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To be used on a talk page, to make an echo notification to all participants indicated in parameter 1. The list of participants should be given in a page called Wikidata:WikiProject ' + <parameter 1> + '/Participants'. The template {{Participants}} placed in the main page of your project can help you create such a page for your project. When the page is done, it shows the list of participants and will explain users on how to ping the project.


Example: for a participants page called 'Wikidata:WikiProject MyProject/Participants'

{{Ping project|MyProject}} This is my interesting communication ~~~~

Limitations from mw:Manual:Echo#Technical details

  • The template must be added in a new message (i.e. it should appear in a new line in the diff, rather than change an existing line)
  • The message must be signed (i.e. a line added in the edit should contain a user signature)
  • No notifications are produced if it would result in more than 50 people being pinged (i.e. if the WikiProject's list of participants contains more than 50 people, or if the participant list plus other pings in the same message – {{Reply to}}, another {{ping project}} etc. – together exceed this limit)

How it works

When you use this template, for example with the WikiProject "Periodicals", you are technically adding in the page the users inside the subpage Wikidata:WikiProject Periodicals/Participants. The users are not really displayed but this trick is enough to trigger the Echo extension.

Technical details:


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

Ping project

To be used on a talk page, to make an echo notification to all participants of a WikiProject.

Template parameters[Edit template data]

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

WikiProject name1

Name of the WikiProject to ping


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