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  • Mineralien ohne Item: [1]
  • Marco E. Ciriotti: [2]
  • Obsolete mineral names: [3]
  • Les espèces minérales nouvelles dans le monde découvertes et/ou décrites par des minéralogistes français (ou avec leur collaboration) au cours des vingt-cinq dernières années : 1958-1983 (1985) Bulletin de Minéralogie 108, 575-581
  • Les espèces minérales nouvelles dans le monde découvertes et décrites par des minéralogistes belges (ou avec leur collaboration) au cours des vingt-cinq dernières années (1959-1984) (1985) Bulletin de Minéralogie 108, 583-585
  • Category:Mineralogists
  • WD:Project chat
  • User:Chris.urs-o/Sandbox.four
  • Issues: silicate class of minerals, class number 9 (Q178977)
The Mineralogical Record: Biographical Archive


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Aquamarine (beryl var.) on feldspar


Emerald (beryl var.)


  • And crystal system (claim[579] and claim[556]): #2,721 (16 July 2016)
  • And space group (claim[579] and claim[690]): #1,057 (16 July 2016)
  • And (co)-type locality (claim[579] and claim[2695]): #3,603 (13 May 2017); (34+12+2+5/ (6 issues)) "newsletters"; 910 different localities
  • And density (claim[579] and claim[2054]): #3 (27 October 2015)
  • And Mohs' hardness (claim[579] and claim[1088]): #47 (11 October 2015)
  • And solid solution series (claim[579] and claim[2155]): #145 (28 June 2016)
  • And named after (claim[579] and claim[138]): #1,936 (26 June 2016)
  • Naming localities (mine, town, district, county, naming region (land, canton, province, state, territory, region), naming country), person (human: male, female, pair), deity, person (legal entity: ethnic group, organisation, company), acronym (name reflects its composition or an organisation), mineral series (prefix, suffix), compound (linguistics), anagram, unknown value:
  • Test (6): (I-Il, Im-In, Io-Ir, Is-Iz), (U-Up, Ura, Ure-Uz), Q, X, Y, (Za-Ze, Zi-Zinco, Zincr-Zir, Zl-Zy)
  • Light part (5): E, (Ja, Je-Ji, Jo-Ju), O, (Va-Ve, Vi-Vl, Vo-Vy), (Wa, We-Wh, Wi, Wo-Wy)
  • Medium part (5): D, (Ga-Ge, Gh-Gy), L, N, (Ra-Re, Rh-Ry)
  • Heavy part (4): (Fa-Fe, Fi-Fl, Fo-Fu), (Ha-He, Hi-Hy), (Ka, Ke-Kl, Kn-Ko, Kr-Ku), (Ta-Th, Ti-Ty)
  • Very heavy part (6): A, B, C, (Ma, Mb-Me, Mg-Mu), P, (Sa, Sb-Se, Sh-Sm, So-Sr, St-Sz)
  • Named after: () males, () females, (3) pairs, () other humans, () naming localities, () naming countries, () mineral series, () compound (linguistics), () acronyms, (30) elements, (1) anagram
  • Valid minerals (IMA-CNMNC): #5,237+22-1 (March 2017)
  • All minerals on #5,449 (4 April 2017)
  • Wikidata edits: #104,484 (4 April 2017)
  • Wikipedia project edits: #261,870 (4 April 2017)
  • N/S Classification
    • Nickel-Strunz 10 ed.: #4,513 (16 July 2016)
      • (courtesy of James A. Ferraiolo (, modified by MinDat)
    • Nickel-Strunz 9 ed. (updated 2009): #4,448 (16 July 2016)
      • (courtesy of Minerals Data, Inc.; Ernest H. Nickel & Monte C. Nichols)
    • Strunz 8 ed., mineral series (modified, MinDat): #4,124 (16 July 2016)
      • (courtesy of Karl Hugo Strunz (, based on MinDat)
  • Sections done:
    • #4 of 6 (Book One), higher density and non white streak
      • "Ore" minerals: (native elements; sulfides, strict sense; sulfosalts)
      • "Ore" minerals, oxide class: (oxides, strict sense; vanadates; "arsenites", broad sense)
    • #6 of 6 (Book Two)
      • "Soluble" minerals: (carbonates; nitrates; borates; halides; hydroxides; hydrotalcites and högbomites)  Done
    • #3 of 5 (Book Three)
      • Monomeric silicates (nesosilicates) and similars: (structural groups; isolated silicates; sulfates and phosphates, anhydrous; sulfates and phosphates, hydrated; strong radioactive minerals (U and Th))
    • #10 of 10 (Book Four), polymeric and dimeric (sorosilicates) silicates, broad sense
      • Silicate frameworks and similars:(zeolite frameworks, strict sense; other 3-D frameworks; phyllosilicates; cyclosilicates)  Done
      • Other silicates and similars: (amphiboles; other inosilicates; sorosilicates; other silicates; non-monomeric sulfates and phosphates; other "silicates", broad sense)  Done
    • #3 of 3 (Book Five) (inorganic minerals, special cases; other strong radioactive minerals (U and Th); organic minerals)  Done


