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Joined 17 December 2018

Hi, my name is Julieta Arancio. I'm a phd student from Argentina currently in Geneva-CH.

My contributions to Wikidata are mostly around my phd topic, open science hardware, datasets related to environmental monitoring stations, environmental science... But also about Argentina-related items.

I contribute mainly in Spanish and English, and now that I'm in Geneva I'm trying to also contribute a bit in French.

Projet:Les sans pagEs/Carte des sorcières notoiresEdit

I got to know the project through Nattes à chat and their Friday noon meetings in Geneva :)

I made this query that searches for instances of human convicted of (P1399) OR charge (P1595) of witchcraft (Q259745), groups them by gender and maps them by place of death (P20). By selecting also date of death (P570), it provides a timeline visualization that I enhanced using the Histropedia Wikidata Query Timeline service.

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