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1 Q2808309 (LC) enwiki 15 chansons d'avant le déluge, suite et fin
2 Q17652288 (LC) enwiki 2014–15 Serie A (futsal)
3 Q16160285 (LC) enwiki 2nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union, 1st Formation)
4 Q16160305 (LC) enwiki 2nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union, 2nd Formation)
5 Q16160326 (LC) enwiki 2nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union, 3rd Formation)
6 Q16485447 (LC) enwiki 2nd Rifle Division (Soviet Union, 4th Formation)
7 Q298114 (LC) enwiki ASV Dachau (volleyball)
8 Q20023132 (LC) enwiki Adam Smith (footballer, born 1992)
9 Q12808279 (LC) enwiki Adana (electoral district)
10 Q15644725 (LC) enwiki Adi Badri (Haryana)
11 Q5658288 (LC) enwiki Adrian Moss (basketball, born 1981)
12 Q6099080 (LC) enwiki Adıyaman (electoral district)
13 Q6098710 (LC) enwiki Afyonkarahisar (electoral district)
14 Q7393495 (LC) enwiki Agricultural Museum (Malaysia)
15 Q12358530 (LC) enwiki Aken (novel)
16 Q6095517 (LC) enwiki Aksaray (electoral district)
17 Q2080761 (LC) enwiki Al Hijr (Kaaba)
18 Q20045227 (LC) enwiki Al-Hasakah city offensive (May–June 2015)
19 Q12190454 (LC) enwiki Alamart (Khartoum)
20 Q5662694 (LC) enwiki Alberti Norte (Buenos Aires Underground)
21 Q4195916 (LC) enwiki Aleksandr Ivanov (footballer, born 1973)
22 Q4225559 (LC) enwiki Aleksandr Kovalyov (footballer, born 1980)
23 Q4088735 (LC) enwiki Aleksei Bobrov (footballer, born 1973)
24 Q18575255 (LC) enwiki Alexandri (amora)
25 Q16830343 (LC) enwiki Alliance (esports)
26 Q19607487 (LC) enwiki Almirante (board game)
27 Q12194087 (LC) enwiki Almorada (Omdurman)
28 Q18599924 (LC) enwiki Alternatiba, Village of Alternatives
29 Q16301064 (LC) enwiki Amador, Panama
30 Q6099030 (LC) enwiki Amasya (electoral district)
31 Q10408108 (LC) enwiki Amelia (magazine)
32 Q3614188 (LC) enwiki Amica (magazine)
33 Q20021704 (LC) enwiki Aminul Hoque (writer)
34 Q20051698 (LC) enwiki Anahita (disambiguation)
35 Q17620988 (LC) enwiki Ancon (archaeological site)
36 Q4402514 (LC) enwiki Andrei Ryabykh (footballer, born 1982)
37 Q6099205 (LC) enwiki Ankara (electoral districts)
38 Q6099132 (LC) enwiki Antalya (electoral district)
39 Q16081213 (LC) enwiki Anton Chico, New Mexico
40 Q19753270 (LC) enwiki Aozora no Shita, Kimi no Tonari
41 Q20010013 (LC) enwiki Apulian regional election, 2015
42 Q6094332 (LC) enwiki Ardahan (electoral district)
43 Q16301107 (LC) enwiki Arosemena, Panama
44 Q15784120 (LC) enwiki Arthur Hay, 15th Earl of Kinnoull
45 Q6099248 (LC) enwiki Artvin (electoral district)
46 Q18732955 (LC) enwiki Ashley (restaurant)
47 Q8774292 (LC) enwiki Asturian parliamentary election, 1983
48 Q8774294 (LC) enwiki Asturian parliamentary election, 1987
49 Q8774297 (LC) enwiki Asturian parliamentary election, 1991
50 Q8774299 (LC) enwiki Asturian parliamentary election, 1995
51 Q2889967 (LC) enwiki Asturian parliamentary election, 1999
52 Q8774302 (LC) enwiki Asturian parliamentary election, 2003
53 Q5827471 (LC) enwiki Asturian parliamentary election, 2007
54 Q19838091 (LC) enwiki Avda (given name)
55 Q12218123 (LC) enwiki Avenue Mohammed V (Tunis)
56 Q6099096 (LC) enwiki Aydın (electoral district)
57 Q2465100 (LC) enwiki Azóia (Sintra)
58 Q12808681 (LC) enwiki Ağrı (electoral district)
59 Q18191395 (LC) enwiki Baby Boom (Israeli TV Series)
60 Q5653660 (LC) enwiki Baco, Chiriquí
61 Q799152 (LC) enwiki Badischer Hof (Tauberbischofsheim)
62 Q16372234 (LC) enwiki Bagaran (ancient city)
63 Q19886353 (LC) enwiki Bahía Honda, Los Santos
64 Q2880241 (LC) enwiki Bakhuysen (crater)
65 Q2880681 (LC) enwiki Baldet (Martian crater)
66 Q6099251 (LC) enwiki Balıkesir (electoral district)
67 Q12195873 (LC) enwiki Bant (Omdurman)
68 Q14597534 (LC) enwiki Barabashov (crater)
69 Q11687333 (LC) enwiki Baranowice, Żory
70 Q19815549 (LC) enwiki Baren (TV Sweden)
71 Q18398242 (LC) enwiki Barrios Unidos, Coclé
72 Q6095173 (LC) enwiki Bartın (electoral district)
73 Q3635768 (LC) enwiki Basilica of Santa Maria delle Grazie, Cortemaggiore
74 Q9167795 (LC) enwiki Basilica of St. Jacob and St. Agnes, Nysa
75 Q6094903 (LC) enwiki Batman (electoral district)
76 Q5722246 (LC) enwiki Battle of Bucaramanga (1854)
77 Q5722248 (LC) enwiki Battle of Bucaramanga (1899)
78 Q5722426 (LC) enwiki Battle of Eisenach (908)
79 Q16301163 (LC) enwiki Bayano, Los Santos
80 Q6094883 (LC) enwiki Bayburt (electoral district)
81 Q19852321 (LC) enwiki Be With You (TV Series)
82 Q16301181 (LC) enwiki Bejuco, Panama
83 Q19842804 (LC) enwiki Beli, Croatia
84 Q19613766 (LC) enwiki Beridze, Alexandre
85 Q12785821 (LC) enwiki Besnica (creek)
86 Q10863014 (LC) enwiki Bichaghchi (tribe)
87 Q2986349 (LC) enwiki Bignon Commission (French Revolution)
88 Q6099151 (LC) enwiki Bilecik (electoral district)
89 Q6099223 (LC) enwiki Bingöl (electoral district)
90 Q6098841 (LC) enwiki Bitlis (electoral district)
91 Q19885807 (LC) enwiki Blind Date (2015 film)
92 Q6098846 (LC) enwiki Bolu (electoral district)
93 Q661065 (LC) enwiki Bombarde (organ stop)
94 Q1969679 (LC) enwiki Born to Kill (1967 film)
95 Q9177897 (LC) enwiki Borynia, Jastrzębie-Zdrój
96 Q2925066 (LC) enwiki Briault (crater)
97 Q2926539 (LC) enwiki Brujas (telenovela)
98 Q9180891 (LC) enwiki Brzezie, Racibórz
99 Q11688989 (LC) enwiki Brzezinka, Mysłowice
100 Q9396024 (LC) enwiki Brzęczkowice, Mysłowice