has part(s) of the class

the subject instance (the subject is not a class) has one or more parts of the object class

  • has part(s) that are instances of
  • has parts(P527): instances(P31)of
  • parts of(P361) subject are some
  • is built/made with example(s) of
  • is constructed with members of
  • composition has pieces that are
  • of subcomponents whose class is
  • has part(s) forming subclass of
  • constitutent(s) are classified as
  • is assemblage with parts that are
  • some parts form subclass(P279)of
  • has part of the class
  • has parts of class
  • contains parts of the class
  • has parts of the class
  • instance has part(s) of the class

Data type



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