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Currency Edit

elemental Edit

XPT platinum as an investment (Q691671)
XPD palladium as an investment (Q1669450)
XAU gold as an investment (Q791975)
XAG silver as an investment (Q1584286)
XXX ISO 4217 test code (Q115153509)
XTS ISO 4217 test code (Q115189115)

WD ID Edit

currency (Q8142)
P31 currency (Q8142), obsolete currency (Q28783456), reserve currency (Q756202), private currency (Q836086), fictional currency (Q3622170), currency unit (Q61200261)

Indian rupee (Q80524), euro (Q4916), United States dollar (Q4917)

list of currencies (Q858338)
currency symbol description (P489)
subdivision of this unit (P9059)
unit symbol (P5061)
has quality (P1552)
country (P17)
central bank/issuer (P562)
manufacturer (P176)
ISO 4217
ISO 4217 code (P498)
special drawing rights (Q363958)
Dollar sign (Q11110)


SPARQL COUNT per the '4765' query
SPARQL all 4765 all
The AME 2020 atomic mass evaluation (I). Evaluation of input data, and adjustment procedures (Q113669872)
The AME 2020 atomic mass evaluation (II). Tables, graphs and references (Q108211121)
Scholia (?)
2996??? (from: scholia) -10:55, 27 July 2022 (UTC)
down to 2994 somehow 05:15, 5 August 2022 (UTC)
oh dear
stable carbon isotopes (Q108704242)
carbon radioisotopes (Q108704190)
potassium radioisotopes (Q74806098)
Indium radioisotopes (Q74819973)
atomic number (P1086)
subclass of (P279)
neutron number (P1148)
mass (P2067)
half-life (P2114)
spin quantum number (P1122)
series ordinal (P1545)
mass number (Q101395)
isotope of thallium (Q28223)
uranium-232 (Q2077677) en:Uranium-232
technetium-99 (Q1961418)
technetium-99m (Q2373354) is a nuclear isomer (Q846110)
elemental (Q1786347)

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Data source per py file: [2], header:

isomers Edit

1322 11:15, 1 August 2022 (UTC)
spot research: isotope of sodium (Q470561) (enwiki: +3 m-isotopes)

scribbling ideas:

seaborgium-265b (Q18889011): has claim P31 nuclear isomer (Q846110)!
exitation energy
use series ordinal (P1545)?
excited state (Q215328)excitation energy (P9998)excitation energy (Q568593)

p, n check Edit

[3] has ps, ns 4772. 2Aug

decay Edit

(astatine-215 (Q18888488))
(tantalum-178 (Q83033634))


Table templates Edit

/row: Template:Chemical element simple substance/row
/row/ss: Template:Chemical element simple substance/row/1subst

Research (Jun 2022) Edit



[4] phase diagrams, eg ε-plutonium (Q113089667)
austenite (Q487286) talk:austenite (Q487286)
ref Phase diagrams of the elements (Q113366644)

ELEMENT Properties Edit

the elements
subclass of (P279) --
chemical element (Q11344)
element symbol (P246)
Z atomic number (P1086)
N neutron number (P1148)
electron configuration (P8000)
electronegativity (P1108)
ionization energy (P2260)
Unicode character (P487)
oxidation state (P1121)
simple substance
phase of matter (P515)
phase point (P873)
isotope (Q25276)
eg isotope of nickel (Q727373)
eg nickel-54m (Q108839897)
not-a-prop A: mass number (Q101395)
Z atomic number (P1086)
N neutron number (P1148)
half-life (P2114)
spin quantum number (P1122)
parity quantum number (P1123)
mass excess (P2160)
binding energy (P2154)
mass (P2067)
decays to (P816)
m: excitation energy (P9998)
ionic radius (P10685)

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Chemical Compounds (P-navbox) Edit

single substances Edit

hash statements: C:

P274 chem formula

hash statements: diamond==C: C

Unicode Edit

Unicode chart (Q114074783)
Unicode Consortium (Q1572774)
depicts (P180)
depicted part (P5961)
depicted by (P1299)

Irregular charts:

Unicode chart Insular (Q22818686)
Unicode chart single emojis collection (Q28057954)

Unicode Edit

Category:Chemical properties
Category:Property by topic navigation templates

Track gauge Edit

track gauge (P1064)
[5] wdt
P31 wd:Q214519 [57]
has track gauge (P1064) [24514]
P31 track gauge (Q214519) [62]
P31, P276 subclass [8]

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Wikidata:Property proposal/Natural science
{{Tree properties}}
SELECT ?isotope ?isotopeLabel ?element ?elementLabel ?protons ?neutrons
  ?element wdt:P1086 ?protons .    #P atomic number (Z)
  ?isotope wdt:P279 ?element ;     #P subclass of
           wdt:P1148 ?neutrons ;   #P neutron number (N)
  SERVICE wikibase:label { bd:serviceParam wikibase:language "[AUTO_LANGUAGE],en". }
} ORDER BY ?protons ?neutrons
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