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The aim of Wikidata is

"Wikidata acts as central storage for the structured data of its Wikimedia sister projects including Wikipedia, Wikivoyage, Wikisource, and others."

The big danger threatening Wikidata is to become an indiscrimate gathering of stuff dragged in from the world wide web: this would lead to the entropy death of Wikidata (everything connected to everything, no more structure, no more data).

When it comes to organisms the aim of Wikidata firstly means presenting data about the various taxonomic viewpoints (in the form of solid taxonomic references) concerning the taxa treated in the Wikimedia universe and also presenting nomenclatural data (this last is not really within the scope of Wikimedia, but is hugely popular, and is here to stay).

In the beginning there was a very constructive atmosphere at Wikidata (contents were terrible, since they were imported from Wikipedia, with all that entails), and focus was mostly on getting things to work (given the open nature of Wikidata, there always were users who happily put errors back in) .

Many a Wikipedia is a battleground (and the resulting errors in content are all too easily visible). This battleground is now migrating to Wikidata, with battle-hardened fighters manifesting themselves and intimidating users, in order to have their favourite Wikipedia pages linked for maximum exposure (at the cost of other Wikipedia pages and at the cost of readers) or to push otger agendas. Content suffers accordingly: it proves once again that the phenomenom characterized by "many eyeballs make all content shallow" is an all too widely present danger.

It proves that admins here are still in the phase where they believe that any problem is "caused by both sides". They went to great lengths to establish that they will let all aggression slide (even to the point of being fine with a user who explictly declared war on Wikidata), but as soon as any user tries to stand up to the aggression or even attempts to describe the aggression, suddenly there is a "conflict with two sides" and whoever spoke up is blocked.

Not that this is outside known human behaviour. "Shoot the messenger!", "Blame the victim!", "Hang the whisteblower!" are all too familiar phenomena.

Wikidata has great potential, if it is ever allowed to be. Maybe one day, admins will grow up, and will make it possible for users to engage in constructively improving data quality, without being subjected to campaigns of aggression and intimidation.