Property Usage
cites work (P2860) 287417177
apparent magnitude (P1215) 33122907
PubMed publication ID (P698) 32069526
catalog code (P528) 28754808
DOI (P356) 28426411
SIMBAD ID (P3083) 8152568
right ascension (P6257) 8094422
declination (P6258) 8094296
epoch (P6259) 8079523
Google Knowledge Graph ID (P2671) 7390970
PMC publication ID (P932) 6563576
parallax (P2214) 5843261
right ascension component of proper motion (P10752) 5226950
declination component of proper motion (P10751) 5221835
radial velocity (P2216) 4599895
ResearchGate publication ID (P5875) 4581527
ortholog (P684) 4321100
GeoNames ID (P1566) 3750185
distance from Earth (P2583) 3489585
exact match (P2888) 3287091
Elo rating (P1087) 2928045
found in taxon (P703) 2858636
full work available at URL (P953) 2345511
Catalogue of Life ID (P10585) 2279512
WorldCat Identities ID (superseded) (P7859) 1914906
ORCID iD (P496) 1774701
pronunciation (P7243) 1670002
Dimensions Publication ID (P6179) 1540565
GNS Unique Feature ID (P2326) 1468784
Library of Congress authority ID (P244) 1451328
IRMNG ID (P5055) 1362671
street address (P6375) 1341788
InChIKey (P235) 1312902
InChI (P234) 1304973
redshift (P1090) 1279202
molecular function (P680) 1210188
biological process (P682) 1190386
contains the administrative territorial entity (P150) 1131788
number of pages (P1104) 1123034
genomic end (P645) 1060291
genomic start (P644) 1060289
strand orientation (P2548) 1045058
spectral class (P215) 1043661
ADS bibcode (P819) 1027780
CJFD journal article ID (P6769) 986081
encoded by (P702) 977106
encodes (P688) 974093
World Flora Online ID (P7715) 913548
cell component (P681) 899698
GeneDB ID (P3382) 884216
expressed in (P5572) 883171
canonical SMILES (P233) 883008
part of the series (P179) 876511
DSSTox substance ID (P3117) 850656
DSSTOX compound identifier (P8494) 848739
category contains (P4224) 838739
on focus list of Wikimedia project (P5008) 821554
described at URL (P973) 805327
historic county (P7959) 799236
Entrez Gene ID (P351) 793961
RefSeq protein ID (P637) 767699
effective temperature (P6879) 747631
China administrative division code (P442) 744798
IdRef ID (P269) 742415
The Peerage person ID (P4638) 719672
category's main topic (P301) 701379
NL CR AUT ID (P691) 697312
WoRMS-ID for taxa (P850) 690067
GNIS Feature ID (P590) 675902
RefSeq RNA ID (P639) 656773
U.S. National Archives Identifier (P1225) 645187
level of description (P6224) 628098
Deutsche Biographie (GND) ID (P7902) 625908
surface gravity (P7015) 625231
National Library of Israel J9U ID (P8189) 623878
UniProt protein ID (P352) 622957
chromosome (P1057) 618718
NUKAT ID (P1207) 595144
Who's on First ID (P6766) 583441
legal citation of this text (P1031) 559626
Scopus author ID (P1153) 536826
maintained by (P126) 535094
Nationale Thesaurus voor Auteursnamen ID (P1006) 532538
Open Tree of Life ID (P9157) 524533
performer (P175) 524111
NCBI locus tag (P2393) 510723
describes a project that uses (P4510) 492090
collection or exhibition size (P1436) 488860
social media followers (P8687) 481583
Prabook ID (P3368) 471384
Ensembl transcript ID (P704) 470909
number of participants (P1132) 463578
FAST ID (P2163) 444726
DBLP publication ID (P8978) 431266
CBDB ID (P497) 422688
OS grid reference (P613) 417510
use restriction status (P7261) 415895
position played on team / speciality (P413) 407908
access restriction status (P7228) 404085
National Heritage List for England number (P1216) 401801 ID (P3098) 393348
type of variable star (P881) 385887
study type (P8363) 384734
arXiv ID (P818) 383375
maintained by WikiProject (P6104) 378006
Geneanet family name ID (P9644) 376460
MycoBank taxon name ID (P962) 372328
copyright status as a creator (P7763) 371939
PLWABN ID (P7293) 369738 profile ID (P2600) 369409
form of creative work (P7937) 364698
isomeric SMILES (P2017) 364570
subject has role (P2868) 362482
Index Fungorum ID (P1391) 360882
minimum age (P2899) 354841
record label (P264) 348989
regulates (molecular biology) (P128) 326225
doctoral advisor (P184) 313481
Internet Archive ID (P724) 308919
doctoral student (P185) 307607
HTML entity (P4575) 304361
metallicity (P2227) 286805
Microsoft Academic ID (P6366) 280138
CERL Thesaurus ID (P1871) 278925
appears in the heritage monument list (P2817) 275384
research site (P6153) 273373
WikiTree person ID (P2949) 269693
number of houses (P4080) 268464
MusicBrainz artist ID (P434) 266577
paradigm class (P5911) 265517
medical condition (P1050) 265371
ResearcherID (P1053) 264675
Mathematics Genealogy Project ID (P549) 261874
winner (P1346) 258651
Swedish Riksdag document ID (P8433) 255592
legal form (P1454) 253894
is a list of (P360) 252619
Ensembl protein ID (P705) 252221
TMDB person ID (P4985) 251064
Soundex (P3878) 249487
Caverphone (P3880) 248069
Minor Planet Center body ID (P5736) 248069
number of households (P1538) 247854
OpenCitations bibliographic resource ID (P3181) 247500
LepIndex ID (P3064) 242339
JSTOR article ID (P888) 239643
Discogs artist ID (P1953) 236849
JPL Small-Body Database SPK-ID (P716) 236721
distribution format (P437) 233463
competition class (P2094) 233158
OpenStreetMap relation ID (P402) 229350
BAG public space ID (P5207) 226699
locator map image (P242) 223149 person ID (P1819) 221904
short name (P1813) 221624
Cologne phonetics (P3879) 220022
Wolfram Language entity code (P4839) 219486
ISSN (P236) 218276
country for sport (P1532) 213831
IIIF manifest URL (P6108) 213763
Kinopoisk film ID (P2603) 212704
National Library of Spain ID (P950) 211790
ancestral home (P66) 207666
TMDB movie ID (P4947) 207638
time period (P2348) 205407
name in kana (P1814) 205405
pronunciation audio (P443) 205140
research intervention (P4844) 204560
CGNDB unique ID (P821) 204492
INEGI locality ID (P1976) 203549
MusicBrainz release group ID (P436) 203115
IxTheo authority ID (P10553) 202889
