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Long blogpost series by Nick Kingsley. He has posted his own list now.

Biographical listingsEdit



Number Title People Houses
1 Abadam of Middleton Hall Edward Hamlyn Adams (Q21614249)
2 Abbot of Kidbrooke Park, Barons Colchester
3 Abbott of Hendon Place, Barons Tenterden John Henry Abbott, 2nd Baron Tenterden (Q54874316)
4 Abdy of Albyns, baronets - part 1 Sir Anthony Charles Sykes Abdy, 3rd Baronet (Q54874836)
5 Abercromby of Birkenbog and Forglen, baronets
6 Abercromby of Tullibody and Airthrey, Barons Abercromby
7 Ablett of Llanbedr Hall
8 Abney of Measham Hall
9 Abney (later Abney-Hastings) of Willesley Hall Abney House, Stoke Newington, Middlesex
10 Acheson of Gosford Castle, baronets and Earls of Gosford
11 Achmuty alias Auchmuty of Brianstown and Kilmore House
12 Ackers of Great Moreton Hall
13 Ackers of Huntley Manor, formerly of Prinknash Park
14 Acklom of Wiseton Hall
15 Acland of Killerton and Columbjohn, baronets, part 1
Acland of Killerton and Columbjohn, baronets, part 2
16 Palmer-Acland (later Fuller-Palmer-Acland) of Fairfield, baronets
17 Acton of Acton Scott
18 Acton of Gatacre Park
19 Acton (later Ball-Acton) of Kilmacurragh alias West Aston
20 Acton of Lower Wolverton Hall
21 Acton (later Lyon-Dalberg-Acton) of Aldenham, Barons Acton - part 2]
22 Adair of Bellegrove and Glenveagh Castle
23 Adair of Ballymena Castle and Flixton Hall, baronets
24 [Adair of Heatherton Park (Somerset) and Colehayes (Devon)
25 Adair of Loughanmore
26 Adam of Blair Adam
27 Adam of Denmore
28 [1]
29 Adams, later Woollcombe-Adams and Stopford-Adams, of Ansty Hall
30 Adams of Bowden House, Totnes and Old House, Sydenham
31 Adams of Drumelton House and formerly of Erne View
32 Adams family of Greenfield Hall and Woore Manor
33 Adams family of Holyland and formerly of Paterchurch
34 Adams of Shercock
35 Adams of Sprowston Hall, baronets
36 Goold-Adams of Kilbree House and Jamesbrook
37 Adamson of Careston Castle and Stracathro House
38 Adamson of Linden Hall (Northumberland)
39 Addenbrooke of The Lea and Wollaston Hall
40 The Adderley families and the Adderleys of Blake Hall
41 Adderley of Hams Hall and Fillongley Hall, Barons Norton
42 Adderley of Weddington Hall
43 Adderley (later Broughton-Adderley) of Coton Hall, Barlaston Hall and Tunstall Hall
44 Addington of Up Ottery and Erleigh Court, Viscounts Sidmouth
45 Addis of Woodside
46 Addyes of Great Barr
47 Adeane of Babraham Simon Whorwood Adeane (Q55068919) James Whorwood Adeane (Q16151066) Henry Adeane (Q16146311)
48 Adlam of The Manor House, Chew Magna
49 Ladeveze-Adlercron of Moyglare and Culverthorpe Hall
50 Affleck of Dalham Hall, baronets
51 Agar of Brockfield Hall, Stockton-on-the-Forest (Yorks)
52 Agar (later Agar-Ellis) of Gowran Castle, Viscounts Clifden
53 Agar of Somerley, Earls of Normanton
54 Agard of Foston Hall
55 Aglionby of Nunnery and Drawdykes Castle
56 Agnew of Kilwaughter
57 Agnew of Lochnaw Castle, baronets
58 Agnew of Rougham Hall and Great Stanhope St., London, baronets
59 Aiken of Dalmoak
60 Robertson-Aikman of Ross House
61 Ainscough of Parbold
62 Ainslie of Delgatie Castle
63 Ainslie of Pilton, Great Torrington and The Rolls, baronets
64 Ainsworth of Backbarrow, The Flosh and Ardanaiseig, baronets
65 Ainsworth of Smithills Hall and Moss Bank
66 Airmyn alias Armine of Osgodby, baronets
67 Aitchison of Lemmington Hall and Coupland Castle, baronets
68 Aitken of Cherkley Court, Barons Beaverbrook
69 Aland and Fortescue-Aland of Nymph Hall and Knolls Hill, Barons Fortescue of Credan
70 Albright of Bromsberrow Place
71 Alcock of Wilton Castle
72 Warde-Aldam of Hooton Pagnell Hall and Frickley Hall, Healey Hall and Ederline
73 Aldersey of Aldersey Hall
74 Aldridge of St. Leonard's House and Inholmes
75 Aldworth of Newmarket Court
76 Alen of St. Wolstans alias Alenscourt, baronets
77 Alexander of Boydstone and Carlung
78 The Alexander families of Ireland, and the Alexanders of Caw, Enagh and Termon House
79 Alexander of Caledon House, Earls of Caledon
80 Alexander of Menstrie, Earls of Stirling
81 Alexander of Milford House
82 Alexander of Powis House and Westerton House
83 Alexander of Aubrey House, Kensington and Heathfield Park
84 Alexander (later Cable-Alexander), baronets
85 Alexander (later Hagart-Alexander) of Ballochmyle, baronets
86 Alington of Horseheath Hall and Wymondley, Barons Alington
87 Alington of Little Barford Manor House and Letchworth Hall C. Murray Hennell
88 Alington of Swinhope House
89 Allan (later Havelock-Allan) of Blackwell Grange, baronets
90 Allan of Aros House, Mull
91 Allanby of Garnsgate Hall, Kenwick Hall, Balblair and Felixstowe, Viscounts Allenby
92 Allardice (later Barclay-Allardice) of Allardice Castle
93 Allcroft (later Magnus-Allcroft) of Stokesay Court
94 Allen of Bathampton Manor and Prior Park
95 Allen of Bibsworth, Finchley
96 Allen of Clashenure House and formerly of Greenfield House
97 Allen of Coleridge House
98 Allen of Davenham Hall


