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Joined 7 February 2019

My username is aspergers with each letter getting the letter that follows it, thus this username.

This account is made to explore Asperger's, ASD topics nonetheless(or things related to such topics such as behavior science, diets, famous people with ASD, other people with ASD with enough notability etc.). I have Asperger's but I'm not notable enough to be included as a person anywhere on any of the Wikimedia Projects. There are no reliable sources that cover me or my activities. I just want to function as a part of society. I could need a wikidata mentor though. If you would like to be a wikidata mentor for me please post on my Discussion page, thank you!



Wikibooks is interesting as a project but it has its limitations? My journey is finding out partly what wikibooks is about and what it isn't about.

Why is it important to have a 'no original research' clause? (perm) Maybe to keep out conspiracy theories and not make wikibooks a platform for 'crazy ideas' or other bizarre information. We want something to be as close to facts and established research as possible, right? Any other weird theories that some aspies might have, may also be in this category. I agree there must be some guidelines so we don't become a spam bin.

Open questions regarding questions or issues in ASD or similar communities

  • When people with ASD or others use the word "NT" do they also include people with BPD?

Wikibooks title for a health booklet

  • "in the traces of dmak"(dmak is an 'abandoneware' (probably also not notable at all in an NPOV sense) nutrition statistics program where all the chemical components of foods were based on USDA data that was downloaded separately for the program to be of any use)


Steve Jobs

wikidata tutorial

Based on a tutorial by Ijon on the official Wikimedia channel on YouTube

notable people for Wikipedia or wikidata where the medical condition is ASD or a similar condition based on a personal interpretation of "ASD"

Archived discussions that were interesting or I found interesting

Privacy Interest

donations list confusion

I remember there was a donation list in the past where somebody donating to wikimedia can show up in a list if they want and what they donated. Is that still there?