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New “normalize reference” action for DeltaBot?

Marsupium (talkcontribs)

TL;DR: Do you think one could make a DeltaBot fixClaims action from (generalized parts of) this script at PAWS?

Recently, I have experienced the problems following the mess in the structure of references for one and the same source. I have been working on fixing it, namely adding stated in (P248) and ID properties to make them compliant with Help:Sources#Databases and getting them into the same format so that it isn't necessary to check the values of stated in (P248) and reference URL (P854) and the existence of the ID property to find a source. I've proposed this at Wikidata:Bot requests#Normalize references in July without any reply so far. So with my poor skills I've and am still tinkering with this script at PAWS. I could run it myself, but I think it would be better to run it regularly autonomously and open it up for other and other's use cases. Currently I think it would already be useful to add jobs for:

I'm still working on the script. It would be great if you could let me know whether you think it could become a DeltaBot action or not, then I could work on it with one or the other result in mind! I'd also be overly glad about any advice for improvements of course. Thanks a lot in advance for any reply!

Pasleim (talkcontribs)

This sounds suitable for DeltaBot.

Unfortunately, I can not read your script at PAWS (403: "user Pasleim is not allowed.").

Can you grant me access? Or alternatively, can you copy the code to some other site? Thanks.

Marsupium (talkcontribs)
Marsupium (talkcontribs)

The script also uses WDQS as a start point, but unlike the current actions of it uses more columns, not only the item column. This could be changed and the work shifted from the query to python or changed in's getViolations() – as you like, implementing in SPARQL was easier, it won't save much query runtime also I think since most values are needed anyway.

Marsupium (talkcontribs)

I don't want to push you, but are there any news? :-) If you don't think we should charge DeltaBot with it I'd request permission for another bot because it is also kind of a blocker for other projects I have under way. Thanks in advance!

Pasleim (talkcontribs)

Sorry I forgot about this.

But now it is done :)

I implemented it a bit different than you did. I think your approach is more efficient but I didn't want to modifiy my script too much.

Marsupium (talkcontribs)

Thanks a lot for implementing it!

  1. I'd have liked to have one job and a single edit for the fixing of all issues of one reference, but it's ok like this I think.
  2. Would you mind if we make the edit summary a bit more meaningful – like those in my test edits (example; I could simplify the wording a bit, now that only one claim gets added per edit)?
  3. And would you mind to normalize the snaksOrder as well (like it in my script)?

Many thanks in advance!

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