maximum age (P4135) 200209
connects with (P2789) 199915
local dialing code (P473) 198261
TAXREF ID (P3186) 197213
FactGrid item ID (P8168) 195676
league (P118) 194994
day of week (P2894) 192753
SHARE Catalogue author ID (P3987) 192083
has characteristic (P1552) 191692
Géopatronyme ID (P3370) 191683
clinical trial phase (P6099) 189296
cytogenetic location (P4196) 185559
NORAF ID (P1015) 184190
located on street (P669) 182169
BOLD Systems taxon ID (P3606) 181723
EUNIS ID for species (P6177) 180739
WCSPF ID (P3591) 180565
sponsor (P859) 177011
OKTMO ID (P764) 175856
Fauna Europaea New ID (P4807) 174360
basionym (P566) 172813
Swedish Open Cultural Heritage URI (P1260) 172112
document file on Wikimedia Commons (P996) 168953
participating team (P1923) 167631
duration (P2047) 166978
Australian Faunal Directory ID (P6039) 166366
Bavarian monument authority ID (P4244) 165508
phone number (P1329) 165179
candidacy in election (P3602) 164615
Wiki Loves Monuments ID (P2186) 164279 ID (P8988) 163769
OKATO ID (P721) 163759 taxon ID (P6105) 162590
Europeana entity (P7704) 160396
Palissy ID (P481) 159932
OpenAlex ID (P10283) 159229
Letterboxd film ID (P6127) 157937
Olympedia people ID (P8286) 157671
Ensembl gene ID (P594) 156408
ČSFD film ID (P2529) 154469
place of detention (P2632) 153179
Unicode code point (P4213) 151322
Unicode block (P5522) 151281
prime factor (P5236) 151204
Unicode character name (P9382) 151116
Transfermarkt player ID (P2446) 150603
MR Author ID (P4955) 150510
Fatcat ID (P8608) 150472
patronage (P3872) 148927
legislative committee (P7727) 148070
NDL Authority ID (P349) 147160
Terezín Memorial Database ID (P9300) 144657
derived from organism type (P9072) 142962
Bavarian Monument Map object ID (architectural monument) (P9339) 142126
Cellosaurus ID (P3289) 141884
season (P4908) 141690
coat of arms image (P94) 140001
present in work (P1441) 139883
SNAC ARK ID (P3430) 139794
dissertation submitted to (P4101) 138453
CONOR.SI ID (P1280) 137106
number of decimal digits (P7316) 136598 Olympic athlete ID (archived) (P1447) 133520
Discogs master ID (P1954) 133512
hyphenation (P5279) 132054
parent organization (P749) 131029
fabrication method (P2079) 129626 ID (P3343) 129288
National Gallery of Art artwork ID (P4683) 128062
Find a Grave memorial ID (P535) 127552
ChemSpider ID (P661) 127363
elFilm film ID (P3143) 127155
Libris-URI (P5587) 126764
OFDb film ID (P3138) 126378
Prime Pages ID (P7263) 126183
OCLC control number (P243) 126018
NBIC taxon ID (P8707) 125855
has immediate cause (P1478) 125263 person ID (P9109) 124601
attested in (P5323) 121526
provisional designation (P490) 120578
galaxy morphological type (P223) 120413
ChEBI ID (P683) 120250
Insects (Insecta) of the World ID (P7224) 119534
Fauna Europaea ID (P1895) 118822
Handle ID (P1184) 118212
Gran Enciclopèdia Catalana ID (former scheme) (P1296) 117254
NSC number (P2840) 116122
Vatican Library VcBA ID (P8034) 115999
ČSFD person ID (P2605) 114813
first line (P1922) 113530
Indian Financial System Code (P4635) 113392
Dimensions author ID (P6178) 112895
OpenSanctions ID (P10632) 112523
edition number (P393) 111860
SeaLifeBase ID (P6018) 111674
eBiodiversity ID (P6864) 110861
platform (P400) 110458
NLA Trove people ID (P1315) 109562 college basketball player ID (P3696) 108523
African Plant Database ID (P2036) 108395
Kinopoisk person ID (P2604) 108351
NBN System Key (P3240) 107489
Canmore ID (P718) 107397
employees (P1128) 107375
RKDartists ID (P650) 106888
depicts Iconclass notation (P1257) 105839
RERO ID (obsolete) (P3065) 105644
Fossilworks taxon ID (P842) 104833
Soccerway person ID (P2369) 104800
ROR ID (P6782) 104238
New Zealand Organisms Register ID (P2752) 104079
GRID ID (P2427) 104010
AllMovie title ID (P1562) 103825
review score (P444) 103693
PDB structure ID (P638) 103140
Filmportal ID (P2639) 102204
Union List of Artist Names ID (P245) 101364
WDPA ID (P809) 101122
Rotten Tomatoes ID (P1258) 100764
HomoloGene ID (P593) 100218
FBref player ID (P5750) 100021
Ringgold ID (P3500) 100003
Fandom article ID (P6262) 99801
Kallías ID (P9918) 99685
SIREN number (P1616) 99277
original broadcaster (P449) 99190
Store norske leksikon ID (P4342) 98980
has subsidiary (P355) 98600
minor planet group (P196) 97710
combines lexemes (P5238) 96399
directions (P2795) 95631
U-DISE code (P6391) 95383
organizer (P664) 94644
candidate (P726) 92901
literate population (P6499) 92809
illiterate population (P6498) 92806
has edition or translation (P747) 92022
Statistics Indonesia area code (P1588) 91899
season of club or team (P5138) 91618
administrative code of Indonesia (P2588) 91409
word stem (P5187) 91101
hotel rating (P10290) 90656
Dyntaxa ID (P1939) 90446
NatureServe Explorer ID (P10243) 90335
time index (P4895) 89839
LfDS object ID (P1708) 89749
Common Database on Designated Areas ID (P4762) 89221
amount cataloged (P7328) 88381
Douban film ID (P4529) 88361
location of creation (P1071) 88226
research subject recruitment status (P8005) 88104
Skyscanner hotel ID (P10487) 87752
general classification of race participants (P2321) 87724
Muziekweb performer ID (P5882) 87709
service entry (P729) 86890
state of use (P5817) 86672
ISBN-13 (P212) 86006
IUCN protected areas category (P814) 85602
Artnet artist ID (P3782) 85508
orbital eccentricity (P1096) 85360
consecrator (P1598) 85279
Czech street ID (P4533) 85087
APNI ID (P5984) 84633
Banque de noms de lieux du Québec ID (P2100) 84239
sports season of league or competition (P3450) 83961
FilmAffinity film ID (P480) 83762
located in/on physical feature (P706) 83095
Sõnaveeb lexeme ID (P11138) 82949
SBN author ID (P396) 82935
located in or next to body of water (P206) 81831
copyright representative (P6275) 81605
drainage basin (P4614) 81531
YouTube channel ID (P2397) 80941
Loop ID (P2798) 80911
Foundational Model of Anatomy ID (P1402) 79111
