Exhibited works byEdit

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Descriptionmakers whose works were exhibited
Data typeItem
Domainexhibition (Q464980) and all subclasses
Example 1foto '37 (Q71460598)Eugène Atget (Q322030)
Example 2documenta 6 (Q1233993)Marcel Duchamp (Q5912)
Example 31st impressionist exhibition (Q16872904)Adolphe-Félix Cals (Q2566915)
Example 4Impressionists in Winter (Q6007613)Alfred Sisley (Q175130)
Planned useIntended for completing information on existing and new wikidata items on exhibitions


This new property "Exhibited works by" fills a gap for information that we cannot model correctly at the moment. This property is meant to connect all the makers whose works were exhibited at a specific exhibition to that exhibition. At the moment participant in (P1344) is often used to connect makers to a specific exhibition: this property (correctly) gives a constraint when the maker has died before the start of the exhibition. 'Participating in' indicates in fact an active event, while 'Works exhibited by' is a more passive event. It does not describe the artist actively participating in an exhibition, but the appearance of a work of a maker being shown/present at an exhibition. Ecritures (talk) 22:35, 10 June 2020 (UTC)

A maker can be both a person or a company