Benitoite, crossite and natrolite (image width: 46 mm)
International Council for Science (Q1162568) (ICSU) → International Union of Geological Sciences (Q579663) (IUGS) → International Mineralogical Association (Q268771) (IMA) → Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (CNMNC)

Russian Mineralogical Society (РМО)
  • All Russian Research Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources of the World Ocean (VNIIO)
  • All-Russia Research Institute of Mineral Resources (VIMS)
  • Yakut Filial (YAFSOAN), Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch), Yakutiya, Russia
  • Institute of Earth's Crust ("Zemnoy Kory"), Russian Academy of Sciences (Siberian Branch), Novosibirsk
  • A. E. Fersman Mineralogical Museum, Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS)
  • Institute of Cristalography, "Rossiyskoy Akademii Nauk" (IKRAN)
  • Institute of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Crystal Chemistry of Rare Elements (IMGRE), Moscow
  • Central Scientific Research Institute of Geological Prospecting (TSNIGRI), Moscow
Mineralogical Society of Uzbekistan
Mineralogical Society of India
Mineralogical Society of Japan
Mineralogical Society of Korea
Australia and New Zealand
Geological Society of Australia (Q5535311) (GSA): Specialist Group of Geochemistry, Mineralogy and Petrology (SGGMP)
Geoscience Society of New Zealand
South America
Sociedade Brasileira de Geologia (Q10372607): Mineralogy Group
North America
Mineralogical Society of America (Q1936599) (MSA)
Mineralogical Association of Canada (MAC)
West Europe
French Society of Mineralogy and Crystallography (Q15056375) (SFMC)
Royal Geological and Mining Society of the Netherlands (Q1982777) (KNGMG): Mineralogy Group
Union Minéralogique de Belgique (UMIBEL). Mineralogical Union of Belgium
Mineralogical Society of Great Britain and Ireland (Q1936595) (Mineralogical Society)
  • Macaulay Institute of Soil Research, Aberdeen
Mineralogical and Petrological Society of Italy (Q14944383) (SIMP)
Mineralogical Society of Germany (Q1203564) (DMG)
Mineralogical Society of Austria (Q303915) (ÖMG)
Schweizerische Mineralogische und Petrographische Gesellschaft (SSMP)
Geological Society of Portugal: Mineralogy Group
Sociedad Española de Mineralogia. Spanish Society of Mineralogy
Skandinavia and Denmark
  • Mineralogical Society of Denmark
  • Norway Geological Society: Mineralogical Group
  • The Mineralogical Society of Finland
  • Svenska Mineralogiska Sällskapet. The Swedish Mineralogical Society
East Europe
Mineralogical Society of Romania
Czech Geological Society: Mineralogical Group
Mineralogical Society of Slovakia (Slovenská mineralogická spoločnosť)
The Ukrainian Mineralogical Society
The Mineralogical Society of Poland
Mineralogical and Geochemical Section of the Hungarian Geological Society
Mineralogical Association of South Africa
National Institute of Metallurgy of South Africa (SANIM)
Union Minière du Haut Katanga (UMHK)

Category:Geological surveys (Q8487876)
Society of Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits (SGA): [6]


Known exceptions: IMA 1962 s.p., IMA 1966 s.p., IMA 1968 s.p., IMA 1971 s.p., IMA 1973 s.p., IMA 1980 s.p., IMA 1982 s.p., IMA 1988 s.p., IMA 1997 s.p., IMA 1998 s.p., IMA 2007 s.p., IMA 2008 s.p., IMA 2010 s.p., IMA 2012 s.p. (syntax allows items only)
Zoznam minerálov: Strunz 8 ed (S); Strunz 8 ed (T); Strunz 8 ed (U-Z)
Karl Busch (1963) "August Weckbecker, 1888-1939", Schnell & Steiner, pp. 83


Red almandine garnet (3x3 cm) on gneissic matrix

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