National Library of Israel ID (old) (P949) 79111
BabelNet ID (P2581) 78544
SELIBR ID (P906) 78444
Historic Environment Scotland ID (P709) 77358
Canadiana Name Authority ID (P8179) 76990
Libraries Australia ID (P409) 76687
Crossref journal ID (P8375) 76363
BioStor work ID (P5315) 76056
BHL page ID (P687) 75881
MovieMeter film ID (P1970) 75628
MGI Gene Symbol (P2394) 74673
AllMusic artist ID (P1728) 74054
licence plate code (P395) 74053
AlloCiné person ID (P1266) 73969
NIOSHTIC-2 ID (P2880) 73872
NRHP reference number (P649) 73626
voice actor (P725) 73500
computer performance (P7256) 73469 numeric ID (P10532) 72459
Agoda hotel numeric ID (P10533) 72085
AKL Online artist ID (P4432) 71593
abART person ID (P6844) 71541
students count (P2196) 71285
National Library of Korea ID (P5034) 71013
AllMovie person ID (P2019) 70728
Mouse Genome Informatics ID (P671) 70585
catalog (P972) 69971
INSPIRE ID (P4115) 69872
subtitle (P1680) 69802
Polish cultural heritage register number (P3424) 69698
pseudonym (P742) 69680
Cangjie input (P5519) 69625
openMLOL author ID (P3762) 69473
Google Scholar author ID (P1960) 69125
EPPO Code (P3031) 69071
Logainm ID (P5097) 68762
UNII (P652) 68744
Mérimée ID (P380) 68312
Songkick artist ID (P3478) 68055
ranking (P1352) 66842
country of registry (P8047) 66630
Publons author ID (P3829) 66304
property constraint (P2302) 66199 person ID (P2020) 65992
visitors per year (P1174) 65919
DACS ID (former) (P4663) 65833
Scilit journal ID (P7662) 65644
associated cadastral district (P10254) 65611
Nederlands Soortenregister ID (P3405) 65596
Vatican Library ID (former scheme) (P1017) 65542
MassBank accession ID (P6689) 65519
established from medical condition (P5166) 65238
Italian School ID (P5114) 65230
ZooBank ID for name or act (P1746) 65193
EIDR content ID (P2704) 65184
Benezit ID (P2843) 64992
BHL bibliography ID (P4327) 64503
number of episodes (P1113) 64335
Rijksmonument ID (P359) 64052
mountain range (P4552) 63844
SIMC place ID (P4046) 63334
associated electoral district (P7938) 63286
office held by head of government (P1313) 63270
total revenue (P2139) 63223
noble title (P97) 62451
LinkedIn personal profile ID (P6634) 62440
CAB ID (P8072) 62264
PORT person ID (P2435) 61961
Clochers de France ID (P3963) 61935
located in the religious territorial entity (P5607) 61753
allegiance (P945) 61581
AlgaeBase URL (P1348) 61407
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ID (P1415) 61231
ResearchGate profile ID (P2038) 60934
Pontificia Università della Santa Croce ID (P5739) 60880
image of grave (P1442) 60327
production date (P2754) 60297
prisoner count (P5630) 60165
BHCL UUID (P9037) 59955
DBLP author ID (P2456) 59826
courtesy name (P1782) 59816
CANTIC ID (P9984) 59445
University of Barcelona authority ID (former scheme) (P1580) 59199
Trading Card Database person ID (P5421) 58757 film ID (P5032) 58317
Den Store Danske ID (P8313) 58210
Lake ID (Sweden) (P761) 58055
Drobné památky ID (P6736) 57747
column (P3903) 57598
YouTube video ID (P1651) 57564
date of first performance (P1191) 57494
TOID (P3120) 57329
artist files at (P9493) 57116
Portuguese National Library author ID (P1005) 56885
number of parts of this work (P2635) 56813
taxon author citation (P6507) 56583
floruit (P1317) 56511
ACNP journal ID (P6981) 56343
Plazi ID (P1992) 56273
State Catalogue of Geographical Names (Russia) ID (P1397) 56212
AlloCiné film ID (P1265) 55976
indexed in bibliographic review (P8875) 55895
work period (end) (P2032) 55743
member count (P2124) 55715
ECHA Substance Infocard ID (P2566) 55706
EC number (P232) 55691
head coach (P286) 55416
World Spider Catalog ID (P3288) 54943
National Library of Latvia ID (P1368) 54871 person ID (P4927) 54722
Swedish Film Database person ID (P2168) 54471
botanist author abbreviation (P428) 53980
IPNI author ID (P586) 53911
CANTIC ID (former scheme) (P1273) 53851
site of astronomical discovery (P65) 53797
UK National Archives ID (P3029) 53464
dedicated to (P825) 53325
Rat Genome Database ID (P3853) 53303
votes received (P1111) 53296
Soccerdonna player ID (P4381) 52864
list related to category (P1753) 52840
honorific prefix (P511) 52802
FIPS 55-3 (locations in the US) (P774) 52794
category related to list (P1754) 52694
per capita income (P10622) 52659
InterPro ID (P2926) 52486
Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names ID (P1667) 52419
stage classification (P2417) 52015
Great Russian Encyclopedia Online ID (old version) (P2924) 51992
iNaturalist place ID (P7471) 51869 profile ID (P8172) 51868
ISBN-10 (P957) 51765
absolute magnitude (P1457) 51501
sports discipline competed in (P2416) 51110 ID (P2638) 51063
IMO ship number (P458) 50919
foundational text (P457) 50807
LIBRIS editions (P1182) 50800
FANTOIR code (P3182) 50345
ChEMBL ID (P592) 50336
Catholic Hierarchy person ID (P1047) 50316
connecting service (P1192) 50218
orbital inclination (P2045) 50082
Bavarian Monument Map object ID (ground monument) (P9342) 50045
second family name in Spanish name (P1950) 49935
addressee (P1817) 49825
parent cell line (P3432) 49636
game mode (P404) 49389
orbital period (P2146) 49237
vglist video game ID (P8351) 49237
Digital Dictionary of Surnames in Germany ID (P6597) 48954
Angelicum ID (P5731) 48563
Czech NDOP taxon ID (P5263) 48371
Cinema Treasures ID (P4129) 48301
inscription (P1684) 48214
Google Maps Customer ID (P3749) 48135
Catalogue of Life in Taiwan ID (old version) (P3088) 48128
legislated by (P467) 48054
lyrics by (P676) 48049
effective date (P7588) 47642
BugGuide taxon ID (P2464) 47351
USDA PLANTS ID (P1772) 47260 player ID (P2574) 47212
Metacritic ID (P1712) 47088
ADW taxon ID (P4024) 46963
semi-major axis of an orbit (P2233) 46751
Spotify artist ID (P1902) 46691
code (P3295) 46472
OpenCorporates ID (P1320) 46442
argument of periapsis (P2248) 46273
