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To do nextEdit

  • See Template:Institution/wrapper/test, and its talkpage
  • Better understanding of Commons value <-> Wikidata property mappings
    • Investigate field values on Commons vs values on Wikidata for the whole corpus

Mapping between template fields and WikidataEdit

Cf c:Template:Institution for documentation on Commons

| name          = field created out of wikidata item label 
                   + interwiki links from the "Wikipedia pages linked to this item" section
| native name   = official name (P1448)
| inventory     = tbc
                   -- cf c:Category:List of inventories of art museums: only 3 atm & not maintainable?
                   -- better implemented as a query?
| parent        = part of (P361)
                   -- always show? or sometimes not relevant?
| location      = located in the administrative territorial entity (P131) 
                   -- ? template instructions are more complex than this
                   -- coverage seems weak; should this route through headquarters location (P159) ?
                        -- but then wouldn't be accessible to non-Phase 3 wikis
| latitude      = from coordinate location (P625)
| longitude     = from coordinate location (P625)
| osm           = OSM relation ID (P402)
                   -- incorrect: the template wants an OSM 'way' page
| geopoly       = tbc
| established   = inception (P571)
| website       = official website (P856)
| image         = image (P18)
| imagesize     = tbc
| homecat       = Commons category (P373)
| linkback      = not needed (?)
                   -- but Property:Commons Institution template should be created
                   -- now requested, see Wikidata:Property_proposal/Organization#Commons_Institution_Template
| stub          = tbc
| authority     = VIAF ID (P214) and many others 
| wikidata      = wikidata item page ID
| demo          = {{{demo|{{{Demo|<noinclude>1</noinclude>}}} }}}

Porting notesEdit

The following changes were made, compared to the original version of the template on Commons:

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