Number Title People Houses
99 Allen of Evenley Hall and Achamore House, Gigha Achamore House, Gigha, Argyllshire
103 Allen of Stillorgan, Viscounts Allen
105 Alleyn of Hatfield Peverel and Little Leighs, baronets
107 Allgood of Nunwick Hall and The Hermitage
111 Allix of Swaffham Prior House and Willoughby Hall
117 Alston of Odell Castle, baronets
118 Altham of Mark Hall, Oxhey Place and Timbercombe
120 Ames of Bristol
121 Amherst of Bayhall and Montreal House, Earls Amherst
123 Heathcoat-Amory of Knightshayes Court, baronets Sir Arthur Havelock James Doyle, 4th Baronet (Q47002825)
128 Anderson of Grace Dieu
130 Anderson of Newcastle and Little Harle Tower
131 Anderson of Notgrove Manor
132 Anderson of Pendley Manor, baronets
133 Anderson of Quarter House
135 Anderton of Euxton Hall Sir Robert Cansfield Gerard, 9th Baronet (Q54871458)
137 Andrews of Ardara House and Maxwell Court, Comber
138 Andrews alias Andrew of Charwelton, Winwick, Harlestone and Denton, baronets
139 Andrewes (later Uthwatt) of Lathbury and Great Linford
142 Andrews of Shaw Place and Donnington Grove, baronets
144 Anguish of Great Melton Hall and Somerleyton Hall
145 Anne of Frickley Hall and Burghwallis Hall
148 Grove Annesley of Annes Grove
149 Anson of Shugborough Hall, Ranton Abbey and Orgreave Hall, Earls of Lichfield
151 Carmichael-Anstruther of Elie House and Carmichael House, baronets


Number Title People Houses
153 Antrobus of Amesbury Abbey, Lower Cheam House and Eaton Hall, baronets
156 Applewhaite of Pickenham Hall
159 Arbuthnot of Elderslie
161 Carnegy-Arbuthnott of Findowrie and Balnamoon
164 Archdale of Castle Archdale and Riversdale
165 Archer of Trelaske
169 Arden of Arden Hall and Pepper Hall, Barons Alvanley William Frederick Webb (Q8009413)
174 Arkwright of Sutton Scarsdale and Normanton Turville
177 Armitage of High Royd and Milnsbridge House
178 Armitage of Moraston House, Bridstow
180 Armstrong of County Offaly and Nancealverne
195 Arundell of Wardour Castle and Lanherne, Barons Arundell of Wardour - part 2
198 Ash, later Beresford-Ash, of Ashbrook House
200 Ashburnham of Ashburnham Place, Earls of Ashburnham
201 Ashburnham of Broomham, baronets


Number Title People Houses
202 Ashby of Breakspears
203 Ashby of Quenby Hall and Naseby Hall
204 Ashe of Freshford, Heytesbury Twickenham, Langley Burrell, Ashfield and Ashgrove
205 Ashfield of Stow
206 (Ashhurst of Waterstock, baronets
207 Ashley (later Ashley-Cooper) of Wimborne St. Giles, Earls of Shaftesbury - part 1
Ashley (later Ashley-Cooper) of Wimborne St. Giles, Earls of Shaftesbury - part 2
208 Ashton of Hyde, Little Onn Hall and Broadwell Hill, Barons Ashton of Hyde
211 Ashwin of Bretforton Manor
215 Asquith of Mells Manor House, Earls of Oxford and Asquith
216 Assheton of Downham Hall, Whalley Abbey, Great Lever and Middleton Hall, baronets and Barons Clitheroe - part 2
217 Astell of Everton House and Woodbury Hall
219 Astley of Melton Constable and Seaton Delaval, baronets and Barons Hastings Helen Elizabeth Delaval Astley (Q61995857)
221 Aston of Aston Hall, Aston-by-Sutton
222 Aston of Tixall Hall, Barons Aston of Forfar
223 Astor of Cliveden and Hever, Viscounts Astor and Barons Astor of Hever
224 Astrey of Harlington Woodend and Henbury Great House
227 Atherton of Atherton Hall and Bewsey Hall
231 Atkins of Firville
233 Burnaby-Atkins of Halstead Place
236 Atkinson of Cavangarden]
242 Atkyns of Sapperton, Swell Bowl, Pinbury Park and Ketteringham Hall