Babelio author ID (P3630) 46176
National Portrait Gallery (London) person ID (P1816) 45986
location of formation (P740) 45703
MusicBrainz work ID (P435) 45561
zbMATH author ID (P1556) 45304
CONABIO ID (P4902) 45280 ID (P3222) 44813
filming location (P915) 44805
longitude of ascending node (P2213) 44797
home venue (P115) 44776
mean anomaly (P2325) 44751
EHESS ID of a French commune (P8422) 44685
SSR place name number (P1850) 44583
RKDimages ID (P350) 44554
office contested (P541) 44540
Rate Your Music artist ID (P5404) 44237
Gene Ontology ID (P686) 44174
language used (P2936) 43992
number of matches played/races/starts (P1350) 43854
stellar rotational velocity (P4296) 43853
Reactome ID (P3937) 43845
HGNC gene symbol (P353) 43750
Czech Monument Catalogue Number (P4075) 43725
Belgian Species List ID (P7202) 43709
HGNC ID (P354) 43558
thesis committee member (P9161) 43435 film ID (P5786) 43376 hotel ID (P10425) 43221
contributor to the creative work or subject (P767) 43123
BNB person ID (P5361) 43105
archINFORM location ID (P5573) 43061
Corporate Number (Japan) (P3225) 43001
Persée author ID (P2732) 42920
Frick Art Reference Library Artist File ID (P7848) 42611
Czech Registration ID (IČO) (P4156) 42610
PORT film ID (P905) 42297
Goodreads version/edition ID (P2969) 42281
road number (P1824) 42258
Czech cultural heritage ID (P762) 42226
coordinates of geographic center (P5140) 42062
Open Media Database film ID (P3302) 41703
gross tonnage (P1093) 41481
KOATUU ID (P1077) 41396
Semantic Scholar author ID (P4012) 41282
Indian census area code (2001) (P3213) 41197
has part(s) of the class (P2670) 41162
amended by (P2567) 41119
MeSH tree code (P672) 40898
Online PWN Encyclopedia ID (P7305) 40883
apoapsis (P2243) 40811
located in statistical territorial entity (P8138) 40793
periapsis (P2244) 40792
SPLASH (P4964) 40734
British Museum person or institution ID (P1711) 40530
INSEE municipality code (P374) 40521
BHL creator ID (P4081) 40475
GTAA ID (P1741) 40299
located in protected area (P3018) 40183
Scopus source ID (P1156) 40022
taxon synonym (P1420) 39918
Nationalmuseum Sweden artwork ID (P2539) 39757 person ID (P3537) 39517
LdiF ID (P3107) 39443
Art UK artwork ID (P1679) 39286
Probes And Drugs ID (P11199) 39265
CITES Species+ ID (P2040) 39114
Apple TV movie ID (P9586) 39095
Heritage Information System ID in the database of cultural heritage in Austria (P9154) 39040
MeSH descriptor ID (P486) 38938
National Library of Greece ID (P3348) 38838
Cultural heritage database in Austria ObjektID (P2951) 38820
archINFORM project ID (P5383) 38767
National Library of Lithuania ID (P7699) 38606
Danish National Filmography person ID (P2626) 38515
uBio ID (P4728) 38480
Elonet person ID (P2387) 38469
National Library of Wales Catalogue ID (P6786) 38271
KBpedia ID (P8408) 38154
Biographical Dictionary of the Czech Lands ID (P9160) 38020
Geneanet cemetery ID (P9189) 37962
Irish Statute Book ID (P8726) 37941
presenter (P371) 37524
number of seasons (P2437) 37519
online access status (P6954) 37386
editor (P98) 37286
place name sign (P1766) 37269
occupant (P466) 37141
RealGM basketball player ID (P3957) 37067
TMDB TV series ID (P4983) 36953
Brockhaus Enzyklopädie online ID (P5019) 36897
CITES Appendix (P7603) 36884
American Academy in Rome ID (P9097) 36867
State Water Register Code (Russia) (P884) 36835
tracklist (P658) 36643
NNDB people ID (P1263) 36481
Swedish Film Database film ID (P2334) 36402
Comic Vine ID (P5905) 36387
from narrative universe (P1080) 36328
call sign (P2317) 36049
CineMagia person ID (P4666) 35959
NLS Geographic Names Register Place ID (P4119) 35905 ID (P3192) 35822
ISDS ID (P8987) 35818
NLM Unique ID (P1055) 35651
Elonet movie ID (P2346) 35645
MEXT school code (P11127) 35624
YerelNet village ID (P2123) 35408
electorate (P1831) 35395
transliteration or transcription (P2440) 35391
French public service directory ID (P6671) 35322 athlete ID (P5815) 35282
voice type (P412) 35209
ISIL (P791) 35173
aspect ratio (W:H) (P2061) 35081
Sindh EMIS code (P6959) 35024
Myspace ID (P3265) 34995
contains settlement (P1383) 34982
religious order (P611) 34888
terminus location (P609) 34876
external data available at URL (P1325) 34863
corrigendum / erratum (P2507) 34854
state of conservation (P5816) 34594
HDS ID (P902) 34547
Cinémathèque québécoise work ID (P4276) 34468
FishBase species ID (P938) 34367
chairperson (P488) 34358
Encyclopædia Universalis ID (P3219) 34166
Unione Romana Biblioteche Scientifiche ID (P8750) 33986
endemic to (P183) 33894
Cell Line Ontology ID (P2158) 33760
repealed by (P2568) 33607
Harvard Index of Botanists ID (P6264) 33607
Queensland Biota ID (P8468) 33555
start point (P1427) 33446
Tela Botanica ID (P3105) 33422
CollectieGelderland creator ID (P9152) 33359
ZOBODAT taxon ID (P8915) 33285
Commons compatible image available at URL (P4765) 32999
UIC station code (P722) 32910
Polish scientist ID (deprecated) (P3124) 32784
AllMusic album ID (P1729) 32775
media franchise (P8345) 32711
Legal Entity Identifier (P1278) 32549
MusicBrainz area ID (P982) 32275
category for ship name (P7782) 32050
Uppsala University Alvin ID (P6821) 32022
Inventari del Patrimoni Arquitectònic de Catalunya code (P1600) 31925
Goodreads work ID (P8383) 31912
melting point (P2101) 31743
TCM Movie Database film ID (P2631) 31735
Media Arts Database ID (P7886) 31714
title of chess person (P2962) 31712
De Agostini ID (P6706) 31706
Fichier des personnes décédées ID (matchID) (P9058) 31672 ID (P1483) 31583
WOEID (P1281) 31520
Danish ancient monument ID (P3596) 31488
MobyGames game ID (former scheme) (P1933) 31449
Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility's Species List ID (P7552) 31365
Companies House officer ID (P5297) 31364
fax number (P2900) 31337
MutualArt artist ID (P6578) 31318
time of earliest written record (P1249) 31030
