User:Charles Matthews/Dictionary of Welsh Biography report

Report on matching Dictionary of Welsh Biography (Q5273977) into Wikidata. See Details for DWB for those involved.

Basic numbersEdit

There are now 4161 items on Wikidata that carry Dictionary of Welsh Biography ID (P1648), the DWB identifier and weblink.

Property Matches August 2015
Total Dictionary of Welsh Biography ID (P1648) 4161
instance of (P31):human (Q5) 3998
instance of (P31):family (Q8436) 158
instance of (P31):noble family (Q13417114) 4
instance of (P31):legendary figure (Q15966903) 1
has sex or gender (P21) 2196
has given name (P735) 2707
has family name (P734) 386
has pseudonym (P742) 27


Property Matches August 2015
Commons category (P373) 148
Commons Creator page (P1472) 16
image (P18) 364
Oxford Dictionary of National Biography ID (P1415) 1054
Art UK artist ID (P1367) 39
VIAF ID (P214) 896
Library of Congress authority ID (P244) 386
ISNI (P213) 353
Union List of Artist Names ID (P245) 61
RKDartists ID (P650) 29
GND ID (P227) 304
National Portrait Gallery (London) person ID (P1816) 249
History of Parliament ID (P1614) 25
Cambridge Alumni Database ID (P1599) 50

NB: Updates should see further matching. Caveat is also in order: all matches here are provisional.


Of the 4160 items matched in Wikidata to the DWB, 922 have links to the Welsh Wikipedia, 1456 to the English Wikipedia, and 680 to both. Of those, 192 also link to the German Wikipedia. With 197 common to cyWP and deWP, and 287 to enWP and deWP, 237 hits are unique to cyWP, 775 to enWP, and 6 to deWP.