stated as

use as qualifier to indicate how the value was given in the source

  • originally printed as
  • author statement
  • printed as
  • original wording
  • as
  • reference wording
  • source wording
  • credited as
  • sic
  • [sic]

Data type



brukes som kvalifikator for P1343 beskrevet i kilde (Norwegian Bokmål)
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utilisé comme qualificatif pour P1343 décrit dans la source (French)
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In regard to the object of a statement. With external identifiers, better use P1810 (named as). (English)
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utilizzato come qualificatore di P1343; per gli identificativi esterni usare P1810 (Italian)
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usao como cualificador de P1343; pa los identificadores esternos usar P1810 (Asturian)
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