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Hills and mountains with nonsense height values due to the Cebuano Bot-Pedia.

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Hills without reference

Lagoons in Germany Duplicate German municipalities due to ceb Settlements in Germany linked to municipality item

error (Q29485) item/value with less precision and/or accuracy (Q42727519) withdrawn identifier value (Q21441764) does not exactly match (Q42415624) incorrect identifier value (Q54975531)


Properties for Subdivision:

Example for Royal Gazette announcement: Law to upgrade King Amphoe to Amphoe 2007 (Q15184213) (what to use for reference - main regulatory text (P92) or stated in (P248)?)

Important items: Department of Provincial Administration (Q13012489) Department of Local Administration (Q15441423) Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Thailand (Q640365) Province Governor (Thailand) (Q19360223)

Watch: Tambon [1] - Local governments [2] - Laos [3]

New pages: Thesaban/TAO Tambon Khwaeng Wat

Claims: claim[31:(tree[1077333][][279])] and claim[138:(claim[31:5])]

Thai entities named after persons [4]

Tambon with wrong URL: [5]

Bangkok Noi: Monuments Wat

Wat without geonames Table Map - Wat without GNS-UFI [6]

Thai on cebuano: settlements subdivisions

Hills in Surat Thani to check [7]

Reservoirs in Thailand without GNS [8]

Wat: all in Thailand Geoname, no GNS Wat missing country Wat missing native label

OSM Thai cities/towns without wikidata: [9]

Railway stations in Thailand [10] Query

Maps: Tambon Wat Local governments


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Items which are definitely notable as per Wikidata criteria, but might get deleted when the corresponding Wikipedia article gets deleted.


Wat Pho Thaen (Q56150628) Wat Chu Chit Thammaram (Q56291365) Wat Lalom (Q57265648) Wat Nong Thong (Q57267260) Wat Ko Kradi Bueng Boran (Q57610098) Wat Sa Kaeo (Q57315956) Wat Kut Chok Yai (Q57656186) Wat Thawi Kara Anan (Q57743348) Wat Intharam (Q57743541) Wat That Han Thao (Q58535522) Wat Amon Khiri (Q58536598) Wat Rat Singkhon (Q58622685) Wat Pa Nong Nok Kot (Q58795454) Wat Nong Song Ton (Q58632112) Wat Si Pracha (Q58826247) Wat Tanot (Q58826313) Wat Phra That Nong Bua (Q58826572) Wat Lat Sai (Q59002442) Wat Wiset Kan (Q55106208) Wat Pho Sai Ngam (Q59489498) Wat Khao Sala Atulthanajaro (Q59489622) Wat Wara Nayok Rangsan (Q59606247) Wat Ban Ngao (Q59624871) Wat Sa Riang (Q50840439) Wat Phraya Pan Daen (Q60332408) Wat Thung Kluai (Q60497828) Wat Bang Prue (Q60614768) Wat Bo (Q61315010) Wat Tukkata (Q58354162) Wat Klang Bang Kaeo (Q61639055) Wat Pa Weluwan (Q61639104) Wat San Pa Sak (Q61897523) Wat Bang Ping (Q63184496) Wat Wachiratham Sathit Worawihan (Q63975498) Wat Phra Rub (Q64027454) Wat Tham Santi Suk (Q64138322) Wat Uthayawat (Q64392271) Wat Trai Mit Wararam (Q64685226) Wat Huai Hom (Q64869363) Wat Wang Khem (Q64932433) Wat Pracha Nimit (Q65008699) Wat Phikun Ngoen (Q65104886) Wat Thong Bon (Q65463768) Wat Ban Phot (Q65493244) Wat Non Kasem (Q65500848) Wat Phai Som Narin (Q65547641) Wat Sak (Q65548053) Wat Sawang Wichan (Q66382980) Wat Chai Na (Q69817743) Wat Chantharam (Q70240678) Wat Thung Luang (Q71008124) Wat Kho Khettaram (Q72187190) Wat Khiri Phraison (Q74824200) Wat Don Chan (Q75365927) Wat Liap Rat Bamrung (Q76298412) Wat Thinnakon Nimit (Q76349274) Wat Pradu Phatthana Ram (Q80959173) Wat Suan Kluai (Q82448708) Wat Trakhlong (Q82454931) Wat Pa Mak Mo (Q82974554) Wat Suan Sawan (Q83350418) Wat Nong Chap Khiat (Q83440598) Wat Sattha Warin (Q87449009) Wat Wong Lapharam (Q90667433) Wat Sadao Rattanaram (Q94690268) Wat Uam Ong Pracha Narumit (Q96236430) Wat Ruechai (Q97669271) Wat Tai Ban Bo (Q98271439)


Phun Phin Phitthayakhom school (Q59602284) Friedrich Hölderlin Schule Asperg (Q1459824) Söderblom-Gymnasium (Q62416311) Sickingen-Gymnasium (Q63301076) Samut Sakhon Wuttichai School (Q66362588) Q66740594 Bang Saphan Wittaya School (Q70446030) Nong Bua Lakhon Witthaya school (Q70859549) Khon Kaen Christian School (Q72935574) Nong Phok Witthayalai school (Q78894759) Rat Niyom school (Q79053942) Phurua Wittaya School (Q79083904) Mahathai Sueksa Loei School (Q84922810) Anuban Udonthani School (Q91404803) Yaem Witthayakan school (Q93209297) Stiftsgymnasium Sindelfingen (Q96064371) Q105571697


Steinbruch Lasbeck (Q93956602)