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Currently this is some very rudimentary documentation of the QuickStatements tool.


From tool, "Import CSV commands"

col 0 col 1 col 2 col 3 col 4 col 5 col 6 col 7 col 8 col 9 col 10 col 11 col 12 col 13
RDF prefix wd: rdfs:label (en) schema:description ps: ps: ps: ps: pq:,pqv: pr: prv: pr:, prv: schema:inLanguage "en"
qid Len Den Aen P31 -P31 P21 P735 qal1545 S248 s214 S143 Senwiki
Q42 Douglas Adams author Douglas Noël Adams human (Q5) writer (Q36180) male (Q6581097) Douglas (Q463035) 1 Virtual International Authority File (Q54919) 113230702 English Wikipedia (Q328) Douglas Adams
item which is being modified English label English description English alias Property in addition
object item
Property in removal
object item
Property in addition
object item
Given name Qualifier property (series ordinal)
Source property stated in (P248) (item number) Source property imported from Wikimedia project (P143) sitelink

For CSV code, from the CSV to quick_statements tool. This tool imposes constraints on column order:

  • qid
  • Sources, prefixed with "S" instead of "P" (for example, the label of the column for "P143 (imported from)" must start with "S143")
  • Labels, descriptions, aliases, prefixed with "L(lang), d(lang), A(lang)... You can put several aliases for one language, separated by "|".
  • Properties
  • Qualifiers, prefixed with "qal" instead of "P".
  • Site links, prefixed with "S(lang)"

The | separator is allowed for comments.

col 1 col 2 col 3 col 4 col 5 col 6 col 7 col 8 col 9 col 10 col 11 col 12
qid s143|imported from Lfr Len Afr Dfr p31|Instance of qal580|Start date qal19|Place of birth p178 qal361|part of Sfrwiki
Wikidata Sandbox (Q4115189) German Wikipedia (Q48183) Bac\, sable (?Bac à sable) Sandbox item universe (Q1)
Earth (Q2)
+00000001840-01-01T00:00:00Z/11 Scotland (Q22) Douglas Adams (Q42) Kazan (Q900)
instance of (P31) start time (P580) place of birth (P19) developer (P178) part of (P361) Test

Q4115189|Sandbox item Q48183|German Wikipedia Q1|Universe Q22|Scotland Q42 Q900 Un nouvel objet de test A new test item Test 1|Test 2 Test création objet Q2|Life Test

NB a blank can occur in the qid column:

,Éder Porto,Q5

The effect is item creation.