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Welcome to my user page!

My name is Éder Porto, I'm 26 years old and had contributed mainly with Wikidata, Wikipedia in Portuguese and Wikimedia Commons since August 18, 2016, that is, 1663 days.

My user pages are:

Properties I proposedEdit

  1. CPDOC ID (P4660)
  2. number of spoilt votes (P5044)
  3. number of blank votes (P5045)
  4. number of abstentions (P5043)
  5. political coalition (P5832)
  6. running mate (P6149)
  7. IPPDH ID (P6281)
  8. INE ID (Portugal) (P6324)
  9. Brazilian Electoral Unit ID (P6555)
  10. SNISB ID (P6630)

Properties I createdEdit