12723 ( publisher ID)
  8291. P4664 (Wiki Aves bird ID)
  8292. P2186 (Wiki Loves Monuments ID)
  8293. P8467 (Wiki-Rennes ID)
  8294. P11988 ( article ID)
  8295. P11994 ( wiki ID)
  8296. P10656 (WikiApiary farm)
  8297. P7072 (WikiApiary wiki ID)
  8298. P6002 (WikiArt ID)
  8299. P6307 (Wikibase Registry ID)
  8300. P11914 (Wikibase World ID)
  8301. P5127 (WikiCFP conference series ID)
  8302. P5124 (WikiCFP event ID)
  8303. P12029 (WikiChip article ID)
  8304. P9753 (Wikidata language code)
  8305. P12194 (‎WikiIndex ID)
  8306. P12086 (WikiKids ID)
  8307. P8257 (Wikilengua article)
  8308. P7678 (Wikimapia ID)
  8309. P1800 (Wikimedia database name)
  8310. P4174 (Wikimedia username)
  8311. P6305 (Wikimedia VRTS ticket number)
  8312. P8114 (Wikiparques ID)
  8313. P2410 (WikiPathways ID)
  8314. P8584 (Wikipedia Library partner ID)
  8315. P11143 (WikiProjectMed ID)
  8316. P11471 (WikiRate company ID)
  8317. P11617 (WiKirby ID)
  8318. P9454 (WikiRoutes ID)
  8319. P10291 (Wikisimpsons article ID)
  8320. P3471 (WikiSkripta article ID)
  8321. P7721 (Wikispore ID)
  8322. P10231 (WikiStrinda article ID)
  8323. P7607 (WikiTree category or space)
  8324. P8344 (WikiTrek article ID)
  8325. P4973 (Wikitribune category)
  8326. P6036 (Wild Herps ID)
  8327. P3401 (Wilderness Connect ID)
  8328. P3746 (Wildflowers of Israel ID)
  8329. P12612 (‎WildTangent Games ID)
  8330. P4503 (Wimbledon player ID)
  8331. P12025 (Windows Package Manager Community package ID)
  8332. P600 (Wine AppDB ID)
  8333. P10677 (Winterthur Glossar ID)
  8334. P10543 (WIPO Pearl term ID)
  8335. P3068 (WIPO ST.3)
  8336. P8499 (WISAARD resource ID)
  8337. P9211 (Wisconsin Architecture and History Inventory ID)
  8338. P8588 (Wisconsin National or State Registers Record ID)
  8339. P3526 ( ID)
  8340. P11664 (Wise Music Classical composer ID)
  8341. P11661 (Wise Music Classical work ID)
  8342. P9441 (Wissens-Aggregator Mittelalter und Frühe Neuzeit ID)
  8343. P9737 (WMO code)
  8344. P11190 (WMOOV movie ID)
  8345. P3588 (WNBA player ID)
  8346. P1281 (WOEID)
  8347. P4839 (Wolfram Language entity code)
  8348. P7497 (Wolfram Language entity type)
  8349. P7431 (Wolfram Language quantity ID)
  8350. P7007 (Wolfram Language unit code)
  8351. P9768 (Women Also Know History ID)
  8352. P9244 (Women Australia ID)
  8353. P7498 (Women Film Pioneers ID)
  8354. P10029 (Women in the Legislature ID)
  8355. P8048 (Women of Scotland memorial ID)
  8356. P8050 (Women of Scotland subject ID)
  8357. P4410 (Women's Basketball Hall of Fame ID)
  8358. P4402 (Women's Collegiate Tennis Hall of Fame ID)
  8359. P4982 (Women’s Elite Rugby player ID)
  8360. P5958 (Women's Japan Basketball League ID)
  8361. P4377 (Women's Sports Foundation ID)
  8362. P12018 (Women's World Golf Rankings player ID)
  8363. P2533 (WomenWriters ID)
  8364. P11776 (Wood Database ID)
  8365. P3470 (Woodland Trust wood ID)
  8366. P11082 (Woody Plants Database cultivar ID)
  8367. P10793 (Woody Plants Database ID)
  8368. P10697 (Woolworths product ID)
  8369. P11942 (Woordenboek der Nederlandsche Taal GTB ID)
  8370. P11893 ( ID)
  8371. P7860 (word in DPEJ of RAE ID)
  8372. P8814 (WordNet 3.1 Synset ID)
  8373. P3408 (World Aquatics athlete ID)
  8374. P11803 (World Arachnid Catalog ID)
  8375. P3010 (World Archery Federation ID)
  8376. P1146 (World Athletics athlete ID)
  8377. P12057 (World Auchenorrhyncha Database ID)
  8378. P3172 (World Bridge Federation ID)
  8379. P6407 (World Cube Association ID)
  8380. P9698 (World Curling Federation Championship ID)
  8381. P3557 (World Curling Federation ID)
  8382. P10347 (World Economic Forum ID)
  8383. P7012 (World Encyclopedia of Puppetry Arts ID)