LyricsTranslate ID (P7212) 31006
Munzinger person ID (P1284) 30988
EThOS thesis ID (P4536) 30946
Orthoptera Species File ID (old version) (P6050) 30875
MYmovies person ID (P9995) 30727
water as percent of area (P2927) 30718
World Athletics athlete ID (P1146) 30681
PM20 folder ID (P4293) 30612
Observatoire du Patrimoine Religieux ID (P3371) 30569
Biografisch Portaal van Nederland ID (P651) 30552
Treccani's Biographical Dictionary of Italian People ID (P1986) 30517
Smartify artwork ID (P9787) 30498
PIM authority ID (P3973) 30438
Yale Center for British Art artwork Lido ID (P9789) 30377
Romania LMI code (P1770) 30260
CineMagia title ID (P4665) 30144
has facility (P912) 30122
ISAN (P3212) 30116
category of associated people (P1792) 30113 Catholic church ID (P1644) 30015 athlete ID (archived) (P3171) 30001
Kindred Britain ID (P3051) 29944
Cadw Building ID (P1459) 29941
WordNet 3.1 Synset ID (P8814) 29938
demonym (P1549) 29868
ISO 15919 transliteration (P5825) 29846
ITRANS (P8881) 29838 player ID (P2697) 29755
HAL journal ID (P8903) 29694
autologous cell line (P3578) 29670
Roglo person ID (P7929) 29629
WeRelate person ID (P4159) 29621
commemorates (P547) 29511
UMLS CUI (P2892) 29422
Memorial Book Bundesarchiv ID (P7571) 29410
repeals (P3148) 29257
approved by (P790) 29140
taxon range (P9714) 29034
Deutsche Synchronkartei film ID (P3844) 28957
taxonomic type (P427) 28903
iTunes movie ID (P6398) 28869
geoshape (P3896) 28820
Internet Game Database game ID (P5794) 28799
exhibition history (P608) 28617
Netflix ID (P1874) 28562
diameter (P2386) 28559
SICRIS researcher ID (P6556) 28460
UK Parliament thesaurus ID (P4527) 28228
Righteous Among The Nations ID (P1979) 28184
watershed area (P2053) 28167
Movie Review Query Engine ID (P8033) 28092
points classification (P3494) 28055
event distance (P3157) 28025
DNF film ID (P1804) 27975
DfE URN (P2253) 27849
adjacent building (P3032) 27834
Treccani ID (P3365) 27829
Flanders Arts Institute person ID (P5068) 27752
assessment (P5021) 27726
LexML Brazil ID (P9119) 27720
KANTO ID (P8980) 27718
ZooBank publication ID (P2007) 27523
CONOR.SR ID (P8851) 27457
LIPID MAPS ID (P2063) 27448
archINFORM person/group ID (P5508) 27396
ZFIN Gene ID (P3870) 27346
port of registry (P532) 27278
ZOBODAT publication ID (P10931) 27036
location of discovery (P189) 27004
date of official closure (P3999) 26992
RISM ID (P5504) 26963
IAPH code (P8425) 26959
Guía Digital del Patrimonio Cultural de Andalucía ID (P3318) 26944
Iranian National Heritage registration number (P1369) 26929
destination point (P1444) 26911
NSK ID (P1375) 26766
ADAGP artist ID (P3901) 26727
Internet Speculative Fiction Database author ID (P1233) 26695
Musée d'Orsay artist ID (P2268) 26694
Who's Who UK ID (P4789) 26661
crosses (P177) 26628
JSTOR topic ID (P3827) 26441 player ID (P3561) 26431
sport number (P1618) 26403 player ID (P3726) 26322
attendance (P1110) 26293
OMIM ID (P492) 26233
YSO ID (P2347) 26205
conscription number (P4856) 26123
template has topic (P1423) 26088
maximum capacity (P1083) 26022
Art & Architecture Thesaurus ID (P1014) 25570
Spanish Biographical Dictionary ID (P4459) 25374
Spotify album ID (P2205) 25351
track gauge (P1064) 25310
AFI Catalog of Feature Films ID (P3593) 25299
Lutris game ID (P7597) 25211
FlyBase Gene ID (P3852) 25200
Duden lexeme ID (P8376) 25162
BDRC Resource ID (P2477) 25045
romanization of Belarusian (2007 system) (P5412) 25033
successful candidate (P991) 24968
patron saint (P417) 24899
Web umenia work ID (P5269) 24866
UK Provider Reference Number (P4971) 24791
Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren author ID (P723) 24771
image of interior (P5775) 24737
Deezer artist ID (P2722) 24711
LPSN URL (P1991) 24658
ProCyclingStats cyclist ID (P1663) 24622
Elite Prospects player ID (P2481) 24522
Hrvatska enciklopedija ID (P7982) 24480
vertical depth (P4511) 24420
original combination (P1403) 24399
GameFAQs game ID (P4769) 24391
Art UK artist ID (P1367) 24355
New Zealand Gazetteer place ID (P5104) 24341
commissioned by (P88) 24312 person ID (P3660) 24277
FIFA player ID (archived) (P1469) 24241
Allcinema film ID (P2465) 24211
ctext data entity ID (P9613) 24112
National Gallery of Armenia work ID (P5210) 24062
Academia Sinica authority ID (P6705) 23921
Who's Who in France biography ID (P4124) 23872
National Library of Wales Authority ID (P2966) 23867
ERA Journal ID (P1058) 23774
HKCAN ID (P5909) 23638
OCLC work ID (P5331) 23586
Goodreads author ID (P2963) 23575
Grove Art Online ID (P8406) 23367
TripAdvisor ID (P3134) 23362
albedo (P4501) 23309
SoundCloud ID (P3040) 23280
AISHE code (P6392) 23248
ballots cast (P1868) 23192
BAG building ID (P5208) 22913
Internet Broadway Database person ID (P1220) 22842
Cycling Archives cyclist ID (P1409) 22776
Léonore ID (P640) 22773
Léonore Web ID (P11152) 22762
The Met object ID (P3634) 22694
Photographers’ Identities Catalog ID (P2750) 22647
ISFDB title ID (P1274) 22541
Academic Tree ID (P2381) 22469
PDB ligand ID (P3636) 22340
SAPA ID (P8974) 22335
Structurae structure ID (P454) 22329
partially coincident with (P1382) 22313
Grove Music Online ID (P8591) 22287
Cinémathèque québécoise person ID (P8971) 22211
The Baseball Cube player ID (P4731) 22015
Cultural Heritage Armenia ID (P3170) 21980
Library of Congress Control Number (LCCN) (bibliographic) (P1144) 21929
total valid votes (P1697) 21926
located in the present-day administrative territorial entity (P3842) 21876
Discogs release ID (P2206) 21848 ID (P3933) 21797
Geographical Names Board of NSW ID (P3517) 21745
significant person (P3342) 21716
Red List of South African Plants ID (P6056) 21669
Elhuyar Dictionary ID (P6838) 21651
MetroLyrics ID (P2624) 21523
FIDE player ID (P1440) 21495
DWDS lemma ID (P9940) 21467
History of Parliament ID (P1614) 21432
ButMoth ID (P3060) 21388
