User:Charles Matthews/Workshop queries

Queries for WMUK workshop 24 October 2015:

  1. CLAIM[1648] AND CLAIM[31:5] AND NOCLAIM[21] Dictionary of Welsh Biography people without "sex or gender"
  2. CLAIM[31:5] AND NOCLAIM[27] Humans without "country of citizenship"
  3. CLAIM[21:6581072] AND NOCLAIM[106] Females without "occupation"
  4. CLAIM[31:5773747] AND NOCLAIM[18] Historic houses without "image"
  5. CLAIM[31:23442] AND NOCLAIM[373] Islands without "Commons category"
  6. CLAIM[31:532] AND NOCLAIM[17] Villages without "country"
  7. CLAIM[31:3914] AND NOCLAIM[131] Schools without "located in the administrative territorial entity"
  8. CLAIM[31:571] AND CLAIM[136:8261] AND NOCLAIM[50] Novels without "author"
  9. CLAIM[31:3305213] AND NOCLAIM[170] Paintings without "creator"
  10. CLAIM[31:149010] AND NOCLAIM[136] Trilogies without "genre"
  11. CLAIM[31:11424] AND NOCLAIM[57] Films without "director"
  12. CLAIM[31:178561] AND NOCLAIM[585] Battles without "point in time"
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