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relative position within image

position of a motif within a larger image, defined by x-offset (from left), y-offset (down from top), width w, and height h of the crop region (as a percentage of the whole image) values

  • IIIF syntax relative position
  • pct relative position
  • image map

Data type



use as a qualifier on P180 statements (English)
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als Qualifikator für P180 verwenden (German)
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utilisé comme qualificateur de P180 (French)
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używane jako kwalifikator dla właściwości P180 (Polish)
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käytä tarkenteena ominaisuudelle P180. Arvoksi merkitään rajausalueen x-poikkeama (vasemmalta), y-poikkeama (ylhäältä), leveys w ja korkeus h (prosenttina koko kuvasta) (Finnish)
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