start of covered period (P7103) 21381
payload mass (P4519) 21379 person ID (P5033) 21352
plaque image (P1801) 21304
quantity (P1114) 21228
KEGG ID (P665) 21191
KulturNav-ID (P1248) 21127
OYO hotel ID (P6985) 21098
category for the interior of the item (P7561) 21074
Bokmålsordboka-ID (P10042) 21060
Japan Search name ID (P6698) 21009 person ID (P2519) 20988
CNC film rating (France) (P2758) 20956
yard number (P617) 20868
Les Archives du spectacle person ID (P1977) 20864
Austrian Biographical Encyclopedia ID (P6194) 20833 minor & foreign league player ID (P1826) 20781
OSM Name Suggestion Index ID (P8253) 20756
art name (P1787) 20641
FAA airport code (P240) 20639
list of monuments (P1456) 20602
GSS code (2011) (P836) 20583
ICAO airport code (P239) 20526
Rijksmuseum Research Library authority ID (P7444) 20522
Wormbase Gene ID (P3860) 20450
IMSLP ID (P839) 20378
French Vikidia ID (P7818) 20304
urban population (P6343) 20301
Proballers ID (P8548) 20239
family name identical to this given name (P1533) 20159
Apple Music artist ID (U.S. version) (P2850) 20156
end of covered period (P7104) 20140
victory (P2522) 20128
donations (P8093) 20111
P7335 (P7335) 20105
referee (P1652) 20062
number of spoilt votes (P5044) 20027
exploitation visa number (P2755) 19874
Billboard artist ID (P4208) 19845 major league player ID (P1825) 19800
BFI Films, TV and people ID (P4438) 19797
male form of label (P3321) 19756
ICTV virus genome composition (P4628) 19714
SOATO ID (P2672) 19685
Christie's creator ID (P4200) 19663
Reaxys registry number (P1579) 19661
operating area (P2541) 19648
Yale University Art Gallery ID (P8583) 19647
Big Cartoon Database ID (P4933) 19629
Retrosheet person ID (P6976) 19610
American National Biography ID (P4823) 19466
JUFO ID (P1277) 19443
DigitaltMuseum ID (P7847) 19442
LoJ peak ID (P3907) 19402
Carnegie Hall agent ID (P4104) 19387
Australian Fungi ID (P9076) 19366
IDU person ID (P8385) 19360
Google Arts & Culture entity ID (P10297) 19349
SCAR Composite Gazetteer place ID (P3230) 19283
MuIS object ID (P4525) 19281 artist ID (P9965) 19271
HockeyDB player ID (P2602) 19247
LAU (P782) 19162
depends on software (P1547) 19132
CONOR.BG ID (P8849) 19101
ZooBank author ID (P2006) 19059
Vision of Britain place ID (P3616) 19023
Encyclopedia of China (Third Edition) ID (P10565) 18991
Dialnet author ID (P1607) 18937
Guggenheim fellows ID (P6594) 18918
Rodovid ID (P1185) 18836
draft (P2262) 18805
partner in business or sport (P1327) 18749
officeholder (P1308) 18748
immediate cause of (P1536) 18746
KINENOTE film ID (P2508) 18659
MMSI (P587) 18659
Australian Faunal Directory publication ID (P6982) 18657
UEFA player ID (P2276) 18621
Runeberg author ID (P3154) 18620
Giant Bomb ID (P5247) 18599
EU Knowledge Graph item ID (P11012) 18592
SNK ID (P9807) 18579
ELSTAT geographical code (P1116) 18557
location of first performance (P4647) 18536
chemical structure (P117) 18532
Political Graveyard politician ID (P8462) 18530
Crunchbase organization ID (P2088) 18424
Filmfront film ID (archived) (P7975) 18416
Visuotinė lietuvių enciklopedija ID (P7666) 18391
takes place in fictional universe (P1434) 18381
Scopus EID (P1154) 18338
Australian Statistical Geography 2016 ID (P4093) 18318
People Australia ID (P9159) 18308
homograph lexeme (P5402) 18209
MovieMeter person ID (P9463) 18178
reports periodicity (P6339) 18160
TOP500 System ID (P7307) 18145
Artsy artist ID (P2042) 18137
NTIS accession number (P7791) 18117
CricketArchive player ID (P2698) 18095 paper ID (P7259) 18076
TV Guide show ID (former scheme) (P3804) 18040 ID (former scheme) (P3539) 18038
Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator level (P1240) 18032 player ID (P11065) 18007
CoBiS author ID (P7865) 17981 player ID (P3315) 17973
Soccerbase player ID (P2193) 17968
Pinakothek artwork ID (P8948) 17926 film ID (archived) (P3129) 17860
LombardiaBeniCulturali building ID (P3503) 17819
source code repository URL (P1324) 17817
director / manager (P1037) 17807
EGROKN ID (P5381) 17776
basin country (P205) 17763
National Historical Museums of Sweden ID (P9495) 17759
Mondo ID (P5270) 17735
PACTOLS thesaurus ID (P4212) 17719
FSK film rating (P1981) 17687 player ID (P1665) 17629
SVKKL authority ID (P9322) 17618
SwissLipids ID (P8691) 17610
TheTVDB series ID (P4835) 17603
FloraBase ID (P3101) 17602
ICCD ID - S form (P6286) 17587
related category (P7084) 17572
Steam application ID (P1733) 17571
Iran statistics ID (P1010) 17552
Kulturminne ID (P758) 17529
National Database of Laws and Regulations ID (P9457) 17525
Sycomore ID (P1045) 17473
NGMDb Prod ID (P6693) 17468
Online Books Page author ID (P4629) 17435
category for members of a team (P6112) 17431
Genius artist ID (P2373) 17430
Directory of Open Access Journals ID (P5115) 17337
Principal Galaxies Catalogue ID (P4095) 17328 player ID (P3527) 17310
Open Media Database person ID (P5534) 17287
BillionGraves grave ID (P10554) 17262
Philadelphia Museum of Art entity ID (P8317) 17252
INSPIRE-HEP author ID (P2930) 17240
Danish Bibliometric Research Indicator (BFI) SNO/CNO (P1250) 17216 ID (P2943) 17168
GeoNLP ID (obsolete) (P5400) 17165
radius (P2120) 17134
Carnegie Classification of Institutions of Higher Education (P2643) 17093
Joconde work ID (P347) 17082 player ID (P3314) 17054
CEEB K-12 school code (P7801) 17052
register of real estate NKP (P7170) 17033 athlete ID (P4391) 17016
SIRUTA code (P843) 16976
Semantic Scholar corpus ID (P8299) 16954
Alexander Turnbull Library ID (P6683) 16871
Montreux Jazz Festival person ID (P8301) 16861 artist ID (P7109) 16843
Museo Galileo authority ID (P8947) 16793
Dewey Decimal Classification (P1036) 16776
licensed to broadcast to (P1408) 16734
social classification (P3716) 16689
Open Funder Registry funder ID (P3153) 16603
HowLongToBeat ID (P2816) 16584
inflows (P200) 16522 ID (P6142) 16517
