geography of topic

item that deals with the geography of the subject. Sample: "Rio de Janeiro" uses this property with value "geography of Rio de Janeiro" (Q10288853). For the location of a subject, use "location" (P276).

Data type



see talk page for complex constraint (English)
sjå diskusjonsside for kompleksbegrensning (Norwegian Nynorsk)
geography of .+|.+ geography (English)
.+geografi (Swedish)
géographie .+ (French)
geografie van .+|.+geografie (Dutch)
geografía .+ (Spanish)
geografio de .+|.+ geografio (Esperanto)
geografia d['e].+ (Catalan)
.+ maantiede (Finnish)
geografia d[aoe]s? .+ (Portuguese)
geografia .+ (Polish)
geografia d.+ (Italian)
geografia .+ (Romanian)
[A-Z].+ geografija (Lithuanian)
geografie .+ (Czech)
[A-Z].+[kg]o geografia (Basque)
geography of .+|.+ geography (British English)
geography of .+|.+ geography (Canadian English)
.+sk geografi|geografien til.+|.+ sin geografi (Norwegian Nynorsk)
geografie van (de |het )?.+ (Dutch)
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