Hello! I am Ajay Das (Aabir). I am from Dibrugarh, Assam , India. Currently I am a student of Electronics and Telecommunication Department of Jorhat Institute of Science & Technology. I actively participate in Wikipedia, especially in Assamese Wikipedia, and also in English, Hindi and Bangla Wikipedi. I also contribute in wiki commons, wiki data and meta.

চিৰ চেনেহী মোৰ ভাষা জননী

I was born on 13th April 1995 at Dibrugarh. Then I went to Paltan Bazar L.P. School. I basically like to study books and listening music iin my free times. I have very much interested in Modern Science and Technology, Literature, Astronomy, Mythology, Biology, Archeology, Music etc.

My father Ramesh Das is a govt. employee and work in Postal Department of Government of India and mother Rina Das is homemaker. The family consists of me, my father, mother and my sister Krishna Das. My sister currently studying Civil Engineering at Jorhat Engineering College. I currently lives in Jorhat, Assam.

I went to Paltan Bazar L.P. school and then Graham Bazar Boys' M.E. School. Then I attended Dibrugarh Govt. Boys' Higher Secondary School and I have passed class 10th from there in 2010-11. Then I admitted in Science stream of Gyan Vigyan Academy and I have passed class 12th from there in 2012-13. Now I currently study in Jorhat Institute of Science & Technology.

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