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nb-2 Denne brukeren har nokså god kjennskap til norsk bokmål.
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To do edit

I have done very little regarding Wikidata the last few weeks. I hope to soon resume a more normal level of activity. My first priorities will be:

  1. Update read_items.c so the new 2013-09-10 database dump can be read.
  2. Update the regular database reports from the database dump
  3. Update countrymerge.c, numbermerge.c, intervalmerge.c so the output is sorted, and thus make it easy to see which items on the lists are new in a page diff
  4. Update numbermerge.c so Roman numerals are recognized
  5. Do other requests for new lists
  6. Prepare moving database reports from userspace to the Wikidata namespace.

Byrial (talk) 06:24, 12 September 2013 (UTC)

My analyses of database dumps edit

Status: The latest complete database dump of Wikidata is from 2013-09-10. I need to do some program changes before reading it because of changes in the data format. I hope to do that soon.

Most reports will be uploaded by User:Byrialbot. Check its contributions to see what is new.

The statistics is made from database dumps. The pages-articles.xml file from the database dump which contains the page text in JSON format for entities is parsed by the program read_items which adds data to an MySQL database. Other programs are then used to extract the various statistics from the database.

The used programs are licensed with GNU General Public License, version 3 (or later) and are available for download from (I may not always remember to place new or updated programs for download, feel free to contact me if something is missing.) They are written in the 1999 ISO standard of C (known as C99). Use option "-std=c99" or "-std=iso9899:1999" when compiling with GCC.

If you want to see other lists or statistics about items and properties, please ask at my talk page.

Lists of False positives edit

If you find a false positive on the merge lists add it to the list on the merge exclusion page and it will be excluded in future.

If you find an unmerge candidate on a list which is a false positive then add it to the unmerge exclusion page and it will be excluded in future.

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