<translate> This module provides an as simple as possible infobox system based on Wikidata.

It is fully automated, does not require any configuration to be used and does not have any declination based on the type of entity (person, place...).

How does it work?Edit

This module is the backend code of the [[<tvar|template>Template:Databox</>|Databox template]].

It uses the Wikidata item linked to the current page or the item which id is filled into the item parameter to automatically build an infobox.

Its basic algorithm is:

  • Use the label of the item or, if none exists, the title of the page for the infobox title.
  • Use the value of image (P18) for the main image.
  • Use the value(s) of instance of (P31) for the data table title.
  • Take all the properties used by the item, sort them according to [[<tvar|wikibase>MediaWiki:Wikibase-SortedProperties</>]], and for each one:
    • If the property has the datatype External identifier, Commons media file or Quantity[a 1], do not display anything.
    • If the property is in the property_blacklist array of the module, do not display anything (it is done in order to filter properties not very relevant for displaying in infoboxes).
    • If the property has more than 5 values do not display anything (to avoid long lists in the infobox).
    • Use default [[<tvar|mw-ext-wikibasecl>mw:Extension:Wikibase client</>|Wikibase]] rendering system to display the values that have the "best" [[<tvar|ranking>Help:Ranking</>|rank]] (i.e. the values with the rank "[[<tvar|prefrank>Help:Ranking#Preferred_rank</>|preferred]]", if some exists, and, if not, the ones with the rank "[[<tvar|normrank>Help:Ranking#Normal_rank</>|normal]]").
  • If there is value for coordinate location (P625), then display a map using [[<tvar|mw-ext-kart>mw:Help:Extension:Kartographer</>|Kartographer]].



  1. The current display of quantities by Wikibase is very limited, this filter should be removed after improvements


How to use it in your wiki?Edit

  1. Copy the code of Module:Databox in a module page in your wiki named Module:Databox.
  2. Add the created module page to the sitelinks of Q53931871.
  3. Create Template:Databox in your wiki with the wikitext: {{#invoke:Databox|databox}}.
  4. Add the created template page to the sitelinks of Q20702632.
  5. At this point if you add {{Databox}} to an existing article connected to a Wikidata item it should work.
  6. Write an help page in your language



