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1 en Q1670087 PowerBook G4 series of notebook computers created by Apple Computers, Inc.
2 en Q2702825 Illustrators for Gender Equality Illustrators for Gender Equality offers a global perspective to gender equality through text-less opinion cartoons, the sole purpose of which is to invite viewers to reflection.
3 en Q4032894 ADH1B Alcohol dehydrogenase 1B is an enzyme that in humans is encoded by the ADH1B gene.
4 en Q2408280 Brazilian Women's Volleyball Superliga National women's volleyball championship of Brazil.
5 en Q2891308 Al-‘Al A former Syrian town in the southern Golan Heights, Israel.
6 en Q1900597 Brand awareness Brand Awareness is the extent to which a brand is recognized by potential customers, and is correctly associated with a particular product..
7 en Q4772868 Anthony Kearns Anthony Kearns (born 17 August 1971, Kiltealy, County Wexford, Ireland) is an Irish singer.
8 en Q3927850 Quilichino da Spoleto Italian poet and jurist of the Middle Ages (floruit 1236).
9 en Q908481 The Den Football stadium in London, home to Millwall F.C.
10 en Q2037994 The Otto-Moericke tower A water tower in Konstanz, Germany.
11 en Q3531934 Pattabiram A suburb situated on the western part of Chennai, India.
12 en Q1093326 Bhimashankar Temple a shiva ( Jyotirlinga) temple in Maharashtra, India.
13 en Q281513 Tamil Nadu Housing Board organization in Tamil Nadu, India.
14 en Q2007255 Brazilian Men's Volleyball Superliga National men's volleyball championship of Brazil.
15 en Q471838 Sankagiri Fort Historical fort maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India.
16 en Q5087188 Chase Promenade open-air, tree-lined pedestrian walkway in Chicago, U.S.
17 en Q3258313 Delaporte distribution The Delaporte distribution is a discrete probability distribution that can be defined using the convolution of a negative binomial distribution with a Poisson distribution.
18 en Q1226230 Umashankar Joshi Gujarati poet, scholar and writer.
19 en Q2084900 OPPO Digital OPPO Digital is an electronics manufacturer based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.
20 en Q1200706 Immediate Music American trailer music company.
21 en Q2969846 Château de Maulnes Château de Maulnes in Burgundy (département of Yonne), France; 16th century.
22 en Q2612774 Fort Mahon Fort located on the coast of the Strait of Dover, northern France.
23 en Q2916553 fort Louvois Fortification built off shore in Bourcefranc-le-Chapus in the department of Charente-Maritime, France.
24 en Q1572542 Sheridan town in New York state, U.S.A.
25 en Q763928 Valais Ocean Subducted ocean. Remnants found in the Alps in the North Penninic nappes.
26 en Q3123483 Geology of France Regional geology of France.
27 en Q928835 Phrygian Sibyl Priestess presiding over an Apollonian oracle at Phrygia, a historical kingdom in the west central part of the Anatolian highlands.
28 en Q3232801 Les Fruits de l'été A Raymond Bernard film based on a Philippe Hériat novel, released in Paris on 11 February 1955.
29 en Q3753824 Xíriga Occupation-related cant on Asturian developed by the tejeros of Llanes and Ribadesella in Asturias.
30 en Q2390806 The Logrus In The Chronicles of Amber, a series of fantasy novels by Roger Zelazny, the Logrus is a shifting, three-dimensional maze which represents the forces of Chaos in the multiverse.
31 en Q4039076 Future World Music American trailer music company.
32 en Q2073928 MRE11A A protein that in humans is encoded by the MRE11A gene. Involved in homologous recombination, telomere length maintenance, and DNA double-strand break repair.
33 en Q1762323 Gospel in Islam The Christian Gospel from and Islamic perspective.
34 en Q1323369 Toybox A light implementation of some Linux command line utilities.
35 en Q2169717 Route nationale 320 National road in Picardy, France.
36 en Q4933223 Bob MacDonald An American baseball pitcher.
37 en Q304565 Ruben Douglas Panamanian-American professional basketball player, born 1979.
38 en Q5994094 Bawan, Kurdistan A village near Amadiya, Kurdistan.
39 en Q907325 Magnetic resonance angiography a group of techniques based on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to image blood vessels.
40 en Q796584 tf–idf Numerical statistic which reflects how important a word is to a document in a collection or corpus.
41 en Q1708603 Stateless society Anthropological phenomenon of societies where state-like social organisation is not present.
42 en Q250903 Trial by Jury Comic, one-act opera by Gilbert and Sullivan.
43 en Q4811033 Aston Villa Hardcore football firm linked with Aston Villa F.C.
44 en Q2280583 Krachtbal Sport.
45 en Q1512312 List of Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu heads of government in the history of the state of Tamil Nadu in India since 1920.
46 en Q259819 List of Polish generals Wikipedia List page.
47 en Q2075129 Focal-JMLab French manufacturer of audio products.
48 en Q2374697 Maurice Ward British inventor mainly known for the invention of a thermal insulator called starlite.
49 en Q3777879 Inishbiggle Inishbiggle is a small inhabited island off the coast of County Mayo in Ireland.
50 en Q2968957 Chateau-Thierry castle castle in Chateau-Thierry, France.