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My name is Anurag Chakraborty.I am a student of Bachelor of Business Administration under R.I.M.S..

My father's name is : Sri A.K.Chakraborty .

My mother's name is : Smt. Beauty Chakraborty .

My Sweet brother : Nirmalya Chakraborty (Toby).

My facebook profile [1]। e-mail: anurag_toby@yahoo.com

Language ProficiencyEdit

  1. Bengali: Mother tong.
  2. Oriya:local language.
  3. Hindi:National language.
  4. English: English at a near-native level.

Extra Curricular ActivitiesEdit


  1. Poetry
  2. music
  3. politics
  4. society

Articles I have researched and contributed to the Wikipedia are as follows:

  1. Cricket :Fav. cricketer Sourav Ganguly
  2. Football :Fav. team Mohan Bagan and East Bengal

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Anurag Chakraborty (Template:Lang-bn; born 03 Jan 1992) . I was born and brought up in Rourkela which is in Indian state of Orissa now ,Odisha.

My Family belongs to a Bengali Hindu Kulin Brahmin family from the Indian state of West Bengal (Paschim Banga) , India.I am also very much fluent in writing and speaking in English , Oriya (Odia) and Hindi languages.

I am Proud to be an Indian Bengali.
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