Popularity of name Lucy.svg
female given name
Part ofLucy Edit
Native labelLucy Edit
Language of work or nameEnglish, Dutch Edit
Writing systemLatin script Edit
IPA transcriptionˈluːsi Edit
SoundexL200 Edit
Cologne phonetics58 Edit
CaverphoneLS1111 Edit
Name dayDecember 13 Edit
Family name identical to this given nameLucy Edit
Given name version for other genderLucius Edit
Attested infrequency of first names in the Netherlands, 2010 Edit
chemical compound, Class IB flammable liquid, medication, alkanol
Has effectethanol exposure, alcohol intoxication Edit
Chemical formulaC₂H₆O Edit
Crystal systemmonoclinic crystal system Edit
Point groupmonoclinic-domatic Edit
Space groupspace group 7 Edit
Conjugate baseethoxide Edit
Found in taxonHomo sapiens Edit
Physically interacts with5-hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) receptor 3A, Potassium inwardly-rectifying channel, subfamily J, member 3, Potassium inwardly-rectifying channel, subfamily J, member 5 Edit
Usepolar protic solvent Edit
Has qualityhygroscopy Edit
Subject has rolesolvent, local anti-infective agent, depressant Edit
UN class3 Edit
UN packaging groupII Edit
Canonical SMILESCCO Edit
NCI Thesaurus IDC2190 Edit
NIOSH Pocket Guide ID0262 Edit
World Health Organisation International Nonproprietary NameAlcohol, Rubbing Edit
Safety classification and labellingNFPA 704: Standard System for the Identification of the Hazards of Materials for Emergency Response, Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008 Edit
Hubble Space Telescope
Hubble 01.jpg
space observatory
Part ofGoddard Space Flight Center Edit
Native labelHubble Space Telescope Edit
Named afterEdwin Hubble Edit
Significant eventrocket launch, atmospheric entry Edit
Start pointKennedy Space Center Launch Complex 39 Edit
VehicleDiscovery Edit
OperatorNational Aeronautics and Space Administration, European Space Agency Edit
UTC date of spacecraft launch24 April 1990 Edit
Time of spacecraft orbit decay2030 Edit
Parent astronomical bodyEarth Edit
Type of orbitlow Earth orbit Edit
ManufacturerPerkinElmer, Lockheed Missiles and Space Company Edit
Official websitehttp://hubblesite.org/ Edit
Source of energysolar panels on spacecraft Edit
4 Vesta
Named afterVesta Edit
Significant eventnaming Edit
Follows3 Juno Edit
Followed by5 Astraea Edit
Discoverer or inventorHeinrich Wilhelm Olbers Edit
Time of discovery or invention29 March 1807 Edit
Site of astronomical discoveryBremen Edit
Minor planet groupasteroid belt Edit
Parent astronomical bodySun Edit
Asteroid familyVesta family Edit
Asteroid spectral typeV-type asteroid Edit
Unicode character Edit
Ephesians 2,12 - Greek atheos.jpg
world view, philosophical movement
Subclass ofreligion Edit
Has qualityimpiety, unbelief Edit
Opposite oftheism Edit
Practiced byatheist Edit
Described at URLhttp://www.treccani.it/enciclopedia/ateismo_%28Dizionario-di-filosofia%29/ Edit
Dewey Decimal Classification211.8, 239.7, 261.21, 297.289 Edit
Universal Decimal Classification299.2, 141.45 Edit
Iron Man
TitleIron Man Edit
Based onIron Man Edit
Part of the seriesIron Man film series, Marvel Cinematic Universe, Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase One: Avengers Assembled, Marvel Cinematic Universe: The Infinity Saga Edit
Genreaction film, science fiction film, adventure film, superhero film Edit
Has editionIron Man Edit
PerformerLauren Scyphers, Stacy Stas Hurst Edit
Country of originUnited States of America Edit
Original language of film or TV showEnglish Edit
Publication date2 May 2008, 30 April 2008, 30 April 2008, 1 May 2008 Edit
Significant eventprincipal photography, première Edit
DirectorJon Favreau Edit
ScreenwriterMark Fergus, Hawk Ostby, Art Marcum, Matt Holloway Edit
Director of photographyMatthew Libatique Edit
Film editorDan Lebental Edit
Production designerJ. Michael Riva Edit
Costume designerLaura Jean Shannon, Rebecca Bentjen Edit
ComposerRamin Djawadi Edit
ProducerAvi Arad, Kevin Feige Edit
Production companyMarvel Studios, Fairview Entertainment Edit
DistributorParamount Pictures, UIP-Dunafilm, Sony Pictures Edit
Soundtrack releaseIron Man Edit
Narrative locationAfghanistan, Los Angeles, Kunar Edit
Aspect ratio2.35:1 Edit
Colorcolor Edit
Review score94%, 79/100 Edit
Takes place in fictional universeMarvel Cinematic Universe Edit
CharactersPhil Coulson Edit
BBFC rating12A certificate Edit
ClassInd category12 Edit
CNC film rating (France)no age restriction (U) Edit
Filmiroda ratingCategory II Edit
FSK film ratingFSK 12 Edit
ICAA ratingNot recommended for children under 7 Edit
JMK film ratingfree from 12 years Edit
Kijkwijzer rating12 Edit
MPAA film ratingPG-13 Edit
Official websitehttp://marvel.com/movies/movie/19/iron_man Edit
Has qualityfails the Bechdel Test Edit
Described at URLhttp://tw.movie.yahoo.com/movieinfo_main.html/id=2599 Edit
Medierådet ratingFor ages 11 and up Edit
Airbus Lagardère - Aéroconstellation.jpg
aerospace manufacturer, business, enterprise
Part ofCAC 40, Euro Stoxx 50, MDAX Edit
Industryaerospace industry, Arms industry, aviation industry Edit
Inception18 December 1969, 10 July 2000 Edit
Official nameAirbus SE Edit
Founded byRoger Béteille, Felix Kracht, Henri Ziegler, Louis Edit
Chief executive officerTom Enders Edit
Motto textWe make it fly Edit
