User:Bene*/Fight vandalism

We need better ways to fight vandalism and validate data on Wikidata. Therefore, we need volunteers and a community who do a great job in fighting vandalism, but we have to give them tools which help them preventing wrong data being added to Wikidata. This tools can be:

  • Abuse filters
  • Recent changes
  • Watchlists (not very helpful at all)
  • Some game-like feeds which allow validating data on the fly

The last point seems to be most promising, given the huge success of The Game. However, validating data is much harder and can not be done that easily. This is a topic we have to think about and we need to create tools and ways to efficiently handle the huge amount of data in Wikidata.


  • Disallow editing of statements which have sources or qualifiers
    • Those statements are not likely to be changed because they define a fact which applies for that reference and a specific situation. If there is new data it should be added in another statement and be marked as preferred.
  • Disallow removing data
    • Removing data is sometimes needed but mostly during maintenance tasks. However, there might also be cases where a statement has to be removed.