Number Title People Houses
247 Atwood of Littlebury Hall
248 Atwood of Sanderstead Court
249 Aubrey, later Aubrey-Fletcher, of Llantrithyd, Boarstall, Dorton and Chilton, baronets
252 Aufrere of Hoveton Old Hall and Walpole House, Chelsea
253 Austen of Heronden, Hall Place and Boxley Abbey, baronets
254 Austen of Horsmonden, Kippington House and Capel Manor
255 Godwin-Austen of Shalford House
256 Austin of Brandeston Hall
260 Aylmer of Donadea Castle and Walworth Castle, baronets Walworth Castle, Co. Durham
261 Aylmer of Lyons, Courtown, Kerdiffstown and Ayesha Castle
263 Aytoun of Inchdairnie House
266 Aislabie of Studley Royal
301 Baber of Chew Court and Regilbury Court
302 Babington of Dethick and Rothley Temple
303 Backhouse of Darlington, baronets West Lodge, Darlington, Co. Durham
304 Backhouse of Swallowfield Park Timothy Hare Earle (Q50125619)
305 Bacon of Burton Latimer Hall
306 Bacon of Redgrave Hall, Gorhambury House, Gillingham Hall, Raveningham Hall and Shrubland Hall - part 1
Bacon of Redgrave Hall, Gorhambury House, Gillingham Hall, Raveningham Hall and Shrubland Hall - part 2
Bacon of Redgrave Hall, Gorhambury House, Gillingham Hall, Raveningham Hall and Shrubland Hall - part 3
309 Bagenal of Dunleckney Manor and Benekerry
312 Bagot of Blithfield Hall and Pool Park, Barons Bagot - part 2 Howard Francis Paget (Q53996535)
313 Bagot of Levens Hall, baronets
314 Bagshawe of Ford Hall and Banner Cross Hall
315 Bagshawe of Wormhill Hall and Oakes Park


Number Title People Houses
267 Allcard of Burton Closes and Wimblehurst Wimblehurst, Horsham, Sussex
312 Bagot of Blithfield Hall and Pool Park, Barons Bagot - part 1
315 [2]
316 [3]
317 [4]
318 [5]
319 [6]
320 Bailey of Lee Abbey
321 Baillie of Dochfour and Redcastle, Barons Burton
322 Baillie of Duntisbourne House
323 Baillie of Jerviswood and Mellerstain, and Hamilton (later Baillie-Hamilton) of Tyninghame, Earls of Haddington
324 Baillie of Polkemmet and Leeds Castle, baronets
325 Baillie (later Bailie) of Ringdufferin and Inishargy
326 Bainbridge of Frankfield
327 Bainbrigge of Lockington Hall and Woodseat Hall Woodborough Hall, Nottinghamshire
Woodseat Hall, Rocester, Staffordshire
328 Baird of Lochwood House, Cambusdoon House, Ury House, Rickarton House, Elie House and Wellwood House, Viscounts Stonehaven Wellwood House, Muirkirk, Ayrshire
329 Baird of Newbyth and Saughtonhall, baronets
330 Maturin-Baird of Boom Hall and Langham Hall
331 Baker of Bayfordbury
332 Baker (now Baker-Baker) of Crook Hall, Elemore Hall (Co. Durham) and Sedbury Hall (Yorks NR)
333 Baker of Highfields
334 Baker of Lismacue
335 Baker (later Baker Wilbraham) of Loventor and Rode Hall, baronets
336 Baker of Owletts
337 Baker of Ranston, baronets
338 Baker of Sissinghurst, baronets
339 Baker (later Lloyd-Baker) of Waresley Park, Ramsden House, Stouts Hill and Hardwicke Court
340 Baker (later Meath Baker) of Fenton House and Hasfield Court
341 Baldwin of Wilden House and Astley Hall, Earls Baldwin of Bewdley
342 Baldwyn of Elsich Manor, Stokesay Castle and Aqualate Hall
343 Bale of Carlton Curlieu
344 Balfe of South Park House
345 Balfour of Balbirnie
333 Baker of Highfields
334 Baker of Lismacue


Number Title People Houses
383 Barker of Grimston Hall, The Chantry, Bocking Hall and Kilcooley Abbey, baronets
392 Barlow of Middlethorpe Hall
395 Barnardiston of Kedington Hall, Brightwell Hall and The Ryes