Template:Rfd group

Please provide the IDs of the items you want deleted. Please provide a reason for deletion.

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This template is used for requesting the deletion of multiple items for the same reason. For instance, if you're patrolling for items on which the only article has been deleted, you can input all the IDs into this template, instead of flooding WD:RfD with many separate requests.

Input IDs in the format

{{subst:Rfd group | Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 | Q5 | Q6 | Q7 | Q8 | Q9 | Q10 | reason = Duplicates of [[Q42]].}}

Do not break lines between parameters.


"Reason" is the only required additional parameter. Use it to set the reason that you think the items should be deleted. There are, however, several additonal options.


Whatever you set as the "reason" parameter is preloaded for admins when they click the "delete" button. For this reason, it can often be preferable to set it as the reason for deletion for each individual item, while setting "comment" as your general summary. E.g.

{{subst:Rfd group | Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 | Q5 | Q6 | Q7 | Q8 | Q9 | Q10 | reason = duplicate of [[Q42]]. | comment = All duplicates of [[Q42]]. People really have to stop duplicating it!}}

You do not need to sign your name.


If, for any reason, you don't think it's necessary to have your reason/comment and signature appended at the end of the template, use the nosign=yes parameter. Only do this if you've made clear elsewhere in the thread who you are and what you're doing.


This template automatically groups items into collapsed lists. If there are less than or equal 10 items, they display as a pure list. However, if there are more than 10, they display as collapsed text (using the {{Cot}} {{Cob}} templates). The collapsed lists are grouped by 15. The first 5 items after a group of 15 are listed with the previous group. (So, an 11-item request, a 15-item request, and a 20-item request all display as one collapsed list; 21 items to 35 items display as two lists; 36 to 50 as three, and so on. In math-speak, that is to say, an extra list is added 6 items after every multiple of 15 items.) This template currently supports 90 items. If you think it should support more, please raise the matter on its talk page.

<20 itemsEdit

There are two parameters you can set if there less than 20 items listed:


Override the automatic collapsing - i.e. make it collapse when there are 10 or less items, or make it not collapse when there are 11-20. collapse=yes to collapse, collapse=no to not.


Change the collapsed list's text from the default "Extended content" to something else.

>20 itemsEdit

When there are greate than 20 items listed, you cannot disable automatic collapsing, as this would just take up needless space. However, you can customize the summary of each collapsed list:

"collapse_text 1" to "collapse_text 6"Edit

By the default, these have the values "Batch 1" to "Batch 6". However, you can customize them to whatever you want. E.g.,

{{subst:Rfd group | Q1 | Q2 | Q3 | Q4 | Q5 | Q6 | Q7 | Q8 | Q9 | Q10 | Q11 | Q12 | Q13 | Q14 | Q15 | Q16 | Q17 | Q18 | Q19 | Q20 | Q21 | Q22 | Q23 | Q24 | Q25 | Q26 | Q27 | Q28 | Q29 | Q30 | Q31 | Q32 | Q33 | Q34 | Q35 | Q36 | Q37 | Q38 | Q39 | Q40 | Q41 | Q42 | Q43 | Q44 | Q45 | Q46 | Q47 | Q48 | Q49 | Q50 | Q51 | Q52 | Q53 | Q54 | Q55 | Q56 | Q57 | Q58 | Q59 | Q60 | Q61 | Q62 | Q63 | Q64 | Q65 | Q66 | Q67 | Q68 | Q69 | Q70 | Q71 | Q72 | Q73 | Q74 | Q75 | Q76 | Q77 | Q78 | Q79 | Q80 | Q81 | Q82 | Q83 | Q84 | Q85 | reason = Duplicates of [[Q42]]. | collapse_text 1 = First bunch of Q42 duplicates | collapse_text 2 = Second bunch of Q42 duplicates | collapse_text 3 = Third bunch | collapse_text 4 = Fourth bunch | collapse_text 5 = You get the idea... | collapse_text 6 = Whew. Think that's all of them.}}