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Q2103324 André Köbben Dutch anthropologist
Q4799376 Arthur Kleinman American psychiatrist
Q65852167 Ary Zolberg
Q2355133 Ben Sijes Dutch historian
Q2228735 Benjamin Jacques Asscher Dutch lawyer
Q5044338 Carol Gluck American academic
Q20732298 Christiaan Justus Enschedé judge and scholar at law (1911-2000)
Q56247935 Corinne Dettmeijer Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings and Sexual Violence against Children
Q2490392 David Van Reybrouck cultural historian
Q77085571 Dick van Kaa university teacher at Leiden University
Q607189 Ed van Thijn Dutch politician
Q5337331 Edgar L. Feige economist
Q706683 Edward Shils American sociologist
Q1827033 Ernst Kossmann Dutch historian
Q77084914 Ferdinand van Dam university teacher at Leiden University
Q2901268 Gavriel Salomon psychologist
Q1860624 Hans Blom Dutch historian
Q54232016 Hans van Beinum
Q13725177 Herman Deleeck Belgian economist and politician
Q2691144 Huib Drion Dutch judge
Q680728 Ian Buruma Dutch writer and academic
Q462802 Irma Adelman American economist
Q1675801 Ivo Samkalden Dutch politician (1912-1995)
Q183181 Jan Tinbergen Dutch economist
Q16731564 Joanne Liu President of MSF
Q65849968 Johan Kaufmann Dutch university teacher
Q85317233 Katja Happe university teacher
Q2190544 Kees Schuyt Dutch jurist
Q3490296 Louise Fresco Dutch agronomist
Q1860771 Marcel Storme Belgian politician (1930-2018)
Q1899753 Marjan Schwegman Dutch historian
Q773635 Max van der Stoel Dutch politician and diplomat (1924-2011)
Q6813995 Melvin J. Lerner American psychologist
Q311684 Michael Ignatieff professor at Harvard Kennedy School and former Canadian politician
Q65851104 Mozes Heiman Gans Dutch university teacher
Q560307 Nasr Abu Zayd Egyptian Quranic thinker, author, and academic (1943-2010)
Q50825561 Peter Baehr Dutch university teacher
Q2079303 Peter van Walsum Dutch diplomat
Q983081 Piet Hein Donner Dutch politician
Q273691 Rosalyn Higgins English barrister, judge and scholar (born 1937)
Q77084062 Sompong Sucharitkul university teacher at Leiden University
Q1388741 Theo van Boven Dutch legal scholar
Q2421923 Thomas Mensah Ghanaian lawyer
Q747312 Timothy Snyder American historian
Q47531783 Victor W. Sidel American physician
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