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This template is not blank; it adds a little icon in the top-right corner. See?


I've left a few general notes at User:PinkAmpersand/Autopatroller.

Two images to choose fromEdit

You may notice that this page shows two seperate topicons. I created File:Wikidata autopatroller.png as an initial foray into SVG editing; this is the icon on the left. IMHO, it's fairly aesthetically pleasing, but Snaevar (talkcontribslogs) created File:Wikidata-check.svg as an alternative, which I personally find much more attractive; this is the icon on the right.

By default, this topicon will show the image on the right (Snaevar's). If you'd like to use mine, you can do so by setting the first parameter to alt=yes (i.e. {{User:PinkAmpersand/Wikidata autopatroller/topicon|alt=yes}}), which will get you the image you see on the left.

Extra parametersEdit

You can use icon_nr= and extra_offset= to adjust the placement of this topicon among others. You can use width= to set a width; by default, Snaevar's image has a width of 30px, and mine has a width of 36px.