This is my personal page.

Ideas for bots:

  • bot that takes every item with a property 'is in administrative territorial entity' and creates a country property if it does not already exist (would this be reliable, what if was in a country that no longer exists etc...)
  • as above but with co-ordinate location. Could also add cities or regions and so on
  • a bot to add labels in different languages
  • a bot that sets a particular property to every item in a Category (in any language wikipedia)
  • find items with the same GeoNamesID, which may be duplicates (I guess this would not be a bot, more just a query and these would be resolved manually)
  • bot that find items that are instance of two or more classes, one of which is a subclass of the other

Idea: Automated testing for Wikidata A system that allows automated testing to spot errors in Wikidata entries, a little like Unit testing in software development, for example:

  • Test that for any item that has both P17 and P131, that the location in P131 is in country P17 (taking into account the possibility of multiple values for each, and also former countries)
  • Test that every item with P131 and a coordinate location that these correpsond
  • Test that P576(dissolved date) is not before P571(inception)
  • Test that death date is not before birth date

While in theory, this could easily be done by anyone using the API, it might be nice if there were some central framework and collection of tests to do something like this.

todo: find all labels in British English but not English