User:Deryck Chan/P31 migration ideas

Toby Hudson 12:34 AM

what kinds of uses does P31 have as a qualifier? to Toby Hudson 12:35 AM

(sorry I just joined) ni nikki 12:35 AM

heh I was also writing one to Toby Hudson 12:35 AM

I'm User:99of9 ca camelCaseNick 12:35 AM

P31 might either mean P3831 or P2868 or just meant as a statement for the value, that got not created as an item? ni nikki 12:35 AM

hello! we were introduced to the entity explosion extension earlier ni nikki 12:36 AM

189k uses as a qualifier to Toby Hudson 12:36 AM

Great! Thanks for getting the word out whoever presented it. ma Maria (moderation) 12:36 AM

Hello Toby! to Toby Hudson 12:36 AM

were there any questions or suggestions for EE? de Denny 12:36 AM

Toby, you the one who made Q100M+1? to Toby Hudson 12:37 AM

Yes Denny... Mix'n'Match helped too :) de Denny 12:37 AM

congrats! ni nikki 12:37 AM

ohhhh 113k are Q26961029 ni nikki 12:37 AM

(statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584) sj SJ 12:38 AM

(off topic: does anyone know where I can find the "Commons Clock" that shows you an image that updates each minute to be of a clock showing the time? and do those images have some "time shown" property?) mi MisterSynergy 12:38 AM

that pq:P31 wd:Q26961029 thing should be rather simple to fix to Toby Hudson 12:38 AM

Thanks for writing it up, Denny. Also thanks for the menu qLabels demo... that's what started me on a long road toward syllabus auto-translation, and eventually Entity Explosion. de Denny 12:38 AM

wohoo! to Toby Hudson 12:38 AM

@Lucas want to share the query shortURL in chat? lu Lucas Werkmeister 12:38 AM to Toby Hudson 12:38 AM

thanks lu Lucas Werkmeister 12:40 AM lu Lucas Werkmeister 12:40 AM ca camelCaseNick 12:40 AM

instance of dob? to Toby Hudson 12:41 AM

I just tried to resolve one of those, and it would not be trivial in a game. to Toby Hudson 12:41 AM to Toby Hudson 12:42 AM

Yes, doing the big ones as a batch sounds sensible. ni nikki 12:42 AM target items for the qualifier to Toby Hudson 12:43 AM

nature of statement sounds better dr DrThneed 12:43 AM

Hey Toby! mi MisterSynergy 12:43 AM

the first three cases are all simple to fix. we just need to determine a target property for the qualifier to Toby Hudson 12:44 AM

Hi Tamsin to Toby Hudson 12:44 AM

Was it you showing off EE earlier? ni nikki 12:44 AM er what? ay Ayokanmi(Offline) 12:44 AM

hi ca camelCaseNick 12:44 AM

or move it to a P5008? dr DrThneed 12:45 AM

Sort of, Lucas tried to show it and he liked it but the dropdown wouldn't show (because he was not wanting to share his entire screen). to Toby Hudson 12:45 AM

It looks like the use of P31 for the dates was deliberate!? sj SJ 12:46 AM

(ah, here it is: tagged by category "Time AB:CD" ) to Toby Hudson 12:47 AM

Oh, the EE doesn't work there because of the #P527 at the end of the URL string. Sometime I should regularise that. ni nikki 12:47 AM

short name probably ca camelCaseNick 12:48 AM

What does that mean???? ni nikki 12:49 AM

no value would mean they didn't have a given name me Melderick 12:49 AM

unknown value ni nikki 12:49 AM

which they presumably did [[ User:Deryck Chan 12:49 AM ca camelCaseNick 12:49 AM

But unknown value, only if we know, he had one ca camelCaseNick 12:50 AM

Why not just remove the given name? lu Lucas Werkmeister 12:50 AM

I’m not bold enough to edit on screen share ^^ sj SJ 12:50 AM ca camelCaseNick 12:50 AM

I won't tell anyone the account "Lucas Werkmeister" is yours. ni nikki 12:51 AM this qualifier is weird too

haha to Toby Hudson 12:51 AM

This is the problem with taxa. Is the item about the name or the organisms? Best not to split ni nikki 12:52 AM

yeah what does it even mean ca camelCaseNick 12:53 AM

We actually have "is on list" properties, like P2817 to Toby Hudson 12:53 AM

OHHH! Speaking of administrative territories: I need all your help at: to Toby Hudson 12:55 AM