connecting line

railway or public transport line(s) subject is directly connected to; use as a qualifier to P197

  • railway line
  • rapid transit line
  • line connected to
  • rail line connected to
  • is on

Data type



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이 역에 정차하는 운행 노선(운행 계통)에 대해선 P1192(이 역에 정차하는 운행 노선)을 사용하세요. (Korean)
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Note that this is used for the physical line/track running through the station/stop. Use P1192 for a railway service. (English)
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请注意该属性用于某座车站的物理路线。铁路列车服务请改用P1192。 (Simplified Chinese)
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Diese Eigenschaft für Bahnstrecken gedacht. Für regulär haltende Linien/Zugverbindungen ist P1192 gedacht. (German)
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