  8384. P7715 (World Flora Online ID)
  8385. P4588 (World Games athlete ID)
  8386. P11897 (World Geographical Scheme for Recording Plant Distributions ID)
  8387. P1404 (World Glacier Inventory ID)
  8388. P4461 (World Golf Hall of Fame player ID)
  8389. P3555 (World Guide to Covered Bridges ID)
  8390. P757 (World Heritage Site ID)
  8391. P4171 (World Heritage Tentative List ID)
  8392. P9000 (World History Encyclopedia ID)
  8393. P4542 (World of O athlete ID)
  8394. P5064 (World of Physics ID)
  8395. P10118 (World of Shakespeare ID)
  8396. P10552 (World of Waterfalls ID)
  8397. P4996 (World Para Snowboard athlete ID)
  8398. P6147 (World Poker Tour player ID)
  8399. P2091 (World Rowing ID)
  8400. P8990 (World Rowing UUID)
  8401. P4604 (World Rugby Hall of Fame inductee ID)
  8402. P3745 (World Rugby Sevens Series mens player ID (archived))
  8403. P4879 (World Rugby Sevens Series womens player ID (archived))
  8404. P5644 (World Rugby Women's World Cup player ID (archived))
  8405. P2804 (World Sailing member ID (archived))
  8406. P4832 (World Sailing regatta ID)
  8407. P11616 (World Sailing sailor ID)
  8408. P3554 (World Series of Poker ID)
  8409. P4498 (World Snooker Tour player ID)
  8410. P3288 (World Spider Catalog ID)
  8411. P5289 (World Stadium Database ID)
  8412. P3339 (World Surf League athlete ID)
  8413. P1364 (World Table Tennis player ID)
  8414. P5835 (World Travel Awards ID)
  8415. P3604 (World Triathlon triathlete ID)
  8416. P3326 (World Waterfall Database ID)
  8417. P7115 (WorldCup10.Ru person ID)
  8418. P7441 ( competition ID)
  8419. P10440 ( match ID)
  8420. P2020 ( person ID)
  8421. P6314 ( referee ID)
  8422. P8318 ( stadium ID)
  8423. P7287 ( team ID)
  8424. P11338 (worldofsam ID)
  8425. P5789 (WorldofVolley player ID)
  8426. P7436 ( referee ID)
  8427. P8287 (Worlds Without End author ID)
  8428. P4076 ( racer ID)
  8429. P3860 (Wormbase Gene ID)
  8430. P6678 (WoRMS source ID)
  8431. P850 (WoRMS-ID for taxa)
  8432. P10292 (Wörterbuch der Präpositionen ID)
  8433. P11070 (Wörterbuch zur Verbvalenz ID)
  8434. P12406 (Wörterbuch zur Verbvalenz sense ID)
  8435. P7155 (WP Muzyka artist ID)
  8436. P10857 (WPBSA SnookerScores player ID)
  8437. P11758 (WPGA Tour Australasia player ID)
  8438. P7625 (WPI ID)
  8439. P9135 (WreckSite ID)
  8440. P11002 ( person ID)
  8441. P2764 (Wrestlingdata person ID)
  8442. P7285 (Writers Guild of America project ID)
  8443. P7286 (Writers Guild of America writer ID)
  8444. P11614 (WSJ article ID)
  8445. P5720 (WSJP ID)
  8446. P5627 (WSO Online ID)
  8447. P9727 (WTA coach ID)
  8448. P597 (WTA player ID)
  8449. P3469 (WTA tennis tournament ID)
  8450. P9606 (WUA author ID)
  8451. P9158 (Wurdboek fan de Fryske taal GTB ID)
  8452. P4621 (Württembergische Kirchengeschichte person ID)
  8453. P3328 ( measure ID)
  8454. P11549 (WW1 fallen/missing soldier ID (MHA))
  8455. P10865 (WW2 Thesaurus Camp List ID)
  8456. P2857 ( superstar ID)
  8457. P1294 (WWF ecoregion code)
  8458. P11458 (Wyndham hotel ID)
  8459. P7151 (Wynk artist ID)
  8460. P7693 ( Encyclopedia ID)
  8461. P8226 (Wyoming SHPO ID)
  8462. P4893 (X Games athlete ID (archived))
  8463. P10804 (X list ID)
  8464. P6552 (X numeric user ID)
  8465. P12431 (X place ID)
  8466. P5933 (X post ID)
  8467. P8672 (X topic ID)
  8468. P2002 (X username)
  8469. P11789 (‎Xbox Games Store ID (Xbox 360))
  8470. P12244 (Xemu compatibility database ID)
  8471. P2426 (Xeno-canto species ID)
  8472. P4495 (Xenopus Anatomical Ontology ID)
  8473. P8823 (Xfinity Stream ID)
  8474. P8720 (xHamster pornstar ID)
  8475. P12038 (Xiaohongshu Profile)
  8476. P6809 (Xikao History ID)
