CNMNC Approved Proposals - summary

IMA Commission on new minerals, nomenclature and classification (CNMNC) Newsletters

A. Open issues:
  • Lazurite is questionable, all known lazurites are a sulfide rich mineral variety of haüyne (MinDat: Moore & Woodside, 2014)
  • Titanium disilicates - block (TS-Block) minerals
B. Open issues:
  • RRUFF structural groups: pyrite, ullmannite and cobaltite
  • Synonyms of gold amalgam: goldamalgam (of Chen et al., rejected), unnamed (Au2Hg), weishanite, yiyangite
  • Iron silicides: fersiliciteN, naquite, ferdisiliciteN, linzhiite
  • NickelalumiteN: crystal structure solved (Uvarova et al., 2005)
  • Vaterite: it might need a redefinition. It is metastable below approx. 400°C. It might be stabilised by sulfate (Fernández-Díaz et al., 2010). It might be a mixture of two nanodomains (Kabalah-Amitai et al., 2013).

CNMNC Newsletter 22, September 2014
  • IMA 14-D: fluorthalénite-(Y) is discredited, thalénite-(Y) is redefined
  • IMA 14-G: ferri-ottoliniite to clino-ferri-holmquistite
  • Renaming 'IMA 1998-046': ferri-obertiite to mangani-obertiite
  • Redefinition: nafertisite
CNMNC Newsletter 22, August 2014
  • IMA 14-F: laueite supergroup
CNMNC Newsletter 21, July 2014
  • IMA 14-B: thorogummite is discredited
  • IMA 14-E, jamborite: questionable to approved
CNMNC Newsletter 21, June 2014
  • Tobermorite group
CNMNC Newsletter 20, April 2014
  • IMA 13-E: clinobarylite is discredited since it corresponds to the polytype barylite-1O. Former barylite corresponds to the polytype barylite-2O.
  • IMA 14-A, renaming: thenardite to thénardite
  • IMA 14-C, renaming: lithidionite to litidionite
  • Redefinitions: magbasite, widenmannite
CNMNC Newsletter 20, March 2014
  • IMA 13-C: mayenite supergroup
CNMNC Newsletter 19, January 2014
  • 'IMA 2011-096': the name tangdanite, after the type locality, has been approved by IMA CNMNC.
CNMNC Newsletter 18
  • Errata: 'IMA 2013-041' evdokimovite, 'IMA 2013-038' innsbruckite, 'IMA 2013-037' kaliochalcite
CNMNC Newsletter 17, July 2013
  • Application 'IMA 2012-037', cadmoxite: withdrawn
CNMNC Newsletter 16, May 2013
  • IMA 13-B, redefinition of comancheite: mercury oxychloride-bromide to mercury nitride
CNMNC Newsletter 16, April 2013
  • 'IMA 2011-096', fuxiaotuite: approval for the name has been withdrawn, mineral remains approved
CNMNC Newsletter 16, March 2013
  • IMA 13-A, amphibole root-name suenoite: proto-mangano-ferro-anthophyllite becomes proto-ferrosuenoite
CNMNC Newsletter 16, February 2013
  • 'IMA 2011-035', renamed: ferrikaersutite to oxo-magnesiohastingsite
CNMNC Newsletter 16, January 2013
  • 'IMA 2009-088', chromo-alumino-povondraite: approval withddrawn
CNMNC Newsletter 15, December 2012
  • IMA 12-F, amphibole root-name ghoseite: 'IMA 2003-066' becomes ferri-ghoseite
CNMNC Newsletter 15, November 2012
  • IMA 12-C: dumortierite supergroup
CNMNC Newsletter 14, August 2012
  • IMA 12-A: phosphovanadylite is renamed phosphovanadylite-Ba.
  • IMA 12-B: hydrotalcite supergroup
CNMNC Newsletter 14, June 2012
  • IMA 11-G: plumbonacrite is revalidated
CNMNC Newsletter 13, April 2012
  • Amphibole supergroup
  • Garnet supergroup
CNMNC Newsletter 13, November 2011
  • IMA 11-C: redefinition of matulaite
  • IMA 11-E: vanadium-dravite becomes oxy-vanadium-dravite
  • IMA 11-F: redefinition of hollandite, approval of ferrihollandite, discreditation of ankangite
CNMNC Newsletter 12, void
CNMNC Newsletter 11, October 2011
  • Application 'IMA 2010-049', steedeite: withdrawn
CNMNC Newsletter 10, void
CNMNC Newsletter 9, April 2011
  • IMA 11-A, brunogeierite: is a nesogermanate, a member of the ringwoodite group.
CNMNC Newsletter 8, void
CNMNC Newsletter 7, December 2010
  • IMA 10-E, heteropolymolybdate family: betpakdalite, mendozavilite and obradovicite series
  • IMA 10-F: former ericssonite is ericssonite-2M, former orthoericssonite is ericssonite-2O and discredited.
CNMNC Newsletter 6, October 2010
  • IMA 10-C: zajacite-(Ce) is discredited, and the mineral is renamed gagarinite-(Ce).
  • IMA 10-D: jaguéite and angelaite are renamed jagüéite and ángelaite, respectively.
CNMNC Newsletter 5, void
CNMNC Newsletter 4, void
CNMNC Newsletter 3, void
CNMNC Newsletter 2, April 2010
  • IMA 10-A: pharmacosiderite group. Alumopharmacosiderite is renamed pharmacoalumite.
CNMNC Newsletter 1, 2009
  • As something of a compromise following 'Special Voting Notice 2004-01'/ 'Voting Proposal 09-D'
  • A minimum set of data has been published on the Commission’s website after each mineral has been accepted. This includes IMA number, type locality, name of first author, chemical formula and structural relationship, as well as unit-cell dimensions and strongest lines in the PXRD pattern.
IMA/CNMNC List of Mineral Names (March 2009) (Q15205595)
  • Supplied through the courtesy of Materials Data, Inc. (Nickel, E.H. and Nichols, M.C.)
Draft: IMA Master List (March 2007)
  • Supplied through the courtesy of Materials Data, Inc. (Nickel, E.H. and Nichols, M.C.)
  • RRUFF Project (, Mineralogy and Crystallography, Department of Geosciences, University of Arizona. The mineral list on the Rruff Project website was built up with the IMA Master List (March 2007); it is the first version of the fusion of the ARD List (approved, revalidated and discredited minerals) with the GQN List (grandfathered, questionable and published without IMA CNMNC approval minerals).
The final GQN List got published (grandfathered, questionable and published without approval) after a final review of Burke E A J and Nickel E H (approved decision 'IMA 2006-C', December 2006).
19th General Meeting of IMA, Kobe, Japan (July 2006).
  • The merging of the Commission on New Minerals and Mineral Names (CNMMN) and the Commission on Classification of Minerals resulted in the Commission on New Minerals, Nomenclature and Classification (CNMNC).
  • It was decided to create a website presenting the "official" IMA list of minerals.
Strunz, Hugo; Nickel, Ernest H. (2001). Strunz Mineralogical Tables (9 ed.). Stuttgart: Schweizerbart. p. 870. ISBN 978-3-510-65188-7.
Nickel, E.H.; Nichols, M.C. (1991). Mineral Reference Manual. New York: Van Nostrand, Reinhold. p. 250
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