Amazon Standard Identification Number (P5749) 16494
recording or performance of (P2550) 16447
AICS Chemical ID (BEING DELETED) (P7049) 16447
FamilySearch person ID (P2889) 16409
Australian Statistical Geography 2021 ID (P10112) 16394
set in environment (P8411) 16322
ComLaw ID (P2461) 16306
Semantic Scholar paper ID (P4011) 16270
conferred by (P1027) 16237 player ID (P3047) 16169
Global Species ID (P6433) 16150
weather history (P4150) 16135
interested in (P2650) 16009
Google Arts & Culture asset ID (P4701) 15997
talk show guest (P5030) 15948
has marker (P8872) 15948
related image (P6802) 15935
Archives at Yale agent ID (P8902) 15919
Vienna History Wiki ID (P7842) 15875
brand (P1716) 15873
category for maps (P7867) 15858
input device (P479) 15807
IBNR ID (P954) 15799 ID (P5327) 15795
NPDRMI record ID (P7868) 15786
Treccani's Enciclopedia Italiana ID (P4223) 15768
artist-info artist ID (P5489) 15752
production code (P2364) 15745
MCCP ID (P10760) 15733
organization directed by the office or position (P2389) 15685
Unz Review author ID (P2734) 15649
BVMC person ID (P2799) 15642
Cinema Context ID (P8296) 15615
Project Gutenberg author ID (P1938) 15557
usage example (P5831) 15548
category for alumni of educational institution (P3876) 15513
Historical Gazetteer (GOV) ID (P2503) 15505
designed by (P287) 15484
A Church Near You church ID (P5464) 15454
conjugation class (P5186) 15449
rural population (P6344) 15442
Czech neighbourhood ID code (P2788) 15391
WhatDoTheyKnow organisation ID (P8167) 15352
Allcinema person ID (P7214) 15323
ARKive ID (archived) (P2833) 15297
FINESS ID (P4058) 15289
RAWG game ID (P9968) 15270
INE municipality code (P772) 15239 ID (P10033) 15188
last line (P3132) 15167
CORE ID (P6409) 15166
vessel class (P289) 15156
carries (P2505) 15146
Flora of Australia ID (new) (P6756) 15144
hostelworld hostel ID (P10442) 15085
Ameblo username (P3502) 15085
historical region (P6885) 15078
Zhihu topic ID (P3553) 15056
Finnish Lake ID (P3394) 15034
parent astronomical body (P397) 14997
BHL part ID (P6535) 14971
Gram staining (P2597) 14949
Encyclopedia of Modern Ukraine ID (P4613) 14934
Cordial Dictionary ID (P11178) 14878
Ciné-Ressources film ID (P3203) 14877
office held by head of the organization (P2388) 14819
Hansard (1803–2005) ID (P2015) 14750
Government Publications Number (Taiwan) (P9859) 14750
floors above ground (P1101) 14744
MusicBrainz recording ID (P4404) 14722
item operated (P121) 14690
permanent duplicated item (P2959) 14687
FCC Facility ID (P1400) 14680
Museu da Pessoa History (P10032) 14651
Vision of Britain unit ID (P3615) 14640
total produced (P1092) 14606
National Library of Brazil ID (P4619) 14541
Movie Walker Press film ID (P2509) 14538
Dico en ligne Le Robert ID (P10338) 14521
World Rowing ID (P2091) 14515
LinkedIn company or organization ID (P4264) 14483
volume as quantity (P2234) 14476
FIBA player ID (P3542) 14440
depicted by (P1299) 14434
Bandcamp profile ID (P3283) 14412
LUBW Protected Area No (P5965) 14394
World Rowing UUID (P8990) 14350
Box Office Mojo film ID (former scheme) (P1237) 14323 game ID (P6783) 14320
BDFA player ID (P6188) 14312
Diamond Catalogue ID for persons and organisations (P8795) 14312
file extension (P1195) 14308
Podchaser creator ID (P9743) 14296
Golden ID (P7502) 14276
professorship (P803) 14272
Memento Vienna person ID (P9543) 14177
BAnQ authority ID (P3280) 14155
production designer (P2554) 14153
origin of the watercourse (P885) 14153
GNIS Antarctica ID (P804) 14147
topographic prominence (P2660) 14134
LibraryThing author ID (P7400) 14071
Fandango person ID (P8125) 14037
Met Constituent ID (P10882) 13997 player ID (P3546) 13964
Pubs Galore ID (P7411) 13939
elCinema film ID (P3135) 13928
TLFi ID (P7722) 13925
Lur Encyclopedic Dictionary ID (P10242) 13923
COVIDWHO ID (P8150) 13917
Unifrance film ID (P3961) 13916
curriculum vitae URL (P8214) 13881
WBIS ID (P8081) 13865
Asset of cultural interest code (P808) 13822
Italian Chamber of Deputies dati ID (P1341) 13807
Le Delarge artist ID (P1988) 13772
SEARCH on line catalogue ID (P9081) 13742
ESR station code (P2815) 13722
stock exchange (P414) 13633
Encyclopedia of Science Fiction ID (P5357) 13628
Australian Dictionary of Biography ID (P1907) 13599
MSW ID (P959) 13586
Musicalics composer ID (P6925) 13565
number of seats in assembly (P1410) 13520
shooting handedness (P423) 13489
KATOTTH ID (P9435) 13457
Six Degrees of Francis Bacon ID (P2401) 13437
eligible voters (P1867) 13233
URN-NBN (P4109) 13227
BacDive ID (P2946) 13221
Museum of Modern Art artist ID (P2174) 13216
Il mondo dei doppiatori ID (P5099) 13213
AGORHA person/institution ID (P2342) 13179
GeneaStar person ID (P8094) 13179
Disease Ontology ID (P699) 13176
OpenDomesday settlement ID (P3118) 13121
significant environmental impact (P3643) 13096
speed (P2052) 13089
Czech cadastral area ID (P7526) 13079
street key (P1945) 13059
subreddit (P3984) 13004
AdoroCinema person ID (P10266) 13003 athlete ID (P3427) 13002
denkXweb object ID (P1769) 12984
AFL Tables player ID (P3547) 12978
PCP reference number (P381) 12958
NSZL name authority ID (P3133) 12951
NSZL (VIAF) ID (P951) 12946
Magyar életrajzi lexikon ID (P8998) 12932
Altmetric DOI (P5530) 12921
US Congress Bio ID (P1157) 12899
Gene Atlas image (P692) 12856
C-SPAN person numeric ID (P10660) 12821
class of station (P5606) 12820
coach of sports team (P6087) 12817
Douban movie celebrity ID (P5284) 12812
Artstor artwork ID (P10187) 12793
discography (P358) 12786
nominal power capacity (P2109) 12783 film ID (P5987) 12781
Larousse Online French Dictionary ID (P11118) 12744
thickness (P2610) 12743
after a work by (P1877) 12737
C-SPAN person ID (P2190) 12717
PCGamingWiki ID (P6337) 12716
National Trust Collections ID (P4373) 12674
Sandbox-String (P370) 12664
genetic association (P2293) 12596
Krugosvet article (P6385) 12590
