stroke order

media file showing the order of strokes in a CJKV character

Data type

Commons media file



(?i)((?!\b(1x1|none|image is needed|no free image|defaul?t\b|comic image missing|Image-request|no portrait|no (female|free|male) portrait|replace this image|upload free image|No-station-image|No free image|no image|Insert image here|falta imagen|no imagen disponible|sin foto\.|NGC 000\.|missing image text|irudi gabe eraikina|image manquante|Oeuvre d'art soumise au droit d'auteur\.jpg|Bâtiment droit d'auteur|USGS map|within Bulgaria|P vip|no pic)).)*
The image you have chosen seems to be a placeholder image. (English)
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