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General data maintenanceEdit

Hills and mountains with nonsense height values due to the Cebuano Bot-Pedia.

SELECT ?item ?itemLabel ?normal ?deprecated ?diff ?unitLabel WHERE {
  ?item p:P2044 ?statement.
  ?statement psn:P2044 ?statement_psn .
  ?statement_psn wikibase:quantityAmount ?normal .
  ?statement_psn wikibase:quantityUnit ?unit .
  ?statement wikibase:rank wikibase:NormalRank .
  {?statement prov:wasDerivedFrom ?statement0 .
  ?statement0 pr:P143 ?normal_ref . 
  filter (?normal_ref!=wd:Q837615) }
  { filter not exists {  ?statement prov:wasDerivedFrom ?statement0 . } } 
  ?item p:P2044 ?statement1 .
  ?statement1 psn:P2044 ?statement1_psn .
  ?statement1_psn  wikibase:quantityAmount ?deprecated .
  ?statement1 wikibase:rank wikibase:DeprecatedRank .
  ?statement1 prov:wasDerivedFrom ?statement2 .
  ?statement2 pr:P143 wd:Q837615 .
  bind(?normal - ?deprecated as ?diff)
 SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". } }
 ORDER BY ?diff

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Properties for Subdivision:

Example for Royal Gazette announcement: Law to upgrade King Amphoe to Amphoe 2007 (Q15184213) (what to use for reference - main regulatory text (P92) or stated in (P248)?)

Important items: Department of Provincial Administration (Q13012489) Department of Local Administration (Q15441423) Ministry of Interior of the Kingdom of Thailand (Q640365) Province Governor (Thailand) (Q19360223)

Watch: Tambon [1] - Local governments [2] - Laos [3]

Claims: claim[31:(tree[1077333][][279])] and claim[138:(claim[31:5])]

Thai entities named after persons [4]

Tambon with wrong URL: [5]

Bangkok Noi: Monuments Wat

Wat without geonames Table Map - Wat without GNS-UFI [6]

Thai on cebuano: settlements subdivisions

Hills in Surat Thani to check [7]

Reservoirs in Thailand without GNS [8]

OSM Thai cities/towns without wikidata: [9]


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P31:Q759421 P814:Q14545639 P17:Q183 P131:Q6015 P457:Q63351461

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