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Joined 11 January 2014

తెవికీ నా సొంత వికీ. అక్కడ నిర్వాహకుణ్ణీ, అధికారినీ.

Joined Telugu Wikipedia in 2005 where I am a Sysop and Bureaucrat now.

Passionate about quality improvement on Telugu Wikipedia.

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Wiki InterestsEdit

Isro related articles | History articles | Indian Missiles articles | Indian Defense articles | Quality Improvement | Village data insertion into Wikidata | Interface Translations

Villages of Andhra Pradesh and TelanganaEdit

There are many kinds of errors in the data pertaining to the villages of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. I am in the process of fixing these errors while simultaneously entering the data. Some of these errors are inadvertently caused by me. (And this is one reason why I am determined to correct the errors). Some of these errors are:

  1. Data inconsistency:
    1. Data entered in a wrong page like Disambiguation page
    2. Multiple sets of data in the same page
  2. Inaccurate Property: Insted of selecting village in India (Q56436498) for instance of (P31), village (Q532) is chosen for most of these pages. This needs to be corrected.
  3. Mandals: "Mandal" needs to be chosen for the instance of (P31) for the Mandal pages.
  4. Multiple P131: Multiple values for P131 needs to be corrected.
  5. Wrong P131: For many villages, much higher Admin area is chosen instead of the immediately higher Admin region.
  6. For some of the pages, Karnataka is chosen for P131. This needs to be corrected.
  7. More than one page for one village: There is a page in Wikidata for every village page in Tewiki, For some of these villages, there is a different page created for the Enwiki page too. These are to be merged.
  8. human settlement (Q486972)is chosen for P31. This is superfluous and needs to be removed.
  9. Few pages do not have a P131 at all.