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1 Q12481109 (LC) acewiki Deuah, Sama Tiga, Acèh Barat
2 Q728001 (LC) afwiki Afleiding (taalkunde)
3 Q212348 (LC) afwiki Angus (bees)
4 Q19711 (LC) afwiki Avon (Bristol)
5 Q971767 (LC) afwiki Beloved (roman)
6 Q17461073 (LC) afwiki Ben, in the World
7 Q897314 (LC) afwiki Brahman (bees)
8 Q5025319 (LC) afwiki Cambridge, Oos-Kaap
9 Q100041 (LC) afwiki Carpi, Emilia-Romagna
10 Q1736876 (LC) afwiki Cat's Eye (Atwood-roman)
11 Q948818 (LC) afwiki Ee (Dongeradeel)
12 Q138046 (LC) afwiki England, England
13 Q16168 (LC) afwiki Ferrara (provinsie)
14 Q16180 (LC) afwiki Forlì-Cesena (provinsie)
15 Q1132324 (LC) afwiki Glos (teks)
16 Q141881 (LC) afwiki Granby, Quebec
17 Q387961 (LC) afwiki Independence Day (Ford-roman)
18 Q3163324 (LC) afwiki Jazz (roman)
19 Q18433757 (LC) afwiki Kabinet van Jacob Zuma, Mei 2009
20 Q40041 (LC) afwiki Konserwatiewe Party (dubbelsinnig)
21 Q1088792 (LC) afwiki Lakewood, New Jersey
22 Q150494 (LC) afwiki Leopold I, Heilige Romeinse Keiser
23 Q151321 (LC) afwiki Leopold II, Heilige Romeinse Keiser
24 Q959410 (LC) afwiki Lexington, Nebraska
25 Q501761 (LC) afwiki Lexington, Virginië
26 Q6690144 (LC) afwiki Love, etc (Barnes-roman)
27 Q52983 (LC) afwiki Lugo, Emilia-Romagna
28 Q4784 (LC) afwiki Metroland (Barnes-roman)
29 Q786298 (LC) afwiki Modderrivier, Noord-Kaap
30 Q16209 (LC) afwiki Modena (provinsie)
31 Q1000806 (LC) afwiki Nes (Dongeradeel)
32 Q951587 (LC) afwiki Never Let Me Go (roman)
33 Q401537 (LC) afwiki Night and Day (Woolf-roman)
34 Q2454855 (LC) afwiki Norwich, Ohio
35 Q3821704 (LC) afwiki Offshore (roman)
36 Q131346 (LC) afwiki Pandora (mitologie)
37 Q7134233 (LC) afwiki Paradise (roman)
38 Q11464 (LC) afwiki Ploeg (werktuig)
39 Q7274451 (LC) afwiki R21 (Suid-Afrika)
40 Q7274459 (LC) afwiki R24 (Gauteng)
41 Q16252 (LC) afwiki Ravenna (provinsie)
42 Q7322430 (LC) afwiki Ribbes (voedsel)
43 Q245423 (LC) afwiki Samestelling (taalkunde)
44 Q625884 (LC) afwiki Selters (Taunus)
45 Q132041 (LC) afwiki Sleutel (slot)
46 Q228039 (LC) afwiki Slot (sluiting)
47 Q138811 (LC) afwiki Soethout (geursel)
48 Q3480330 (LC) afwiki Song of Solomon (roman)
49 Q210523 (LC) afwiki Stam (taalkunde)
50 Q27630 (LC) afwiki Stratum (taalkunde)
51 Q7646051 (LC) afwiki Surfacing (Atwood-roman)
52 Q15080194 (LC) afwiki The Goldfinch (roman)
53 Q1331310 (LC) afwiki The Sense of an Ending (Barnes-roman)
54 Q1000769 (LC) afwiki Waaxens (Dongeradeel)
55 Q2504767 (LC) afwiki Westergeest (Kollumerland)
56 Q256051 (LC) alswiki Baar (Schwaben)
57 Q526553 (LC) alswiki Biberbach (Schwaben)
58 Q219447 (LC) alswiki Bill of Rights (England)
59 Q542907 (LC) alswiki Bonstetten (Schwaben)
60 Q627506 (LC) alswiki Breitenthal (Schwaben)