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User infoEdit

I was a alternative account of Zixuan75 on MediaWiki and Wikimania. I started moving some subpages of my user and user talk page. For templates and user templates using on my user page (except special pages used on my user page), see below. A plus sign inside a circle (looks like the Good Article shield) is a template or a user template used on my user page.

Templates usedEdit

User templates and categories createdEdit

See below for templates and categories I have created. Categories are using a external link to avoid categories to add into my user page because some categories does not meet category's requirements, as the category description as well explained at the top of the category page. All templates are using an internal link, and all links are highlighted in white.

Subpages of my user pageEdit

Following are subpages of my user page. See Special:PrefixIndex/User:Dataeast0000001/ for subpages for my user page with prefix, and all redirects are highlighted in italic. The /header is used on my user page. The /openrequests is a redirect to /openrequestsfordeletion because I have merged it to /openrequestsfordeletion to clarify the meaning. The /deletionrequests is using /openrequestsfordeletion with a style because then I did not need to modify the /deletionrequests page. The /notes is used on my user page's top because I want to include notes of my user. The /Complists is used for all notes (including deleted notes on /notes). The /signature is my signature because I need to use in /header.

All notesEdit

These are lists of all notes (see the Subpages of my user page section on my user page for more details of the /Complists subpage). These notes are generated from /Complists. Lists section is the list of all notes. Deleted notes at /notes that should be found here. If there is a message called No notes were found., then there is no notes found on /Complists. Adding a note on /notes will be on this list.
If you want to visit the current notes, please see /notes. All notes that happened is in the Lists section.

Section infoEdit

The section All notes is a section that uses /Complists. The /Complists is including deleted notes of /notes, and you should see deleted notes in /notes at here. You can look into talk/header and you should see a note called you cannot create posts on the talk/header. The note on talk/header is used because you you can only post on my talk not the talk/header.

Lists sectionEdit

Lists section is using the /Complists subpage with a class. /Complists subpage (explained on the Subpages of my user page section) is a list of all notes, including deleted notes on /notes. Also, you can read /Complists instead of the Lists section, but the Lists section aligns the text center of the /Complists's result.