CountryFrance, Germany, United Kingdom Edit
Member ofAerospace Valley, GIFAS, Linux Foundation, CVE Numbering Authorities Edit
FollowsAérospatiale-Matra, DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, CASA Edit
Legal formSocietas Europaea Edit
Location of formationFrance Edit
Parent organizationAirbus SE Edit
Owner ofAtlas Elektronik, Airbus Military, Airbus Corporate Jets, Airbus Training Centre Europe Edit
Headquarters locationBlagnac Edit
IPv6 routing prefix2a00:6fc0:10::/44, 2a00:6fc0:690::/44, 2a00:6fc0:c010::/44 Edit
Official websitehttp://www.airbus.com/ Edit
History of topicHistory of Airbus Edit
planned language, international auxiliary language, agglutinative language, a posteriori language, constructed language
Inception26 July 1887 Edit
Native labelEsperanto Edit
Named afterDoktoro Esperanto Edit
MovementEsperanto movement Edit
AnthemLa Espero Edit
CultureEsperanto culture Edit
CreatorL. L. Zamenhof Edit
Country of originRussian Empire, Poland Edit
Significant eventWorld Esperanto Congress 1905, World Esperanto Congress 1987 Edit
FollowsProto-Esperanto Edit
Location of formationWarsaw Edit
Studied byEsperantology, interlinguistics Edit
Foundational textUnua Libro Edit
Linguistic typologyfree-order language, nominative–accusative language, agglutinative language, isolating language, subject–verb–object Edit
Has grammatical caseaccusative case, nominative case Edit
Has tensepresent tense, past tense, future tense Edit
Has grammatical moodinfinitive, conditional, jussive mood Edit
Writing systemLatin script Edit
Language regulatory bodyAcademy of Esperanto Edit
Signed formSignuno Edit
Ethnologue language status3 Wider Communication Edit
Wikimedia language codeeo Edit
IPA transcriptiones.peˈran.to Edit
Discoverer or inventorL. L. Zamenhof Edit
Usesecond language Edit
HashtagEsperanto Edit
Flagflag of Esperanto Edit
History of topichistory of Esperanto Edit
Dewey Decimal Classification499.992 Edit
IRC channelirc://irc.freenode.net/esperanto Edit
ISOCAT id659 Edit
Linguasphere code51-AAB-da Edit
Universal Decimal Classification811.922 Edit
Category for mapsCategory:Maps in Esperanto Edit
Stack Exchange sitehttps://esperanto.stackexchange.com Edit
Related categoryCategory:Esperanto pronunciation Edit
Cityscape Berlin.jpg
seat of government, metropolis, federal capital, state of Germany, city, Einheitsgemeinde of Germany, Hanseatic city, capital, urban municipality of Germany, town divided by border, city with millions of inhabitants, urban district of Berlin
Part ofBerlin/Brandenburg Metropolitan Region, agglomeration of Berlin Edit
Inception1237 Edit
Official nameBerlin Edit
Native labelBerlin Edit
Short nameB Edit
Official languageGerman Edit
CountryGermany Edit
Capital ofGermany Edit
Located in the administrative territorial entityGermany Edit
Enclave withinBrandenburg Edit
Coordinate location52°31′0″N 13°23′0″E Edit
Highest pointArkenberge Edit
Office held by head of governmentGoverning Mayor of Berlin Edit
Head of governmentMichael Müller Edit
Legislative bodyAbgeordnetenhaus of Berlin Edit
Highest judicial authorityConstitutional Court of the State of Berlin Edit
Member ofClimate Alliance, Mayors for Peace, IT-Planungsrat Edit
Public holidayInternational Women's Day Edit
Significant eventQ821430, Fall of the Berlin Wall, Battle of Berlin Edit
Award receivedPrincess of Asturias Award for Concord Edit
ReplacesAlt-Berlin, East Berlin Edit
Archives atLandesarchiv Berlin Edit
Located in time zoneUTC+01:00, Central European Time, UTC+02:00 Edit
Currencyeuro Edit
IPA transcriptionbɛɐ̯ˈliːn Edit
Connects withEuropean route E55 Edit
Postal code10115–14199 Edit
Official websitehttps://www.berlin.de/ Edit
Flagflag of Berlin Edit
Coat of armscoat of arms of Berlin Edit
Time of earliest written record1237, 1244 Edit
Local dialing code030 Edit
Geography of topicgeography of Berlin Edit
History of topichistory of Berlin Edit
Dewey Decimal Classification2--43155 Edit
Licence plate codeB Edit
Category for mapsCategory:Maps of Berlin Edit
Douglas Adams
Douglas adams portrait cropped.jpg
Sex or gendermale Edit
Country of citizenshipUnited Kingdom Edit
Name in native languageDouglas Adams Edit
Birth nameDouglas Noël Adams Edit
Given nameDouglas Edit
Family nameAdams Edit
Date of birth11 March 1952 Edit
Place of birthCambridge Edit
Date of death11 May 2001 Edit
Place of deathSanta Barbara Edit
Manner of deathnatural causes Edit
Cause of deathmyocardial infarction Edit
Place of burialHighgate Cemetery Edit
FatherChristopher Douglas Adams Edit
MotherJanet Adams Edit
SiblingSusan Adams Edit
SpouseJane Belson Edit
ChildPolly Jane Rocket Adams Edit
Native languageBritish English Edit
Languages spoken, written or signedBritish English Edit
EmployerBritish Broadcasting Corporation Edit
Member ofFootlights Edit
Genrescience fiction, comedy, satire Edit
Nominated forHugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Locus Award for Best Science Fiction Novel Edit
Educated atSt John's College, Brentwood School Edit
ResidenceLondon, Brentwood Edit
Ethnic groupEnglish people Edit
Instrumentguitar Edit
Archives atSt John's College Library Edit
Official websitehttp://douglasadams.com/ Edit
Interested inaquatic ape hypothesis Edit

See alsoEdit