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Revise: Pythias cause of death homicide -> it was Hermias

Please, revise the semantic triplet: spouse: Pythias "cause of death homicide"

Indicated Source:

"Aristotle married the niece of Hermias, a woman named Pythias, who was killed by the Persians some time thereafter."

Please, reinterpret the above phrase.

Hermias was tortured and killed by the Persians, not Pythias!

See: 1-Chroust, Anton-Hermann (April-June 1972). "Aristotle's Sojourn in Assos". Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte. Franz Steiner Verlag. 21 (2): 170-176. JSTOR 4435258. 2-Jaeger, Werner (1997). «105 a 122: Aristote à Assos et en Macédoine». Aristote. Fondements pour une histoire de son évolution (Olivier Sedeyn, trad.). L'Éclat. p. 512. ISBN 9782841620142.

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