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To be used on a talk page, to make an echo notification to all participants indicated in parameter 1. The list of participants should be given in a page called Wikidata:WikiProject ' + <parameter 1> + '/Participants'. The template {{Participants}} placed in the main page of your project can help you create such a page for your project. When the page is done, it shows the list of participants and will explain users on how to ping the project.


Example: for a participants page called 'Wikidata:WikiProject MyProject/Participants'

{{Ping project|MyProject}} This is my interesting communication ~~~~

Limitations from mw:Manual:Echo#Technical details

  • Message must be signed
  • No notifications if more than 50 people are pinged

Further limitations

  • Cannot be used inside an indented reply (:{{ping project|no}}), since in that case the participants list will not be invisible

See also

The {{{1}}} WikiProject does not exist. Please correct the name.