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dedicated to
person or organization to whom the subject was dedicated
Descriptionperson or organization to whom the creative work was dedicated
Representsdedicatee (Q28008298), memorial society (Q64503868), dedication (Q1898184)
Data typeItem
According to this template: Creative work of any kind
According to statements in the property:
object (Q488383) or event (Q1656682)
When possible, data should only be stored as statements
ExampleTo a Creole Lady (Q3576923)Madame Autard de Bragard (Q20757530)
Die Walküre (Q324319)Ludwig II of Bavaria (Q44039)
Paróquia Nossa Senhora dos Alagados e São João Paulo II (Q10300565)John Paul II (Q989)
Virgin Mary (Q345)
Tracking: usageCategory:Pages using Wikidata property P825 (Q20990013)
See alsocommemorates (P547), named after (P138), patron saint (P417), acknowledged (P7137)
Proposal discussionProposal discussion
Current uses
Main statement29,20698.4% of uses
Qualifier4631.6% of uses
Reference2<0.1% of uses
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  Type “object (Q488383), event (Q1656682): element must contain property “instance of (P31)” with classes “object (Q488383), event (Q1656682)” or their subclasses (defined using subclass of (P279)). (Help)
Exceptions are possible as rare values may exist. Known exceptions: Martin Luther tree (Q59274681), Bismarck tower (Q44844)
List of this constraint violations: Database reports/Constraint violations/P825#type Q488383, Q1656682, SPARQL, SPARQL (new)
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Religious buildingsEdit

copied from User talk:Marsupium

I've just removed your example from this - as I understand it, dedicated to (P825) is for the dedication on works - "I dedicate this novel to XYZ". Buildings in honour of someone, or religious dedications to saints/deities etc, usually use commemorates (P547) (& named after (P138) if they're named for them). Andrew Gray (talk) 11:24, 27 September 2017 (UTC)

Hi Andrew, actually this was a kinda trial balloon testing if anybody opposes. :-) The label in English at least seems to fit, cf. w:Dedication. And church building (Q16970) is a work (Q386724), so is St. Peter's Basilica (Q12512) (otherwise it would raise a constraint violation, but it doesn't), I've looked it up this morning (UTC), but haven't the chain at hand now, you can find it.
I don't think commemorates (P547) or named after (P138) are quite fitting here. Commemoration isn't really the point neither is the naming. I was insecure about using dedicated to (P825), too. What let me add it were the types statistics indicating that out of the c. 7,658 uses many more than 6000 use the property in that way like on St. Peter's Basilica (Q12512). I haven't queried the statistics for commemorates (P547) and named after (P138) though, commemorates (P547) at least won't show this result certainly. I propose to move this small discussion to Property talk:P825 to make it visible for further discussion. Regards, --Marsupium (talk) 16:35, 27 September 2017 (UTC) 16:42, 27 September 2017 (UTC)

Does anyone else have thoughts on this? I agree that neither commemorates (P547) (& named after (P138) seem quite right for "St. Peter's Basilica (Q12512) is dedicated to St. Peter" or "Hanuman Temple, Connaught Place (Q12459599) is dedicated to Hanuman", but it seems strange to have that property cover both religious dedications and literary ones.

The constraints on this property are also a bit unexpected. It seems that because churches etc are a subclass of place of worship (Q1370598), which is a subclass of religious object (Q21029893), which is a subclass of artificial physical object (Q8205328), which is a subclass of work (Q386724), the constraint for "must be a work" allows buildings. However, that parent item seems to be very much intended for creative works, so maybe something's getting a bit confused in the taxonomy tree. Andrew Gray (talk) 11:40, 28 September 2017 (UTC)

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