event interval

standard nominal interval between scheduled or regularly recurring events. Include unit of time, e.g. "year" (Q577)

  • interval
  • period
  • 1/(event frequency)
  • time period of periodically occurring event
  • event frequency
  • frequency of event

Data type



0 references
Use with unit of time, sample: year (Q577). (English)
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Benutzung mit Zeiteinheit, bspw. „Jahr“ (Q577) (German)
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À utiliser avec une unité de temps tel que « année » (Q577). (French)
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Використовувати з одиницею часу, наприклад, 'рік' (Q577) (Ukrainian)
0 references
Usar con unidá de tiempu; por casu, «añu» (Q577) (Asturian)
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Использовать с некоторым количеством времени, например, 1 год. (Russian)
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使用时间单位,例如年(Q577) (Simplified Chinese)
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Incluir unidad de tiempo, p. ej. «año» (Q577) (Spanish)
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Incluír unidade de tempo, por exemplo «ano» (Q577) (Galician)
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