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Wikidata query

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Similar to {{WDQ}}, but optimized for entering the query as a plain text string.



  • 1 (optional): The query string
  • 2 (optional): Link caption
  • props (optional): A comma-separated list of property numbers to get the values for
  • output (optional): If set to json resp. jsonp, the linked result will be in the JSON resp. JSONP format. Otherwise the AutoList GUI will be used
  • lang (optional): AutoList GUI language code. Defaults to user's language


  • {{Query|CLAIM[31:5]}}

Query: CLAIM[31:5]

  • {{Query|{{WDQ/has value|613|{{WDQ/instances|Q5}}}}}}

Query: CLAIM[613613:CLAIM[31:(TREE[5][][279279])]]

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