Find a Grave cemetery ID (P2025) 12554
GADM ID (P8714) 12512
TV Tropes ID (P6839) 12481
total goals in career (P6509) 12468
OGDB game title ID (P7564) 12464
Proleksis enciklopedija ID (P8349) 12433
place served by transport hub (P931) 12425
Spotify track ID (P2207) 12411
Treasury of Lives ID (P4138) 12392
runway (P529) 12391 ID (P2558) 12379
Saccharomyces Genome Database ID (P3406) 12366
NCI Thesaurus ID (P1748) 12338
Bangumi subject ID (P5732) 12333
HathiTrust ID (P1844) 12293
Human Development Index (P1081) 12281
documentation files at (P10527) 12272
Survey of English Place-Names ID (P3627) 12265
Munzinger Sport number (P1285) 12248
Flanders Arts Institute production ID (P5935) 12233
DrugBank ID (P715) 12228 ID (P9839) 12207
Evene ID (P5617) 12187
service retirement (P730) 12123
download URL (P4945) 12120
DanNet 2.2 word ID (P6140) 12118
MONA ID (P4758) 12109
not found in (P9660) 12101
Curlie ID (P998) 12099
IRS Employer Identification Number (P1297) 12087
GrassBase ID (P1832) 12082
teams classification by time (P3497) 12070
revised romanization (P2001) 12069
poverty incidence (P8843) 12063
Media Arts Database console games ID (former scheme) (P7117) 12062
coordinates of northernmost point (P1332) 12041
beam (P2261) 12039
Tabakalera ID (P10069) 12031
CTHS person ID (P2383) 12030
Museu da Pessoa person ID (P10023) 12025
review of (P6977) 12020
Australian Statistical Geography 2011 ID (P4014) 12007
coordinates of easternmost point (P1334) 11994
coordinates of southernmost point (P1333) 11988
coordinates of westernmost point (P1335) 11983
Louvre Museum ARK ID (P9394) 11955
VASCAN ID (P1745) 11891
NZTCS ID (P9889) 11856
The Reptile Database ID (P5473) 11847
drafted by (P647) 11814
Cineplex Germany film ID (P3077) 11798
NZTCS conservation status (P9888) 11796
NCES school ID (P2484) 11782
Athenaeum person ID (P4145) 11772
University of Ghana Digital Collections (UGSpace) ID (P8602) 11765
Bridgeman artist ID (P3965) 11761
RKD thesaurus ID (P8519) 11753
individual of taxon (P10241) 11737
Nihon Tarento Meikan ID (P3477) 11730
Entomologists of the World ID (P5370) 11722
GCatholic church ID (P2971) 11699
Svenska Akademiens Ordbok unique ID (P8478) 11685
canonization status (P411) 11666
Perlentaucher ID (P866) 11666
Littré ID (P7724) 11650
Mir@bel journal ID (P4730) 11622
mountains classification (P4320) 11569
OmegaWiki Defined Meaning (P1245) 11543
BD Gest' author ID (P5491) 11532
German municipality key (P439) 11509
Pilze Deutschland ID (P7254) 11497
Yandex Music artist ID (P1553) 11494
SIRET number (P3215) 11477
BIU Santé person ID (P5375) 11441
Ballotpedia ID (P2390) 11425 player ID (P2601) 11420
Yahoo! JAPAN Talent Database ID (P3284) 11415
Chamber of Deputies of Italy storia ID (P3935) 11391
Svenska Akademins Ordbok-ID (seek) (P9963) 11355
K10plus PPN ID (P6721) 11353
TheTVDB episode ID (P7043) 11327
Archivio Storico Ricordi person ID (P8290) 11289
page at website of Belarus Geocenter (P2487) 11274
Titan ID (P4125) 11215
Biblioteca Iglesia Nacional Española en Roma ID (P9179) 11192
Glottolog code (P1394) 11164
KML file (P3096) 11160
culture (P2596) 11145
Rheinland-Pfälzische Personendatenbank ID (P8748) 11139
Berlin Street ID (P10451) 11105
Bionomia ID (P6944) 11080
KINENOTE person ID (P3305) 11078
Cambridge Alumni Database ID (P1599) 11050
ICD-11 (foundation) (P7807) 11016
VGMdb artist ID (P3435) 11013
Xeno-canto species ID (P2426) 11012
animal breed (P4743) 11011
number of processor cores (P1141) 11008
symptoms and signs (P780) 10998
National Museum in Warsaw artwork ID (P9061) 10957
FemBio ID (P6722) 10945
The Numbers movie ID (P3808) 10932
BG EKATTE place ID (P3990) 10916
iPatrimônio ID (P4372) 10912
convicted of (P1399) 10898
GEPRIS Historisch person ID (P9044) 10894 film ID (P5338) 10888
total expenditure (P2402) 10850
MusicBrainz label ID (P966) 10807
EC enzyme number (P591) 10800
motto text (P1451) 10799
ITF player ID 2020 (P8618) 10794
EU VAT number (P3608) 10767
Svenska Institutet i Rom ID (P9164) 10756
USHMM person ID (P4130) 10752
Wikisource index page URL (P1957) 10751
Calflora ID (P3420) 10749
Medierådet rating (P5970) 10737
MusicBrainz place ID (P1004) 10672
Google Books ID (P675) 10664
Internetowy Polski Słownik Biograficzny ID (P8130) 10655
National Library of Chile ID (P7369) 10649
SIPA ID (P1700) 10630
ICD-10-CM (P4229) 10617
coat of arms (P237) 10599
Democracy Club candidate ID (P6465) 10583
judge (P1594) 10582
cost (P2130) 10578
museum-digital place ID (P9957) 10549
Pontifical University of Salamanca ID (P9247) 10544
ESRB rating (P852) 10522
date of promulgation (P7589) 10510
property proposal discussion (P3254) 10497 international player ID (P4790) 10497
MyAnimeList people ID (P4084) 10478
UCI rider ID (P11020) 10463
ELNET ID (P6394) 10462
Gateway to Research person ID (P8446) 10460
Mendeley person ID (P3835) 10450
EDb film ID (P3141) 10449
Wikidata item of this property (P1629) 10438
Students of Prague Universities ID (P8953) 10429
KERIS school ID (P5744) 10423
McCune-Reischauer romanization (P1942) 10401
young rider classification (P4323) 10387
IEEE Xplore author ID (P6479) 10365
Heritage Gateway ID (P8169) 10340
health specialty (P1995) 10332
Academy of Athens authority ID (P10141) 10308
Rush Parliamentary Archive ID (P4471) 10290
Muck Rack media outlet ID (P9035) 10284
DAHR artist ID (P4457) 10278
KEPN ID (P3639) 10267
Laws & Regulations Database of the Republic of China ID (P7242) 10253
commander of (DEPRECATED) (P598) 10192
KIT Linked Open Numbers ID (P5176) 10168
outflows (P201) 10167
Natura 2000 site ID (P3425) 10158
Dewey Decimal Classification (works and editions) (P8359) 10144
Wi-Fi access (P2848) 10102
Nationalmuseum Sweden ID (P2538) 10055
elFilm person ID (P3144) 10053
Film w prasie polskiej press collection ID (P8796) 10016 ID (P3495) 10009
Mediafilm ID (P9022) 10008