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image label item DVN ID description occupation country of citizenship date of birth place of birth date of death place of death sex or gender
J.H. van Leeuwen Boomkamp Q28238911 Dutch author writer Kingdom of the Netherlands 1901-04-06 Zwartewaal 1965-07-10 Roydon female
Johanna Engelberta van Lohuizen-de Leeuw Q26807837 Dutch archaeologist university teacher
Kingdom of the Netherlands 1919-10-25 Amsterdam 1983-12-08 Amsterdam female
Claire Préaux Q2975111 belgican classical scholar classical philologist
university teacher
historian of classical antiquity
Belgium 1904-12-21 Liège 1979-03-28 Ixelles - Elsene female
Simone van Riet Q28329578 Belgian university teacher university teacher Belgium 1919-04-12 Jette 1993-11-28 Jette female
Louise Charlotte de Neufville-Ritter Q41270853 drawer
Kingdom of the Netherlands 1779-09-07 Amsterdam 1859-02-23 The Hague female
Berta Scharrer Q98087 German-born American neuroendocrinologist endocrinologist
university teacher
United States of America
1906-12-01 Munich 1995-07-23 New York City female
Frances Yates Q132105 British writer, historian essayist
philosophy historian
United Kingdom 1899-11-28 Portsmouth 1981-09-29 London female
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