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chem: simple substanceEdit

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May 2022


isotope (Q25276)
chemical element (Q11344)
atomic number (P1086)
neutron number (P1148)
half-life (P2114)
spin quantum number (P1122)
subclass of (P279)
uranium-232 (Q2077677) en:Uranium-232
technetium-99 (Q1961418)
technetium-99m (Q2373354) IS A nuclear isomer (Q846110)

isotopes importsEdit



Data source per py file: [1], header:

a0boogfu                                 A T O M I C   M A S S   A D J U S T M E N T
0                                                     DATE  1 Mar 2017 TIME 17:26
0        *********************                               A=   0 TO 295
         * file : mass16.txt *

   This is one file out of a series of 3 files published in:
       "The Ame2016 atomic mass evaluation (I)"   by W.J.Huang, G.Audi, M.Wang, F.G.Kondev, S.Naimi and X.Xu
           Chinese Physics C41 030002, March 2017.
       "The Ame2016 atomic mass evaluation (II)"  by M.Wang, G.Audi, F.G.Kondev, W.J.Huang, S.Naimi and X.Xu
           Chinese Physics C41 030003, March 2017.
                       for files : mass16.txt  : atomic masses
                                   rct1-16.txt : react and sep energies,  part 1
                                   rct2-16.txt : react and sep energies,  part 2
   A fourth file  is the "Rounded" version of the atomic mass table (the first file)
                                   mass16round.txt : atomic masses "Rounded" version

   All files are 3436 lines long with 124 character per line.
       Headers are 39 lines long.
   Values in files 1, 2 and 3 are unrounded copy of the published ones
   Values in file  4          are exact     copy of the published ones

   col 1     :  Fortran character control: 1 = page feed  0 = line feed
   format    :  a1,i3,i5,i5,i5,1x,a3,a4,1x,f13.5,f11.5,f11.3,f9.3,1x,a2,f11.3,f9.3,1x,i3,1x,f12.5,f11.5
                cc NZ  N  Z  A    el  o     mass  unc binding unc     B  beta  unc    atomic_mass   unc
   Warnings  :  this format is identical to the ones used in Ame2003 and Ame2012
                      in particular "Mass Excess" and "Atomic Mass" values are given now, when necessary,
                      with 5 digits after decimal point.
                decimal point is replaced by # for (non-experimental) estimated values.
                * in place of value : not calculable

script dirEdit

script directionality (Q12055124)
prop: script directionality (P1406)
top-to-bottom (Q17321917) - old
vertical right-to-left (Q105395084) -- new
vertical left-to-right (Q105395085) -- new