  8477. P6810 (Xikao Repertoire ID)
  8478. P6619 (XING company ID)
  8479. P7176 (XING profile ID)
  8480. P9145 (Xinjiang Data Project ID)
  8481. P10603 (XJustiz court ID)
  8482. P12408 (XWord Info author ID)
  8483. P9935 (XXI Secolo ID)
  8484. P9233 (XXXBios female performer ID)
  8485. P9174 (XXXBios transgender performer ID)
  8486. P3735 (Yad Vashem Encyclopedia of the Ghettos ID)
  8487. P5084 (Yahoo Answers category ID)
  8488. P11472 (Yahoo! Japan News publisher ID)
  8489. P3284 (Yahoo! JAPAN Talent Database ID)
  8490. P4738 (Yale Center for British Art artwork ID)
  8491. P9789 (Yale Center for British Art artwork Lido ID)
  8492. P8583 (Yale University Art Gallery ID)
  8493. P10840 (Yamaha Artists ID)
  8494. P1553 (Yandex Music artist ID)
  8495. P6537 (Yandex Music genre ID)
  8496. P6538 (Yandex Music label ID)
  8497. P2819 (Yandex Music release ID)
  8498. P10990 (YAPPY profile ID)
  8499. P10860 (Yarkipedia ID)
  8500. P11116 (Yarus feed ID)
  8501. P4169 (YCBA agent ID)
  8502. P3108 (Yelp ID)
  8503. P3809 (YerelNET district ID)
  8504. P2123 (YerelNet village ID)
  8505. P7193 (YesAsia author ID)
  8506. P8569 (YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe ID)
  8507. P3414 (Yle Areena item ID)
  8508. P8309 (Yle topic ID)
  8509. P6100 (YÖK Academic Profile ID)
  8510. P5267 (YouPorn performer ID)
  8511. P2397 (YouTube channel ID)
  8512. P11245 (YouTube handle)
  8513. P4300 (YouTube playlist ID)
  8514. P1651 (YouTube video ID)
  8515. P6293 (YSA ID)
  8516. P2347 (YSO ID)
  8517. P6699 (Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG cards ID)
  8518. P9490 (Yukon Archives authority record ID)
  8519. P7624 (YVNG ID)
  8520. P1161 (Z39.5 abbreviation)
  8521. P6647 (Zagat ID)
  8522. P3003 ( abandoned objects ID)
  8523. P3178 (Zaragoza monument ID)
  8524. P7076 (Zaragoza public art ID)
  8525. P1556 (zbMATH author ID)
  8526. P894 (zbMATH Open document ID)
  8527. P1042 (ZDB ID)
  8528. P4071 (Zemereshet artist ID)
  8529. P4072 (Zemereshet song ID)
  8530. P8816 (Zen ID)
  8531. P11847 (Zeneszö international artist ID)
  8532. P11802 ( ID)
  8533. P9934 (Zenodo communities ID)
  8534. P4901 (Zenodo ID)
  8535. P3272 (Zeri image ID)
  8536. P3870 (ZFIN Gene ID)
  8537. P3553 (Zhihu topic ID)
  8538. P6451 (Zhihu username)
  8539. P12629 (Zillow zpid)
  8540. P11048 (ZineWiki ID)
  8541. P9670 (ZKM person ID)
  8542. P5515 (Znicenekostely ID)
  8543. P3498 (ZNIEFF ID)
  8544. P8914 (ZOBODAT person ID)
  8545. P10931 (ZOBODAT publication ID)
  8546. P8915 (ZOBODAT taxon ID)
  8547. P6641 (Zomato ID)
  8548. P2006 (ZooBank author ID)
  8549. P1746 (ZooBank ID for name or act)
  8550. P2007 (ZooBank publication ID)
  8551. P10557 (Zotero ID)
  8552. P7543 (ZSI author ID)
  8553. P10168 (Zürich Herbaria collector ID)
  8554. P6279 (ZVR-Number)
  8555. P10524 (Zvuk artist ID)
  8556. P7731 (ZX81 Collection ID)
  8557. P7730 (ZX81 Collection publisher ID)
  8558. P4705 (ZXDB ID)

Genealogy IDs

  1. P7931 (Adelsvapen ID)
  2. P8857 (CRGPG ID)
  3. P7969 (DAR ancestor ID)
  4. P9129 (Data Collection of the Hungarian Peerage ID)
  5. P4193 (Familypedia person ID)
  6. P2889 (FamilySearch person ID)
  7. P535 (Find a Grave memorial ID)
  8. P4108 (GEDBAS genealogy person ID)
  9. P1819 ( person ID)
  10. P8094 (GeneaStar person ID)
  11. P2600 ( profile ID)
  12. P4116 (JewAge person ID)
  13. P3051 (Kindred Britain ID)
  14. P4620 (Merkelstiftung person ID)
  15. P1185 (Rodovid ID)
  16. P7929 (Roglo person ID)
  17. P8143 (SAR ancestor ID)
  18. P8172 ( profile ID)
  19. P5259 (Swedish Gravestone ID)
  20. P4638 (The Peerage person ID)
  21. P4159 (WeRelate person ID)
  22. P2949 (WikiTree person ID)