located on street

street, road, or square, where the item is located. To add the number, use Property:P670 "house number" as qualifier. Use property P6375 "street address", if there is no item for the street

  • is on
  • street
  • square
  • road
  • address street
  • on street
  • located at street (item)
  • street address

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to add a street number, use P670 as qualifier (English)
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für die Hausnummer, verwende P670 als Qualifikator (German)
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użyj kwalifikatora P670, aby dodać numer domu (Polish)
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要添加街道数,请使用P670作为限定符 (Simplified Chinese)
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道路方式の住所表記に、住居番号(P670)を修飾子に組み合わせて使用します。 (Japanese)
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Pour ajouter le numéro, utiliser P670 (numéro de voirie) en qualificateur (French)
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29 September 2019