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I am a graduate of OCAD University. And if you’re wondering what’s the deal with my userid, my university’s student email ID’s used to look like spam email addresses. Yes really. Even a prof has complained about it.

Translating on Wikidata edit

TL;DR: ?action=purge, lang, the Chinese macros, and remember to wait after committing any segment to TM

Labels and aliases edit

  • The edit screen is not reliable; you must enable the “labelLister” gadget in your preferences[1]; after enabling it there will be a new tab called “Labels” which will show you the reliable information you need
  • You must declare your languages via the #babel macro because on Wikidata Babel declarations are configuration settings

CAT-based translations edit

  • Wikidata uses a PO-based CAT with fuzzy matching but no glossary support. The Translations: namespace is your TM. Each source or target segment is stored as an individual wiki page in the TM
  • Foreign words should be marked with {{lang|ISO 639 code|foreign text}}
  • Chinese pages will need help from Chinese Wikipedia’s Chinese–Chinese conversion macros
  • After translating a segment, you must wait until the yellow highlighting disappears before you do anything else (e.g., translating another segment, moving away from the page, etc.); otherwise the segment will be committed to TM but the target text will not be regenerated—there is no “create target document” command so this condition is not correctable except by recommitting the affected segments, which is tedious and can be extremely time consuming if you’ve forgotten which segments are involved (This is a system bug)
  • Segmentation is manual and can only be performed by “translation administrators”; normal users do not have the means to resegment a source text
  • Segmentation appears to be paragraph segmentation
  • There is no support for provisional segments; provisionally translated articles are considered, from the system’s viewpoint, as 100% complete

Notes edit

  1. Deng, J. (2014, July 25 05:22). Go to Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-gadgets and enable the "labelLister" gadget. I filed bugzilla:41994 for this in the early days of Wikidata. Still no remedy it would seem. [Discussion comment]. Retrieved August 3, 2014, from https://​www.​wiki​data.​org/​wiki/​Wiki​data:​Contact​_​the​_​development​_​team/​Archive/​2014/​07​#​Non-English​_​label​_​not​_​showing​_​up​_​in​_​editor